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   NAME                CEMETERY

Daughdrill, Anna B.         BUFFALO

Daughdrill, B Coley         SWEETWATER

Daughdrill, Bruno           BUFFALO

Daughdrill, Clemmie         MUTUAL RIGHTS

Daughdrill, David A.        BUFFALO

Daughdrill, Drucilla        BUFFALO

Daughdrill, Gaye F.         BUFFALO

Daughdrill, Hildred         MUTUAL RIGHTS

Daughdrill, J. B.           BUFFALO

Daughdrill, Jill D.         ROUNSAVILLE

Daughdrill, Johnnie S.      BUFFALO

Daughdrill, Julia           SWEETWATER

Daughdrill, Mayrind         BUFFALO

Daughdrill, Walter M.       BUFFALO

Davis Louvenia C.           SWEETWATER

Davis Rosier C.             DAVIS

Davis, Adele M.             INDIAN HILL

Davis, Alfred C             INDIAN HILL

Davis, Arizona E            INDIAN HILL

Davis, Cecile C.            BUFFALO

Davis, Clyde                BUFFALO

Davis, Connie E             INDIAN HILL

Davis, E. W. L.             DAVIS

Davis, Edward               DAVIS

Davis, Freeda               BUFFALO

Davis, H W                  INDIAN HILL

Davis, Hiram C.             DAVIS

Davis, Infant               BUFFALO

Davis, Infant               BUFFALO

Davis, Infant               BUFFALO

Davis, Infant               DAVIS

Davis, J Wilson             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Davis, Janice V.            BUFFALO

Davis, Lettie               INDIAN HILL

Davis, Magdalen T.          SWEETWATER

Davis, Martha J.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Davis, Martha M             DAVIS

Davis, Merle Dykes          DAVIS

Davis, Myrtis               SWEETWATER

Davis, Rosia W              INDIAN HILL

Davis, Thomas               INDIAN HILL

Davis, V. L.                BUFFALO

Davis, William F            FELLOWSHIP

Davis, William R.           SWEETWATER

Davis, Willie R.            SWEETWATER

Dawson,Celia A.             POWELL AVERA

Dearman, Alpha C.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dearman, Cot                SLAY

Dearman, G W                SLAY

Dearman, G W, Mrs           SLAY

Dearman, Geneva             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dearman, Infant             CLARK CHAPEL

Dearman, Jesse              CLARK CHAPEL

Dearman, John B.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dearman, John C.            SLAY

Dearman, Lyda               MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dearman, Maude Perry        FELLOWSHIP

Dearman, R E Bob            FELLOWSHIP

Dearman, Wesley D.          MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dearman, William F.         SWEETWATER

Dearmon, Dennis F.          SWEETWATER

Dearmon, Rickey J.          SWEETWATER

Denmark, Richard H.         CLARK CHAPEL

Denmark, Sallie             DAVIS

Dennis, Gracie R.           COUNTY LINE

Dennis, Thomas              COUNTY LINE

Dennis, W. F.               COUNTY LINE

Donald, George M.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Donald, James A.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Donald, Lillie Bertran      MUTUAL RIGHTS

Donald, Martha B.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Donald, Sanford             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Douglas, Burl               HENDERSON

Douglas, Chester H.         HENDERSON

Douglas, Elizabeth          HENDERSON

Douglas, Ellen              COUNTY LINE

Douglas, Elsie B.           HENDERSON

Douglas, Luke               COUNTY LINE

Douglas, Ruthie E.          HENDERSON

Dreaden, Mary L.            SWEETWATER

Duke, Gladys S.             JOHNSON CREEK

Dunn, Alma J.               COUNTY LINE

Dunn, Curtis Earl           COUNTY LINE

Dunn, Donald R.             COUNTY LINE

Dunn, Mack L.               COUNTY LINE

Dunn, Murial P.             COUNTY LINE

Dunn, William E.            COUNTY LINE

Dunnam Elizabeth            LAZARUS WALLEY

Dunnam William F.           BUFFALO

Dunnam, Absalom G.          BUFFALO

Dunnam, Ada W.              MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Andrew D.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Burley A.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, C. Neal             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Charles H.          MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Claudia T.          MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Clarence            FREEMAN

Dunnam, Cully A.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Delia               MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, E. M.               BUFFALO

Dunnam, E. M., Rev.         MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Eary K.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Ebenezer            LAZARUS WALLEY

Dunnam, Elizabeth P.        GRAFTON

Dunnam, Elmer E.            BUFFALO

Dunnam, Ennis               MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Estelle             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Eva K.              FELLOWSHIP

Dunnam, Florence            BUFFALO

Dunnam, Florence B.         MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, George T.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Hadley W.           BUFFALO

Dunnam, Infant              BUFFALO

Dunnam, Infant              BUFFALO

Dunnam, Infant              INDIAN HILL

Dunnam, Infant              MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Infant son)         MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Iva Lurree          MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Jahasa              GRAFTON

Dunnam, James N.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Jane H.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Jincy P.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, John A.             GRAFTON

Dunnam, Jr., William M.     FELLOWSHIP

Dunnam, Kurt                FREEMAN

Dunnam, Lila    E.          MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Louisa M.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Ludie Mae           BUFFALO

Dunnam, Lula B.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Martha M.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Mary                MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Mary E. D.          MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Mary L              MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Mollie              BUFFALO

Dunnam, Nancy (UPSHAW)      FREEMAN

Dunnam, Nat. A.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Nola Neel           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Ora Lee S.          BUFFALO

Dunnam, Oscar               MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Royce O.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Rufus               MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Sarah Eliz          MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Sarah V. T.         MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Sr., William M.     FELLOWSHIP

Dunnam, Sybil               BUFFALO

Dunnam, Thomas S.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Thomas W.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, Van Owen            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, W. S.               GRAFTON

Dunnam, Walter E.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dunnam, William L.          BUFFALO

Dykes, Clifford             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Dykes, Dean                 HENDERSON

Dykes, Seymour V.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

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