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   NAME                CEMETERY

Mann, Grady                 JOHNSON CREEK

Manning, Catherine          HENDERSON

Manning, Dwight L.          HENDERSON

Manning, Frances J.         GRAFTON

Manning, John               HENDERSON

Manning, Martin B.          HENDERSON

Martin, Willie P.           SWEETWATER

Martinez, Beverly D.        SWEETWATER

Martinez, David             SWEETWATER

Mathone, William H          MUTUAL RIGHTS

Mattie, N.                  POWELL AVERA

Mayo, Jame D., Jr.          BUFFALO

Mayo, Ruby                  HENDERSON

Mayo, Tommy J.              HENDERSON

Mayo, W. E.                 HENDERSON

Mayo, W. E.                 HENDERSON

Mayo, Willie S.             HENDERSON

McCain, J. T., Sr           HENDERSON

McCoy, Brunettie            BUFFALO

McDonald, A. L.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

McDonald, Alex Z            FELLOWSHIP

McDonald, Alfred C.         MUTUAL RIGHTS

McDonald, Frozen D.         MUTUAL RIGHTS

McDonald, G R               MUTUAL RIGHTS

McDonald, Geo. E.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

McDonald, Henry E.          MUTUAL RIGHTS

McDonald, Ila M.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

McDonald, Infant            FELLOWSHIP

McDonald, John              WADE - MCLAIN

McDonald, Margaret N        FELLOWSHIP

McDonald, Missouri          MUTUAL RIGHTS

McDonald, O. C.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

McGlamiry, Mamie            MUTUAL RIGHTS

McInnis, C. C.              CLARK CHAPEL

McInnis, Dewey              SWEETWATER

McInnis, Grandad            COUNTY LINE

McInnis, Lizzie D.          SWEETWATER

McInnis, Lois E.            COUNTY LINE

McInnis, Mary F.            COUNTY LINE

McInnis, Sam J.             SWEETWATER

McInnis, W. Scott           SWEETWATER

McInnis, William L.         COUNTY LINE

McLain, Alex                HENDERSON

McLain, Amos                FREEFIELD

McLain, Billy               MUTUAL RIGHTS

McLain, C. C.               HENDERSON

McLain, Ethel C             HENDERSON

McLain, Florence            HENDERSON

McLain, Forest H.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Mclain, Harvey              SLAY

McLain, Homer               HENDERSON

McLain, Hyram               HENDERSON

McLain, Infant              WADE - MCLAIN

McLain, Jennie R.           FREEFIELD

McLain, Jim                 HENDERSON

McLain, John A.             HENDERSON

McLain, Karen L.            HENDERSON

McLain, Lawrence A.         HENDERSON

McLain, Ledie Idell         HENDERSON

McLain, Mamie West          MUTUAL RIGHTS

McLain, Margaret E.         HENDERSON

McLain, Mary G.             HENDERSON

McLain, Mary M.             HENDERSON

McLain, Melvina C.          HENDERSON

McLain, Oscar V.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

McLean, Jacob Fry           ADAMS

McLean, Jacob Fry, Jr,      ADAMS

McLean, Mary E              ADAMS

McLean, Mary N              ADAMS

McLean, Pearly L.           HENDERSON

McLendon, G. Elmo           SWEETWATER

McLendon, Inez B.           BUFFALO

McLendon, John Mc           SWEETWATER

McLendon, Lena B.           SWEETWATER

McLendon, Roxie P.          SWEETWATER

McLendon, Sarah A.          SWEETWATER

McLendon, Willie H.         SWEETWATER

McLeod, Albert              SWEETWATER

McLeod, David F.            SWEETWATER

McLeod, Edith E.            SOWELL

McLeod, Edna K.             SWEETWATER

McLeod, Geraldine           SWEETWATER

McLeod, Hazel               SWEETWATER

McLeod, James B.            BUFFALO

McLeod, Jr., Sweyn          SWEETWATER

McLeod, Lucy B.             BUFFALO

McMillian, Martha J.        CLARK CHAPEL

McMillon, Henry D.          SWEETWATER

McMillon, Jr.,Henry         SWEETWATER

McMillon, Ora Fay           SWEETWATER

McMillon, Viola S.          SWEETWATER

McNeal, Sofa Ella B.        SWEETWATER

McSwain, M. W.              BUFFALO

McSwain, Priscilla J.       BUFFALO

Meadows, Anguish            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Meadows, Arnie J.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Meadows, Earl               MUTUAL RIGHTS

Meadows, Estelle H.         MUTUAL RIGHTS

Meadows, Nettie O.          MUTUAL RIGHTS

Merrill, Bertie S.          COUNTY LINE

Merritt, Billy Rose         SWEETWATER

Merritt, Dora Lee           SWEETWATER

Merritt, Leo A.             SWEETWATER

Merritt, Sallie D.          SWEETWATER

Miller, John E.             SWEETWATER

Miller, Margaret J.         SWEETWATER

Mills, Harriett             HENDERSON

Mills, James W.             EAST SALEM

Mills, John Bishop          GRAFTON

Mills, Linnie B.            EAST SALEM

Mills, M. Jane D.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Mills, Malcolm F.           COUNTY LINE

Mills, Mary M.              GRAFTON

Mills, Max O.               HENDERSON

Mills, Minnie T.            SWEETWATER

Mills, N. W. Dr.            GRAFTON

Mills, Norvel P.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Mills, Theodore             GRAFTON

Mills, Wiley Guy            SWEETWATER

Mills, William David        GRAFTON

Mills, Willis P.            GRAFTON

Mills, Yancy D.             HENDERSON

Mitchell, Dora M.           SWEETWATER

Mitchell, Hubert J.         SWEETWATER

Mixon, Allevia D.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Mixon, Mose                 MUTUAL RIGHTS

Mixon, Sarah A.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Mizell, Carl Douglas        GRAFTON

Mizell, Charlotte D.        GRAFTON

Mizell, Edward              COUNTY LINE

Mizell, Ethel M.            COUNTY LINE

Mizell, Lavinia             COUNTY LINE

Montford, Marie             ROUNSAVILLE

Moody, Forest B., Sr.       HENDERSON

Moody, Infant               HENDERSON

Moody, Rhoda W.             HENDERSON

Moore, Charles R.           SWEETWATER

Moore, Margaret D.          SWEETWATER

Morgan Ephraim              CLARK CHAPEL

Morgan, Marica              CLARK CHAPEL

Moss, Alma M.               BUFFALO

Murphy, D.W.                BUFFALO

Murray, Andrew              SLAY

Murray, Arthur A.           DAVIS

Murray, John T.             DAVIS

Murray, Johnnie A.          SLAY

Murray, Lizzie              SLAY

Murray, Nancy Davis         DAVIS

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