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   NAME                CEMETERY

Backstrom, Agnes            BUFFALO

Backstrom, Amie             BUFFALO

Backstrom, Charles O.       BUFFALO

Backstrom, Elizabeth D.     BUFFALO

Backstrom, Elsie            BUFFALO

Backstrom, Hattie           BUFFALO

Backstrom, Infant           LAZARUS WALLEY

Backstrom, Infant           LAZARUS WALLEY

Backstrom, James A.         BUFFALO

Backstrom, Lena             BUFFALO

Backstrom, Luna West        BUFFALO

Backstrom, M. A.            BUFFALO

Backstrom, Maggie D.        BUFFALO

Backstrom, Martha E.        LAZARUS WALLEY

Backstrom, Meranda          BUFFALO

Backstrom, R. I.            BUFFALO

Backstrom, R. W.            BUFFALO

Backstrom, Samuel S.        BUFFALO

Backstrom, Son              BUFFALO

Backstrom, Viola R.         BUFFALO

Backstrom, William E.       BUFFALO

Backstrom, William H.       BUFFALO

Bagby, Kearney              HENDERSON

Bagby, L. M.                HENDERSON

Bagby, Susan E.             HENDERSON

Bailey, Harmon A.           SLAY

Bailey, Mary A.             SLAY

Bakley,                     MUTUAL RIGHTS

Ball, Bell Amazon           CLARK CHAPEL

Ball, Charlie C.            SWEETWATER

Ball, Henry C.              SWEETWATER

Ball, Infant                CLARK CHAPEL

Ball, Infant                CLARK CHAPEL

Ball, Infants               CLARK CHAPEL

Ball, J. M.                 SWEETWATER

Ball, John L.               CLARK CHAPEL

Ball, John Lee              CLARK CHAPEL

Ball, Mary Ann              SWEETWATER

Ball, Mary Elizabeth        SWEETWATER

Ball, Nonie Young           SWEETWATER

Ball, Russell               BUFFALO

Ball, Scott                 CLARK CHAPEL

Ball, Stanley               SWEETWATER

Ball, Willie Mae            SWEETWATER

Barkley, James W.           SWEETWATER

Barnett, Stacy Lanor        WEST SALEM

Beach, Alice                BUFFALO

Beach, Bobby W.             BUFFALO

Beach, Fred                 BUFFALO

Beach, Herman F.            BUFFALO

Beach, Leroy                BUFFALO

Beach, Mary M.              BUFFALO

Beach, Willie Mae B.        BUFFALO

Beal, Burie                 HENDERSON

Beal, Major L.              HENDERSON

Beal, Murdock               HENDERSON

Beard, Agnes S.             EAST SALEM

Beard, Agness O.            EAST SALEM

Beard, Bettie E.            EAST SALEM

Beard, Chester L.           EAST SALEM

Beard, Darah Ellen          EAST SALEM

Beard, Ella M.              EAST SALEM

Beard, Geo Preston          SWEETWATER

Beard, Hardy B.             EAST SALEM

Beard, Horace P.            EAST SALEM

Beard, Infant               SWEETWATER

Beard, John P.              EAST SALEM

Beard, Mary Alice           EAST SALEM

Beard, Maude Avera          POWELL AVERA

Beard, Sr., Homer P         POWELL AVERA

Beard, Thomas E.            GRAFTON

Beard, Thomas J.            EAST SALEM

Beard, Thomas W.            EAST SALEM

Beard, Truman T.            EAST SALEM

Beard, Verna M.             EAST SALEM

Beard, William S.           EAST SALEM

Beard, William, Jr.         SWEETWATER

Beasley, Addie M.           GRAFTON

Beasley, Claude A.          GRAFTON

Beasley, Jesse E.           GRAFTON

Beasley, Louise             GRAFTON

Beasley, Maybell B.         GRAFTON

Beasley, W. J.              GRAFTON

Becton, Sarah               GRAFTON

Beech, P. L.                BUFFALO

Berry, Baby                 SWEETWATER

Berry, Baby                 SWEETWATER

Berry, C. J. Dick           SWEETWATER

Berry, Carolyn Mae          SWEETWATER

Berry, Catherine            SWEETWATER

Berry, John Neal            SWEETWATER

Berry, Josetta D.           SWEETWATER

Berry, Linda Deanne         SWEETWATER

Bexley, Daisy E.            BUFFALO

Bexley, Dudley N.           BUFFALO

Bexley, Ernest E.           BUFFALO

Bexley, Geo James           BUFFALO

Bexley, John James          BUFFALO

Bexley, Lara H.             BUFFALO

Bexley, Loyd Sug            SWEETWATER

Bexley, Marion              SWEETWATER

Bexley, Mary Ida            BUFFALO

Bexley, Mary Lou            SWEETWATER

Bexley, Woodie S.           BUFFALO

Bible, Hays D.              SWEETWATER

Bible, Ruby Hillman         SWEETWATER

Blume, Wm M. G.             HENDERSON

Bozone, Margaret E.         HENDERSON

Bozone, Thomas M.           HENDERSON

Bradley, Alton E.           SWEETWATER

Bradley, Andrew J.          MUTUAL RIGHTS

Bradley, Andrew J.          SWEETWATER

Bradley, Aquilla            LAZARUS WALLEY

Bradley, B. F.              HENDERSON

Bradley, Emma R.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Bradley, Hessie             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Bradley, Mamie B.           BUFFALO

Bradley, Martha             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Bradley, Mary O. C.         SWEETWATER

Bradley, S. Q.              BUFFALO

Bradley, Sion               LAZARUS WALLEY

Bradley, Velma              MUTUAL RIGHTS

Bragg, Tolliver             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Bralon, Mary                INDIAN HILL

Bralon, Robert N.           INDIAN HILL

Breland, Absalom            SWEETWATER

Breland, Annis              MUTUAL RIGHTS

Breland, Argent             BUFFALO

Breland, Arizona H.         BUFFALO

Breland, Asa Port           SWEETWATER

Breland, B. E. Dick         SWEETWATER

Breland, Bessie E.          BUFFALO

Breland, Charles A.         BUFFALO

Breland, Charley F.         MUTUAL RIGHTS

Breland, Edna A.            SWEETWATER

Breland, Edward             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Breland, Ella Garris        SWEETWATER

Breland, Floyd S.           SWEETWATER

Breland, Gaines             BUFFALO

Breland, H. J.              BUFFALO

Breland, Hiram              BUFFALO

Breland, Infant             BUFFALO

Breland, Infant             BUFFALO

Breland, Infant Son         MUTUAL RIGHTS

Breland, Infant son         MUTUAL RIGHTS

Breland, J. A.              MUTUAL RIGHTS

Breland, J.K.               MUTUAL RIGHTS

Breland, Jessie Ball        SWEETWATER

Breland, John C.            BUFFALO

Breland, John K.            BUFFALO

Breland, Katie P.           SWEETWATER

Breland, Larz               BUFFALO

Breland, Lucy Moody         BUFFALO

Breland, Martha             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Breland, Mary M.            BUFFALO

Breland, Mary R.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Breland, Melissa            BUFFALO

Breland, Nancy              MUTUAL RIGHTS

Breland, Ottice A.          MUTUAL RIGHTS

Breland, Rebecca A.         SWEETWATER

Breland, Rufus              MUTUAL RIGHTS

Breland, Samuel             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Breland, Samuel             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Breland, Stacy Wayne        MUTUAL RIGHTS

Breland, Von B.             BUFFALO

Breland, Wheeler            BUFFALO

Breland, William            BUFFALO

Breland, William R.         MUTUAL RIGHTS

Breland, Wyatt L.           BUFFALO

Breland, Zella S.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Brewer, Alice S.            FREEMAN

Brewer, Amy S.              JOHNSON CREEK

Brewer, Arvie L.            GRAFTON

Brewer, Ausband             HENDERSON

Brewer, Bertie C.           SWEETWATER

Brewer, Carter              FREEMAN

Brewer, Charles             FREEFIELD

Brewer, Charlie B.          FREEFIELD

Brewer, Dan W.              SWEETWATER

Brewer, Dorothy M.          SWEETWATER

Brewer, Drew                HENDERSON

Brewer, Drew, Jr.           HENDERSON

Brewer, E. R. Rassie        JOHNSON CREEK

Brewer, Earl                COUNTY LINE

Brewer, Elener              SWEETWATER

Brewer, Ella                HENDERSON

Brewer, Elvin E.            FREEFIELD

Brewer, Ernest L.           HENDERSON

Brewer, Evia L.             JOHNSON CREEK

Brewer, Ezra L              COUNTY LINE

Brewer, Ezra Luke           COUNTY LINE

Brewer, Fate N.             HENDERSON

Brewer, Flossie A.          HENDERSON

Brewer, George C.           SWEETWATER

Brewer, H. L.               GRAFTON

Brewer, H. M.               HENDERSON

Brewer, Helen E.            HENDERSON

Brewer, Henry E.            HENDERSON

Brewer, Ida D. Jones        HENDERSON

Brewer, Ida Parker          SWEETWATER

Brewer, Inez O.             WEST SALEM

Brewer, Isiah               JOHNSON CREEK

Brewer, James P.            WEST SALEM

Brewer, James T.            GRAFTON

Brewer, John L.             GRAFTON

Brewer, Joseph H.           SWEETWATER

Brewer, Laveta Ann          FREEMAN

Brewer, Lawson L.           JOHNSON CREEK

Brewer, Lee                 GRAFTON

Brewer, Losson A.           JOHNSON CREEK

Brewer, Luther              SWEETWATER

Brewer, Mable               GRAFTON

Brewer, Mable J.            COUNTY LINE

Brewer, Maranda             GRAFTON

Brewer, Marion Pope         GRAFTON

Brewer, Martha              SWEETWATER

Brewer, Martha T.           SWEETWATER

Brewer, Martha W.           HENDERSON

Brewer, Mary E.             JOHNSON CREEK

Brewer, Mary M.             JOHNSON CREEK

Brewer, Minnie B.           HENDERSON

Brewer, Nancy E.            GRAFTON

Brewer, Nancy E.            WEST SALEM

Brewer, Nathan              WEST SALEM

Brewer, Neal                SWEETWATER

Brewer, Oda L.              FREEFIELD

Brewer, Raebelle M.         SWEETWATER

Brewer, Ralph I.            SWEETWATER

Brewer, Rhoda L.            GRAFTON

Brewer, Riley               HENDERSON

Brewer, Sarah N.            SWEETWATER

Brewer, Sharon L.           HENDERSON

Brewer, Shelton L.          JOHNSON CREEK

Brewer, Stella H.           JOHNSON CREEK

Brewer, Stonwall J.         JOHNSON CREEK

Brewer, Thomas T.           SWEETWATER

Brewer, Tyra Talton         SWEETWATER

Brewer, Veronica            HENDERSON

Brewer, Vickie              HENDERSON

Brewer, Viola P.            SWEETWATER

Brewer, Voncil J.           COUNTY LINE

Brewer, Vonnie J.           COUNTY LINE

Brewer, Webb                HENDERSON

Brewer, William             SWEETWATER

Brewer, William D.          GRAFTON

Brewer, William M.          HENDERSON

Brewer, Woodrow             SWEETWATER

Brewer, Zettie L.           SWEETWATER

Brewer,Ronnie               JOHNSON CREEK

Brock, Ada L.               FELLOWSHIP

Brock, Henry                FELLOWSHIP

Brondum, Essie              MUTUAL RIGHTS

Brondum, Otto E             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Brown, Ausie                MUTUAL RIGHTS

Brown, Ausie Jr.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Brown, Daisy D.             SWEETWATER

Brown, Edward               MUTUAL RIGHTS

Brown, Infant               SWEETWATER

Brown, Junius W.            SWEETWATER

Brown, Lonzo                JOHNSON CREEK

Brown, Lula A.              CLARK CHAPEL

Brown, Mary E.              JOHNSON CREEK

Brown, Mildred W.           SWEETWATER

Brown, Wiley H.             CLARK CHAPEL

Brown, Willie Dykes         MUTUAL RIGHTS

Brownlee, Adom              FREEMAN

Brownlee, Alberta R.        MUTUAL RIGHTS

Brownlee, Kruier H.         MUTUAL RIGHTS

Brownlee, Nevada            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Buckalew, James O.          FELLOWSHIP

Buckalew, Marjorie B.       FELLOWSHIP

Buckley, Launia W.          HENDERSON

Buckley, William C.         HENDERSON

Bufkin, Harmon W.           BUFFALO

Bufkin, Harmon W.           BUFFALO

Bufkin, Ovetta B.           BUFFALO

Bufkin, Tracy Lynn          BUFFALO

Bunch, William N.           HENDERSON

Busby, George W.            SWEETWATER

Burnett, Alfred O. Sr.      FREEMAN

Burnett, Annie Pearl        FREEMAN

Burnett, B.F. (Ford)        FREEMAN

Burnett, Ida                FREEMAN

Burnett, Oscar              FREEMAN

Burnett, Rhonda K.          FREEMAN

Burnett, William Albert     FREEMAN

Busby, Mary I.              SWEETWATER

Busby, Rubanna              SWEETWATER

Bush, Infant                MUTUAL RIGHTS

Bush, Jessie J.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Bush, Maggie R.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Bush, Myrtle Walley         MUTUAL RIGHTS

Butler, Ada                 MUTUAL RIGHTS

Butler, Cecil E.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Butler, Jay C.              MUTUAL RIGHTS

Byers, Mrs W. H.            JOHNSON CREEK

Byers, W. H.                JOHNSON CREEK

Byrd, Abigail H.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Byrd, Alex W.               BYRD

Byrd, Alice R.              BYRD

Byrd, Arveline D.           BYRD

Byrd, Buford                BUFFALO

Byrd, Byron "Bob"           FREEMAN

Byrd, C. C.                 BUFFALO

Byrd, Cammie F.             FREEMAN

Byrd, Cecil H.              FREEMAN

Byrd, Columbus E.           CLARK CHAPEL

Byrd, Cranford              FREEMAN

Byrd, Daisy L.              MUTUAL RIGHTS

Byrd, Dora Inez             GRAFTON

Byrd, Dwane D.              BUFFALO

Byrd, Eliza Sowell          MUTUAL RIGHTS

Byrd, Elizabeth P.          SWEETWATER

Byrd, Ernest C.             BUFFALO

Byrd, Etta Z.               MUTUAL RIGHTS

Byrd, Fannie E.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Byrd, Flora B.              BUFFALO

Byrd, George                SWEETWATER

Byrd, Grover                FREEMAN

Byrd, Harvey                MUTUAL RIGHTS

Byrd, Helen M.              EAST SALEM

Byrd, Henry Aden            BUFFALO

Byrd, Ila B.                EAST SALEM

Byrd, Inamay S.             BUFFALO

Byrd, Infant                BUFFALO

Byrd, Infant                BYRD

Byrd, Infant                BYRD

Byrd, Infant                FREEMAN

Byrd, Infant                FREEMAN

Byrd, Infant                MUTUAL RIGHTS

Byrd, Infant                MUTUAL RIGHTS

Byrd, Jack D.               SWEETWATER

Byrd, James                 EAST SALEM

Byrd, James P.              EAST SALEM

Byrd, Jesse M.              CLARK CHAPEL

Byrd, John                  SWEETWATER

Byrd, John James            BUFFALO

Byrd, John P.               BUFFALO

Byrd, Josephine C.          BUFFALO

Byrd, Katie B.              SWEETWATER

Byrd, Laurie Jean           BUFFALO

Byrd, Lawrence              SWEETWATER

Byrd, Leanna T.             BUFFALO

Byrd, Lucille               FREEMAN

Byrd, Mailey G.             CLARK CHAPEL

Byrd, Malachi               BYRD

Byrd, Mary E.               BYRD

Byrd, Mary Sowell           SOWELL

Byrd, Murdoc B.             BUFFALO

Byrd, Murdoc D.             BUFFALO

Byrd, Nettie                MUTUAL RIGHTS

Byrd, Paul                  LAZARUS WALLEY

Byrd, R. N.                 MUTUAL RIGHTS

Byrd, R. O.                 HENDERSON

Byrd, Riley E.              HENDERSON

Byrd, Robert N.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Byrd, Roy B.                MUTUAL RIGHTS

Byrd, Rufus E.              BYRD

Byrd, Sarah Ellen           SWEETWATER

Byrd, Thelma McDaniel       BUFFALO

Byrd, Thomas Buford         MUTUAL RIGHTS

Byrd, Thomas R.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Byrd, Tyrie Lynn            BUFFALO

Byrd, Varnado               BUFFALO

Byrd, Vidalia               CLARK CHAPEL

Byrd, Viola D.              MUTUAL RIGHTS

Byrd, William F.            BUFFALO

Byrd, William T.            BUFFALO

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