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   NAME                CEMETERY

Landrum, Luther L.          SLAY

Landrum, Veva L.            SLAY

Lane, infant                FREEMAN

Lane, John                  FREEFIELD

Lankford, Albert            FELLOWSHIP

Lankford, Annie             FELLOWSHIP

Lankford, Clyde             FREEFIELD

Lankford, D C               FELLOWSHIP

Lankford, Dan               JOHNSON CREEK

Lankford, Delbert P.        JOHNSON CREEK

Lankford, Delphenia         JOHNSON CREEK

Lankford, Drew E.           JOHNSON CREEK

Lankford, Edna G.           FELLOWSHIP

Lankford, Harriett D.       FELLOWSHIP

Lankford, Infant            JOHNSON CREEK

Lankford, John              FELLOWSHIP

Lankford, John A.           FELLOWSHIP

Lankford, John E.           FELLOWSHIP

Lankford, Julia             FREEFIELD

Lankford, Lennie P.         JOHNSON CREEK

Lankford, Mamie C           FELLOWSHIP

Lankford, Margaret E        FELLOWSHIP

Latham, Bonnie F.           FREEMAN

Latham, Edgar C.            FREEMAN

Lawless, Joe Max            SWEETWATER

Lefsaker, Ellon             COUNTY LINE

Lefsaker, Karl              COUNTY LINE

Leonard, Wade H.            WEST SALEM

Lingenfelter, Elmer         SLAY

Little, Donald C.           COUNTY LINE

Locke, June R.              GRAFTON

Lofton, Calarandia          COUNTY LINE

Lofton, Infant              COUNTY LINE

Lofton, Joseph P.           COUNTY LINE

Lofton, Lollie Mae          COUNTY LINE

Lofton, Mary E.             COUNTY LINE

Lofton, Roger D.            COUNTY LINE

Lofton, Samuel M.           COUNTY LINE

Lofton, V. L.               COUNTY LINE

Lofton, William F.          COUNTY LINE

Lofton, William P.          COUNTY LINE

Logan, Gilla B.             SWEETWATER

Logan, Lloyd J. Sr.         SWEETWATER

Loreman, Mary A.            COUNTY LINE

Lott, Eliza Artemes         SOWELL

Lott, Irene                 MUTUAL RIGHTS

Lott, L. L.                 MUTUAL RIGHTS

Lundy, Henry E.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Lundy, Infant               MUTUAL RIGHTS

Lundy, Myrtle Bell          MUTUAL RIGHTS

Lundy, Myrtle L.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Lynch, Homer O.             HENDERSON

Lynch, John Lewis           HENDERSON

Lynch, Lamar                HENDERSON

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