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   NAME                CEMETERY

Adams, Bodo, Dr             ADAMS

Adams, Earl                 FREEFIELD

Adams, J. B.                BUFFALO

Adams, Lloyd                FREEFIELD

Adams, Myrtle Davis         BUFFALO

Ainsworth, Infant           SWEETWATER

Albin, Elizabeth E.         FELLOWSHIP

Allen, Emma B.              SWEETWATER

Allen, Hardy B.             SWEETWATER

Allen, John E.              SWEETWATER

Anderson, Archie P.         CLARK CHAPEL

Anderson, Ben F.            COUNTY LINE

Anderson, Florence          CLARK CHAPEL

Anderson, James D.          CLARK CHAPEL

Anderson, John David        COUNTY LINE

Anderson, Lamar B.          CLARK CHAPEL

Anderson, Robert S.         COUNTY LINE

Anderson. R. S.             COUNTY LINE

Annas, Parks B.             GRAFTON

Aver , Isa F                POWELL AVERA

Avera, Alexander            SLAY

Avera, Alice R.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Avera, B. F. Jr.            EAST SALEM

Avera, Bayard R.            POWELL AVERA

Avera, Benj. F.             POWELL AVERA

Avera, Carrie B.            POWELL AVERA

Avera, Chester L, Sr        POWELL AVERA

Avera, Douglas J.           POWELL AVERA

Avera, E. A.                MUTUAL RIGHTS

Avera, Effie B              POWELL AVERA

Avera, Elizar               MUTUAL RIGHTS

Avera, George B.            POWELL AVERA

Avera, Gut L.               MUTUAL RIGHTS

Avera, Hardy O.             POWELL AVERA

Avera, Hattie N. D.         MUTUAL RIGHTS

Avera, Infant               MUTUAL RIGHTS

Avera, Jacob P.             POWELL AVERA

Avera, James M.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Avera, John A.              MUTUAL RIGHTS

Avera, Laura T.             POWELL AVERA

Avera, M. Larry             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Avera, Mack                 POWELL AVERA

Avera, Mary                 POWELL AVERA

Avera, Mary Lee B.          MUTUAL RIGHTS

Avera, Mary M.              POWELL AVERA

Avera, Mattie H.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Avera, Nancy B.             SLAY

Avera, Rhody                MUTUAL RIGHTS

Avera, Richmond             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Avera, Sam W.l              POWELL AVERA

Avera, Son                  MUTUAL RIGHTS

Avera, Thomas               MUTUAL RIGHTS

Avera, Vivian May           POWELL AVERA

Avera, W. P.                POWELL AVERA

Avera, Wheeler              MUTUAL RIGHTS

Avera, William W.           POWELL AVERA

Avera, Wilma                MUTUAL RIGHTS

Anglin, Sarah Ann           FREEMAN

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