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   NAME                CEMETERY

Jackson, E. J.              BUFFALO

Jackson, Ella Dunnam        BUFFALO

Jackson, Jesse              SWEETWATER

Jackson, Rose Lee           SWEETWATER

James Lillian P.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

James, Annie L.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

James, Cecil E.             SOWELL

James, Chapman J. Jr.       MUTUAL RIGHTS

James, Chapman J. Sr.       MUTUAL RIGHTS

James, Claud Doug           MUTUAL RIGHTS

James, Cynthia M.           CLARK CHAPEL

James, E. W.                SOWELL

James, Edna B.              MUTUAL RIGHTS

James, Edward A.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

James, Elbert               CLARK CHAPEL

James, Emma H.              SOWELL

James, Hadley Bryce         SOWELL

James, Helen                MUTUAL RIGHTS

James, Infant               BUFFALO

James, Jean                 MUTUAL RIGHTS

James, Joseph W.            CLARK CHAPEL

James, Katie                CLARK CHAPEL

James, L. E.                CLARK CHAPEL

James, Laini Azelean        MUTUAL RIGHTS

James, Leanord L.           HENDERSON

James, Lizzie A.            COUNTY LINE

James, Lloyd W.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

James, Lloyd W.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

James, Lonnie               MUTUAL RIGHTS

James, Louarchy             CLARK CHAPEL

James, Luke                 SOWELL

James, Madlyn H.            HENDERSON

James, Patrick              CLARK CHAPEL

James, Patrick (Pat)        MUTUAL RIGHTS

James, Phillip E.           CLARK CHAPEL

James, Rentha Brown         MUTUAL RIGHTS

James, Richard E.           COUNTY LINE

James, S. L.                CLARK CHAPEL

Jenkins, Abbie B.           SWEETWATER

Jenkins, Henry E.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Jenkins, Joseph E.          SWEETWATER

Johnson, Audrey S.          WEST SALEM

Johnson, Henry V.           SWEETWATER

Johnson, Marion             GRAFTON

Johnson, Olia G.            WEST SALEM

Johnson, Susie M. B.        SWEETWATER

Johnston, Arcola            HENDERSON

Jones, Ammon M              INDIAN HILL

Jones, Bennie T             INDIAN HILL

Jones, Bessie R.            COUNTY LINE

Jones, Billie D.            COUNTY LINE

Jones, C. G. (Bud)          COUNTY LINE

Jones, Carrie               MUTUAL RIGHTS

Jones, Carrie A.            SLAY

Jones, Dora Mae             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Jones, E S, Jr.             SLAY

Jones, Enoch                INDIAN HILL

Jones, Enoch S              SLAY

Jones, Eva                  SLAY

Jones, Fred M.              MUTUAL RIGHTS

Jones, Ida R.               MUTUAL RIGHTS

Jones, Infant               SLAY

Jones, J. C.                SLAY

Jones, J. C., Jr.           SLAY

Jones, Joe A.               SLAY

Jones, Joseph W.            COUNTY LINE

Jones, Judia S.             COUNTY LINE

Jones, Julia A.             SLAY

Jones, Julius Brown         COUNTY LINE

Jones, Katie F.             INDIAN HILL

Jones, Lettie J.            SLAY

Jones, Mary A.              SLAY

Jones, Minnie               SLAY

Jones, Nancy J.             COUNTY LINE

Jones, Phalbia F            INDIAN HILL

Jones, Prentis L.           COUNTY LINE

Jones, Sallie M.            COUNTY LINE

Jones, Sallie Smith         COUNTY LINE

Jones, Selma N.             COUNTY LINE

Jones, Snowie               SLAY

Jones, Susan                SLAY

Jones, W. W.                SLAY

Jones, Wiley T.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Jones, William A.           INDIAN HILL

Jones, William M.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Jones, William W.           COUNTY LINE

Jordan, Elizabeth H.        GRAFTON

Jordan, Infant              MUTUAL RIGHTS

Jordan, Iola                MUTUAL RIGHTS

Jordan, John H.             GRAFTON

Jordan, Lytton R.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

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