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   NAME                CEMETERY

Hall, Gertrude D.           SWEETWATER

Hamm, Max E.                SWEETWATER

Hankins, Ella G.            POWELL AVERA

Hankins, Hillman            POWELL AVERA

Harris, Gilbert             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Harrison, Baby              FELLOWSHIP

Harrison, Earlyne B.        FELLOWSHIP

Harrison, Wayne             FELLOWSHIP

Hartley, Sophia R.          COUNTY LINE

Harvey, Emily E.            SWEETWATER

Harvey, Walter              SWEETWATER

Harvison, Alice S.          MUTUAL RIGHTS

Harvison, Alvin K.          BUFFALO

Harvison, Clifton           BUFFALO

Harvison, Colie C.          BUFFALO

Harvison, F. C.             BUFFALO

Harvison, Guy A.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Harvison, Janie             BUFFALO

Harvison, Margie            BUFFALO

Harvison, Minnie B.         BUFFALO

Harvison, O. R.             BUFFALO

Harvison, Savage            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Harvison,Mattie L.          BUFFALO

Hathcock, Margaret T.       SWEETWATER

Hathorn, Della T.           BUFFALO

Hathorn, J. Henry           BUFFALO

Hathorn, James C            BUFFALO

Hathorn, Sophronia          BUFFALO

Hathorn, Viola              BUFFALO

Hatnorn, T. J.              BUFFALO

Hawk, Bessie G.             JOHNSON CREEK

Hawk, James M.              JOHNSON CREEK

Hawk, Jessie                JOHNSON CREEK

Haywood, Lora               BUFFALO

Helton, Ella G.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Helton, Neal E.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Helton, T. G.               HENDERSON

Helton, William J.          COUNTY LINE

Henderso, Anguish           HENDERSON

Henderson, Ada W.           WEST SALEM

Henderson, Alice            HENDERSON

Henderson, Alice F.         COUNTY LINE

Henderson, Alton D.         HENDERSON

Henderson, Anguish          HENDERSON

Henderson, Angus E.         WEST SALEM

Henderson, Annie L.         WEST SALEM

Henderson, Annie M.         HENDERSON

Henderson, Bessie L.        HENDERSON

Henderson, C. Z.            HENDERSON

Henderson, C. Z.            HENDERSON

Henderson, Calie L.         HENDERSON

Henderson, Carl E.          COUNTY LINE

Henderson, Chapman          HENDERSON

Henderson, Chapman          HENDERSON

Henderson, David            HENDERSON

Henderson, Dorcas           HENDERSON

Henderson, Edward           HENDERSON

Henderson, Elizabeth        HENDERSON

Henderson, Elizabeth        HENDERSON

Henderson, Emma             HENDERSON

Henderson, Emma             HENDERSON

Henderson, Erette W.        HENDERSON

Henderson, Euna Kath.       HENDERSON

Henderson, G. A.            HENDERSON

Henderson, Georgia          COUNTY LINE

Henderson, Henry            HENDERSON

Henderson, Idus S.          HENDERSON

Henderson, Infant           HENDERSON

Henderson, Infant           HENDERSON

Henderson, Infants          HENDERSON

Henderson, Isom B.          HENDERSON

Henderson, James C.         WEST SALEM

Henderson, James L.         WEST SALEM

Henderson, John D.          WEST SALEM

Henderson, Joseph E.        HENDERSON

Henderson, Judy P.          HENDERSON

Henderson, Linnie M         HENDERSON

Henderson, Lottie           HENDERSON

Henderson, Margaret.        HENDERSON

Henderson, Messinariah      HENDERSON

Henderson, Michael          HENDERSON

Henderson, Michael C.       COUNTY LINE

Henderson, Mildred J.       HENDERSON

Henderson, Murdock M.       HENDERSON

Henderson, Nancy            HENDERSON

Henderson, Nath, Rev        HENDERSON

Henderson, Pat H.           HENDERSON

Henderson, Preston          JOHNSON CREEK

Henderson, Rebecca          HENDERSON

Henderson, Rhonda, P.       HENDERSON

Henderson, Richard S.       HENDERSON

Henderson, S. S. Doc        HENDERSON

Henderson, Samuel B.        GRAFTON

Henderson, Samuel J.        HENDERSON

Henderson, Susan            WEST SALEM

Henderson, Verda M.         HENDERSON

Henderson, Weewanna         HENDERSON

Henderson, Welletta         COUNTY LINE

Henderson, William          HENDERSON

Henderson, William D.       WEST SALEM

Henderson, William L.       COUNTY LINE

Henderson, William N        HENDERSON

Henderson, Willis           HENDERSON

Hendricks, Pauline          HENDERSON

Henerson, Walter            HENDERSON

Herndon, Leonard E.         SWEETWATER

Herndon, Susie Davis        SWEETWATER

High, Ida Kennard           SWEETWATER

Hill, Asolee Brewer         HENDERSON

Hill, Charles C.            HENDERSON

Hill, Keturah               MUTUAL RIGHTS

Hill, Keturah               MUTUAL RIGHTS

Hill, Lillie West           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Hill, Rev. Wesley           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Hillman, Abbie              SWEETWATER

Hillman, Abbie Rose         SWEETWATER

Hillman, Allie T.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Hillman, Alton              SWEETWATER

Hillman, Batson             SWEETWATER

Hillman, Boda               SWEETWATER

Hillman, Brenda Y.          MUTUAL RIGHTS

Hillman, Effie T.           SWEETWATER

Hillman, Eugenia E.         SWEETWATER

Hillman, Ford               SWEETWATER

Hillman, Freda W.           SWEETWATER

Hillman, Infant             SWEETWATER

Hillman, Infant             SWEETWATER

Hillman, James              SWEETWATER

Hillman, James A.           SWEETWATER

Hillman, James Todd         SWEETWATER

Hillman, Jewel L.           SWEETWATER

Hillman, Lena               SWEETWATER

Hillman, Leonard P.         SWEETWATER

Hillman, Lige, Jr.          SWEETWATER

Hillman, Lige, Sr.          SWEETWATER

Hillman, Lula L.            SWEETWATER

Hillman, Mary               SWEETWATER

Hillman, Mary B.            SWEETWATER

Hillman, Mary D.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Hillman, Mary E.            SWEETWATER

Hillman, Mary J. B.         SWEETWATER

Hillman, Nancy Mc           SWEETWATER

Hillman, Nathan G.          SWEETWATER

Hillman, P. G.              SWEETWATER

Hillman, Penny R.           SWEETWATER

Hillman, Pinkney G.         SWEETWATER

Hillman, Rena               SWEETWATER

Hillman, S. Brink           SWEETWATER

Hillman, Samuel J.          SWEETWATER

Hillman, Stella D.          SWEETWATER

Hillman, Vera M.            SWEETWATER

Hillman, William            SWEETWATER

Hillman, Wilma T.           SWEETWATER

Hinton, Clarence            HENDERSON

Hinton, Eliza J.            HENDERSON

Hinton, Ida                 HENDERSON

Hinton, Infant              HENDERSON

Hinton, Infant              HENDERSON

Hogue, Hettie               GRAFTON

Holder, Caroline D.         MUTUAL RIGHTS

Holder, David D.            SWEETWATER

Holder, Della Brewer        HENDERSON

Holder, Dewey B.            FREEFIELD

Holder, Emeline             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Holder, Fareby C.           SWEETWATER

Holder, J. Harbard          MUTUAL RIGHTS

Holder, James W             WADE - MCLAIN

Holder, Joab                HENDERSON

Holder, Nancy J.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Holder, Victorianna         INDIAN HILL

Hollingshead, A. D.         HENDERSON

Hollingshead, H. M.         COUNTY LINE

Hooper, Doris R.            ROUNSAVILLE

Hosford, Charlie            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Hosford, Eliza Harris       MUTUAL RIGHTS

Hosford, Samuel H.          MUTUAL RIGHTS

Hosford, Willie             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Hovatter, Alice             COUNTY LINE

Hovatter, Henry             COUNTY LINE

Hovatter, Odie              SLAY

Hovatter, William J.        COUNTY LINE

Howard, Harvey E.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Howard, Marie L.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Howard, Sybel               MUTUAL RIGHTS

Howell, Kate                SWEETWATER

Huggins, Melbourne          ROUNSAVILLE

Huggins, Willie D.          ROUNSAVILLE

Hurst, J. W.                MUTUAL RIGHTS

Hurst, James A.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Hurst, Samuel Y.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Hyatt, August D.            ROUNSAVILLE

Hyatt, Charlie              ROUNSAVILLE

Hyatt, Dan Jr.              ROUNSAVILLE

Hyatt, Dan Sr.              ROUNSAVILLE

Hyatt, John W.              ROUNSAVILLE

Hyatt, Margaret D.          ROUNSAVILLE

Hyatt, Rubye                ROUNSAVILLE

Ivy, Christopher R.         WEST SALEM

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