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   NAME                CEMETERY

Upshaw, Druies              MUTUAL RIGHTS

Upshaw, Drew L.             FREEMAN

Upshaw, Ellen               FREEMAN

Upshaw, Evelyn              FREEMAN

Upshaw, infant              FREEMAN

Upshaw, Polly Ann           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Vanderford, Eliz. S.        MUTUAL RIGHTS

Vanderford, H. H.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Vanderford, Howard          MUTUAL RIGHTS

Vanderford, Mamie           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Vanderford, R. M.           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Wade, Arizona W.            GRAFTON

Wade, B. Oscar              SWEETWATER

Wade, Barney Rufus          MUTUAL RIGHTS

Wade, Buford C.             HENDERSON

Wade, Carol Evans           MUTUAL RIGHTS

Wade, Charles H.            GRAFTON

Wade, Charles H.            GRAFTON

Wade, Doris Lanell          GRAFTON

Wade, Ellen                 GRAFTON

Wade, Elsia Mae             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Wade, Eugenia               GRAFTON

Wade, Eunice B.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Wade, Flora Idus D.         GRAFTON

Wade, Gaines W.             SWEETWATER

Wade, Infant                GRAFTON

Wade, Infant                GRAFTON

Wade, Infant                GRAFTON

Wade, Isaac                 GRAFTON

Wade, J. W.                 HENDERSON

Wade, James J.              HENDERSON

Wade, Lamar                 GRAFTON

Wade, Leyends Prine         BUFFALO

Wade, Lila Turner           SWEETWATER

Wade, Martha                GRAFTON

Wade, Martha E.             GRAFTON

Wade, Mary Christine        GRAFTON

Wade, Mary W.               HENDERSON

Wade, Nadine B.             GRAFTON

Wade, Nancy                 WADE - MCLAIN

Wade, Perrin                GRAFTON

Wade, Riley E.              HENDERSON

Wade, S T W                 WADE - MCLAIN

Wade, Sally                 HENDERSON

Wade, Samuel                GRAFTON

Wade, Spencer M. Sr.        GRAFTON

Wade, Walter H.             GRAFTON

Wade, Wilbern W.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Wade, Wiley Bud             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Wade, Willis W.             GRAFTON

Wallet, Rhett G.            HENDERSON

Walley Arthur               GRAFTON

Walley,  Armintha           LAZARUS WALLEY

Walley, Agnes               HENDERSON

Walley, Alex                FREEMAN

Walley, Alexander           HENDERSON

Walley, Annie               GRAFTON

Walley, Annie B.            LAZARUS WALLEY

Walley, Bertha Mae          FREEMAN

Walley, Beverly Ann         HENDERSON

Walley, Buford A.           GRAFTON

Walley, Byron               GRAFTON

Walley, Calvin              FELLOWSHIP

Walley, Carrie              HENDERSON

Walley, Charles H.          HENDERSON

Walley, Chester A.          HENDERSON

Walley, Demmie              HENDERSON

Walley, Elbern              GRAFTON

Walley, Eliza               GRAFTON

Walley, Eliza               HENDERSON

Walley, Elizabeth           HENDERSON

Walley, Elizabeth           LAZARUS WALLEY

Walley, Ella H.             HENDERSON

Walley, Ella L              FELLOWSHIP

Walley, Ellen E.            GRAFTON

Walley, Emma                FELLOWSHIP

Walley, Esther S.           HENDERSON

Walley, Ethel               FREEMAN

Walley, Ezra T., Rev.       FREEMAN

Walley, Faith W             FELLOWSHIP

Walley, Fred Lee            GRAFTON

Walley, Gouldsberry         LAZARUS WALLEY

Walley, Hardy               GRAFTON

Walley, Hardy               GRAFTON

Walley, Harold T.           FREEMAN

Walley, Harry Edward        FREEMAN

Walley, Hattie Pipkin       EAST SALEM

Walley, Hattie Smith        GRAFTON

Walley, Herman W.           GRAFTON

Walley, Hiram               FELLOWSHIP

Walley, Howard Craig        GRAFTON

Walley, Infant              FELLOWSHIP

Walley, Infant              GRAFTON

Walley, Infant              GRAFTON

Walley, Infant              GRAFTON

Walley, Infant              HENDERSON

Walley, Infant              HENDERSON

Walley, Infant              HENDERSON

Walley, Infant              HENDERSON

Walley, Infant              MUTUAL RIGHTS

Walley, Infant              ROBERTSON

Walley, Infant son)         MUTUAL RIGHTS

Walley, James R.            HENDERSON

Walley, Jennie              GRAFTON

Walley, Jimmy W.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Walley, John M.             HENDERSON

Walley, Joseph              GRAFTON

Walley, Joseph              GRAFTON

Walley, Josephine           HENDERSON

Walley, Judy M.             HENDERSON

Walley, Julius A.           HENDERSON

Walley, Katherine           SWEETWATER

Walley, Laford, Sr          HENDERSON

Walley, Laura J.            HENDERSON

Walley, Lazarus W.          LAZARUS WALLEY

Walley, Lettie F.           FREEMAN

Walley, Lola W.             HENDERSON

Walley, Lula E.             GRAFTON

Walley, Margaret S          FELLOWSHIP

Walley, Marvin J.           GRAFTON

Walley, Marvin L.           FREEMAN

Walley, Marvin P., Sr       HENDERSON

Walley, Mary Clark          HENDERSON

Walley, Mary Ida            HENDERSON

Walley, Melton W.           GRAFTON

Walley, Nancy               LAZARUS WALLEY

Walley, Octavia J. S.       GRAFTON

Walley, Oscar B.            HENDERSON

Walley, Ottis W.            FREEMAN

Walley, Patsy Jean          HENDERSON

Walley, R. L. Jimmy         GRAFTON

Walley, R. W.               HENDERSON

Walley, Rasberry            LAZARUS WALLEY

Walley, Rebecca E.          GRAFTON

Walley, Rena E.             GRAFTON

Walley, Retha Faye          FREEMAN

Walley, Richard H, Sr       HENDERSON

Walley, Richard H.          GRAFTON

Walley, Richard H.          GRAFTON

Walley, Riley L.            GRAFTON

Walley, S. E. Ebb           HENDERSON

Walley, Sarah A.            LAZARUS WALLEY

Walley, Sarah Ann           GRAFTON

Walley, Sarah E.            GRAFTON

Walley, Selma B.            HENDERSON

Walley, Spicie G.           HENDERSON

Walley, Thos W. Jr.         MUTUAL RIGHTS

Walley, Ulmer               LAZARUS WALLEY

Walley, Vinson              GRAFTON

Walley, W R                 LAZARUS WALLEY

Walley, W. M.               LAZARUS WALLEY

Walley, Walter              HENDERSON

Walley, Walter A.           GRAFTON

Walley, Walter Earl         GRAFTON

Walley, Walter G.           GRAFTON

Walley, Walter J.           HENDERSON

Walley, Webb                SWEETWATER

Walley, Wilbur Ray          GRAFTON

Walley, William C.          HENDERSON

Walley, William D           LAZARUS WALLEY

Walley, Willie E.           GRAFTON

Walley, Willis W.           GRAFTON

Walley, Willis W.           HENDERSON

Walley, Wilma               GRAFTON

Wally, Infant               GRAFTON

Walters, Minnie L.          HENDERSON

Watson, Almeadie S.         WEST SALEM

Watson Audrey (BROWNLEE)    FREEMAN

Watson, Adell               FREEMAN

Watson, Annie Ivey          FREEMAN

Watson, Clifton "Shorty"    FREEMAN

Watson, Columbus F.         WEST SALEM

Watson, David L.            FREEMAN

Watson, Donyce F.           FREEMAN

Watson, Helen W.            FREEMAN

Watson, infant              FREEMAN

Watson, infant              FREEMAN

Watson, infant              FREEMAN

Watson, infant              FREEMAN

Watson, J. Thomas           FREEMAN

Watson, J.T. "Jim"          FREEMAN

Watson, Lessie M.           FREEMAN

Watson, Mahalcy             FREEMAN

Watson, Margaret A.         FREEMAN

Weeks, Earnest E.           SWEETWATER

Weeks, William H.           SWEETWATER

Weems, Martha E.            JOHNSON CREEK

Weems, Thomas M.            JOHNSON CREEK

Welford, Alaray             ROUNSAVILLE

Welford, Cecil              ROUNSAVILLE

Welford, Mamie              ROUNSAVILLE

Welford, Robert H.          ROUNSAVILLE

Welford, Woodie             ROUNSAVILLE

West, Absalom L, Jr.        MUTUAL RIGHTS

West, Absalom L.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

West, Barry                 HENDERSON

West, C. D.                 MUTUAL RIGHTS

West, Celia                 MUTUAL RIGHTS

West, Charles               MUTUAL RIGHTS

West, Dessie Rae            MUTUAL RIGHTS

West, Ella E                MUTUAL RIGHTS

West, Infant                MUTUAL RIGHTS

West, John                  MUTUAL RIGHTS

West, John V.               MUTUAL RIGHTS

West, Liddie I.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

West, Lula                  HENDERSON

West, Mabel Hardy           MUTUAL RIGHTS

West, Mary E.               MUTUAL RIGHTS

West, Mary M.               MUTUAL RIGHTS

West, Melvin M              MUTUAL RIGHTS

West, Minerva B.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

West, Minnie K.             SLAY

West, Nola S.               MUTUAL RIGHTS

West, Omy L.                MUTUAL RIGHTS

West, Onesiphorus           MUTUAL RIGHTS

West, Ulmer                 HENDERSON

West, Vincent               MUTUAL RIGHTS

West, Walter L.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

West, William R.            SLAY

West, Yvettie               MUTUAL RIGHTS

Whatley, Frank              SWEETWATER

Whatley, James T.           SWEETWATER

Whatley, Sarah              SWEETWATER

Whatley, Terrill            SWEETWATER

White, Gracie               HENDERSON

White, James                HENDERSON

White, Kenneth G.           HENDERSON

Whitfield, Lonnie L.        MUTUAL RIGHTS

Williams, Arrethia          JOHNSON CREEK

Williams, Bessie A.         CLARK CHAPEL

Williams, Ella K.           SWEETWATER

Williams, J. C. Dr.         SWEETWATER

Williams, J. P.             SWEETWATER

Williams, Jefferson         CLARK CHAPEL

Williams, Margaret A        FELLOWSHIP

Williams, Martha            SLAY

Williams, Oscar F.          CLARK CHAPEL

Williams, Sinie             JOHNSON CREEK

Williams, Stella E.         SWEETWATER

Williams, Vance E.          SWEETWATER

Williamson, Ada M           WADE - MCLAIN

Wright, Anis B.             MUTUAL RIGHTS

Wright, James L.            MUTUAL RIGHTS

Wynn, Infant                MUTUAL RIGHTS

Wynne, Infant               MUTUAL RIGHTS

Yates, Allie                SWEETWATER

Yates, Eliza L.             SWEETWATER

Yates, Henry                SWEETWATER

Yates, J. W.                SWEETWATER

Yates, Jason Y.             SWEETWATER

Yates, John                 SWEETWATER

Yates, Phenoy G.            SWEETWATER

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