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The Tate County Court House was completed in 1875, two years after the formation of the county. The building has undergone several renovations and additions.

There have been many beautiful drawings and paintings of this historical landmark. The one above that appeared on the cover of "The Heritage Of Tate County" is a reproduction of the original oil painting which was done specifically for this book by Evelyn Gurley Crockett, a native Tate Countian.




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Tate County's neighbors from which Tate County was formed in 1873 are DeSoto, Marshall, and Tunica .

Located in the northwestern corner of the state, Tate County is bordered on the north by DeSoto County, the east by Marshall County, the south by Lafayette and Panola Counties, and the west by Tunica County.


The Tate County Genealogical and Historical Society, Inc has published four new books for sale: 2003, 2004, 2012 Obits from The Democrat and 2012 Obits from The Commercial Appeal with full name index. The cost is $20.00 each plus $3.50 Shipping each.

The Heritage Of Tate County History Book Published in 1991 is no longer available in book form, however it is available on a searchable DVD.The cost is $20.00 plus $3.50 shipping.


The Tate County Genealogical and Historical Society, Inc has made every effort to obtain the Chancery Court Records of those counties adjoining Tate. So far the Society has obtained Tate, Desoto, Marshall and Panola Counties and are housed in The Society's Library. These records are on microfilm and contain the estate settlements (loose papers), wills, bonds, and land records.  Marriages from Circuit Court. These court records are for the years at least up to 1873 and are vital to everyone researching these counties because they are the most accurate. Come by and visit the library located at 105 Court Street, Senatobia, Mississippi Thursday and Friday.


Highlighting Early Pioneer of Tate County, Mississippi

 Captain L. Guy Woollard of the Invincibles :

Captain L. Guy Woollard was deservedly popular with his company. Winning the love and admiration of his men, they yielded a cheerful obedience to his commands, under any and all circumstances, without the exercise on his part of strict military discipline. In the battle of Gettysburg, while gallantly leading his company, he and about thirty of his men were captured and were imprisoned on Johnson's Island, Lake Erie, and at Ft. Delaware twenty-one months, until March 21, 1865, not reaching home until about the 1st of July following. From close confinement and the rough treatment of prison life soon after he as imprisoned, Captain Woollard lost his health, which he never afterward regained.

Instead of resuming his law practice he sought the office of probate clerk of De Soto County, Mississippi, in October, 1865, and for the proper discharge of its duties he possessed eminent qualifications. In 1867 he married Miss Mary Elizabeth Boyce, near Senatobia, Mississippi. In 1872, with the hope of recovering his health, he moved with his family to Luka Springs, Mississippi which prolonged his life of suffering a short while. Returning to Senatobia, he died September 15, 1874, at 39 years of age, in full triumph of Christian faith. His widow, Mrs. M. E. Woollard, resides in Senatobia, Mississippi, and her son George is in business in Memphis. D. Boyce Woollard married Miss Annie Staton of Senatobia, Mississippi, and is manager of the C. B. Clark place, at Clarkton, Crittenden County, Arkansas. L. Guy, Jr., resides in Larrantine, Texas. Douglas D., the younger of the four sons, has had for several years a position in the I.C.R.R.


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