Excerpts From 1913 Tate County Democrat

Excerpts from 1913 Tate County Democrat was compiled by Syble Embrey for publication in Tate Trails. The first entry was in the March 1993 issue on page 32. 

JOHN and WILL PACE attended the funeral of C. W. BERNARD of Forrest City last week.

WEBBER WILSON and Miss ANNIE MAE TURLEY were quietly married Thursday afternoon at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. E. C. TURLEY, by Rev. C. L. WILSON of the Baptist Church. The marriage came as a surprise to most of the friends and relatives of this popular young couple. They left at once for Oxford, where the groom will resume his law studies.

Rev. J. S. DEATON and Miss LUCY DOLAHITE were married Sunday night at Love at the Baptist Church. Rev A. T. CINNAMOND officiating. They left for Clinton Miss., their home.

Mr. HUGH C. MAYS of Fordyce, Ark and Miss IDA MAY CHAMBERS, were married at the Baptist Parsonage Sunday afternoon they left immediately for Latonia, Ark., their future home.

Miss. INEZ EMERSON of Hernando, Miss., Miss MARIAN BUFORD of Memphis, Dr. S. A. BREVARD of Arkabutla, Dr. J. S. NICHOLS of Hill House, Miss. Dr. A. G. RICHMOND of Eudora Miss., MABEL JACKSON of Kosciusko. Dr. and Mrs. G. G. BURFORD of Memphis and Mrs. H. N. HAWKINS of Denver Colo. are guest at the CALDWELL-BREVARD wedding.

Jan 2, 1913 ALPHABA
Mr. CLYDE SCOTT a well-known young man here died at his home the 27th of December and was buried at the Scotland Grave Yard. His death made much sadness.

NEWT DANIELS and bride passed through our city en route to Sardis, their home Saturday.

On Dec 31,1912 at 8:30 p.m. at Gaylord Christian Church, Memphis. Miss LINDA ATLEON ALLEN to Mr. G. H. BARGERY. Rev. W. F. LONG officiating. The bride is the daughter of our esteemed citizens Mr. & Mrs. ROBERT ALLEN. She is a young lady of many graces of mind and person, who is capable of filling the home she will adorn with happiness and will prove to be truly a helpmate and companies by the husband she has chosen to honor with her hand. The groom is from a good family and by those that know him, he is considered one of the substantial and coming young men of the country, who will make his mark as a worthy son of honorable parents. The congratulations on the happy event are numerous and this paper is greatly pleased on this occasion to add its hearty good wishes to those being so freely extended.

Miss. ANNIE CHANDLER of the University of VA is a guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. BERNARD being a special friend of their son, Dr. CALDWELL BERNARD and of the deceased Dr. HARPER CALDWELL.

Those who attended the DAVY-SANDIDGE wedding from a distance were Mr. and Mrs. W. DAVY and son of Turrell, Ark., Mr. and Mrs. W. SMITH of Robinsonville. Mr. RAY TENYEAR of Eavensville, Mr. MORROW LOVE, Robinsonville.

Jan 16, 1913
Mrs. MAXWELL of Bet, died Thursday Jan 9, and was buried Friday at Eavenson Cemetery.

Jan 23, 1913 DIED
Major JAMES H. ARNOLD, formerly a citizen of Senatobia, for several years past a resident of Memphis, passed away Saturday last after several weeks illness. Funeral services were held Sunday 10 a.m. conducted by Rev. A. T. CINNAMOND at the residence of W. E. STILL where he had made his home for some months. His remains were laid to rest in Bethesda Cemetery.

Jan 23, 1913 LIPSCOMB-HAM
The marriage of one of our fairest and most amiable young ladies, Miss ETTA MAI HAM, and Dr. EDWIN JONES LIPSCOMB of Duncan, Miss. was the event of the week in local society circle. This auspicious event occurred Tuesday 21st., at 6 p.m. at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. HAM. The happy couple entered the parlor to the witching strain of Mendelsohn rendered by Miss LENA MOORE, where Rev. A. T. CINNAMOND of the Baptist Church pronounced the impressive words which united their destinies for life. Though a quiet, home function, many of the bride's most intimate friends were present, as were also Mr. and Mrs. E. H. MADDOX of Memphis and Miss. JENNIE HAM of Lyon. Dr. and Mrs. LIPSCOMB departed at 8 p.m. for Duncan, where he enjoys a lucrative practice as a physician greatly esteemed.

News was received here Monday of the death of Mrs. JIM CROW of Bowman, which occurred Monday morning following an attack of pneumonia.

Whereas: on the night of the eighteenth of January the death angel visited our community and the home of our friend and brother, J. E. ROBERTS, and called him from this world to the Great Beyond and,

Whereas: Sovereign ROBERTS was a member in good standing of J. Z. GEORGE Camp No 217, Woodman of the World, therefore, be it Resolved: That in the death of Sovereign ROBERTS each member of this Camp has lost a true friend and worthy brother, the camp and fraternity at large a valuable Member, the Community an inestimable Citizen and his family a devoted husband and father, and be it further Resolved: That a copy of these resolutions be recorded on a page set aside in the lodge minutes book for the purpose, and that one copy each be mailed to the Senatobia Democrat and the Wife of the Deceased Sovereign.

JOHN C. SHEFFIELD, C. H. ACREE, HOMER S. METCALF...Committee. Adopted by J. Z. GEORGE Camp No 217, W.O.W. in regular session Jan 25, 1913. J. D. CHAMBLISS, Clerk, W. W. MAY, Consul Commander Adv.

Jan 30, 1913 BROADWAY
Mr. ROSCO WALKER and Miss NANNIE McELROY were quietly married at the home of the bride's parents Sunday evening. Rev. J. N. BILLINGSLEY performed the ceremony. The bride is a daughter of Mr. S. G. McELROY and the groom is a son of Mr. HENRY WALKER of Independence. We wish for Mr. and Mrs. WALKER a long and happy life.

Mrs. HENRY MOTHERSHED died in Memphis Feb 10th. Her remains, accompanied by her husband, were brought here Tuesday enroute for Looxahoma where they were interred in the Cemetery at that place. Mrs. MOTHERSHED was the daughter of B. F. ATKINS near Looxahoma. The Democrat extends condolences to the bereaved husband and family.

Feb 13, 1913 MARRIED
R. L. TALEY and Miss BIRDIE IRENE McCLURE were married at the Court House February 7th, Rev. H. L. KNIGHT of Wyatt Miss., officiating.

Feb 13, 1913 WALKER - McELROY
Miss. NANNIE McELROY and Mr. H. R. WALKER were quietly married at the home of the bride's father, Mr. S. McELROY, January 26, at 7:30 o'clock. The ceremony was conducted by Rev. H. I. COLLINS. The bride wore a wedding dress of net over satin. Medelsohns Wedding March was played by Miss MYRTLE RUSSWURM softly giving away to the sweet strains of Juanita which continued throughout the ceremony.

Feb 13, 1913 MARRIED
At the home of the bride, Mrs. LUCY CAHILL and Dr. J. A. WILLIAMS were married. The pretty home was aglow with light early in the evening of Feb 6th when the bride, becomingly attired in a soft gray dress, lace trimmed and the groom in conventional black, quietly took their places and in the presence of the immediate family the marriage ceremony was beautifully and impressively said by Rev. J. N. DUNCAN, Pastor of the Methodist Church. Mrs. WILLIAMS is the daughter of our popular townsman Dr. BUCEY, and has been one of our lovely matrons. From a pretty little girl she has grown up among friends here and in her own home circle has reigned queen supreme. Dr. WILLIAMS was born and reared in Senatobia and is popularly known both as a man and dentist. It is a pleasure to chronicle the marriage of these worthy people. This paper wafts to them its warmest congratulations in company with a host of friends.

Feb 13, 1913 DIED
It is with sorrow that we announce the death of J. H. CANNON which occurred at his home, Collierville, TN., on Feb 8th. Mr. CANNON was employed by WALKER BERNARD and BAKER last year, was taken sick in October returned home Nov and never recovered from his sickness. Mr. CANNON was a "Gentleman of the Old School." He made many friends here during his stay and will be remembered by those that knew him as a Christian Gentleman.

Mrs. McKINNON, mother of H. W. and M. A. McKINNON, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. W. FARMER of Bowman, last Thursday the 13th, and was buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery. She leaves two boys and two girls and a host of grandchildren and friends to mourn her loss Rev. C. L. WILSON conducted the funeral services.

Feb 20, 1913 OBITUARY
On the morning of February 10th 1913, at his home in Senatobia, Mississippi, the light of life for Mr. B. A. TUCKER went suddenly out, thus leaving the darkness of sorrow, and the shadow of death over his family and friends. Earth's cheerful light ceased shining to be rekindled in Heaven's glow of joy and peace.

BENJAMIN ARCHER TUCKER was born Oct 6th, 1857, in Shelby County, Tennessee, his parents being HENRY JACKSON TUCKER, formerly of Virginia and ANNE ELIZABETH NORRIS TUCKER of Tennessee. At the beginning of the Civil War the father and mother with their three children came to North Mississippi, where the mother and children remained while the father went to war and thus lost his life. Soon thereafter the mother died, leaving the three children to the kind care of a helpful friend at Longtown, Mississippi. After the war was ended the children lived with their grandmother, in Memphis until her death, from which time they were again kindly cared for by the same friends at Longtown.

Here Mr. TUCKER was in school till the age of 16 years. At this time he, being the eldest of the three children, began to work for himself, his brother, (J. H. TUCKER now of Ballinger, Texas) and his little sister, (now Mrs. CLEMMIE SHORT of Como). In these efforts of his youth he showed the inherent fineness of the man, as he met these responsibilities and fought bravely these early battles of life.

At the age of twenty-one he came to Senatobia to work first, for the firm of WARD and HALL, then later for and with Mr. BLACKBOURN. Upon the death of Mr. BLACKBOURN Mr. TUCKER succeeded him in business in the firm first as TUCKER and LOCKE, next as TUCKER and GABBERT and, at the time of his death, as TUCKER and BAILEY.

He was also Vice President of the Senatobia Bank, member of the Board of Directors of BLACKBOURN College, and Sect'y of Board of Trustees of Senatobia Schools.

In all these years, as a business man, and in all these varied duties, as a useful and progressive citizen, his marked success was founded on a simple firm faith in right; a quiet confidence, an even justice and a superb courage that made him an inspiration to all who knew him, and generous benefactor to the many who daily came to him for help or counsel.

In the year 1883 Mr. TUCKER was married to Miss MAGGE WARD, daughter of Capt. and Mrs. N. W. WARD of Senatobia. God blessed this union with six children: BEN, GLEMMIE (Mrs. HERMON DEAN), HARRY, MAGGE WARD, THEODORE and ELIZABETH; all of whom, with their mother, survived Mr. TUCKER to realize their irreparable loss; to appreciate their noble heritage of his good name, and to keep sacred the memory of his great soul and sterling character.

In his earlier days Mr. TUCKER became a Christian and joined the Baptist Church in Senatobia. Herein he was a consistent, active worker, and for a goodly number of years he has been one of the most faithful, efficient and potent officers in his church. His Christianity was quiet, unobtrusive yet sincere, making its genuineness felt for the greatest good in his home, his business, and his church circle.

"His life was gentle and the elements were so kindly mixed in him that nature might stand up and say to all the world "This was a Man." An ideal husband and father, a loyal friend, a useful citizen and a noble Christian. Truly by his impartial judgment, his calm helpfulness and cheer, his liberal views, his Christian living and his faith in God he has built for himself a monument that will not crumble and has secured the Stewart that will be imperialistic in its glory.

The funeral services were held in the home, and were conducted by his close friend and Pastor Rev. A. T. CINNAMOND, assisted by Rev. W. N. DUNCAN of the Methodist Church, and Rev. W. M. PHIFER of the Presbyterian Church.

The interment was in Bethesda Cemetery, Senatobia, where a throng of friends attended, their love for him and his bereaved family by, placing silent but sincere floral messengers of sympathy upon the tomb of him we all esteem.

As we love him we weep for him, but not as those who have not hope, so we look up through our tears to the dear Father who hears our cry; and who teaches us to know that it is well with him because there is no death. What seemed so is transition to the Home Celestial where all is endless joy and peace and love...F.R.S.

Miss FLOY SLOCOM, the oldest surviving daughter of Mrs. B. R. HUGHEY died last Monday night after a lingering illness of several months, later interment took place Tuesday afternoon services being conducted by Rev. C. L. WILSON of the Baptist Church.


Mr. and Mrs. S. D. WOOTEN were in Memphis Sunday on account of the death of Mrs. WOOTEN'S niece, Mrs. STELLA MONTGOMERY.

Miss DIXIE LOWE went up to her home at Pleasant Hill Friday, and was unable to return till Tuesday on account of the funeral of her cousin, Mrs. MONTGOMERY, which occurred at Pleasant Hill Monday.


Mr. MEEK CARTER of Senatobia and Miss EVA (CORA) WALLACE of Antioch were quietly married Sunday evening by Rev. A. T. CINNAMOND, at the Baptist Pastorium. Mr. CARTER is a worthy young man holding a responsible position as rural mail carrier. Mrs. CARTER is a handsome and popular lady of her neighborhood. We extend congratulations and good wishes.


On Feb 13, Mrs. N. D. BARKER of Memphis, Tenn. was severely burned from which she died in a short while. Her clothing caught fire from a grate. Her remains were brought to Senatobia. Funeral services were held at the Presbyterian Church by Mr. PHIFER, interment was at Bethesda Cemetery. She was a sister of Mr. D. D. SALMON and Mrs. P. McKELLER of this place.

March 6, 1913 DIED
Mrs. SUSAN MALVINA HAWKINS on Friday Feb 28th, 1913 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. F. DEAN, Senatobia. Mrs. HAWKINS formerly lived at Jackson, Tenn., and coming here several years since. Her remains were carried to Jackson, Tenn., and interred in the cemetery at that place. The Democrat extends its condolences to the bereaved family.

March 6, 1913 OBITUARY
Mrs. SUSAN MALVINA HAWKINS was born in Jackson, Tenn., March 6th, 1834, and passed away Friday February 28th, 1913, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. F. DEAN, Senatobia. She was the daughter of ANDREW and LUCINDA JOBE of Jackson, where she grew to womanhood and where she continued to reside until she came to make her home with Mrs. DEAN at Senatobia. Having received a liberal education, she accepted a position as teacher in one of the schools of Memphis where, at the home of her brother, SAMUEL JOBE, she was married March 4th, 1858, to W. B. HAWKINS, also of Jackson, who died a few years later, and whose memory she cherished through more than fifty years of widowhood. In early girlhood she united with First Baptist Church, Jackson, where she remained a faithful and active member for over fifty years, until she transferred her membership to Senatobia Baptist Church.

She is survived by one son DR. HERMAN HAWKINS, Jackson; one daughter, BENONA H. wife of J. F. DEAN, Senatobia; one sister, Mrs. L. I. ROBINSON near Jackson; six grandchildren, EARL L. HAWKINS, Jackson; Mrs. R. B. WOOTEN, Washington, D. C.; C. H. DEAN, Brookhaven, Miss.; J. FRANK DEAN, Memphis; BENJAMIN H. DEAN, Oxford; and IRBY DEAN, Senatobia. Also two great grand children: CHARLES HERMAN and BEN TUCKER sons of C. H. DEAN Brookhaven.

Though in declining health for several years, her death was not immediately expected. When the end came, it was peaceful as though lulled to sleep and pleasant dreams, her features retaining the restful expression of undisturbed repose. Her remains were conveyed by train to Jackson, Tenn., where after a beautiful funeral service conducted by Dr. H. W. VIRGIN at First Baptist Church, she was laid to rest beside her husband, in lovely Riverside Cemetery, floral offerings of loved ones and friends covering both mounds in fragrant profusion.

Mrs. HAWKINS was as exceptionally gentle and sincere character; her affections enthralling her loved ones with devotion profoundly true and loyal. She was deeply religious trusting the Lord in sunshine and shadow, with a faith that realized the sentiments of Paul: "I have fought the good fight, I have finished my course I have kept the faith." For such, there is reserved "a crown of righteousness that fadeth not away."

The following lines, written by her in 1884, on the death of a loved one, buried in Elmwood Cemetery, may well apply to her, now in her peaceful slumber:

"Oh Elmwood, soft and low

And sweet as seraph whispers came

The soothing words, I know

That angels loving watch doth keep;

"He giveth His beloved sleep.


Was shot and instantly killed by a desperate Negro named COOK. COOK was in turn shot by Officer JOHNSON, who was accompanying SLAYTON at the time of his death. The killing occurred in the Y. & M. V. Railroad Yards and was the result of an attempt to arrest the Negro on a minor charge. The Negro, COOK, shot by Officer JOHNSON died.

March 13, 1913 CAPT. W. W. MOORE DEAD
Vicksburg-After an illness of only four or five days, Capt. W. W. MOORE, one of the best known Citizens of Vicksburg, died at his plantation near Cary.

Mr. M. P. SANDIDGE, one of the oldest Citizens of this county, died at his home two and half miles south east of this place the 20th. He leaves a wife, four sons, three daughters, three brothers and two sisters to mourn his death.

March 13, 1913 CARD OF THANKS
To our friends who so kindly assisted us during the last illness of our dear boy, we wish to express our sincere thanks, we are grateful also for the unceasing efforts of kind physicians, to allay the least pain. May God bless you all. T. D. CATHEY AND FAMILY, Tyro Miss March 8, 1913.

March 20, 1913 COLDWATER LOCALS |
Mrs. H. H. McCAIN and Dr. GEO. H. McCAIN went up to Memphis Monday on account of the death of ROBERT McCAIN which occurred very suddenly Sunday afternoon.

March 27, 1913 MEMORIAL
Sister BERNIE MOTHERSHED was born on March 15, 1893, died Feb 10, 1913. She was the eldest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. BEN ATKINS of Looxahoma. She was married to C. H. MOTHERSHED May 3rd, 1912. BERNIE was sick only a short time but doctors, friends, relatives and the attention and efforts of her devoted husband could not save her.

We must yield to the hand of fate. She was baptized into Christ some several years ago, by GUS DUNN of the Church of Christ. BERNIE will be greatly missed by the church, her relatives and the host of friends she left. It is hard to give up our loved ones, but as the Apostles say, "If in this life only we have hoped in Christ, we are of all men most miserable." She leaves behind her father, mother, and sister, her devoted young husband and little child. May the Lord's richest blessings be theirs. A Friend.

"O, not in cruelty, not in wrath

The Reaper came that day;

T'was an angel visited the green earth

and took the flower away."

The flower gathered that day was "little" Jim as he was so tenderly called by his comrades and all those who loved him best.

JAMES BURKETTE CATHEY was born May 31, 1898, and on the evening of March 7, 1913 the light of this bright little life, went quietly out, although for several weeks he had been ill, and death had been expected. Alas! when God bade him come, we would selfishly answer, "Not ready yet to give him back to thee," but could we censure loved ones, for O, the vacancy death left in its wake. As the babe, the light of the home, is missed by its Mothers clinging arms, so is this sweet child, for many years he had been an invalid, confined to his wheel chair, a constant care, and for him as for the little babe, everyone had loving, tender words His cheerful nature and wonderful patience maintained throughout all his afflictions was a beautiful example for we of mature years, who moan at the slightest indisposition. To those of that home, which now seem so desolate, I would say let us close the door upon what now seems the darkest hour of your life and "come boldly to a throng of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need." For again in the language of the Poet;

"My Lord has need of these flowerets gay,

The Reaper said, and smiled

Dear Tokens of the earth are they,

Where He was once a child." D.C.S.

April 3, 1913 MRS. MARY ROYALL
Mrs. MARY CHRISTIANA ROYALL died at the residence of Mr. A. L. McCORMICK in this city Sunday, after a lingering illness. She was 81, and was one of the oldest residents of Senatobia, having resided here for the last forty-two years. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. A. L. McCORMICK, and five grand-children, Mrs. R. H. RUST, of Memphis; and MOLLIE, RAYMOND, ESTELLE and ELEANOR McCORMICK. The funeral was held Monday at the residence of A. L. McCORMICK at 2:30 o'clock. Interment in Bethesda Cemetery.

Mrs. ROY BELL went to Memphis Monday to attend the funeral of Mrs. JOHN SOLOMAN.

April 10, 1913 LIBERTY
We are very sorry to state that Mr. WILLIAM TAYLOR died April 4th. We extend our heart-felt sympathy to the bereaved family.

Rev. C. L. WILSON was in Memphis to officiate at the marriage of his wife's niece, Miss LENA CROWE, who was united to L. W. ROBINSON.

Death came Friday night to Mrs. A. D. ELDER at the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis. She had been seriously ill for several months, and was carried to Memphis about a month ago, where she underwent a very dangerous operation. She was thought to be recovering from this, however, until a few days ago, when her condition changed for the worst, and her recovery was despaired of. She is survived by her husband, six children, and many other near relatives. Services were conducted at the residence Sunday morning by Rev. W. H. MOUNGER, assisted by Rev. C. L. WILSON and Rev. W. N. DUNCAN. Sunday School and other services were omitted at both Churches, and an immense crowd assembled to pay the last tribute of respect to the deceased and to show their sympathy for the bereaved family. Interment took place at the Coldwater Cemetery at eleven o'clock. Among the relatives present from a distance were: J. B. DUNCAN and wife from England, Ark., T. C. DUNCAN and wife of Sardis, Mr. and Mrs. P. B. POUNDERS of Senatobia, M. W. MOSEBY and Wife of Sunflower, PAUL ELDER of Shelby, Dr. LEROY WILKINSON and Wife of Batesville, D. M. ELDER of Cockrum, Mrs. JEROME MORING and Miss BETTIE CUMMINS of Memphis, Mrs.M. E. COCHRAN and son of Olive Branch, Misses MAY and BESSIE ELDER of Red banks and DYE ELDER of Olive Branch.

April 17, 1913 DEAD
Mrs. W. N. CROCKETT of Tyro, died April 13, 1913 and her remains were interred at Mt. Vernon Cemetery. She leaves a husband and several children.

April 17, 1913 DEAD
Mr. T. H. GREEN, 50, died suddenly April 13th, and his remains were interred at Bethesda Cemetery. He was a prominent farmer and leaves a wife and several children.

April 24, 1913 DIED
Mrs. GEORGIA SMART of Memphis died Sunday. Her remains were brought here Monday and carried and buried in the Cemetery at Thyatira. Mrs. SMART was a daughter of THOMAS SMART and Family who lived at Wyatte.

April 24, 1913 IN MEMORIAM
Seldom have we been called upon to chronicle a sudden death sadder than of our neighbor and friend, ERNEST SAUNDERS, who died at the Presbyterian Hospital, in Memphis April 11, 1913.

His condition was thought to be much improved and the sad news, that he must die, came as a blow to his many friends. All his life we have known him, and from his early boyhood he was ever ready to do something for his friends, and to those who were in trouble he would go offering to make any sacrifice to help them. A kinder heart never beat and the kindness shown us by him in dark hours of sorrow and trial shall not be forgotten. When quite young he was left sole protector of his widowed mother, little sisters and brothers. To them he has ever been faithful, and our hearts go out to them in this hour of grief with the pall of sorrow over them, the vacancy is great.

In the quite Church Yard at Glenville, Miss., beneath the shadow of the old Church that sheltered him often in his youth, he sleeps the long, last sleep. The years will come and go, the snows of winter will fall gently, the flowers and grass of summer will creep up and cover this low mound the little birds will carol sweetly in the trees above. But time cannot efface him from our memory.

April 24, 1913 OBITUARY
Mrs. KATE SOLOMAN died at Greenville, Miss., March 30, 1913. She was before marriage in 1882 in Memphis to Mr. JOHN SOLOMAN, Miss KATE MASSEY sister of Mrs. LONNIE JURGINS, Miss MATTIE MASSEY of Memphis and Mr. JAMES WILLIAM MASSEY of Little Rock.

As a wife she proved to be most congenial and helpful a willing sharer of the burdens of life. She was the mother of seven children five of whom survive her. Her unlimited devotion to the family her children was beautiful. Since her fifteenth year she had been a sincere member of the Methodist Church. After having helped heavenward the hearts that almost break, she went leaving the world better for having lived in it. She was cheerful and patient, notwithstanding her actions and combated every inch of the approach to the great enemy who finally won a stubborn victory. Death is the crown of life. Loved ones laid her body to rest in its long sleep, in beautiful Elmwood.

"There shall the yew her sable branches spread

And Mournful cypress rears her fringed head;

From thence small thyme and myrtle send perfume.

And laurel evergreen o'orshade the tomb.

J. L. PARKS and family were in Hernando Monday to attend the funeral of his sister Mrs. FISHER JONES, who died in Little Rock Saturday night.

May 1, 1913 DEATH OF A BRIDE
Oxford--Mrs. C. A. McCARTY died at her home at Harmontown after a short illness. She was a bride of ten months. Her husband, Prof. CHESTER McCARTY is the Principal of the Free Springs School.

Mrs. ETHEL STILL was called to the bedside of her father, Mr. O. LGNANCE, while at a club meeting on Saturday night, was stricken with paralysis, and died at 5 o'clock Sunday Morning. Mr. STILL accompanied his wife home.

May 1, 1913 TYRO (DELAYED)
Mrs. NANNIE CROCKETT and Prof. J. T. MOORE were married last Sunday. Bro. GREGORY performed the ceremony. Mr. and Mrs. MOORE left immediately for the West.

May 1, 1913 COLDWATER
Mrs. B. F. PRICHARD and Mrs. B. H. McCAIN were in Senatobia one day last week to attend the funeral of Mrs. O. M. INGRAM.

May 1, 1913 OBITUARY
Death, that grim and selfish monster of the tomb has been busy at its appointed work. On the morning of April 10th this mighty monarch stole into our midst and plucked one of our choicest flowers in the personage of ERNEST SAUNDERS, and now the weeds of sorrow are alike worn by all who knew him and an entire neighborhood is wrapped in the mantle of regret.

Ernest was born on October 9th, 1878 and departed from this world April 10th, 1913. He was the eldest of five children that came to bless the home of his parents Mr. & Mrs. S. M. SAUNDERS, and for nearly thirty-four years he was an obedient, kind, and faithful son and brother. He was born near Glenville, Panola Co., Miss., where he lived until a few years ago when he moved with his widowed mother to their home at Mt. Vernon which was the home of the family at the time of the decease. Early in January of this year he was stricken with that Malay which was so soon to claim him as a victim. Realizing the seriousness of his illness his Physician sent him to St. Joseph Hospital where it was hoped that he might get better medical attention in the effort to arrest the progress of the fatal disease. All that medical science and loving hands could do was done, but to no avail.

Too much cannot be said in commendation of our dear friend. He was always cheerful and had a kind word for everyone. His heart was ever hardened for the welfare of his friends and neighbors and he seemed never to be happier than when he had befriended some one in sickness and distress. The scribe remembers on several occasions when sickness and death had entered his own home, that it was ERNEST who came along the first with willing hands to help the sufferers and console the bereaved. He was one who will be missed by all for to love him was but to know him. His great heart was yours for the mere asking. On the Heaven side by faith we hope that the splendor of the Father's smile has kissed away all the marks of frail mortality; and that ERNEST now stands a redeemed and glorified Saint among the white robed children of God. A Friend.

Mrs. B. E. McCRARY returned home Sunday from Byhalia, where she was called to the death bed of her father Mr. INGRAM.

Mrs. J. I. BUCEY attended the funeral of Mrs. FOINE at Como Tuesday. Mrs. FOINE was the daughter of PHIL RAYFORD of Como. She died at her home, Wetherford, Texas, and her remains were brought to Como for interment.

GEORGE ALEXANDER, a Colored Merchant and life long resident of this place, died Friday morning and was laid to rest Sunday amid imposing ceremonies.

May 15, 1913 DIED
On May 10th, 1913 at his home in Senatobia, Miss., CHEATHAM BRICKELL died after an illness of several days. He was born in Yazoo County Jan. 22, 1872 and came to Senatobia when about 12 years of age. He attended the Public Schools of Yazoo County and the School at this place. In 1895 he was married to Miss. RUTH MATTHEWS, and God blessed this union with four children: JOE, MARY, LILLIAN and RUTH, all of whom and their Mother survive him. In early manhood he began to work for the firm of GARROTT and Co., and continued to work for them until Jan 1st, 1913, when he entered the firm of BOWEN and JOHNSON, where he remained till the time of his death.

He was a man of highest character, always straight forward in business transactions and broad and patriotic on public questions. He served the town several terms as alderman and was a member of the Board at the time of his death. He was a member of the Knights of Honor and from a boyhood had been a consistent member of the Presbyterian Church. His death has caused universal regret and his family has had an irreparable loss and the town one of its best Citizens.

Those from a distance who attended his funeral Sunday afternoon were HENRY, MILLER, and MANUEL BRICKELL of Yazoo City, CLEVELAND BRICKELL of Vicksburg, NICK BRICKELL of Clinton, R. H. MATTHEWS and Mrs. W. B. WILLIAMS of Kerrville, Tenn., Mrs. A. B. BUCEY of Fraizer, Tenn., BEN MATTHEWS and family of Vance, Miss., and Mrs. FRANK BELL of Memphis, Tenn.

May 15, 1913 DIED
Mrs. F. C. HALL at her home May 13, 1913 Hollywood, Miss. The remains were brought here Wednesday and carried to Bethel Church Cemetery, and there interred. She has the sister of J. G. THOMAS and RICHARD WOOLFORK. The Democrat extends its condolences to the bereaved relatives and friends of the deceased.

May 22, 1913 DIED
Mr. RUFUS HOWARD, who formerly lived at Looxahoma, died at Tunica, Miss., May 19th. He was a brother of Mr. GEORGE HOWARD of this place. His home was in this county for many years. Those who attended his funeral from this place were Dr. R. D. WILLIAMS and Wife, Mr. GEORGE HOWARD and Miss. LOUISE ALLEN.

May 29, 1913 IN MEMORIAM
We your committee appointed to draft resolutions of respect for Brother E. A. PEARSON, deceased, report as follows: The death of Brother PEARSON, in the full vigor of manhood, removes from our midst a man who was devoted to his family, who was useful in his community, who as a faithful and enthusiastic Mason and who as loyal Citizens of the State: Being the true Mason that he was, his charity and hospitality were limited only by his resources.

Therefore, be it resolved by Strayhorn Lodge, No 342, A. F. and A. M. that while we, and all others who in contact with Brother PEARSON will miss his words of counsel and sets of kindness yet we bow, in submission, to the will of the grand master above, who does all things well. Resolved further that a copy of these resolutions be spread on the minutes of this lodge and that a copy be sent to the family of Brother PEARSON. G. W. HALTON, W. M. HENRY, J. L. MUSKELLY, Committee.

Mr. & Mrs. V. B. ALEXANDER of Pine Bluff, Ark., stopped over a few days this week with SAM J. HOUSE and family, on their way home from attending the Presbyterian General Assembly at Atlanta, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander being parents of M. B. ALEXANDER who married Miss NELL HOUSE.

A telegram was received Sunday morning by Mr. & Mrs. W. H. HARDIN from their daughter, Miss MARY, who has been teaching in Russellville, Ark., stating that Miss RUTH VAN LANDINGHAM, another teacher in the school, was expecting to return home with Miss HARDIN about June 5th, had been drowned in a terrible accident in which three others lost their lives.

June 5, 1913 ALPHABA
HARVEY BOWDEN, age twenty-one years, died Tuesday night of last week with tuberculosis, and was laid to rest in the Greenleaf Cemetery Wednesday afternoon. Our Pastor, Rev. COLLINS, conducted the funeral services. He leaves two sisters and five brothers to mourn their loss. The writer (and the Democrat) extend sympathy to the bereaved ones.

June 12, 1913 TRUSLOW
Mr. C. H. FRAZIER and Miss VIRGIE GARRETT seemed to be the happiest couple in our vicinity Sunday afternoon when they were united in holy matrimony, J. B. FULLER officiating. Their many friends wish them a happy and prosperous life.

A very beautiful wedding was solemnized in the First Methodist Church last evening at six thirty o'clock when Miss ROSA MAI WILSON, daughter of Mrs. LUCY Y. WILSON, became the bride of WILLIAM GASTON DURLEY, the Rev. J. E. HOBSON, of Water Valley officiating in the presence of several hundred friends and relatives.

Ushers Dr. C. L. WILSON, Mr. T. W. WILSON. Bridesmaids Miss MARY SLOAN and Miss THELMA YATES, Matrons, Mrs. J. J. WILSON and Mrs. J. E. MEEKS. Best Man Mr. E. C. DURLEY. Flower girls, RUTH and LILLIE GILLISPIE Maid of honor Miss GERSTER CARMAK. Brother of the bride, who gave her in marriage, was J. J. WILSON. Train Bearer PATRUM VEAZEY with little MARTHA CHRISTIE carrying the ring. Musical nuptials provided by Mrs. T. J. COOPER presiding at the organ.

Out of town guest: Dr. & Mrs. G. L. WILSON, Cleveland, Miss., Mrs. J. E. MEEK and daughter, Rollingfork, Miss., Miss GERSTER CARMAK, Portland, Ark., Mrs. ALICE SLOAN and daughter, Holly Springs, Miss., Mr. & Mrs. WEBBER WILSON, Oxford, Miss., Mr. EDD DURLEY and Misses DURLEY, Tyro, Miss., Mrs. HERSCHEL FEATHERSTUN, Senatobia, Miss.

June 12, 1913 DR. DON C. LaVERNE
Never was there a death sadder than that of Dr. Don C. LaVERNE who died of acute nephritis at the Gartley and Ramsey Hospital in Memphis on June 6th. Although his condition was critical for several days prior to his death, and he himself saw no chance for recovery, hope was kept alive to the last, and when he was taken to Memphis on the 5th the sympathy and hope of all Senatobia went with him.

Dr. LaVERNE was born on July 31, 1874. He was raised in New Orleans and was educated in the schools of that city and in Tulane University, receiving a degree in Pharmacy, He recieved his medical education in the University of Tennessee. After which he located in Birmingham, Ala., where he practiced medicine and was instructor in a medical college. He remained there for three years. after which he came to Senatobia where he had since live.

Dr. LaVERNE was married in 1905 to Miss LUELLA SMITH of Crenshaw, who survives him. The Doctor's death is mourned by all who knew him. He was a man of many friends. Well it could be said of him that "none knew him but to love him, none knew him but to praise." He was an affectionate and noble husband, a sincere friend, and a Christian gentleman. He joined the Church when quite young and always lived up to its precepts. His religion was to do good, and never did he fail this.

He was secretary of the North Mississippi Tri-County Medical Society of which body he was a prime factor in organizing; he was also a distinguished member of the State Medical Association. He was a member of the Masonic Fraternity, which brotherhood preformed the last sad rites over his dead body. He was buried in Bethesda Cemetery, Rev. W. N. DUNCAN officiating. The Democrat joins the many friends of the bereaved loved ones of Dr. LaVERNE in sympathy and sadness.

June 19, 1913 ANTIOCH
WILLIE H. CROWE and Miss MABLE HARRIS were quietly married by Squire M. A. McKINNON Sunday afternoon. The writer wishes them a long and happy life.

June 19, 1913 TYRO
Miss ALMA FULMER, niece of J. M. PETTY, was married in Memphis last week to Dr. STEVENSON, all of the Delta. Misses DURLEY attended the marriage of W. G. DURLEY in Coldwater last week.

June 26, 1913 DEID
Dr. S. L. WYNNE in his 91st year died in the afternoon of June 25th wt. at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. LENA SCOTT. His son, Dr. T. C. WYNNE, of Holly Springs, was with him several days before his death. Dr. WYNNE was one of Senatobia's oldest Citizens, coming here form Looxahoma in the 70's. He had a host of friends and will be missed by all of Senatobia Citizens. The Democrat extends its sympathy to the bereaved family.

Last Saturday, June 21; the entire community received an unprecedented shock by the sad intelligence of Mrs. FRANK DEAN'S untimely death. She boarded "Old Miss" in Company with her brother, Dr. HAWKINS, of Jackson, Tenn., -- only a few miles distance she fell from the rear end of the train, when she instantly met death. A gloom spread over the town from which it will not soon recover. Mrs. DEAN'S life was devotion in all of its sacred meaning to her mother, husband and sons. She possessed rare gifts of mind and was in every way worthy of emulation. The Democrat extends sympathies to the bereaved family.

July 3, 1913 CARD OF THANKS
We wish to thank the many friends who so kindly assisted us during the last illness of our beloved mother.--Mrs. JANEY KYLE and Miss ETTA BILLINGSLEY.

July 10 1913 MARRIED
GEO. W. FISHER and Mrs. M. L. THOMAS Sunday evening July 6, 1913, at Malmason, Rev. W. N. DUNCAN officiating. Mrs. THOMAS was formerly Miss LOU O'DANIEL of Tate Co. Miss. Mr. FISHER has been a citizen of Tate County for several years and is one of her most progressive farmers. The Democrat congratulates them and wishes them fair sailing.

July 10, 1913 IN MEMORIAM
ELIZABETH DUNCAN ELDER, daughter of TOMAS C. and ELIZABETH DUNCAN, was born at Cockrum, Desoto Co., Miss., Feb 8, 1872 and died in the Baptist Memorial Hospital at Memphis Apr 4, 1913. On Nov 4, 1891 she was happily married to A. D. ELDER of Coldwater, Miss. To this blissful union were born six children three sons and three daughters, all of whom survive their mother. In the life of Sister ELDER were exhibited the noblest traits of Christian womanhood. Her home life was strikingly beautiful. As a wife she was true and faithful, as a mother loving and devoted. She was justly proud of her children and was always glad to give them her personal attention. While the home has lost its central character, the loved ones are not deprived of the memory and influence of an exemplary life. As a neighbor she was good and kind to every one, and especially to the poor, the sick and the aged. In this capacity she impressed her many friends as being all that could be expected of anyone. Sister ELDER professed faith in Christ and joined the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, at the early age of fourteen. She was one of the best and most loyal Christians I ever knew. In pure unselfish service, she was a true disciple of her Lord and Savior. Patience and forbearance characterized her daily walk; her unshaken faith in her Lord inspired hope and kept love aflame unto the end. Her life is not lost and can not be lost to the world, for she possessed that love which "never faileth." Through all the trying scenes of life she magnified the grace of God and bore witness its sufficiency in health and in sickness. A strange and mysterious providence has removed her from our midst, but we will not murmur at our loss, for in the eternal day we shall understand. Her going away has left many a heart sad and lonely, yet richer in the heritage of a holy influence upon their lives. Her Pastor, Rev. W. H. Mounger, assisted by the writer, conducted the funeral services in the presence of a large audience of friends. Besides her husband and children, she leaves behind two brothers and four sisters J. B. DUNCAN, of England, Ark., T. C. DUNCAN, of Sardis, Miss., Mrs. C. R. THOMPSON of Coldwater, Miss., Mrs. M. W. MOSBY, of Sunflower, Miss., Mrs. POUNDERS and Mrs. H. F. BYERS of Senatobia, Miss., may the God of all grace sustain the stricken ones whom she leaves behind, and bring them with her to the saints' everlasting home. W. N. DUNCAN

July 10, 1913 DIED
Mrs. J. L. ORR, on Sunday, July 6, 1913, in Memphis at the residence of her mother, Mrs. A. PORTER. The remains were brought here Monday morning and interred in Bethesda Cemetery. Mrs. ORR formerly lived here and had many friends.

July 17, 1913 MARRIED
At the residence of her brother Mr. LEIGHTON PATTON, Miss MARY PATTON was married to Mr. GORREY McCALLUM July 16, 1913, at 3 p.m. The ceremony was performed by Rev. W. E. PHIFER.

Mr. McCALLUM is a prominent attorney of Laurel, Miss. Miss PATTON has a host of friends in her native town, who are loath to give her up only the immediate family were present at the marriage. Congratulations are extended by the Democrat.

The announcement by phone Wednesday morning on the streets of Senatobia that ROBERT HUGHES was dead cast a gloom over the town. Mr. HUGHES met his death by accident in Memphis Tuesday night at the Peoples Furniture Co. Store by falling down an elevator shaft or stairway breaking his neck and fracturing his skull. His remains were brought here Wednesday evening and interred at Bethesda Cemetery Thursday morning. Mr. HUGHES has lived here many years and had many friends, and was a good husband and father, citizen and a successful businessman. The Democrat extends to the bereaved family its condolence in their dire distress.

Aug 7, 1913 DIED
At Ft. Worth, Texas July 29, 1913 Mrs. MOLLIE MEDDERS CARDWELL. She was the daughter of Mr. J. L. MEDDERS. of Senatobia and sister of Mrs. C. H. MOTHERSHED, of Looxahoma.

Rev. and Mrs. A. T. CINNAMOND announce the marriage of their daughter, EUDINA FRANCES, to THOMAS EARLE FISHER, at the Baptist Pastorium in Senatobia, Aug 14, at 6:30 p.m. Rev. A. T. CINNAMOND, father of the bride officiating.

Aug 14, 1913 DIED
J. S. MOORE of Murrah, Miss., at the Baptist Hospital Memphis on Wednesday, Aug 13, at 2:30 p.m. age 72 years.

Aug 21, 1913 DIED
Mr. WILKES BOYLES died at his home Monday morning at 12:45 a.m. of appendicitis. Drs. WILSON HOSEY and EASON operated upon him: he died under the influence of the ether, never recovering consciousness. The doctors fought bravely for his life but in vain. They did all that was in their power. He left a Father and Mother, two brothers and four sisters, wife and three children to mourn his loss. They have the sympathy of the neighbors in their bereavement.

A. R. OSTEIN at his residence in Murry on Sunday. Mr. OSTEIN was one of the oldest citizens of Tate County, and will be missed by his many friends.

Aug 21, 1913 THE DEAD
WILKES BOYLES died at his residence near Poagville Sunday Aug 14, 1913.

W. C. LANGSTON died at his home at Poagville Aug 14, 1913

B. F. ATKINS died at his home at Poagville Aug 15, 1913.

J. D. WALL died at his residence near Wall Hill Tuesday Aug 12, 1913.

Aug 28, 1913 J. D. WALL
On the 5th day of August, 1913 the Grand Architect of the universe called our brother, J. D. WALL, from labor in this earthly field to a higher order of endeavor. As with all worthy Master Masons, Brother WALL bore his long illness and the suffering incident these to with patience and in silence, yielding to the will of the Master cheerfully and willing.

Brother WALL was born on the old WALL homestead near Wallhill, Miss., on March 9th, 1865 and lived there all the days of his life. He was for many years prior to his death a consistent member of the Methodist Church and a worth and zealous member of Soloman Lodge No 126 F & A M. He was a loving husband a kind and indulgent father, a good neighbor and a useful citizen. As Masons, Neighbors, and Friends we shall miss him and mourn his loss, but we should remember always to bow cheerfully to the mandates of Him who controls the destinies of us all, and while we grieve for his loss we will cherish the memory of our deceased brother as a rich heritage; therefore,

Be it resolved: That we pass this resolution of respect to Brother WALL and present a copy to his family, enroll a copy in the minutes of this Lodge, set apart a page on the Minutes book sacred to his memory and have these resolutions printed in the County Paper. Respectfully, HENRY H. WALLACE, NORMAN C. BOWDEN, and ELMER H. JONES Committee.

Miss ETHEL McKINNON, the charming daughter of Mr. & Mrs. M. A. McKINNON, was united in marriage to Mr. HARRIS, a prominent young man of Olive Branch, Wednesday night.

Notice is here by given that letters of Executorship were this day issued to the undersigned by the Chancery Court of Tate Co. Miss., on the estate of Mrs. JULIA SPENCER deceased. All persons having claims against said estate must have same probated and registered by the clerk of said Court within one year from this date and a failure to do so will forever bar any claim. This 12th day of August 1913, H. C. FEATHERSTUN; Executor.

HENRY STRICKLAND, second son of Mr. & Mrs. LOUIS STRICKLAND, died after several weeks illness of typhoid fever Thursday. He was buried at the STRICKLAND Graveyard east of town. We deeply sympathize with the bereaved family.

Sept 11, 1913 ANTIOCH
GEORGE STRICKLAND and Miss ANNIE MAY SOWELL and BOB STEVENS, a promising young man of Greenleaf and Miss LILLIAN SOWELL, were united in the holy bonds of matrimony at New Garden Church by the Rev Mr. GAVES. The writer wishes for them a long and happy life.

Sept 11, 1913 LURLINE
WILLIE DROKE and Miss LOIS GREER were quietly married Sunday evening August 13, 1913.

Sept. 25, 1913 COLDWATER ITEMS
MARTIN VAN BUREN a well-known colored citizen of this community died last week.

The remains of JOE BOWKER of Pine Bluff were brought here for burial last week. He was twelve years old, and the son of Mrs. LENA BOWKER, a sister of T. J. WHITE.

The many friends of A. F. CANADY and Mrs. LAURA PACE were surprised to learn of their marriage, which took place Sunday night at the home of the bride’s parents Mr. & Mrs. A. H. CHRISTY. Rev. B. F. WHITTEN of Memphis was the officiating Minister.

W. G. PRICHARD of Seypple, Ark was visiting his mother, Mrs. ELLA BURFORD recently.

F. F. GILLISPIE, one of the leading citizens of this place died at his home Wednesday. He had been in bad health for several years, and during the past few months had steadily grown worse. He was forty years old, unmarried, and a leading Mason and K. P. He was a member of the Democratic Executive Committee of Tate County and in 1910 served as Supervisor of the Census for this congressional district. Funeral services were conducted at the residence Thursday morning by Rev. W. N. DUNCAN of Senatobia and Rev. W. H. MOUNGER. Masonic honors were conferred at the grave, W. J. EAST acting as Master of Ceremonies.

Oct 3, 1913 IN MEMORIAM
POWHATTAN PERKINS CROCKETT was born near Thyatira in Tate County Miss., August 27, 1844, was married to Miss ANNIE BABB of Byhalia, Miss., on April 16th, 1872, and died at his home near Tyro, August 29th, 1913. He is survived by his wife and daughter, Mrs. EDWIN STRUDIVANT, and five sons, Dr. R. N. CROCKETT of Crawfordsville, Ark., SURVETTUS of Millsaps College; and JOSEPH, ERVIN and EDWIN, of Tate County. He was laid to rest on Saturday, August 30th at Mt Vernon in the presence of a large concourse of sorrowing friends and relatives.

The life of P. P. CROCKETT was well spent. By nature modest and reserved, he sought nor cared for notoriety except as it came to him in the discharge of his duty and in the ordinary channels of business. He enlisted in the Confederate Army when only a boy of fifteen years of age and served his Country with Valor and Patriotism until the surrender in 1865.

He enlisted in Company B which was organized at Looxahoma under Capt JAMES LEWERS. This Company afterwards became a part of Gen. WIRT ADAMS Cavalry and saw service mostly in Mississippi. At the close of the war he returned to Tate County where he began the real battle of life and like most men of his age, the war and the conditions immediately following was deprived of the educational advantages that peaceful times afford to young men; but he was a man of superior native ability, mentally and physically, and what he lacked in college training he made up by the exercise of good judgment and discretion, and began at once to accumulate a competence. He was scrupulously honest, and while he left a good estate for his loved ones, it has been the work of years; for he never engaged in speculative schemes nor enacted usury from his underling, but seemed content to add to his fortune year after year, such little dividends as remained to reward him for his frugal management and untiring energy. He had a high sense of culture and refinement and while he was by no means devoid of humor he never engaged in vulgarisms, but expressed himself in the most chaste language. He was deliberate and conservative in forming his opinions but strong and emphatic in his convictions; and his judgment and advice was much sought by his neighbors and friends. In his religious faith and practice he was a consistent member of the Christian Church, and spent much time and study to the Bible. For that was the rule and guide of his life. As a friend he was as true as steel; as a neighbor his acts were always based upon the principle that "he was the brother's keeper." In home life he was a devoted husband and a firm but wise and provident father.

No greater eulogy was ever spoken over Mortal Man than was spoken by some of his neighbors who stood before the great audience, and with bowed heads and tearful eyes said "Mr. CROCKETT was a good man, a good neighbor, a safe and sound adviser."

In his death his fond wife and children have lost a devoted husband and father the vicinity in which he lived a loyal friend, and Tate County one of its best citizens. A Friend

Dr. T. A. KNIGHT of Love was present at the funeral of R. P. GILLISPIE Thursday.

BENJAMIN DEAN is confined to his bed with typhoid fever, said to have contracted it while visiting at Leland, Miss.

Hon J. W. LAUDERDALE, died very suddenly at his home here on Saturday afternoon at 1 o'clock. Mr. LAUDERDALE had been in failing health for some time, but his death was unexpected, as it was thought by his friend that his condition was improving. Mr. LAUDERDALE was one of the leading members of the North Mississippi Bar and had enjoyed a lucrative practice at Senatobia for a number of years. He served two terms as Mayor of the town. Mr. LAUDERDALE was a member of the Presbyterian Church and the Masonic order. He is survived by a wife and two children. The remains were laid to rest Sunday at 2 o'clock p.m. in Bethesda Cemetery, the local Masonic Lodge conducting the funeral.

On Sept 24, 1913 Mr. J. E. WHITTEN and Miss FREDDIE LEACH were joined in holy matrimony by the Rev. A. U. BOON, Pastor of Central Baptist Church at Memphis. The groom is the son of Mr. J. J. WHITTEN of our County, and the bride is the accomplished daughter of Rev. J. A. LEACH of the North Mississippi Conference. These young people will make their home in Memphis, where Mr. WHITTEN holds a prominent position as Salesman. May success and happiness attend them through life.

Monday about 12 o'clock, a Negro entered the home of CHARLIE JAMES, stole $89 and a diamond pin, from there he proceeded to J. F. DEAN'S residence and stole IRBY DEAN'S bicycle. He was traced by Sheriff WILLIAMS and IRBY DEAN to Batesville on Tuesday. The Sheriff caught him at Pope Miss.

Oct 9, 1913 MABRY
The many friends of HENRY COLEMAN were surprised to hear of his marriage to Miss LILLIAN LEUELLEN of Cockrum, which occurred Sunday morning Sept 28, at MADISON MASSEY'S. They were married in buggy and came to his Mothers, Mrs. L. A. COLEMAN, who served, a nice dinner, which was enjoyed by all present. The writer wishes them a long and happy life.

Sunday on the RANKIN place, near Senatobia, JESS McKENNIE shot KANE FOST and SED BRADFORD with a shotgun, filling them full of No 5 shot, both were mortally wounded. All parties concerned were Negroes.

SENATOBIA: Miss YANCY, the only daughter of JOHN YANCY, a prominent farmer living three miles north of Senatobia, committed suicide Saturday morning by shooting herself through the heart with a shotgun. Mr. YANCY and his two sons were in the field near the house at work. The young lady's mother is dead, and she was left at home alone. On coming to the house at noon Mr. YANCY found the door fastened. On forcing his entrance he was met by the sight of his daughter lying across the floor cold in death. He gave the alarm and the Officers from Senatobia and Coldwater responded. It was at first reported that the young lady had been murdered but on investigation it was found that the wound had been self-inflicted.

Planter was ready to leave plantation and join his wife when the trouble was precipitated. Slayer is under arrest.

CLARKSDALE: JOSEPH A. McGUIRE, a prominent planter living three miles east of Lyon, a suburb of Clarksdale, was shot and instantly killed Sunday morning at his Plantation home by a white tenant named CANNON. The tragedy took place at the McGUIRE residence on the farm, which lies along the banks of Big Creek.

Sheriff HENRY FITZGERALD and Deputy Sheriff CARTLEDGE left in an automobile soon after the homicide after CANNON and brought him into Clarksdale, where he is an inmate of the Coahoma County Jail.

Details of the tragedy are lacking though there is talk of ill feelings caused by a former misunderstanding between the men. Particulars will be brought out at the preliminary hearing of the prisoner, which is scheduled to be held some time later, probably in the Court of Justice of the Peace J. B. KILLEBREW.

So far CANNON has made no statement except that he was compelled to fire in self-defense. The wife of Mr. McGUIRE was at Lyon at the time and he was preparing to join her there when he was killed, between 9 & 10 o'clock. Mr. McGUIRE is survived by two daughters and one son: Mrs. PAT STONE, Miss LOUISE McGUIRE and LUTHER McGUIRE. CANNON is a married man. There is no excitement in Clarksdale because of the homicide and none is said to exist at Lyon nor in the neighborhood where it took place.

TUNICA: Traveling at a high rate of speed, southbound Y & M.V. passenger train No 15, Memphis to New Orleans, ran into an open switch at Hollywood, Miss., 10 miles south of here, at 6 o'clock Wednesday evening, and crashed into a freight train, which was waiting for the passenger to pass.

ANDREW TIDWELL of Memphis, Negro fireman on the passenger train, was instantly killed, and WILLIAM M. CARNEY, 941 Barton Street, Memphis, engineer on the passenger train was taken from the wreckage unconscious, suffering from severe bruises and scalds. He is seriously but probably not fatally injured.

Passengers who were injured were taken care of at Hollywood. The most seriously hurt among the passengers were Mrs. MAYES of Tutwiler, Miss., who suffered bruises about the shoulders and body, and several others whose names could not be learned. Many passengers were aboard from Tunica. Among them Mrs. O. R. HOUSTON, who in the shake-up received at the time of the collision lost a diamond ring and a lavaliere valued at several hundred dollars. Mrs. W. P. WARFIELD and Mrs. LEO LESSER.

Oct 16, 1913 WHITE-STILL
A homely wedding of unusual beauty was that of Miss BESSIE STILL of Senatobia and Mr. WALTER E. WHITE of Biloxi, which was solemnized on Thursday morning at ten o'clock, October 14th.

The home was beautifully decorated with chrysanthemums and ferns for the occasion. A unique idea in the decorations were immense wedding rings, which were suspended from the doorways and chandeliers; wreathes in asparagus ferns caught with white bows, with chrysanthemums, falling in shower effect, while about the rooms were graceful clusters of chrysanthemums which were also banked on the mantles, piano and twined on the stair case.

Among those adding a most artistic touch were numerous white tapers, giving forth a nullon radiance. A lovely trellis artistically decorated with ferns and chrysanthemums had been arranged in a corner of the parlor for the bridal party.

Little Miss ANNIE GILLILAND, wearing a daintily lingerie frock made a most charming ring bearer. The ring was borne upon a tray made of the copper plate upon which the invitations were engraved. Promptly at the time of ten, to the strains of mendelshons wedding march the lovely bride carrying a shower bouquet of chrysanthemums descended the stairs and was met on the landing by the handsome groom; who proudly led his charming bride to the improvised alter, where the Right Rev. A. T. Cinnamond in a most impressive way said the beautiful ring ceremony. The brides wonderfully becoming going away gown was a mahogany, color with hat and accessories to match.

The marriage of these popular young people unite two of the most prominent families in the state. The bride, Miss STILL is the charming daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. E. STILL, was born and reared within our midst where she is known and loved by all of her noble, gracious, womanly qualities. The groom, Mr. WALTER E. WHITE, is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. WHITE of Biloxi. His father is one of the most prominent and successful lawyers on the coast. Mr. WHITE is assistant manager of the Hotel "White House" of Biloxi and has a most promising future. The popularity of these young people was attested by the many exquisite presents of Silver, Cut Glass, China and Bric-A Brac.

The out of town guest were Miss WHITE of Biloxi, sister of the groom, Dr. MARION MOSBY of Biloxi, Miss ALVIS of Holly Springs and Mesdames E. C. GILLILAND and R. A. EASON of Memphis.

The remains of THAD STEVENS, of Amory were brought here for burial Sunday morning. Mr. STEVENS was a former resident of Coldwater, but had lived elsewhere for many years. Funeral services were held at the residence of Mrs. KATE CLARK. Mr. STEVENS had a number of relatives in this county.

On Thursday afternoon of last week at Mt. Zion Church near Independence occurred the funeral of two infants. The ones were little NELLIE NORFLEDGE BOURLAND, the child of Mr. & Mrs. EDD BOURLAND. She was born on August 8, 1912. The other was LaVENE HOOD, child of Mr. & Mrs. E. E. HOOD, born August 22, 1913. Both of the little ones passed away during the hour between ten and eleven o'clock Wednesday night. Only a few friends of the family were present but many join in tender sympathy with the bereaved.

Oct 23, 1913 R. A. JONES
One of the leading merchants and cotton buyers of this place died suddenly Wednesday morning while seated at the breakfast table. He was apparently in good health and his death came as a great surprise to his many friends and relatives. He was widely known as a humorist and his jovial disposition won the friendship of all who knew him.

Mrs. B. E. McCRAIG left Sunday morning for Byhalia to attend the funeral of Mrs. WADE McCRAIG, who died at Biloxi, while on a visit to that place.

One of the interesting fall weddings in Senatobia is that of Miss MINNIE STILL and Mr. BEDFORD STEWART of Mineral Wells, Texas, which will take place Thursday Oct 2?, in the home of Mr. V. P. STILL. No cards.

Death angels visited the home of Mrs. MARY WARREN Saturday night and bore from her the one she loved best in the world, but God called him and it was best he should go to him. The remains were interred in the Mt Zion Cemetery Sunday afternoon. Friends sympathize with Mrs. WARREN in her great sorrow.

Miss. BESSIE PRICHARD was married Tuesday afternoon to Mr. J. ALLEN EVANS of Memphis. The ceremony being performed by Rev. W. H. MOUNGER at the home of the brides parents Mr. & Mrs. B. F. PRICHARD.

Mr. & Mrs. J. M. DEAN and daughter, have moved to town and will make their home with their son and brother, J. F. DEAN.

The remains of WILL ALLEN of Memphis was brought here Tuesday accompanied by his sister, Mrs. BLOCKER and Rev. BURKE of the Boulevard Baptist Church who officiated at his interment in Bethesda Cemetery. Mr. ALLEN was reared in Senatobia leaving here in 1897 and has resided in Memphis since leaving here. He leaves a sister Mrs. BLOCKER and a brother R. F. ALLEN of Senatobia.

Last Sunday night near Sarah, on K. G. GABBERTS place a Negro, BEN ARMSTRONG shot and killed his mother-in-law SARAH ARMSTRONG. ARMSTRONG did the shooting through a window and made his escape. Sheriff WILLIAMS carried bloodhounds to the place of murder, but the time between the killing and arrival of the dogs was too long for them to start a trail. Up until this time, the Negro is still at large.

The older citizens of Tate County will remember Mr. GEORGE BURTON WRIGHT, who removed from this section in 1888, settling near Walnut Lake, Ark.

Mr. WRIGHT died at his home in Little Rock, last week and the remains were entered at that place. He was born in Tate County March 4th, 1850 and was a substantial farmer of this section. After going to Arkansas he embarked in the Oil Mill business and accumulated considerable wealth and became quite an influential man of that state.

Senatobians are in receipt of cards announcing the engagement and approaching marriage of Miss RENA BELLE ANDERSON of Jackson, Miss., to Mr. JAMES MURRAH, formerly of this place but now of West Point, Miss.

Mr. MURRAH, or JIM, as he is better known among family and friends here, was one of the most popular young men in the town during the years of his father's ministry here, and when his father transferred and Jim accompanied him he carried with him the very best wishes and most sincere regards of the entire Citizenship of Senatobia.

Nov 30, 1913 HOME WEDDING
A beautiful home wedding occurred on Monday evening at 7 o'clock, when Miss LOUISE LECKE became the bride of MARTIN A. POOL. The ceremony took place at the residence of the brides parents, Mr. & Mrs. E. C. GILLILAND on Carr Avenue.

The rooms were attractively decorated with white roses and chrysanthemums, combined with ferns and bridal veiling. The bride wore a handsome tailored suit of brown cloth, with a hat of the same tone of brown and carried white chrysanthemums. Miss ANNIE GILLILAND, the little sister of the bride, was the only attendant. She wore a dainty frock of lace and bore one perfect chrysanthemum in whose heart lay a wedding ring.

In the dining room where a delightful menu was served to the guests the table was decorated with feathery white chrysanthemums, arranged in a French basket, fastened in bows of white tulle.

Mr. & Mrs. POOL left immediately for the East. Upon their return they will be at home at 1056 Carr Avenue.

We acknowledge with much appreciation the announcement cards of Mr. & Mrs. POOL. The bride held in high esteem and love by a lot of friends in Senatobia where her childhood was spent. Her friends wish for the happy couple a long, pleasant and prosperous life.

Nov 20, 1913 DIED
On Thursday morning at her home, Miss RUTH DUNCAN. Miss DUNCAN lived to be the ripe old age of 100 years and four days, and has been a resident of Senatobia about 25 years.

Mrs. MARY SELF of this place died last Thursday in her eighty first year. She had been sick for some time. She is survived by three sons and one daughter and a large number of grand children. The remains were interred at the Mt Zion Cemetery Friday. Rev. B. H. HUGHEY conducted the funeral services. Mr. BRYANT YOUNG the Superintendent of Education of Panola County attended the funeral of his Aunt Mrs. MARY SELF here Friday. Messieurs SELF of Moon Valley and E. G. SELF of Heads Miss., have returned home after the burial of their Mother.

W. H. RAY an enterprising Citizen of the Antioch Community left this week for Oklahoma to make his future home.

Mrs. KATE B.CALLICOTT received a telegram Saturday from Los Angeles, Cal., stating that her father M. BURFORD was dead. She has requested the body cremated and the ashes sent back for interment beside his wife at Caperville, Tenn. The remains are expected to arrive the last of the week. Mr. BURFORD was for many years a resident of Tate County and had many friends among the older residents who will be grieved to learn of his death.

ROBERT RICH, the fifteen year old son of Mrs. ESTELLE RICH of Strayhorn, this County, was fatally shot while hunting last Saturday afternoon, and though rushed to a Memphis Hospital he died as he was carried into that institution.

Young RICH, together with IRA ALLEN, JR., and C. Y. SMITH, both of Senatobia, were hunting near Strayhorn, RICH climbed on top of a log to watch for a rabbit. It had been raining and the slippery log affords but an insecure foothold. He slipped and the hammer of his gun striking the log discharged the gun the load of shot striking him on the inside of his left leg and fanning upward, some of the shot probably penetrating the abdominal cavity.

Dr. McREYNOLDS was hurriedly sent for and finding the injury so serious prepared to bring the boy here to catch the train for Memphis. The agent here was telephoned and the local train held for forty minutes until the conveyance could arrive with the young man. Arriving in Memphis he was placed in an Ambulance and rushed to the hospital but died as he was carried into that institution. Dr. McREYNOLDS accompanied him to Memphis.

His remains were returned here Sunday morning and conveyed to Singleton Springs for burial. The sad death of the young man has cast a pall over that entire community. He had many friends and his untimely end is one of the saddest tragedies that has occurred in that section of the county in many hearts. The Democrat extends its most sincere sympathy to the bereaved family.

Nov 27, 1913 CARD OF THANKS
We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to our friends and neighbors for their untiring attention, love and help in the late sickness and death of our Dear Mother. We shall always have a warm place in our hearts for each one of you. And to Dr. THOMPSON we would say that we shall always remember with kindness his attention and promptness to her.


Dec 11, 1913 IN MEMORIAM
Whereas God in his infinite wisdom has seen fit to call from this earth to his final reward our late lamented brother S. H. HAM and whereas Brother HAM has been a devoted member of the Masonic Order for forty years and in that period of more than half the natural span of life never falling in his Masonic obligations but ever being a loyal and disserving member of our order and having served with fidelity as treasurer of our Lodge for thirty years and having been a worthy example to the younger members of the Lodge, whom he was ever willing to advise and assist and who respected and loved him for his sterling worth and strength of charter and whose loss to our lodge we feel to be irreparable therefore be it resolved that the above resolution be spread upon the minutes of Strayhorn Lodge No 342, F. & A. and a copy sent to the family of our deceased brother and a copy furnished our County paper for publication in same. C. W. HATTON, T. R. CRAIG, Committee.

Mrs. KATE B. CALLICOTT spent several days last week in Caperville, Tenn., where her father, Mr. BURFORD, was buried.

Mrs. W. H. RAY and family left for Scoper (Sapes?) Okla., Wednesday. They were accompanied as far as Memphis by HENRY MILLER, and JAMES, JOHN and WILLIE LEVY.

Dec 6, 1913 CARD OF THANKS
We desire to express our deepest gratitude to the dear friends of Senatobia and surrounding vicinity for their kind ministrations for our dear sister Ruth in her illness and our bereavement, and many blessings and comforts in our deep sorrow. May God bless you every one. KENITH DUNCAN, ELIZA DUNCAN, SALLIE DUNCAN.

A. F. WOODS and Miss MABEL BELL a runaway couple from Sardis, were married at the Methodist Parsonage last Tuesday night by Rev. W. H. MOUNGER.

Cards have been issued by Mr. & Mrs. A. L. McCORMICK announcing the marriage of their niece JESSIE GRIFFIS McCORMICK to Mr. FRANK WHITFIELD CANNON, JR., on Wednesday afternoon December the thirty-first, nineteen hundred and thirteen at five o'clock at the Presbyterian Church.

Dec 18, 1913 DIED
J. B. HUGHES of Thackerville, Okla., died on December 3rd, 1913. Mr. HUGHES was the only surviving brother of Mrs. R. L. SMITH and the late lamented ROBERT HUGHES. Mr. HUGHES' family lived in Tate County and had many friends here.

Among the many fair daughters of Senatobia that have been given to assume the holy vows of marriage not one has shone with more purity or radiant loveliness than did MARGARET CALDWELL, as she plighted her eternal troth to that splendid young man Rev. ROBERT LEE WALKUP of North Carolina. Mr. WALKUP prominently known as Synodical Evangelist and Secretary of Home Missions in the State of Mississippi. MARGARET is the first born daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. W. CALDWELL. If one ever entertains a doubt of the brides popularity all such was dissipated by a glance at the audience assembled in the Presbyterian Church, where she from early childhood has been faithful and active in good works and where before her the Grand-Father Caldwell, his sons and Grandson have preached. The nuptial music was rendered by Mrs. IRVER SALMON and Mr. HARRY TUCKER. The ushers were Mr. JOHN CALDWELL, JR., and Mr. HARPER JOHNSON, brother and cousin of the bride. Ring bearer was ISABEL daughter of Mr. & Mrs. R. E. CHAPMAN maid of honor was Miss AGNES PERKINS, cousin of the bride. The service was spoken by Dr. S. C. CALDWELL, uncle of the bride and was assisted by Rev. W. W. PATTON of Pontotoc.

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