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In 1892 Pensions were granted to veterans of the Civil War who served in the Confederate States of America (CSA). The pension was for indigent veterans and widows. Later pensions were granted to any CSA veteran and widows of veterans who served in the Civil War.

Applications for pensions were filled out in triplicate and filed in the county where the applicant lived. One copy of the application going to the state level, one kept at county level, and one kept by the applicant. Failure to fill out each line would cause the application to be rejected. In cases where the application was rejected the stateís copy would be kept at county level as well. Sometime the rejected copy is the only record of a pension application because of death of the applicant before the next term. The veteranís service record is kept in the State of enlistment with the applications kept in the state where the pension was drawn. These records are available at the State Archives in each state.

Some of the original Tate County CSA Pension Applications were recently found and donated to The Tate County, MS Genealogical and Historical Society, Inc. The records are housed in the Societyís library located in Senatobia, MS. The Society is grateful to Mr. John Price, former Chancery Court Clerk, for these historic records.

The applicants used different forms that represented the amount drawn as a soldier, widow, servant, etc. A couple of examples of these forms are published in the June, 2000 issue of Tate Trails.

An index of the original applications will be featured in Tate Trails giving name of the Soldier, Widow and how many pieces are in the file. In some cases there was no application but another soldier or relative who personally knew the soldier produced a letter or note to prove service. In some cases the soldier made the first application then died. Then his widow would make application and draw on his service.

* = African American

** = No application and/or a Letter/Note

Numbers represent the number of pieces in the file

Copies of the Pension Applications may be obtained by contacting The Tate County, MS Genealogical & Historical Society, Inc; P. O. Box 974; Senatobia MS 38668. Please enclose a SASE and $5.00.

Allen, F Y- Bell Allen Widow 1
Anglin, John C - Mattie A Anglin Widow 1
Armstrong, Charley Soldier 1
Barmer, W R Soldier 1
Bailey, T W -Joe Bailey Sol - Widow 3
Blackard, A J Soldier 1
Blackbourn, A G Soldier 1
Blair, B W Soldier 2
Boling, James A Soldier 1
Booth, John Soldier * 1
Bowen, George Soldier 1
Bowen, Stephan Soldier ** 1
Bowman, G F Soldier 2
Brandon, Wm A - Mary A Brandon Sol - Widow 1
Brantley, L F -  M A Brantley Sol - Widow 4
Bridges, J H Soldier 2
Brown, J R Soldier * 1
Brownlee, Joseph B - Eliza Brownlee Sol - Widow 1
Burford, Tolbert F - Lucy A Burford Widow 2
Burford, Tony Soldier ** 1
Burford, Wm Jasper - Eliza Burford Widow 2
Busbee, Unknown - Mrs Busbee Widow ** 1
Butler, S F Soldier 3
Callicott, P T - Jennie Callicott Widow 1
Casey, Stephen Johnson - Martha Helen Casey Sol - Widow 4
Christy, A H A H Christy (Orah) Widow 1
Clark, Bradford Henry - Elizabeth Amanda Clark Widow 1
Colbert, George Soldier 1
Cole, James W - Martha A Cole Widow ** 6
Cole, R D Soldier 2
Craig, William M - Martha E Craig Sol-Widow ** 4
Crockett, Powhattan Perkins - Annie B Crockett Widow 1
Crow, R G - Elizabeth Crow Widow 1
Crow, W A - Ziza Crow Sol-Widow 3
Dale, Robt F - Sarah J Dale Widow 1
Dandridge, Dr H B - A K Dandridge Widow 1
Dancy, Wiley Soldier * 2
Davis, W A - Fannie Davis Widow 1
Donehoo, J E Soldier 1
Dossett, William H - Mattie E Dossett Widow 2
Duke, Alfred Soldier * 1
Eason, William H - Mollie J Eason Widow 1
Ellis, Charles Soldier 1
Eoff, Edward E - Frances Emily Eoff Widow 1
Essary, J F - A A Essary Widow ** 4
Farmer, Richard H - Martha C Farmer Widow 1
Fewell, J S - E J Bieber Widow ** 3
Finch, Lindsey - M A Finch Widow 3
Frazier, James Monroe Soldier 3
Freeman, Bolton Soldier * 2
Funk, Fletcher Soldier 1
Garrett, James Hamilton Soldier 1
Garrett, Pinkney David - Mollie E Garrett Widow 1
Garrett, R K - S E Garrett Widow 1
Garrott, Alex Soldier 1
Garrison, G W Soldier 1
Goin, G W - Henrietta Goin Sol - Widow 5
Graham, Alexander Monroe - Amanda Melvina Graham Widow 1
Graham, Phillip Soldier * 2
Green, W C - D C Green Sol - Widow 2
Green, Wm H - Mary E Green Widow 1
Guin, H M Soldier ** 2
Haley, Robt T Soldier 2
Ham, S H - Elizabeth Ham Widow 1
Harmon, Joe Soldier * 3
Harris, J T - M E Harris Widow 1
Harris, John W Soldier 1
Harris, William - E J Harris Widow ** 3
Harrison, J A Soldier 1
Harrison, R A Soldier ** 2
Havens, J C Soldier 1
Hawkins, W L - Emma A Hawkins Widow 1
Higgins, Decater - V R Higgins Widow 2
Higgins, Jessie Soldier 1
Holden, E C Soldier 2
Hood, A P Soldier 3
House, Absolam Soldier 1
House, Sam J - Nellie D House Sol - Widow 2
Houston, John - L V Houston Widow 1
Howe, J A Soldier 1
Howell, William P Soldier 1
Hudson, R W - Margaret T Hudson Widow 1
Hudspeth, W A Soldier 1
Hunter, Alfred Soldier 2
Jackson, Freno Soldier 1
Jamison, William James - Mary Jamison Widow 2
Jenkins, Calvin Soldier 4
Johnson, Wm R Soldier 3
Kent, G B Soldier 1
Key, Wm T - Josie Key Sol - Widow 3
King, F R Jane King Widow 1
Kirby, Joseph Jackson Soldier 1
Kizer, J M Soldier 1
Lamb, John S Soldier 1
Lewis, W B - Mary Jane Lewis Widow 2
Liles, Samuel Lewers Dorcas Liles Widow 1
Logan, Branch Soldier 2
Lowe, C B Soldier 3
Lusk, Samuel H Soldier 2
McAnninch, E J - Mary J McAnninch Widow 1
McConnell, W E - M A McConnell Widow 2
McCullough, Nelson H - Sarah Jane McCullough Sol - Widow ** 7
McFarlin, John - Clarkie A E McFarlin Widow 2
McGhee, Unknown - Sarah McGhee Widow ** 1
McGinnis, G W - M E McGinnis Sol - Widow 2
McMaster, Sam Soldier 2
Manning, W H - E T Manning Widow 1
Martin, W T Soldier 2
Miller, J C Soldier 2
Miller, Simeon - D J Miller Widow 2
Moore, Eli Soldier 2
Moore, J T Soldier 1
Moore, M P - Jordan Moore Sol - Widow 2
Moore, John W Soldier 1
Munns, Marshall H - Sallie Munns Widow 2
Norfleet, Thomas - Nannie Norfleet Widow 1
Norman, J W - Sarah Norman Widow 1
O'Neal, Alexander - Martha O'Neal Widow 1
Pack, Dallas B Soldier 1
Parks, L J Soldier 1
Payton, Henry Soldier * 1
Perry, L C - Martha Perry Widow 2
Phillips, Robert Scott - C M Phillips Widow ** 2
Poag, J U - Mary L Poag Sol - Widow 5
Price, Albert G Soldier 1
Pryor, John R Soldier 2
Puryear, John R Soldier 1
Ragsdale, R T - Kate Ragsdale Widow 1
Rigsby, William - S F Rigsby Widow 1
Roberts, William B - Evelen Roberts Widow 5
Rodgers, Taylor - A A Rodgers Widow 2
Ruffin, Henry Soldier 1
Salmon, D D Soldier 1
Sanders, F E - Elizabeth J Sanders Widow 2
Scott, John M - Martha Scott Widow 1
Scott, Milton A - Mary F Scott Widow 2
Sealy, L B - D W Sealy Widow ** 2
Shanahan, M W - Sallie M Shanahan Widow 3
Shultz, M S (Mike) Soldier 1
Sledge, Prince Soldier 1
Smith, Henry Clay - Emma I Smith Widow 1
Smith, Nelson Soldier 1
Smith, W C Soldier 1
Smith, W M - Estelle Smith Widow ** 5
Spruce, W F - Mary J Spruce Widow 2
Stephenson, John W - Mattie Stephenson Widow 1
Steward, James A - A N Steward Sol - Widow 3
Striblin, Augustine - Emma Striblin Widow 1
Sullivan, John E Soldier 3
Taylor, David Madison Soldier 1
Tee, Tom Soldier * 2
Terry, John - Emma Terry Widow 1
Thornton, T Jeff - Georgia A Thornton Widow 2
Varner, Caple Perry - Julia Clarke Varner Sol - Widow 3
Waddwll, W B Soldier ** 3
Walker, Henry Wiley - Augusta Ann Walker Widow 4
Wallace, J H - Fannie Wallace Sol - Widow 4
Wallace, Reuben Green Soldier ** 8
Webster, William Marion - Hester Ann Webster Widow 1
Wells, W M Soldier ** 3
White, A T Soldier 1
White, D C - Ann White Widow 2
White, J L Martha - Angeline White Sol - Widow 2
White, W H Soldier 5
Whitsell, William - Elizabeth B Whitsell Widow 2
Wilborn, W S Soldier 1
Williams, F M Soldier ** 3
Williams, J M - M E Williams Widow 2
Williams, J W Soldier 1
Williams, John A Soldier * 1
Williams, Nelson Soldier * ** 3
Williams, Thomas Wesley - D C Green Widow 1
Witter, John W - Mary Witter Sol - Widow 3
Wollard, Leander Guy - Mary Elizabeth Woolard Widow 1
Wooten, Jesse - Sarah Wooten Widow 2
Youngblood, Thomas F Soldier 2


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