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Article was printed in Tate Trails Vol III, Number 3 Sept 1984 page 76.

Tribute Of Respect For
Joseph H Brooks

Whereas, our well beloved brother Joseph H Brooks, whose name was the synonymon of honor, whose heart, the throne of charity, and whose entire life has been radiant with that goodness which emanates only from a soul  purified by the blood of Christ and consecrated to His work, has softly, "fallen asleep".

Therefore, Be It Resolved, by Brook's Chapel Sunday School, this day assembled:

1st That while we deplore the removal of our sainted brother, who though infirm in years, still preserved his youthful power of devotion to his religion and his fellowman, we rejoice in that he fought so good a fight and left behind so many precious fruits of victory and of righteousness.

2nd That while we shall meet him no more on earth, we can and do commend his life to the young of all sects, as a beautiful example of fidelity to principle and duty, and as a verification of God's promises to bless and sustain him who yields himself unreservedly to the work of the Master and seeks not his own, but the glory of the Cross of Christ.

3rd That we extend to the bereaved family our heartfelt sympathy in this their great sorrow and pray that He who hath so sorely wounded their loving hearts may comfort and sustain and enable them to look beyond the darkness of the tomb and rejoice that their loved one, freed from pain, has entered into the "eternal Sabbath day's rest", for which he had so often yearned. May their hearts be lifted up and may they and we be led to emulate the life which has left so sweet a savor and drawn so many perishing souls to seek and find the "Bread of Life."

        J S Moore
        W H Grayson
        J C Bailey

Note: Joseph H Brooks, for whom Brooks Chapel Methodist Church was named, was born March 24, 1815 in Shelby County, KY and died June 4, 1893 in Tate County, MS. This Resolution of Respect, and undated newspaper clipping, was submitted by H Ray Wallace, G-Great-Grandson of H H Brooks, of Pascagoula, MS.

Tribute of Respect For
Henry H Harris

Whereas through the wise yet mysterious decree the Grand Architect of the Universe our much beloved and highly esteemed brother, Henry H Harris was on the 14th of May A K 5856 A D 1856 removed from this to another mode of existence.

1st Therefore be it resolved that Chulahoma Lodge No 55 has lost a most amiable, devoted and zealous member, and the Fraternity at large a warm hearted and kind brother.

2nd That in the death of brother Harris this community has lost one of it's most highly respected worthy and exemplary citizens, whose loss will long be felt and deeply deplored.

3rd That we tender the Widow, Orphans and Relatives of the deceased our deepest and most heartfelt sympathies in this their sore bereavement and irreparable loss.

4th That we wear the usual badge of mourning for 30 days.

5th That a copy of the above resolutions be delivered by the Secretary to Mrs. Harris. And another forwarded for publication to the Holly Springs Papers and also to the Raleigh (W.C.) Register.

J R Hamilton]
K : Mabry]
B M Alexander] 
Committee, May 15th, 1856

Source: This article was submitted by Mrs. J E Keppler, San Antonio, TX for publication in Tate Trails Volume II, Number 4 1984 page 106.

Tribute Of Respect
 Dr. N. M. Williams
January 1, 1881, Tate County Record

To The Worshipful Master and Members of Evansville Lodge, 0342 of F and A M

We your committee upon whom has fallen the sad duty of expressing the feelings of this Lodge upon the death of our highly esteemed and much loved brother, Dr. N. M. Williams, report that whereas the Grand Master of the Universe has seen proper to call our brother from a Lodge of ? to the Grand Lodge of Before ? Above.

Resolved. That in the death of our brother, N. M. Williams, this Lodge has lost one of its brightest jewels, community one of its best citizens and experienced physicians and was noted for his good and generous acts.

Resolved. That he was a kind husband and devoted father, to his widowed wife and orphaned children we deeply sympathize but He who doeth all things well will protect the widow and orphans. Therefore

Resolved. That we deeply sympathize with his bereaved family and friends in their affliction and that we wear the usual badge of mourning for thirty days.

Resolved. That these resolutions be placed upon the record of the Lodge a copy under Lodge Seal be furnished to the bereaved family, and a copy be furnished to the Tate County Record for publication.

J. W. Woolfolk, D. R. Ham, J. A. Holder, Committee

Tribute of Respect
Robert Stewart

Tate County Record, January 28, 1881

Whereas the Grand Master of the Universe in the inscrutable wisdom of his divine Providence, has called Brother Robert Stewart from the labors of earth in ? as we hope in the Grand Lodge above, we bow in faith and humility to the effective dispensation.

Resolved. Therefore that in the death of Brother Stewart, the Masonic Fraternity has lost a true, faithful and useful brother, Ebenezer Lodge No 76, one of the bright jewels the community and ? at large a worthy and useful Citizen.

Resolved. That we deeply sympathize with his sorrow stricken relatives and friends.

T. P. Still, Wm Quinn, Committee

Tribute of Respect
A M Gillespie

The Democrat, Nov 10, 1882 Resolution

At a meeting of Jno T Lamkin Lodge No. 341 A F & A M, held on the 25th day of October 1882, the following preamble and resolutions were adopted:

Whereas it has pleased an all wise Providence to remove from our midst Bro A M Gillespie,

Therefore resolved that in the death of Bro A M Gillespie, this Lodge has lost a zealous and good Mason; the community a useful man, and the M E Church South an upright and consistent member.

Resolved that the members of this lodge tender the family of the deceased their heartfelt sympathy in this their sad bereavement.

Resolved that the members of this Lodge wear the neual (?) badge of mourning for thirty days.

Resolved that three resolutions be spread upon the minutes of this Lodge, and a copy be furnished the Tate County Record for publication, also a copy of the same be tendered to the family of the Deceased.

H L Martin, W R Jeffries, Joe Hicks, Committee

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