Note: Some of the cemeteries listed below are located in counties adjacent to the Tate County boundary lines and are known to have Tate County people buried there.

Anderson Cemetery, north of Senatobia

Bethel Cemetery, southeast of Coldwater

Bethesda Cemetery, Senatobia

Bowdre Cemetery, east of New Town

Boyce Cemetery, southeast of Senatobia

Brigham Cemetery, north of Savage

Brooks Chapel Cemetery, west of Coldwater

Brownlee Cemetery, northeast of Crossroad

Bucey-Matthews Cemetery

Buntin Cemetery, southeast of Coldwater

Burford Cemetery, On Peyton Road, South of Independence, East of Poagville 

Burrow Cemetery, east of Wallhill, Marshall County

Cathey Cemetery, southwest of Wyatte

Chulahoma Cemetery, Chulahoma, Marshall County

Conger Cemetery, abandoned abt 6 1/2 miles west of Coldwater

Cowan Cemetery, near Wakefield

Sam Crockett Cemetery, 1/2 mile south of Barr

Crockett Church of Christ Cemetery, Crockett

Dean-Crawford Cemetery, on East Tate Road, 7 miles northeast of Senatobia

Dickson Tombstone Cemetery, abt 3 miles south of New Town

Diffee-Lowrie Cemetery, south of New Town

Dolley Woods Cemetery, Tunica County (has Tate County people buried here) 

Eason Cemetery, north of Bett

Eavenson Cemetery, south of Bett

Eavenson Cemetery, three miles west of Poagville

Ebenezer Cemetery, west of Senatobia

Elder Cemetery, on Sowell Road (south of Tate/DeSoto County line)

Enon Baptist Church Cemetery 

Evansville Cemetery, southwest of Arkabutla

Falkner Cemetery, east of Wyatte

Finley-Scott Cemetery, northwest of Bowman 

Flag Lake Cemetery, west of Strayhorn

Freeman Cemetery, NW 1/4 Section 31, Township 6, Range 4, near Tate Co line 

Fort Cemetery, SE 1/4 Section 36, Township 6, Range 5, Near Tate Co Line. 

Fowler Cemetery, northeast of Wyatte

Garrott-Wright Cemetery, north of Crossroad 

Greenleaf Cemetery, on Greenleaf Road, Greenleaf

Hancock-Guy Cemetery, northeast of Bett (by Marshall County line)

Harmony Cemetery, south of Strayhorn

Hopewell Cemetery, Arkabutla

House Cemetery, north of Barr

Hudson Cemetery, southeast of Coldwater

Jaco Cemetery, Panola County (on the Tate County line and has Tate County people buried here)

Jamison Cemetery, south of Wakefield & northwest of Independence

Jones Cemetery, Wallhill, Marshall County

Longtown Cemetery, Panola County (many Tate County people buried here)

Looxahoma Church of Christ Cemetery, Looxahoma

Looxahoma Community Cemetery, s of Looxahoma 1 mile south of HWY 4

Love Cemetery, DeSoto County northeast of Coldwater

Magnolia Cemetery, on HWY 306 east of Coldwater

Manning Cemetery, east of Strayhorn

McCravey Cemetery, north of Tyro

McGaha Cemetery, on Carlton Road, south of Arkabutla

McLeod Cemetery, a few hundred feet from Scotland Cemetery on south side of Scotland Road

Meek Cemetery, south of Laws Hill, Marshall County

Morgan-Jackson Cemetery, west of Smith Rd on north side of Tate/DeSoto Co Line Road

Mormon Cemetery, south of Truslow Cemetery

Motton Cemetery, 1/2 mile north of Palestine Cemetery on Palestine Road

Mount Peryn Cemetery, south of Tyro 

Mount Vernon Cemetery, southwest of Tyro

Mount Zion Baptist Cemetery, Independence

New Garden Cemetery, New Garden, south of Wakefield

New Garden Cemetery, (Black) Palestine

New Hope Cemetery, nw of New Garden (near Tate/DeSoto County line)

O'Daniel Cemetery, north of New Town

Old Carolina Cemetery, south of Senatobia

Old Salem Cemetery, southwest of Senatobia

Palestine Cemetery, on Palestine Road, northeast of Coldwater

Perry Cemetery, on Smith Road, south of Tate/Desoto Co line

Phillip Cemetery, about 1/3 mile west of Palestine Cemetery, turn south at Bobby Gaines's home and the cemetery is about 1/4 mile from blacktop road.

Poor House Cemetery, Senatobia

Prichard Cemetery, on Prichard Road, northeast of Coldwater

Pryor Family Cemetery, abt. 6 1.2 miles North East of Independence 

Richardson Cemetery, north of Wyatte

Rodgers Cemetery, south of Wakefield

Sandidge Cemetery, north of Thyatria

Scotland Cemetery, Scotland Community, on Scotland Road

Scruggs Cemetery, northeast of Coldwater near DeSoto County line 

Sharp Cemetery, north of Wyatte

Singleton Springs Cemetery, northeast of Strayhorn

Stevens Cemetery, (abandoned) North of Cockrum Hwy 306 @Coryelle

Street Cemetery, Chulahoma, Marshall County

Strickland Cemetery, (abandoned) east of Coldwater on HWY 306

Surrett Cemetery, southwest of Arkabutla

Thyatira Cemetery, Thyatira

Truslow Cemetery, behind and across the road from the Truslow Methodist Church

Tyro Cemetery, Tyro

Veazey Cemetery, northwest of Senatobia

Waldrip Cemetery, Lafayette County, southeast of Tyro

Wilson Cemetery, north of Wallhill, Marshall County

Wooten Cemetery, northeast of Bett by Marshall County line

Wooten Cemetery, south of Marianna, Marshall County

Wright-Sandridge Cemetery


Source: The Heritage of Tate County Mississippi published by the Tate County Genealogical and Historical Society, 1991 and Footprints in Time compiled by Janice Barnett Craft, printed by Burford Brothers, Greenville MS.

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