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Index to 1870 United States Census, Greene County, MS

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Neal, Elizabeth
Neal, George
Neal, Isabella
Neal, John
Neal, Margaret
Neal, Mary
Neal, Nancy
Neal, Napsey
Neal, Sarah
Neal, William
Neal, William
Nelson, Elizor
Nelson, Henry
Nelson, Jessie
Nelson, Martha
Nelson, Matthew
Nelson, Nathan
Nelson, Syntha
Nelson, Wm D.
Newman, Arrena
Newman, Ira
Newman, Isac
Newman, Lewis
Newman, Sam'l
Newman, Sam'l
Newman, William

Packer, George
Packer, Lisbon
Packer, M. W.
Packer, Minnie
Packer, Ripley
Packer, Sam'l
Palmer, Amanda
Palmer, Edmond
Palmer, Elijah
Palmer, James
Palmer, Joseph
Palmer, Mary
Palmer, Nancy
Palmer, Nancy
Palmer, Thomas
Patton, Allethia
Patton, Charlie
Patton, Edmond
Patton, Elsie
Patton, George
Patton, Mary
Patton, Rachel
Payne, E. C.
Payne, H. D.
Payne, Sofa
Payne, W.D.
Philips, Jno
Philips, Julia
Philips, Robt
Pipkins, Amus
Pipkins, Ann
Pipkins, Annabelle
Pipkins, Catherine
Pipkins, Charles
Pipkins, Charlott
Pipkins, Drusilla
Pipkins, Elisha
Pipkins, Ellen
Pipkins, Ema E.
Pipkins, G. F.
Pipkins, Lewis
Pipkins, Mahalie
Pipkins, Martin
Pipkins, Mary
Pipkins, Mary E.
Pipkins, Matilda
Pipkins, Matilda
Pipkins, Nancy
Pipkins, Renny
Pipkins, Rich'd
Pipkins, Sampson
Pipkins, Sitney
Pipkins, Wm
Pipkins, Wm D.
Pipkins, Wm F.
Platt, Dolphin
Platt, Elizabeth
Platt, Hezekiah
Platt, James
Platt, Sabrie
Platt, Safronia
Platt, Viney
Platt, William
Polk, Calvin
Polk, Calvin
Polk, Eretta
Polk, Herrac
Polk, Ira
Polk, Jane
Polk, Laura
Polk, Mary
Polk, Richard
Polk, Richard
Posey, H. M.
Pots, Sarah
Powel, Betsy
Powel, Catherine
Powel, Ellen
Powel, Riley
Powers, Alexr
Prentiss, Gensie
Prentiss, J. A.
Prentiss, James A.
Prentiss, James
Prentiss, Joseph
Prentiss, Mary
Prentiss, Sarah
Prine, Adline
Prine, C. V.
Prine, Catherine
Prine, D. L.
Prine, D. W.
Prine, Eliza
Prine, Eliza
Prine, Elizabeth
Prine, Elizabeth
Prine, Elizabeth
Prine, H. J.
Prine, Issabelle
Prine, J. A.
Prine, J. L.
Prine, Jane
Prine, JoeAnna
Prine, Lenord
Prine, Margaret
Prine, Martha
Prine, Mary
Prine, Robert
Purvis, Dorothy
Purvis, John
Purvis, M. C.
Purvis, O. S.
Purvis, Susan
Purvis, T. M.

Raglin, Geo
Rainwaters, Elizabeth
Rainwaters, Green
Rainwaters, Green
Rainwaters, Harriett
Rainwaters, Henry
Rainwaters, James
Rainwaters, L.
Ramsey, Alexr
Ramsey, Barney
Ramsey, Liza
Ramsey, Luke
Ray Simon
Ray, Benjamin
Ray, Jennie
Reece, Elizabeth
Reece, Geo W.
Reece, John
Reece, Mary E.
Reece, Sarah
Reece, Sarah
Rinigin, Elizabeth
Rinigin, Peter
Roberts, A. E.
Roberts, Alfa
Roberts, Amanda
Roberts, Amanda
Roberts, Axum
Roberts, C. A.
Roberts, Calvin
Roberts, Columbas
Roberts, Danl
Roberts, Elijah
Roberts, Eliza
Roberts, Elizabeth
Roberts, Elsie
Roberts, Elvira
Roberts, Elvira
Roberts, Gaines
Roberts, H. D.
Roberts, Hariet
Roberts, Henry
Roberts, Hines
Roberts, Isac F.
Roberts, Isaha
Roberts, James, Jr.
Roberts, James
Roberts, Janie
Roberts, Jno I.
Roberts, John
Roberts, Julia
Roberts, L. D.
Roberts, Laura
Roberts, Luke
Roberts, Lusy
Roberts, Maria
Roberts, Martha
Roberts, Mary
Roberts, Mary
Roberts, Mary
Roberts, Melly
Roberts, Mich
Roberts, Mirandy
Roberts, Rose
Roberts, Sarah
Roberts, T. J.
Roberts, Viola
Robertson, Amanda
Robertson, Ann
Robertson, Berry
Robertson, Elizabeth
Robertson, Elizabeth
Robertson, George
Robertson, Harriett
Robertson, J. J.
Robertson, Jane
Robertson, John
Robertson, John
Robertson, Joseph
Robertson, Joseph
Robertson, Karen
Robertson, Mary
Robertson, Mary
Robertson, Ransom
Robertson, Sam'l
Robertson, Sam'l
Robertson, Sarah
Robertson, Thos
Robertson, Wm. B.
Rogers, Z.
Rounsaville, Amus
Rounsaville, Andrew
Rounsaville, Catherine
Rounsaville, David
Rounsaville, Elias
Rounsaville, Eliza
Rounsaville, Elizabeth
Rounsaville, John
Rounsaville, Lavenia
Rounsaville, Mary
Rounsaville, Moses
Rounsaville, Oscar
Rounsaville, Robt.
Rounsaville, Sarah
Rounsaville, Sarah
Rounsaville, Walder
Rounsaville, Wesley
Rounsaville, William
Runnels, Albert
Runnels, Anna
Runnels, Matilda
Runnels, Millie
Runnels, William
Rush, Benjamin

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