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Index to 1870 United States Census, Greene County, MS

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Jackson, Andrew
James, Erasmus
James, Loid
James, Luarka
James, Mary
James, Patrick
James, Phillip
Jenkins, Ben
Jenkins, Ellen
Jenkins, Wyatt
Jones Ransom
Jones, E. S.
Jones, J. C.
Jones, J. M.
Jones, J. M.
Jones, John S.
Jones, Lueaser
Jones, Margaret
Jones, Maria
Jones, Martha
Jones, N. E.
Jones, Rob't E.
Jones, Sarah
Jones, Sirus
Jones, Susan
Jones, Susan
Jones, Thomas J.
Jones, W. J.

Kittrell, Abslom
Kittrell, Charles
Kittrell, David
Kittrell, David
Kittrell, David
Kittrell, Easter
Kittrell, Elizabeth
Kittrell, Elizabeth
Kittrell, Erean
Kittrell, Jane
Kittrell, Jane
Kittrell, John
Kittrell, John
Kittrell, Johnathan
Kittrell, Louiza
Kittrell, Margaret
Kittrell, Margaret
Kittrell, Mary
Kittrell, Mary
Kittrell, Matilda
Kittrell, Rubin
Kittrell, Rubin
Kittrell, Sarah
Kittrell, Spicey
Kittrell, Spicey
Knobles, Edwena
Knobles, Ella
Knobles, Henry
Knobles, L. M. R.
Knobles, Lewis
Knobles, Margaret
Knobles, Mary
Knobles, Susan
Knobles, Theadore

Lackey, John
Lackey, T. B. C.
Landrum, Allas
Landrum, Edward
Landrum, Jane
Landrum, Lucindy
Landrum, Ransom
Landrum, William
Landrum, William
Lane Robert
Lane, Alexander
Lane, Alexr
Lane, Alexr
Lane, Clara
Lane, Edward
Lane, Elizabeth
Lane, Emaline
Lane, Issabela
Lane, J. H.
Lane, J. K.
Lane, Jennie
Lane, Jessie
Lane, Martha
Lane, Mary J.
Lane, William
Lankford, Belle
Lankford, Catherine
Lankford, D. P.
Lankford, Dan'l
Lankford, Duncan
Lankford, Ellebee
Lankford, Emma
Lankford, Harriett
Lankford, J. E.
Lankford, John
Lankford, Josaphin
Lankford, Joseph
Lankford, Marth
Lankford, Martin
Lankford, Mary
Lankford, Mary
Lankford, Mary
Lankford, Nancy
Lankford, Nora
Lankford, Rebecca
Lankford, Siney
Lankford, Siney
Lankford, W. E.
Lankford, Wesley
Lawrence, Buckhanan
Lawrence, Clarisa
Lawrence, Geo
Lawrence, Isabel
Leveritt, Dan'l
Leveritt, Harriett
Leveritt, Leu
Leveritt, Margaret
Leveritt, Melia
Leveritt, Paul
Leveritt, Paul
Leveritt, Pleasant
Lewis, Alfred
Lewis, Dan'l
Lewis, E. A.
Lewis, Edward
Lewis, John
Lewis, Luisar
Liles, Edward
Liles, Harriet
Liles, Jas
Liles, Luizer
Long, Ann
Long, Clarisa
Long, Joseph
Long, Lucindey
Long, Peter
Lott, Catherine
Lucas, Andrew
Lucas, Aron
Lucas, Ellen
Lucas, Mary E.
Lucas, Mary E.
Lucas, William

Mackey, J. M.
Malley, Adline
Malley, Clem
Malley, Clim
Malley, David
Malley, Geo
Malley, James
Malley, Jno
Malley, Mary
Malley, Monroe
Maples, Abner
Maples, Alvin
Maples, Asaline
Maples, Catherine
Maples, Julius
Maples, Mary Ann
Maples, Mary E.
Maples, Thomas
Maples, Thomas
Maples, Thomas
Marshal, Albert
Marshal, D. M.
Marshal, Edward
Marshal, J. L.
Marshal, Jane
Marshal, William
Martin, Davis
Mason, Annas
Mason, Ellis
Mason, Emma
Mason, Jemmima
Mason, Jno
Mason, Lenora
Mason, Mary C.
Mason, Norris
Mason, Rachel
Mason, Richard
McCall, Sam'l
McCann, Albert
McCann, Alethia
McCann, Dolly
McCann, E. J.
McCann, Hannah
McCann, Huldy
McCann, James
McCann, John
McCann, Maria
McCann, Pel
McCann, Rob't
McCann, Susan
McCann, Thomas
McCann, Thos
McCann, Walter
McCarty, Calvin
McCarty, Fredrick
McCarty, Jno
McCarty, Lemuel
McCarty, Luke
McCarty, Sarah
McCarty, Thiar
McCuin, Volley
McGilvery, Jno
McGilvray, Jno
McInnis, Alburn
McInnis, Alexr
McInnis, Allas
McInnis, An K.
McInnis, Archy
McInnis, Benj
McInnis, Berry
McInnis, Catherine
McInnis, Christopher
McInnis, Dan'l
McInnis, Danl
McInnis, Dennis
McInnis, Edwena
McInnis, Ellis
McInnis, Evaline
McInnis, Harriet
McInnis, Hilla
McInnis, Hughy
McInnis, J. J.
McInnis, Jno
McInnis, Jno
McInnis, Josephine
McInnis, Katy
McInnis, Kenneth
McInnis, Kenneth
McInnis, Laughlin
McInnis, Liddia
McInnis, Louiza
McInnis, Lula
McInnis, Manuel
McInnis, Margaret
McInnis, Mary
McInnis, Murdock
McInnis, Murdock
McInnis, Neal
McInnis, Nott
McInnis, Ottis
McInnis, R.
McInnis, Rachel
McInnis, Randle
McInnis, S. J.
McInnis, Sofa
McInnis, Sylvia
McInnis, Tobe
McInnis, Wm
McIntosh, Bliss
McIntosh, Cath
McIntosh, J. R. B.
McIntosh, Jno
McIntosh, R.
McIntosh, Rachel
McIntosh, Wm H.
McKay, A. A.
McKay, Ann
McKay, Asaline
McKay, Charlotte
McKay, Elizabeth
McKay, Elizabeth
McKay, Ellen
McKay, Emmet
McKay, Lee
McKay, Marques
McKay, Martha
McKay, Mary
McKay, Milton
McKay, Sabrie
McKay, Washington
McKay, William
McKenzie, J. L.
McKenzie, Jemmime
McKenzie, Julia
McLaurin, David
McLaurin, Eliza
McLaurin, Isabela
McLaurin, Mary
McLaurin, Sarah
McLean, Alexr
McLean, Alexr
McLean, Angus
McLean, Beda
McLean, Eliza
McLean, Eliza
Mclean, Ella
McLean, Emma
McLean, Hannah
McLean, Issadora
McLean, J. F.
McLean, Jack
McLean, Jacob
McLean, James
McLean, Jane
McLean, Jno
McLean, Jno
McLean, LillieAnna
McLean, Louiza
McLean, Mary
McLean, Mary
McLean, Matilda
McLean, Nathan
McLean, Stavus
Mclean, Step
McLean, Thos
McLean, William
McLendon, Alexr
McLendon, F.
McLendon, J. M.
McLendon, M. A.
McLendon, Mal
McLendon, Mary
McLendon, Mary
McLeod, Absalom
McLeod, Adeline
McLeod, Ahureus
McLeod, Alexr
McLeod, Americus
McLeod, Anett
McLeod, Angeline
McLeod, Angiline
McLeod, Ann
McLeod, B. P.
McLeod, Benj.
McLeod, C. E.
McLeod, Cath.
McLeod, Catherine
McLeod, Catherine
McLeod, Charlie
McLeod, Chinkey
McLeod, Christian
McLeod, Clemla
McLeod, D. W.
McLeod, Dan'l
McLeod, Dan'l
McLeod, Duncan
McLeod, E. A.
McLeod, Edward
McLeod, Effie K.
McLeod, Eliza
McLeod, Elsie
McLeod, Emma
McLeod, Farquitt
McLeod, Findley
McLeod, Floria
McLeod, Floria
McLeod, Floria
McLeod, Frank
McLeod, Geo
McLeod, George
McLeod, Isabel
McLeod, J. K.
McLeod, James
McLeod, James
McLeod, Jane
McLeod, Jane
McLeod, Jno
McLeod, John R.
McLeod, John
McLeod, Kenneth
McLeod, Lawrence
McLeod, M. C.
McLeod, M. R.
McLeod, Margaret
McLeod, Martha
McLeod, Martha
McLeod, Mary
McLeod, Mary
McLeod, Mary
McLeod, Murray
McLeod, N. A.
McLeod, N. L.
McLeod, Nancy
McLeod, Nancy
McLeod, Nancy
McLeod, Nancy
McLeod, Peter A.
McLeod, Peter
McLeod, Rachel
McLeod, Randle
McLeod, Roderic
McLeod, Sam'l
McLeod, Sarah E.
McLeod, Sarah G.
McLeod, Sarah
McLeod, Sarah
McLeod, Sarah
McLeod, Sarah
McLeod, Sarah
McLeod, Sweyn
McLeod, W. S.
McLeod, Wiley
McLeod, William
McLeod, William
McLeod, Wm
McSwain, Emaline
McSwain, Louiza
McSwain, Mal
McSwain, W. L.
Measels, Rebecca
Merritt, Angus
Merritt, Erasmus
Merritt, Jno
Merritt, Martha
Merritt, Mary
Merritt, Matilda
Merritt, Rohamie
Merritt, Sarah
Merritt, William
Miles, Laura
Miller, Elias
Miller, Eliza M.
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, Emaline
Miller, Erean
Miller, Erean
Miller, J. M.
Miller, Jeremiah
Miller, Jeremiah
Miller, Jno E.
Miller, Jno E.
Miller, Louiza
Miller, Louiza
Miller, Manerva
Miller, Martha
Miller, Sarah
Miller, Sarah
Miller, Sarah
Miller, Susan
Miller, William
Miller, Wm H.
Mills, Atwood
Mills, Beral
Mills, Charlotte
Mills, Dalphine
Mills, Elias
Mills, Elizabeth
Mills, Elsworth
Mills, H. B.
Mills, H. G.
Mills, Hardy
Mills, J. B.
Mills, J. M.
Mills, J. W.
Mills, Jane
Mills, Jennie
Mills, Laura
Mills, Margaret
Mills, Martha
Mills, Martin
Mills, Mary A.
Mills, Sabrie
Mills, Sarah
Mills, Thomas W.
Mills, W. R.
Mills, Willis
Mixon, Jennie
Mixon, Lucy
Mixon, Rube
Mixon, Selah
Moody, Caroline
Moody, Cynthia
Moody, Erasmus
Moody, Jane
Moody, Martha
Moody, Oliver
Moody, Whitfield
Moody, Wm
Morgan, America
Morgan, Clarissa
Morgan, E.
Morgan, Epharim
Morgan, James
Morgan, Ransom
Moulds, Martha
Moulds, Sarah
Moulds, Wm D.
Murphy, Rob't
Murray, Albany
Murray, Robert
Murray, Wm Robt.

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