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DISTRICT # 1 - 1870 United States Census, Greene County, MS

H Fam Name                    A-S-R Occupation  Real     Pers. Birth
1-1   Brewer, Osborn          80mw    Farmer    1300       780  AL
      Brewer, Isabella        67fw    keeping H.                SC
      Brewer, Gillie          33fw    at home                   MS
1-2   Brewer, Christopher     32mw    Farmer                    MS
      Brewer, Manerva         22fw    without O.                MS
      Brewer, Elsworth         1mw    at home                   MS
2-3   Brewer, Daniel          46mw    Farmer                    MS
      Brewer, Elizabeth       33fw    keeping house             MS
      Brewer, William         14mw    at home                   MS
      Brewer, Neal            12mw    at home                   MS
      Brewer, Henry            8mw    at home                   MS
      Brewer, Rufus            5mw    at home                   MS
      Brewer, Christopher      2mw    at home                   MS
3-4   Powel, Riley            50mw    Farmer    150        365  GA
      Powel,  Sarah           45fm    keeping house             MS
      Powel, Ellen            12fw    at home                   MS
4-5   Williams, Ludville      28mw    Farmer    500       1609  MS
      Williams, Eliza         21fm    keeping house             MS
      Williams, Betsy         18fw    at home                   MS
5-6   Lackey, T. B. C.        28mw    Farmer                    SC
      Lackey, John          3/12mw    at home                   MS
6-7   Murray, Robert          33mw    Farmer                    TN
      Murray, Albany          23fw    keeping house             AL
      Murray, Wm Robt.         1mw    at home                   MS
      Brannan, John           16mw    Farmer                    AL
7-8   Todd, Thomas            61mw    Farmer    200        348  SC
      Todd, Elizabeth         40fw    keeping house             AL
      Todd, Julia             10fm    at home                   MS
      Todd, Harriett           7fw    at home                   MS
      Todd,   DoleyAnn         1fw    at home                   MS
8-9   Williams, Vincent       64mw    Farmer    250        489  GA
      Williams, Beauregard     8mw    at home                   MS
9-10  Prentiss, James A.      29mw    Farmer    250        228  MS
      Prentiss, Sarah         27fw    keeping house             MS
      Prentiss, Gensie         9fw    at home                   MS
      Prentiss, Joseph         4mw    at home                   MS
      Prentiss, Mary           3fw    at home                   MS
      Prentiss, James       6/12mw    at home                   MS
      Roberts, James          76mw                              SC
      Roberts, Jr.,James      39mw    works on farm             MS
10-11 Clark, Wm B.            60mw    Farmer    500        925  AL
      Clark, Sibley           50fw    keeping house             MS
      Clark, Margaret         24fw    at home                   MS
      Clark, Jepsie           20mw    Farmer                    MS
      Clark, Nancy            18fw    at home                   MS
      Clark, Samantha         15fw    at home                   MS
      Clark, Angeline         12fw    at home                   MS
11-12 Coaker, Lisar           13fw    at home                   MS
      Coaker, Julius          12mw    at home                   MS
      Coaker, William         10mw    at home                   MS
12-13 Clark, Andrew           22mw    Farmer               270  MS
      Clark, Sarah            22fw    keeping house             MS
13-14 Neal, William           46mw    Farmer               170  FL
      Neal, Napsey            41fw    keeping house             FL
      Neal, Elizabeth         17fw    at home                   FL
      Neal, Nancy             14fw    at home                   FL
      Neal, George            13mw    at home                   AL
      Neal, Mary              11fw    at home                   MS
      Neal, John               9mw    at home                   MS
      Neal, Margaret           7fw    at home                   MS
      Neal, William            6mw    at home                   MS
      Neal, Isabella           2fw    at home                   MS
      Neal, Sarah           8/12fw    at home                   MS
14-15 Pipkins, Martin         57mw    Farmer    100        300  MS
      Pipkins, Sitney         55fw    keeping house             SC
      Pipkins, G. F.          25mw    Farmer                    MS
      Pipkins, Sampson        18mw    at home                   MS
      Pipkins, Amus           16mw    at home                   MS
15-16 Pipkins, Charles        23mw    Farmer                    MS
      Pipkins, Charlott       19fw    keeping house             MS
      Pipkins, Wm F.           1mw    at home                   MS
16-17 Hilman, Mary            45fw    keeping house             MS
      Hilman, Nancy           17fw    at home                   MS
      Hilman, Plathia         15fw    at home                   MS
      Hilman, Henry           13mw    at home                   MS
      Hilman, Julia           10fw    at home                   MS
      Hilman, David            7mw    at home                   MS
17-18 Brewer, John            40mw    Farmer               560  MS
      Brewer, Mary            32fw    keeping house             MS
      Brewer, Gillie          12fw    at home                   MS
18-19 William, George         50mw    Farmer    500        650  MS
      Williams, Nancy         52fw    keeping house             MS
      Williams, David         36mw    works in farm        535  MS
      Williams, Sarah         18fw    at home                   MS
19-20 Caten, Robert           43mw    Farmer    150        164  MS
      Caten, Angeline         38fw    keeping house             MS
      Caten, James            10mw    at home                   MS
      Caten, William           8mw    at home                   MS
      Caten, Safronia          4fw    at home                   MS
      Caten, Agnas             2fw    at home                   MS
      Caten, Roberts           1mw    at home                   MS
20-21 William, Benjamin       57mw    Farmer                    MS
      Williams, Mary          49mw    keeping house             MS
      Williams, David         13mw    at home                   MS
      Williams, George        10mw    at home                   MS
      Williams, Lewis          8mw    at home                   MS
      Prentiss, J. A.         21mw    works in farm             MS
      McCuin, Volley          19mw    works in farm             MS
21-22 Williams, Winnie        51fw    keeping house 600   1435  MS
      Williams, Adline        22fw    at home                   MS
      Williams, Malissa       20fw    at home                   MS
      Williams, Mary          18fw    at home                   MS
      Williams, Nancy         16fw    at home                   MS
      Williams, Sarah         14fw    at home                   MS
      Williams, Elizabeth      9fw    at home                   MS
      Williams, Ira           27mw    works in farm             MS
      Williams, Ludville      62mw    without occupation        SC
22-23 Williams, William       35mw    Farmer    200        490  MS
      Williams, Harriett      35fw    keeping house             MS
      Williams, W. M.          7mw    at home                   MS
      Williams, Harriett       5fw    at home                   MS
23-24 Cooley  Hannah          25fb    keeping house             MS
      Cooley, Charlie          9mb    at home                   MS
      Cooley, Dina             5fb    at home                   MS
      Cooley, Rebecca          2fb    at home                   MS
24-25 Williams, Mary          35fb    keeping house             MS
      Williams, Joseph        14mm    at home                   MS
      Williams, Catherine     13fb    at home                   MS
      Williams, Sofa          11fb    at home                   MS
      Williams, Charity        7fm    at home                   MS
      Williams, Rachel         2fw    at home                   MS
25-26 Winbern, M. H.          56mw    Farmer   2000       2810  NC
      Winbern, Mary           33fw    keeping house             MS
      Winbern, Oscar          15mw    at home                   MS
      Winbern, Aida           11fw    at home                   MS
      Winbern, Wirt A.         9mw    at home                   MS
      Winbern, Julia           6fw    at home                   MS
      Winbern, Mary K.         2fw    at home                   MS
26-27 Bryant, George          25mm    works in farm             AL
      Brant, Louisa           22fb    works in farm             Maryland
27-28 Springfield, Isac       24mb    works in farm             MS
      Springfield, Emma       18fb    keeping house             AL
      Washington, Alfred      23mb    works in farm             AL
28-29 Turner, William         82mw    without occupation        SC
      Turner, Geo W.          36mw    Farmer   300         685  MS
      Turner, Malissa         22fw    keeping house             MS
28-30 Turner, Lenord          33mw    Farmer               720  MS
      Turner, Nancy           39fw    at home                   MS
      Hamons, Georgia Ann     25fw    domestic servant          FL
      Turner, Dapan           14mb    works in farm             MS
29-31 Turner, William         47mw    Farmer               680  MS
      Turner, Margaret        38fw    keeping house             MS
      Turner, Osburn          16mw    works in farm             MS
      Turner, Nancy           14fw    at home                   MS
      Turner, Duncan          13mw    at home                   MS
      Turner, Catherine       12fw    at home                   MS
      Turner, Sylvanus        10mw    at home                   MS
      Turner, Gillie           8fw    at home                   MS
      Turner, W. L.            5mw    at home                   MS
      Turner, J. D.            2mw    at home                   MS
      Turner, Mary          7/12fw    at home                   MS
30-32 Breland, G. T. Y.       37mw    Farmer   200        1070  MS
      Breland, E. J.          34fw    keeping house             MS
      Breland, Calvin         13mw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Erean          11fw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Rufus A.        8mw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Emma            7fw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Ella            5fw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Ira E.          4mw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Randal          2mw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Elbert          1mw    at home                   MS
31-33 Ezel, John              69mw    works in farm             GA
      Ezel, Nancy             49fw    keeping house             SC
      Ezel, W. A.             16mw    at home                   FL
      Ezel, J. H.             14mw    at home                   FL
      Ezel, Napsey            13fw    at home                   MS
      Ezel, Benjamin          11mw    at home                   MS
      Ezel, Effie              6fw    at home                   MS
32-34 Green, Easter           57fw    keeping house             GA
      Green, William          21mw    Farmer                    MS
      Green, Martha           18fw    at home                   MS
      Green, Jasper           16mw    at home                   MS
32-35 Still, Easter           28fw    without occupation        MS
      Still, Sidney            2mw    at home                   MS
      Burton, Julia           24fw    without occupation        MS
33-36 Prine, Margaret         44fw    keeping house             MS
      Prine, D. W.            18mw    Farmer                    MS
      Prine, J. A.            16mw    at home                   MS
      Prine, D. L.            14mw    at home                   MS
      Prine, H. J.            11fm    at home                   MS
      Prine, C. V.             8fw    at home                   MS
34-37 McInnis, J. J.          41mw    Farmer   1500       2590  MS
      McInnis, Catherine      27fw    keeping house             MS
      McInnis, Hughy           4mw    at home                   MS
      McInnis, Ottis        3/12mw    at home                   MS
35-38 Branam, Henry           60mw    Farmer              1355  SC
      Branam, Mary            60fw    keeping house             GA
      Branam, J. W.           21mw    works in farm             MS
      Branam, Susan           18fw    at home                   MS
      Branam, Ira             16mw    at home                   MS
      Branam, Benjamin        13mw    at home                   MS
      Branam, Matilda          9fw    at home                   MS
      Branam, Martin          40mw    works in farm             AL
      McCall, Sam'l           21mw    works in farm             MS
36-39 Welford, Wm Jr.         35mw    Farmer               340  MS
      Welford, Elizabeth      32fw    keeping house             AL
      Welford, Cornelius      12mw    at home                   MS
      Welford, William         3mw    at home                   MS
      Welford, Lewis        1/12mw    at home                   MS
37-40 Branam, John            65mw    Farmer               320  SC
      Branam, Nancy           55fw    keeping house             MS
      Branam, Lewis           16mw    at home                   MS
      Branam, Joseph          13mw    at home                   MS
      Branam, Dan'l           10mw    at home                   MS
38-41 Hood, O. J.             41mw    Doctor   1500       7890  GA
      Hood, Agnes             30fw    keeping house             AL
      Hood, Olivia             7fw    at home                   MS
      Hood, Nina               6fw    at home                   MS
      Hood, Flora              3fw    at home                   MS
39-42 Baird, James            36mw    Farmer   700         425  MS
      Baird, Meddie C.        32fw    keeping house             MS
      Baird, William          14mw    at home                   MS
      Baird, Theodocia        12fw    at home                   MS
      Baird, Mary             10fw    at home                   MS
      Baird, James             7mw    at home                   MS
      Baird, Thos.             4mw    at home                   MS
      Baird, Rufus             2mw    at home                   MS
40-43 Baird, Preston          66mw    Farmer   1500       1495  SC
      Baird, Mary             33fw    keeping house             MS
      Baird, Thomas           22mw    works in farm             MS
      Baird, Preston          18mw    works in farm             MS
      Baird, Salaria          16fw    at home                   MS
      Baird, Malissa          13fw    at home                   MS
      Baird, Elizabeth        11fw    at home                   MS
      Baird, William           8mw    at home                   MS
      Baird, Mary              3fw    at home                   MS
41-44 Clark, Jack             46mb    works in farm             MS
      Clark, Rose             43fm    keeping house             MS
      Clark, Nicey            25fb    at home                   MS
      Clark, Rufus            19mm    works in farm             MS
      Clark, Emma              5fm    at home                   MS
42-45 Fountain, Jeshu         55mw    works in farm             MS
      Fountain, Sidney        40fw    keeping House             MS
      Fountain, Henry         20m     works in farm             MS
      Fountain, Elizabeth     18fw    at home                   MS
      Fountain, J. R.         15mw    at home                   MS
      Fountain, Ellen         13fw    at home                   MS
      Fountain, Juliam        12fw    at home                   MS
      Fountain, Easter         9fw    at home                   MS
      Fountain, Matilda        5fw    at home                   MS
      Fountain, Jeshue         1mw    at home                   MS
43-46 Ephraim, George         60mb    works in farm             SC
      Ephraim, Lizer          50fb    keeping house             MS
      Ephriam, Lewis          15mb    works in farm             MS
43-47 Powel, Catherine        47fw    keeping house             MS
      Powel, Betsy            53fw    at home                   MS
44-48 Knobles, L. M. R.       44mw    Farmer   800         346  AL
      Knobles, Margaret       40fw    keep house                MS
      Knobles, Henry          20mw    works in farm             MS
      Knobles, Susan          12fw    at home                   MS
      Knobles, Lewis          10mw    at home                   MS
      Knobles, Theadore        8mw    at home                   MS
      Knobles, Ella            5fw    at home                   MS
      Knobles, Edwena          3fw    at home                   MS
45-49 Platt, Elizabeth        40fw    keeping house             AL
      Platt, Hezekiah         17mw    works in farm             MS
      Platt, William          15mw    at home                   MS
      Platt, Safronia         12fw    at home                   MS
      Platt, James             8mw    at home                   MS
      Knobles, Mary           70fw    seamstress                NC
46-50 Platt, Dolphin          60mb    works in farm             VA
      Platt, Viney            50fb    keeping house             MS
      Platt, Sabrie           14fm    at home                   MS
47-51 Byrd, Ira               24mw    Farmer                    AL
      Byrd, Eliza             32fw    keeping house             MS
      Byrd, Thos W.            4mw    at home                   MS
      Byrd, James              3mw    at home                   MS
      Byrd, Elizabeth          2fw    at home                   MS
      Byrd, Edna            9/12fw    at home                   MS
      Mills, Dalphine          9fw    domestic servant          AL
48-52 Rounsaville, Amus       58mw    works in farm             LA
      Rounsaville, Elizabeth  50fw    keeping house             MS
      Rounsaville, Andrew     18mw    works in farm             MS
      Rounsaville, John        9mw    at home                   MS
      Rounsaville, David       7mw    at home                   MS
49-53 Dunnam, Nancy           55fw    keeping house             MS
      Dunnam, Thomas          16mw    at home                   MS
      Dunnam, Elijah          13mw    at home                   MS
      Dunnam, Nancy           11mw    at home                   MS
50-55 Rounsaville, Robt.      50mw    farmer                    LA
      Rounsaville, Lavenia    42fw    keeping house             MS
      Rounsaville, Elias      25mw    works in farm             MS
      Rounsaville, Eliza      21fw    at home                   MS
      Rounsaville, Sarah      19fw    at home                   MS
      Rounsaville, Catherine  16fw    at home                   MS
      Rounsaville, Oscar       9mw    at home                   MS
51-56 Robertson, Sam'l        69mw    Farmer                    SC
      Robertson, Elizabeth    53fw    keeping house             GA
      Robertson, Amanda       18fw    at home                   MS
52-57 Walley, James M.        45mw    Farmer   200         470  MS
      Walley, Sarah           36fw    kepping house             MS
      Walley, Caroline        20fw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Thomas          18mw    at home                   MS
      Walley, William         15mw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Mary            14fw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Sarah           10fw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Sam'l            7mw    at home                   MS
      Walley, John             5mw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Susan            4fw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Jasper           2mw    at home                   MS
53-58 Newman, Sam'l           73mw    Farmer               100  England
      Newman, Arrena          34fw    keeping house             MS
      Newman, Lewis           13mw    at home                   MS
      Newman, William         11mw    at home                   MS
      Newman, Sam'l            7mw    at home                   MS
      Newman, Ira              4mw    at home                   MS
      Newman, Isac             1mw    at home                   MS
      Churchwell, Zylphia     85fw    without occupation        NC
54-59 Denmark, Reddon         44mw    Farmer                    MS
      Denmark, Liddia         40fw    keeping house             MS
      Denmark, Alvin          18mw    works in farm             MS
      Denmark, Stephen        13mw    at home                   MS
      Denmark, Jackson        11mw    at home                   MS
55-60 Mills, Willis           32mw    Farmer   200         220  MS
      Mills, Jane             31fw    keeping house             MS
      Mills, Margaret          4fw    at home                   MS
      Mills, Atwood            2mw    at home                   MS
      Mills, Elsworth       5/12mw    at home                   MS
      Mills, Elias            19mw    works in farm             MS
56-61 Denmark, H. C.          67mw    Farmer   300         250  GA
      Denmark, Julia          66fw    keeping house             MS
      Denmark, A. J.          30mw    works in farm             AL
      Denmark, Margaret       26fw    at home                   AL
      Denmark, Matilda        21fw    at home                   AL
      Denmark, Susan          18fw    at home                   MS
      Denmark, Laura          15fw    at home                   MS
57-62 Maples, Abner           32mw    Farmer   300         490  LA
      Maples, Mary Ann        30fw    keeping house             MS
      Maples, Alvin            8mw    at home                   MS
      Maples, Julius           5mw    at home                   MS
      Maples, Catherine        2fw    at home                   MS
      Maples, Thomas        6/12mw    at home                   MS
58-63 Mills, H. G.            49mw    Farmer   300         828  AL
      Mills, Martha           50fw    keeping house             MS
      Mills, Jennie           17fw    at home                   MS
      Mills, Sabrie           16fw    at home                   MS
      Mills, Laura            14fw    at home                   MS
      Mills, H. B.            11mw    at home                   MS
      Mills, Hardy             9mw    at home                   MS
      Spooner, James          23mw    works in farm             MS
59-64 Spooner, Joshua         64mw    Farmer               575  GA
      Spooner, Tesia          19fw    keeping house             AL
      Spooner, Rebecca        31fw    at home                   AL
      Spooner, Jane           26fw    at home                   AL
      Spooner, Allas          12fw    at home                   MS
      Spooner, Dan'l           6mw    at home                   MS
      Spooner, Sarah           4fw    at home                   MS
      Spooner, Wiley           2mw    at home                   MS
      Spooner, Betsy        6/12fw    at home                   MS
60-65 McLeod, Sam'l           34mm    works in farm             MS
      McLeod, Americus        30fb    keeping house             MS
      McLeod, Emma            15fb    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Jane             9fm    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Eliza            7fm    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Elsie            6fm    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Mary             5fm    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Anett            1fm    at home                   MS
61-66 White, Jack             23mb    works on farm             MS
      White, Ann              22fm    keeping house             MS
      White, Frances           8fm    at home                   MS
      White, Levi              5mm    at home                   MS
      White, Permelia          3fm    at home                   MS
      White, Fredrick          1mm    at home                   MS
62-67 McLeod, Farquitt        65mw    Farmer                    SC
      McLeod, Sarah           50fw    keeping house             MS
      McLeod, John            24mw    works in farm             MS
      McLeod, Martha          19fw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, George          16mw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Sarah E.        13fw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Floria           7fw    at home                   MS
63-68 McLeod, Nancy           44fw    keeping house   200  566  MS
      McLeod, William         22mw    Farmer                    MS
      McLeod, Nancy           20fw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Sarah           18fw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Christian       16fw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, John R.         12mw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Ahureus          8mw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Mary             6fw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Benj.            4mw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Absalom          1mw    at home                   MS
64-69 McLeod, Dan'l           31mw    Farmer                    MS
      McLeod, Adeline         26fw    keeping house             MS
      McLeod, Floria           3fw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Sarah         3/12fw    at home                   MS
      Pipkins, Nancy          12fw    domestic servants         MS
65-70 McLeod, Kenneth         45mw    works in farm             MS
      McLeod, Sarah           38fw    keeping house             MS
      McLeod, Findley         14mw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Edward           8mw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Effie K.         5fw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Sarah G.         1fw    at home                   MS
66-71 McCann, Pel             44mb    Farmer                    MS
      McCann, Susan           42fb    keeping house             MS
      McCann, Thomas          13mb    at home                   MS
      McCann, Maria           11fb    at home                   MS
      McCann, Dolly            8fb    at home                   MS
      McCann, Huldy            6fb    at home                   MS
      McCann, Walter           2mb    at home                   MS
67-72 McLeod, Peter           54mw    Farmer                    SC
      McLeod, Margaret        47fw    keeping house             MS
      McLeod, Duncan          21mw    works in farm             MS
      McLeod, William         16mw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Sarah           13fw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, James            7mw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Floria           3fw    at home                   MS

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