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DISTRICT # 3 - 1870 United States Census, Greene County, MS

H Fam Name                    A-S-R Occupation  Real     Pers. Birth
1-1   Henderson, Chapman      25mw    Farmer               500  MS
      Henderson, Nancy        24fw    keeping house             MS
      Henderson, George        8mw    at home                   MS
      Henderson, Asaline       4fw    at home                   MS
      Henderson, Angus         3mw    at home                   MS
      Henderson, William       2mw    at home                   MS
      Henderson, Elizabeth  4/12mw    at home                   MS
2-2   Smith, George W.        28mw    Farmer               350  MS
      Smith, Emaline          25fw    keeping house             MS
      Smith, Mary E.           2fw    at home                   MS
      Smith, William R.     3/12mw    at home                   MS
3-3   Smith, P. N.            23mw    Farmer   100         400  MS
      Smith, Elizabeth        29fw    keeping house             MS
      Smith, Nancy            11fw    at home                   MS
      Smith, George           10mw    at home                   MS
      Smith, William           8mw    at home                   MS
      Smith, Mary J.           7fw    at home                   MS
      Smith, Dan'l             3mw    at home                   MS
      Smith, Nathaniel         1mw    at home                   MS
4-4   Walley, R. H.           39mw    Farmer                    MS
      Walley, Elizabeth       39fw    keeping house             MS
      Walley, Willis          17mw    works in farm             MS
      Walley,Eliza J.         15fw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Layford         14mw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Hardy           13mw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Elizabeth       11fw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Richard          8mw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Alexr            6mw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Spicey           3fw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Cynthia          1fw    at home                   MS
5-5   Walley, Goolsbury       80mw    Farmer   100         400  SC
      Walley, Susan           76fw    keeping house             SC
      Walley, Mary            50fw    at home                   MS
      Stagey, Elizabeth       21fw    Domestic servant          AL
6-6   Smith, Clayton          35mw    works in farm             MS
      Smith, Arcade           30fw    keeping house             MS
      Smith, Martha           15fw    at home                   MS
      Smith, Malisa           12fw    at home                   MS
      Smith, Darkis            8fw    at home                   MS
      Smith,  Oliver           4mw    at home                   MS
      Smith, Mary              2fw    at home                   MS
7-7   Brewer, Henry           58mw    works in farm             MS
      Brewer, Caroline        45fw    keeping house             MS
      Brewer, Harriett        23fw    at home                   MS
      Brewer, Sarah           21fw    at home                   MS
      Brewer, Thomas          17mw    at home                   MS
      Brewer, Bonie           13fw    at home                   MS
      Brewer, Henry            8mw    at home                   MS
      Brewer, Rubin            5mw    at home                   MS
8-8   Brewer, Alexr           25mw    works in farm             MS
      Brewer, Sarah           25fw    keeping house             MS
      Brewer, Alexr            1mw    at home                   MS
9-9   Tigues, Sarah           60fw    keeping house             AL
      Tigues, Barzilla        20mw    works in farm             AL
      Tigues, Elizabeth       18fw    at home                   AL
      Tigues, Mary            16fw    at home                   AL
10-10 Walley, G. W.           22mw    Farmer                    MS
      Walley, Jane            20fw    keeping house             MS
11-11 Burnett, James          35mw    Farmer                    VA
      Burnett, Frances        35fw    keeping house             MS
      Burnett, Nancy          12fw    at home                   MS
      Burnett, Elvin          10fw    at home                   MS
      Burnett, Priscilla       8fw    at home                   MS
      Burnett, William         6mw    at home                   MS
      Burnett, Allada          4fw    at home                   MS
      Burnett, Henry           2mw    at home                   MS
      Burnett, Frances      2/12fw    at home                   MS
12-12 Walley, Jno             50mw    Farmer   250         850  MS
      Walley, Canjadia        48fw    keeping house             MS
      Walley, Jackson         24mw    works in farm             MS
      Walley, Mary            20fw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Safronia        16fw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Wiley           14mw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Catherine       12fw    at home                   MS
13-13 Henderson, Sam'l        22mw    works in farm             MS
      Henderson, Missiller    20fw    keeping house             MS
14-14 Smith, Isac             25mw    works in farm             MS
      Smith, Rebecca          19fw    keeping house             MS
      Smith, Sarah             1fw    at home                   MS
15-15 Sowel, Monroe           41mw    Farmer              1000  GA
      Sowel, Eliza M.         35fw    keeping house             MS
      Sowel, Frances          16fw    at home                   MS
      Sowel, Hardy            14mw    works in farm             MS
      Sowel, Charlie          12mw    at home                   MS
      Sowel, Mary B.          10fw    at home                   MS
      Sowel, Larkin            8mw    at home                   MS
      Sowel, Erean             6fw    at home                   MS
      Sowel, Eliza             4fw    at home                   MS
      Sowel, Catherine         2fw    at home                   MS
      Sowel, Ira            2/12mw    at home                   MS
16-16 Walley, Wm              44mw    Farmer              1275  MS
      Walley, Mynthia         40fw    keeping house             MS
      Walley, Adline          20fw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Massie          18fw    at home                   MS
      Walley, William         17mw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Richard         11mw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Columbia         8fw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Lazyeree         6mw    at home                   MS
17-17 Cochran, Goolsberry     24mw    Farmer               675  MS
      Cochran, Margaret       22fw    keeping house             MS
      Cochran, Alexr           3mw    at home                   MS
      Cochran, Eliza           2fw    at home                   MS
      Cochran, Rasbury      5/12mw    at home                   MS
18-18 Freeman, James          44mw    Farmer              1000  MS
      Freeman, Rebecca        65fw    keeping house             MS
      Freeman, Nancy          22fw    at home                   MS
      Freeman, John           20mw    works in farm             MS
19-19 Davis, S. M.            40mw    Farmer   150         400  MS
      Davis, Frances          36fw    keeping house             MS
      Davis, Rebecca          12fw    at home                   MS
      Davis, Mary             10fw    at home                   MS
      Davis, William           9mw    at home                   MS
      Davis, Elezabeth         5fw    at home                   MS
      Davis, Phillip           1mw    at home                   MS
20-20 Brewer, Rece            35mw    works in farm             Arkansas
      Brewer, Gillie          28fw    keeping house             MS
      Brewer, Louiza           9fw    at home                   MS
      Brewer, Mary E.          6fw    at home                   MS
      Brewer, Losan            4mw    at home                   MS
      Brewer,. Harmon          1mw    at home                   MS
21-21 Walley, W. B.           38mw    Farmer              1000  MS
      Walley, Elizabeth       34fw    keeping house             MS
      Walley, Nebraska        15fw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Zachariah       14mw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Manerva         12fw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Missouri        10fw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Joseph E.        8mw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Barbry           6mw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Elizabeth        4fw    at home                   MS
      Walley, Goolsbury        2mw    at home                   MS
22-22 Prine, Robert           38mw    Farmer               800  MS
      Prine, Eliza            34fw    keeping house             MS
      Prine, Martha           15fw    at home                   MS
      Prine, Lenord           13mw    at home                   MS
      Prine, Elizabeth        10fw    at home                   MS
      Prine, JoeAnna           8fw    at home                   MS
      Prine, Catherine         6fw    at home                   MS
23-23 McLean, Jno             30mw    Farmer               400  MS
      McLean, Eliza           25fw    keeping house             MS
      McLean, Jno              7mw    at home                   MS
      McLean, William          5mw    at home                   MS
      McLean, Nathan           3mw    at home                   MS
      McLean, LillieAnna       1fw    at home                   MS
24-24 Roberts, Elizabeth      50fw    keeping house             AL
      Roberts, Calvin         21mw    works in farm             MS
      Roberts, Amanda         19fw    at home                   MS
      Roberts, Eliza          17fw    at home                   MS
      Roberts, John           15mw    works in farm             MS
25-25 Copland, R.             24mw    Farmer   250         900  MS
      Copland, M. C.          19fw    keeping house             MS
      Copland, J. W.           3mw    at home                   MS
      Copland, A. C.           1mw    at home                   MS
26-26 Waid, Samuel            43mw    Farmer              1700  GA
      Waid, Nancy             28fw    keeping house             MS
      Waid, Eliza             12fw    at home                   MS
      Waid, Catherine          8fw    at home                   MS
      Waid, Sam'l              6mw    at home                   MS
      Waid, Wesley             3mw    at home                   MS
      Waid, Charlie            1mw    at home                   MS
27-27 Avera, Jno              28mw    Farmer               470  MS
      Avera, Lidda            30fw    keeping house             MS
      Avera, Thos           5/12mw    at home                   MS
28-28 Avera, Rhoda            60fw    keeping house   1200 500  SC
      Avera, Mary             25fw    at home                   MS
      McLean, Jack            28mw    works in farm             MS
29-29 Smith Rachel            46fw    keeping house   300 1900  AL
      Smith, Andrew           23mw    Farmer                    MS
      Smith, Zachariah        21mw    works in farm             MS
      Smith, Clelia           19fw    at home                   MS
      Smith, Clarisa          17fw    at home                   MS
      Smith, Effie            15fw    at home                   MS
      Smith, Jerucia          13fw    at home                   MS
      Smith, Mary             11fw    at home                   MS
      Smith, Henry C.          9mw    at home                   MS
      Smith, Hillard C.        7mw    at home                   MS
30-30 Smith Ransome           25mw    Farmer               340  MS
      Smith, Margaret         19fw    keeping house             MS
      Smith, William           2mw    at home                   MS
      Smith, Erean          4/12fw    at home                   MS
31-31 Smith, George           23mw    Farmer               115  MS
      Smith, Martha           19fw    keeping house             MS
      Smith, Missouri          1fw    at home                   MS
32-32 Smith, Clayton          87mw    Farmer               780  SC
      Smith, Pinkney          16mw    works in farm             MS
      Smith, Benjamin         15mw    works in farm             MS
33-33 Smith, Harriett         40fw    keeping house             MS
      Smith, Ellen            16fw    at home                   MS
34-34 McLean, Alexr           63mw    Farmer   80          400  NC
      McLean, Matilda         59fw    keeping house             MS
35-35 McLean, Eliza           30fw    without occupation        MS
      McLean, Angus           18mw    works in farm             MS
35-36 Stephens, Mary          40fw    with out occupation       MS
      Stephens, Victoria      15fw    at home                   MS
      Stephens, Berry         12mw    at home                   MS
      Stephens, Alexr          9mw    at home                   MS
      Stephens, Elizabeth      7fw    at home                   MS
35-37 McLean, Hannah          11fm    Domestic Servant          MS
      Mclean, Step             7mm    at home                   MS
      McLean, Thos             5mm    at home                   MS
36-38 McLean, James           26mw    works in farm        150  MS
      McLean, Jane            24fw    keeping house             MS
      McLean, Louiza        5/12fw    at home                   MS
37-39 McLean, Alexr           28mw    working in farm      120  MS
      McLean, Beda            22fw    keeping house             MS
38-40 Dunnam, E. M.           42mw    Farmer   60          595  AL
      Dunnam, Jane            36fw    keeping house             MS
      Dunnam, George T.       16mw    works in farm             MS
      Dunnam, J. N            15mw    at home                   MS
      Dunnam, Elezabeth       13fw    at home                   MS
      Dunnam, Caroline        12fw    at home                   MS
      Dunnam, Elsie           11fw    at home                   MS
      Dunnam, .E.              9mw    at home                   MS
      Dunnam, William          3mw    at home                   MS
      Dunnam, Mary             1fw    at home                   MS
39-41 Dunnam, N. A.           38mw    Farmer   100          90  AL
      Dunnam, Martha          34fw    keeping house             MS
      Dunnam, Miranda         14fw    at home                   MS
      Dunnam, Margaret        13fw    at home                   MS
      Dunnam, Cornelius       11mw    at home                   MS
      Dunnam, Rufus            9mw    at home                   MS
      Dunnam, Charles          6mw    at home                   MS
      Dunnam, Mary             1fw    at home                   MS
40-42 Mason, Norris           38mw    works in farm             MS
      Mason, Mary C.          35fw    keeping house             MS
      Mason, Lenora           12fw    at home                   MS
      Mason, Ellis             5mw    at home                   MS
      Mason, Annas             2fw    at home                   MS
41-43 Harness, R.             56mw    Farmer   200         450  England
      Harness, Darkis         35fw    keeping house             MS
      Harness, Elizabeth      13fw    at home                   MS
      Harness, George         10mw    at home                   MS
      Harness, David           8mw    at home                   MS
      Harness, Eliza           5fw    at home                   MS
      Harness, Robert          3mw    at home                   MS
      Harness, Luvenia         1fw    at home                   MS
42-44 Hathorn, Jeff           35mw    Farmer               200  MS
      Hathorn, Safronia       22fw    keeping house             MS
      Hathorn, Jeff            5mw    at home                   MS
      Hathorn, Louiza          3fw    at home                   MS
      Hathorn, Viola           1fw    at home                   MS
      Hathorn, Amanda       3/12fw    at home                   MS
      Herril, Mahalie         16fw    Domestic Servant          MS
43-45 Kittrell, Rubin         56mw    Farmer   200         850  SC
      Kittrell, Mary          47fw    at home                   MS
      Kittrell, Elizabeth     23fw    at home                   MS
      Kittrell, Spicey        15fw    at home                   MS
      Kittrell, Jane          13fw    at home                   MS
      Kittrell, Erean         10fw    at home                   MS
      Kittrell, Rubin          7mw    at home                   MS
      Mason, Jno              13mw    works in farm             MS
44-46 Jenkins, Ben            25mb    works in farm             MS
      Jenkins, Ellen          14fb    keeping house             MS
      Jenkins, Wyatt           2mb    at home                   MS
45-47 Turner, Lewis           50mw    Farmer   300         500  MS
      Turner, Winnie          40fw    keeping house             MS
      Turner, Missouri        17fw    at home                   MS
      Turner, Lenard           9mw    at home                   MS
      Turner, Jno              7mw    at home                   MS
      Turner, George           5mw    at home                   MS
      Turner, Henry            2mw    at home                   MS
      Turner, Sarah         1/12fw    at home                   MS
46-48 Breland, Sam'l          54mw    Farmer   350        2000  SC
      Breland, Annas          43fw    keeping house             MS
      Breland, Caroline       20fw    at home                   MS
      Breland, May            18fw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Elizabeth      16fw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Nancy          14fw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Sam'l          10mw    at home                   MS
47-49 Kittrell, Johnathan     26mw    Farmer   100         250  MS
      Kittrell, Matilda       22fw    keeping house             MS
      Kittrell, Louiza         3fw    at home                   MS
      Kittrell, Charles        1mw    at home                   MS
48-50 Breland, Isabella        7fw    keeping house             SC
49-51 Harverson, J. B.        26mw    Farmer               800  MS
      Harverson, E.           26fw    keeping house             MS
      Harverson, Cole          7mw    at home                   MS
      Harverson, Jno           1mw    at home                   MS
50-52 Breland, Frank          22mw    Farmer    100        240  MS
      Breland, Frances        21fw    keeping house             MS
      Breland, Chas            1mw    at home                   MS
51-53 Copland, James          20mw    Farmer               358  MS
      Copland, Odelia         21fw    keeping house             MS
      Copland, Eugene          2mw    at home                   MS
      Copland, Florence     3/12fw    at home                   MS
52-54 Copland, Cole           40mw    Cow Broker   500    1345  MS
      Copland, Malisa         48fw    keeping house             MS
      Copland, Albert         18mw    at home                   MS
      Copland, Mary           15fw    at home                   MS
      Copland, Jno            13mw    at home                   MS
      Copland, Chas.          11mw    at home                   MS
      Stephens, Mary          12fw    at home                   MS
      McGilvery, Jno          18mw    works in farm             MS
53-55 Green, James            52mw            600          100  England
      Green, Priscilla        46fw    keeping house             MS
      Green, Frank            21mw    works in farm             MS
      Green, Anna Z.          17fw    at home                   MS
      Green, Mirandy          17fw    at home                   MS
      Green, Charles H.       14mw    at home                   MS
      Green, Joseph M.        11mw    at home                   MS
      Green, Eliza A.          8fw    at home                   MS
      Green, Margues E.        5mw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Rachel         30fb    Domestic Servant          MS
54-56 Hilman, Pinkney         40mw    Farmer   400         800  AL
      Hilman, Elizabeth       30fw    keeping house             MS
      Hilman, Catherine       13fw    at home                   MS
      Hilman, David           12mw    at home                   MS
      Hilman, Charles         10mw    at home                   MS
      Hilman, Elizabeth        5fw    at home                   MS
      Hilman, Pinkney          3mw    at home                   MS
      Hilman, James            1mw    at home                   MS
55-57 Cochren, Frank          25mw    Farmer               230  MS
      Cochren, Sarah          19fw    keeping house             MS
      Cochren, Rufus        3/12mw    at home                   MS
56-58 Byrd, E. W.             25mw    Farmer               405  MS
      Byrd, Massey            30fw    keeping house             MS
      Byrd, Elmira             3fw    at home                   MS
      Byrd, Elizabeth          1fw    at home                   MS
      Byrd, Mikel             38mw    works in farm             MS
57-59 Turner, James           41mw    Farmer   300         240  MS
      Turner, Elizabeth       31fw    keeping house             MS
      Turner, Allethia        15fw    at home                   MS
      Turner, David           14mw    at home                   MS
      Turner, Mary            12fw    at home                   MS
      Turner, Sarah           10fw    at home                   MS
      Turner, James            7mw    at home                   MS
      Turner, Rubin            5mw    at home                   MS
      Turner, Odelia           4fw    at home                   MS
      Turner, Elizabeth        2fw    at home                   MS
      Turner, Sam'l         3/12mw    at home                   MS
58-60 Green, T. C.            28mw    Farmer   50          200  MS
      Green, Martha           24fw    keeping house             MS
      Green, Ella              1fw    at home                   MS
59-61 Green, S. L.            30mw    Farmer               250  MS
      Green, Eliza            42fw    keeping house             MS
      Green, Jno F.            2mw    at home                   MS
      Green, Mary           1/12fw    at home                   MS
60-62 Moody, Wm               55mw    Farmer   100         350  SC
      Moody, Martha           50fw    keeping house             MS
      Moody, Cynthia          28fw    at home                   MS
      Moody, Erasmus          21fw    works in farm             MS
      Moody, Caroline         18fw    at home                   MS
      Moody, Jane             16fw    at home                   MS
      Moody, Oliver           16mw    at home                   MS
      Moody, Whitfield        12mw    at home                   MS
61-63 Breland, Asa            46mw    Farmer   200         700  AL
      Breland, Ann            40fw    keeping house             MS
      Breland, Abslom         19mw    works in farm             MS
      Breland, Elizabeth      18fw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Alexr          16mw    at home                   MS
      Breland, W. C.          14mw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Zonora         11fw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Asa             9mw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Mary            7fw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Sarah           4fw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Matilda         1fw    at home                   MS
62-64 Breland, J. C.          43mw    Farmer   200         672  MS
      Breland, Emma           37fw    keeping house             MS
      Breland, Elizabeth      11fw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Matilda        10fw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Julia           7fw    at home                   MS
      Breland, J. C.           4mw    at home                   MS
63-65 Williams, James         26mw    Farmer               500  MS
      Williams, Frozine       26fw    keeping house             MS
      Williams, Mary           3fw    at home                   MS
      Williams, Jno W.         2mw    at home                   MS
      Williams, James          1mw    at home                   MS
64-66 Hilman, Charles         45mw    works in farm             MS
      Hilman, Jane            45fw    keeping house             MS
      Hilman, Theadore        18mw    works in farm             MS
      Hilman, Jno             16mw    at home                   MS
      Hilman, Josaphine        4fw    at home                   MS
      Hilman, Sarah            2fw    at home                   MS

Transcribed by  Rev. James T. Dunnam
All spelling as in original record.


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