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Index to 1870 United States Census, Greene County, MS

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Ephraim, George
Ephraim, Lizer
Ephriam, Lewis
Eubanks, Chas
Eubanks, Chas H.
Eubanks, Chas P.
Eubanks, Florence
Eubanks, Geo
Eubanks, John
Eubanks, Lemuel
Eubanks, Littleton
Eubanks, Martha
Eubanks, Mary H.
Eubanks, Sarah
Eubanks, Sarah
Eubanks, Stephen
Evans, Mary
Evans, Mimey
Evans, Thomas
Ezel, Agnes
Ezel, Benjamin
Ezel, Effie
Ezel, Frances
Ezel, Grace
Ezel, Harriett
Ezel, Hester
Ezel, J. H.
Ezel, Janie
Ezel, Jennie
Ezel, John
Ezel, John
Ezel, Johnathan
Ezel, Johnathan
Ezel, Lewis
Ezel, Lewis
Ezel, Margaret
Ezel, Margaret
Ezel, Martha
Ezel, Nancy
Ezel, Nancy
Ezel, Napsey
Ezel, Sarah
Ezel, Susan
Ezel, W. A.
Ezel, Willis

Fairly, A. H.
Fairly, Catherine
Fairly, Cesar
Fairly, Coleman
Fairly, David
Fairly, Easter
Fairly, Elizabeth
Fairly, Emily
Fairly, Floria
Fairly, Ginsie
Fairly, Joseph
Fairly, June
Fairly, Maria
Fairly, Millie
Fairly, Peter
Fairly, Sarah
Fairly, Silverine
Fountain, Easter
Fountain, Elizabeth
Fountain, Ellen
Fountain, Henry
Fountain, J. R.
Fountain, Jeshu
Fountain, Jeshue
Fountain, Juliam
Fountain, Matilda
Fountain, Sidney
Frazier, Henry
Frazier, Mary
Freeman, James
Freeman, John
Freeman, Nancy
Freeman, Rebecca
Fry, Laurilla
Fry, Thos
Fry, Winney

Gardner, Betsy
Gardner, Elisha
Gardner, Elizabeth
Gardner, Emma
Gardner, Jasper
Gardner, Mary
Gardner, Millie
Gardner, Moses
Gardner, Moses
Gardner, Polly
Garner, Catherine
Garner, Charles
Garner, Elizabeth
Garner, J. W.
Garner, James
Garner, Joseph
Garner, Julia
Garner, Mansfield
Garner, Sarah
Garner, Thomas
Garner, Wilbre
Garner, Zylphia
Garott, Berry
Garriss, John
Garrott, Agnes
Garrott, JoeAnna
Garrott, John
Gibson, David
Gibson, Mary
Green, Anna Z.
Green, Anne
Green, Cam
Green, Charles H.
Green, Easter
Green, Eliza
Green, Eliza A.
Green, Ella
Green, Frank
Green, James
Green, Jasper
Green, Jinsey
Green, Jno F.
Green, Joseph
Green, Joseph M.
Green, Margues E.
Green, Martha
Green, Martha
Green, Mary
Green, Mirandy
Green, Priscilla
Green, Reb'a
Green, Rock
Green, Rufus
Green, S. L.
Green, T. C.
Green, William
Grimes, Hattie
Grishom, John
Grishom, Joseph
Grishom, Mary

Hamons, Georgia Ann
Harness, Darkis
Harness, David
Harness, Eliza
Harness, Elizabeth
Harness, George
Harness, Luvenia
Harness, R.
Harness, Robert
Harris, B. F.
Harris, John
Harris, Mary
Harris, Osburn
Hartfield, Adam
Hartfield, Adam
Hartfield, Catherine
Hartfield, Catherine
Hartfield, Ella
Hartfield, Nora
Hartley, Elizabeth
Hartley, Frances
Hartley, Margaret
Hartley, Nancy
Hartley, Oliff J.
Hartly, Dora
Hartly, Elizabeth
Hartly, Laura J.
Hartly, W. F.
Hartly, W. H.
Harverson, Charles
Harverson, Cole
Harverson, E.
Harverson, J. B.
Harverson, Jno
Harverson, Matilda
Hathorn, Amanda
Hathorn, Jeff
Hathorn, Jeff
Hathorn, Louiza
Hathorn, Safronia
Hathorn, Viola
Havard, Catherine
Havard, Elizabeth
Havard, Geo
Havard, Henry
Havard, Jno
Havard, Jno
Havard, Jno
Havard, Joseph
Havard, Julia
Havard, Lewis
Havard, Margaret
Havard, Mary
Havard, Mary
Havard, Sarah
Havard, Selah
Havard, Selah
Havard, Stephen
Havard, Stephen
Havard, Susan
Havard, Thos
Henderson, Angus
Henderson, Asaline
Henderson, Chapman
Henderson, Elizabeth
Henderson, George
Henderson, Missiller
Henderson, Nancy
Henderson, Sam'l
Henderson, William
Herril, Mahalie
Hilman, Catherine
Hilman, Charles
Hilman, Charles
Hilman, Charles
Hilman, David
Hilman, David
Hilman, Elizabeth
Hilman, Elizabeth
Hilman, Henry
Hilman, James
Hilman, Jane
Hilman, Jno
Hilman, Josaphine
Hilman, Julia
Hilman, Mary
Hilman, Nancy
Hilman, Pinkney
Hilman, Pinkney
Hilman, Plathia
Hilman, Sarah
Hilman, Theadore
Hood, Agnes
Hood, Flora
Hood, J. R.
Hood, Mary C.
Hood, Nina
Hood, Nora
Hood, O. J.
Hood, Olivia
Hooks, Anna
Hooks, Franklin
Hooks, Georgett
Hooks, Olivia
Hooks, S. D.
Hooks, S. D.
Howard, Lemuel
Howard, Sarah
Howel, E. R.
Hugger, Adny
Hugger, Ceburn
Hugger, Clayborne
Hugger, Elvira
Hugger, Marshal
Hugger, Martha
Hugger, Mary
Hugger, Miney
Hugger, Moses
Hugger, Prince
Hugger, Susan
Hunt Raleigh
Hunt, Columbia
Hunt, F. J.
Hunt, Fanny
Hunt, Julian
Hunt, L. V.
Hunt, M. F.
Hunt, M. G.
Hunt, Quitman
Hunt, S. A.
Hunt, Sarah
Hunt, Sarah
Hunt, Shirily
Hunt, Susan
Hyman, Ann
Hyman, Fanny
Hyman, Luvenia
Hyman, Prince

Irquhart, Ann
Irquhart, Jas

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