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DISTRICT # 5 - 1870 United States Census, Greene County, MS

H Fam Name                    A-S-R Occupation  Real     Pers. Birth
1-1   Lewis, E. A.            56mw    Farmer   500        5175  MS
      Lewis, Luisar           47fw    keeping house             MS
      Lewis, Edward           14mw    at home                   AL
      Lewis, Alfred            9mw    at home                   AL
      Lewis, Dan'l             3mw    at home                   MS
      Lewis, John              1mw    at home                   MS
2-2   Donigan, John           35mw    working farm              AL
      Donigan, Amanda         29fw    keeping house             AL
      Donigan, Abslom          8mw    at home                   AL
      Coats, Thos'            45mw    working farm              AL
      Brown, Rich'            15mw    working in farm           AL
3-3   Davis, Abslom           30mw    Farmer               160  MS
      Davis, Rachel           28fw    keeping house             MS
      Raglin, Geo             45mb    works in farm             AL
      Branam, Jno             45mw    works in farm             AL
      Davis, Edward            7mw    at home                   MS
      Davis, Mary Jane         5fw    at home                   MS
      Davis, Abslom H.         3mw    at home                   MS
      Davis, Thos'          1/12mw    at home                   MS
4-4   Miller, J. M.           29mw    Farmer               167  MS
      Miller, Martha          28fw    keeping house             MS
      Miller, Jno E.           3mw    at home                   MS
      Miller, Sarah            1fw    at home                   MS
      Miller, Wm H.        2/365mw    at home                   MS
5-5   Miller, Jno E.          67mw    Farmer   300         340  SC
      Miller, Sarah           64fw    keeping house             MS
5-6   Miller, Sarah           31fw    at home                   MS
      Miller, Eliza M.         2fw    at home                   MS
      Miller, Susan        10/12fw    at home                   MS
6-7   Havard, Jno             21mw    Farmer                    MS
      Havard, Catherine       19fw    keeping house             MS
      Havard, Margaret         2fw    at home                   MS
      Havard, Jno          10/12mw    at home                   MS
7-8   Brown, Andrew           48mw    Peddler   400        170  Denmark
      Brown, Jane             23fw    keeping house             MS
      Scarbrough, Ras         12mw    Domestic Servant          MS
8-9   Adams, Charlota         40fw    House keeper         380  MS
      Adams, Maney            13fw    at home                   MS
      Adms, Chas              11mw    at home                   MS
      Adams, Sarah            10fw    at home                   MS
      Adams, Mary              8fw    at home                   MS
      Adams, Lewis             7mw    at home                   MS
      Coward, Ezakiel        105mw    Living in Family          SC
9-10  Adams, Betsy            58fw    keeping house        167  MS
      Adams, Susan            16fw    at home                   MS
      Adams, Margaret         14fw    at home                   MS
      Adams, James            13mw    at home                   MS
10-11 Havard, Stephen         55mw    Farmer   400         700  MS
      Havard, Mary            52fw    keeping house             MS
      Havard, Henry           18mw    at home                   MS
      Havard, Selah           16fw    at home                   MS
      Havard, Elizabeth       13fw    at home                   MS
      Havard, Geo             12mw    at home                   MS
      Havard, Julia           10fw    at home                   MS
      Havard, Sarah            7fw    at home                   MS
      Havard, Joseph           3mw    at home                   MS
      Havard, Selah           84fw    living in family          SC
10-12 Taylor, Rebecca         25fw    living in family          MS
      Taylor, Mary             9fw    at home                   MS
      Taylor, Littleton        6mw    at home                   MS
      Taylor, Saml             1mw    at home                   MS
11-13 Havard, Thos            30mw    Farmer                88  MS
      Havard, Susan           29fw    keeping house             AL
      Havard, Mary             9fw    at home                   MS
      Havard, Lewis            7mw    at home                   MS
      Havard, Stephen          5mw    at home                   MS
      Havard, Jno              2mw    at home                   MS
      Roberts, Axum           51mw    Farmer   208         205  MS
12-14 Roberts, Mary           35fw    keeping house             MS
      Roberts, Elvira         16fw    at home                   MS
      Roberts, Isac F.        14mw    at home                   MS
      Roberts, Martha         12fw    at home                   MS
      Roberts, Mary           10fw    at home                   MS
      Roberts, Hariet          8fw    at home                   MS
12-15 Howard, Lemuel          23mw    working in farm           MS
      Howard, Sarah           18fw    living in family          MS
13-16 Eubanks, Chas           67mw    Farmer   200         800  SC
      Eubanks, Mary H.        41fw    keeping house             MS
13-17 Mason, Jemmima          50fw    Domestic Servant          MS
      Mason, Rachel            6fw    at home                   LA
14-18 Eubanks, John           30mw    Farmer   150         150  MS
      Eubanks, Sarah          20fw    keeping house             AL
      Eubanks, Chas P.         2mw    at home                   MS
15-19 Coats, Thos             50mw    works in farm             AL
      Coats, Fanny            40fw    keeping house             AL
      Coats, Thos             18mw    at home                   AL
      Coats, Fanny            15fw    at home                   AL
16-20 Crenshaw, Geo           40mw    works in farm             AL
      Crenshaw, Nora          35fw    keeping house             AL
      Crenshaw, Wm            18mw    at home                   AL
      Crenshaw, Levi           7mw    at home                   AL
      Crenshaw, Eliza          5fw    at home                   AL
      Crenshae, Geo            2mw    at home                   MS
17-21 Blackledge, Zackariah   60mw    works in farm             MS
      Blackledge, Martha      50fw    keeping house             MS
      Blackledge, Zackariah   16mw    at home                   MS
18-22 Box, E. B.              42mw    Farmer   300         355  AL
      Box, Mahala             35fw    keeping house             MS
      Box, Maria              17fw    at home                   MS
      Box, James              14mw    at home                   MS
      Box, Harriett           13fw    at home                   MS
      Box, Mahalia A.         10fw    at home                   MS
      Box, Margaret            6fw    at home                   MS
      Box, Jno. L.             4mw    at home                   MS
      Box, Reamy A.         6/12fw    at home                   MS
19-25 Taylor, W.J.            56mw    Farmer   500         505  MS
      Taylor, Pokey           55fw    keeping house             MS
      Taylor, Richmond        21mw    at home                   MS
      Taylor, Sarah A.        19fw    at home                   MS
      Taylor, Elizabeth       17fw    at home                   MS
      Taylor, Mary D.         16fw    at home                   MS
      Taylor, Wm J.           13mw    at home                   MS
      Taylor, Elizabeth       11fw    at home                   MS
20-24 Gibson, David           23mw    Farmer   250         505  MS
      Gibson, Mary            55fw    keeping house             MS
      Merritt, Rohamie        50fw    Domestic Servant          MS
21-25 Malley, Clim            35mw    Farmer                    MS
      Malley, Adline          35fw    keeping house             MS
      Malley, David           15mw    at home                   MS
      Malley, Geo             13mw    at home                   MS
      Malley, Monroe          11mw    at home                   MS
      Malley, Mary             9fw    at home                   MS
      Malley, Clem             7mw    at home                   MS
      Malley, James            5mw    at home                   MS
      Malley, Jno              3mw    at home                   MS
22-26 Fry, Winney             62fw    keeping house             SC
      Fry, Thos               21mw    working in farm           MS
      Fry, Laurilla           19fw    at home                   MS
      Roberts, Elvira         85fw    living in family          NC
23-27 Eubanks, Stephen        26mw    working in farm           MS
      Eubanks, Martha         25fw    keeping house             AL
      Eubanks, Geo             4mw    at home                   MS
      Eubanks, Chas H.         2mw    at home                   MS
      Eubanks, Lemuel       1/12mw    at home                   MS
      Irquhart, Ann           20fw    Domestic Servant          MS
24-28 Eubanks, Littleton      30mw    Farmer   150         285  MS
      Eubanks, Sarah          24fw    keeping house             MS
      Eubanks, Florence        3fw    at home                   MS
      Thompson, Jno           52mw    works in farm             MS
25-29 Blackledge, Jessey      39mw    Wheel Wright        100   MS
      Blackledge, Rachel      42fw    keeping house             MS
      Blackledge, C. M.       18fw    at home                   MS
      Blackledge, S. E.       12fw    at home                   MS
      Blackledge, Martha       9fw    at home                   MS
      Blackledge, J. C.        5mw    at home                   MS
      Blackledge, E. J.        1mw    at home                   MS
26-30 Williams, D. S.         20mw    Farmer   300         446  AL
      Williams, F. E.         30fw    keeping house             AL
      Williams, Wm            10mw    at home                   AL
      Williams, David          8mw    at home                   AL
      Williams, Rufus          4mw    at home                   AL
      Williams, Emma           3fw    at home                   AL
      Williams, Jno W.         1mw    at home                   AL
      Turner, Malinda         67fw    living in family          MS
27-31 McLeod, Roderic         65mw    Farmer   680        1010  NC
      McLeod, Martha          46fw    keeping house             MS
      McLeod, Jno             23mw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Frank           21mw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Wm              16mw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Nancy           13fw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Geo              9mw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Isabel           3fw    at home                   MS
      Hunt, Fanny             14fw    Domestic Servant          MS
28-32 Woodard, James          21mw    works in farm             MS
      Woodard, Jesse          18mw    works in farm             MS
29-33 McInnis, Katy           50fm    keeping house             NC
      McInnis, Archy          22mm    at home                   MS
      McInnis, Ellis          13mm    at home                   MS
      McInnis, Harriet        11fw    at home                   MS
29-34 McInnis, Liddia         24fm    without occupation        MS
      McInnis, Wm              6mm    at home                   MS
      McInnis, Kenneth         3mm    at home                   MS
30-35 Ramsey, Alexr           39mm    works in farm             MS
      Ramsey, Liza            30fw    keeping house             MS
      Ramsey, Luke            12mm    at home                   MS
      Ramsey, Barney          10mm    at home                   MS
31-36 Philips, Jno            29mm    works in farm             AL
      Philips, Julia          24fm    keeping house             AL
      Philips, Robt            3mm    at home                   AL
32-37 Frazier, Henry          23mm    works in farm             AL
      Frazier, Mary           22fb    keeping house             MS
33-   White, Chas             27mb    works in farm             MS
      White, Sisley           24fb    keeping house             MS
      White, Laura             4fb    at home                   MS
      White, Jas               2mb    at home                   MS
      White, Nelson         2/12mb    at home                   MS
34-38 Williams, Saml          35mb    works in farm             MS
      Williams, Mandy         30fb    keeping house             MS
      Williams, Julia         10fb    at home                   MS
      Williams, Richard        8mb    at home                   MS
      Williams, Butter         6mb    at home                   MS
      Williams, Ellen          4fb    at home                   MS
      Williams, Saml        3/12mb    at home                   MS
35-39 Pipkins, Lewis          56mw    Farmer   300         603  AL
      Pipkins, Renny          33fw    keeping house             MS
      Pipkins, Catherine      13fw    at home                   MS
      Pipkins, Ema E.         10fw    at home                   MS
      Pipkins, Wm D.           8mw    at home                   MS
      Pipkins, Annabelle       6fw    at home                   MS
      Pipkins, Matilda         4fw    at home                   MS
      Pipkins, Mahalie         2fw    at home                   MS
36-40 Box, C. G.              68mw    Mechanic   1000      357  England
      Box, Maria              60fw    keeping house             MS
      Irquhart, Jas           13mw    working in farm           MS
      Woodham, Frank          11mb    Domestic Servant          MS
37-41 Brown, Mary             38fw    keeping house             MS
      Brown, Eli              15mw    at home                   MS
      Brown, Henry            13mw    at home                   MS
      Brown, Wm                8mw    at home                   MS
      Brown, Abagel            1fw    at home                   AL
38-42 Shepperd, Jessy         34mw    works in farm             AL
      Shepperd, Betsy         28fw    keeping House             MS
      Shepperd, Octavia       12fw    at home                   MS
      Shepperd, Austin        10mw    at home                   MS
      Shepperd, J. C.          8mw    at home                   MS
      Shepperd, Rans           5mw    at home                   MS
      Shepperd, M.             3mw    at home                   MS
      Shepperd, Wm             1mw    at home                   MS
39-43 McIntosh, J. R. B.      51mw    Farmer                    Maryland
      McIntosh, R.            49fw    keeping house             MS
      McIntosh, Wm H.         21mw    at home                   MS
      McIntosh, Jno           17mw    at home                   MS
      McIntosh, Cath          15fw    at home                   MS
      McIntosh, Rachel        13fm    at home                   MS
      McIntosh, Bliss          9mw    at home                   MS
      Turner, Catherine        9fm    Domestic Servt.400   246  MS
40-44 Cowart, J. W.           24mw    Farmer                    MS
      Cowart, Martha          19fw    keeping house             MS
      Cowart, Walter        7/12mw    at home                   MS
      Cowart, Rebecca         16fw    living in family          AL
      Lott, Catherine         13fw    living in family          MS
41-45 Pipkins, Rich'd         49mw    Peddler                   MS
      Pipkins, Mary           30fw    keeping house             MS
      Pipkins, Matilda        13fw    at home                   MS
      Pipkins, Mary E.        10fw    at home                   MS
      Pipkins, Ellen           6fw    at home                   MS
      Pipkins, Elisha          4mw    at home                   MS
      Pipkins, Drusilla        2fw    at home                   MS
      Pipkins, Ann          5/12fw    at home                   MS
42-46 McLeod, M. C.           61mw    Farmer   200         252  SC
      McLeod, Mary            25fw    keeping house             MS
      McLeod, Cath.           21fw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Peter A.        16mw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Dan'l           14mw    at home                   MS
43-47 Dickinson, Wm           55mw    Farmer   100         776  MS
      Dickinson, Ann          44fw    keeping house             AL
      Dickinson, Jas          21mw    at home                   MS
      Dickinson, Elizabeth    18fw    at home                   MS
44-48 Dickinson, Joe          50mw    Farmer   100         500  MS
      Dickinson, Sarah        15fw    keeping house             MS
      Dickinson, Chas          7mw    at home                   MS
      Dickinson, Jas W.        5mw    at home                   MS
      Dickinson, Mary          3fw    at home                   MS
45-49 Wilford, Wm             72mw    Farmer   100         255  England
      Wilford, Abagal         57fw    keeping house             MS
      Wilford, Joseph         27mw    at home                   MS
      Wilford, Saml           25mw    at home                   MS
      Wilford, Jno            17mw    at home                   MS
      Wilford, Jas            15mw    at home                   MS
45-50 Williams, Betsy         40fb    Domestic Servant          MS
      Williams, Buckner        2mb    at home                   MS
46-51 Sheperd, Winnie         45fw    keeping house             MS
      Shehard, Rebeca         18fw    at home                   MS
      Shepard, Mary           15fw    at home                   MS
      Shepard, Jno            15mw    at home                   MS
      Shepard, Fanny          13fw    at home                   MS
      Shepard, Susan           6fw    at home                   MS
47-52 Wilford, Henry          28mw    Farmer               125  MS
      Wilford, Frances        21fw    keeping house             MS
48-53 Liles, Edward           58mw    works in farm             MS
      Liles, Harriet          48fw    keeping house             MS
      Liles, Jas              20mw    at home                   MS
      Liles, Luizer           18fw    at home                   MS
48-54 Nelson, Elizor          32fw    without occupation        MS
      Nelson, Jessie          14mw    at home                   MS
      Nelson, Wm D.           12mw    at home                   MS
      Nelson, Nathan           9mw    at home                   MS
      Nelson, Matthew          9mw    at home                   MS
      Nelson, Henry            7mw    at home                   MS
49-55 Moulds, Sarah           30fw    at home                   MS
      Moulds, Wm D.            9mw    at home                   MS
      Moulds, Martha           9fw    at home                   MS
49-56 Nelson, Martha          21fw    without occupation        MS
      Nelson, Syntha           4fw    at home                   MS
49-57 Williams, Allen         30mw    works in farm             MS
      Williams, Elizabeth     27fw    without occupation        MS
      Williams, Ed             4mw    at home                   Texas
      Williams, A.             2fw    at home                   Texas
      Williams, Martha      5/12fw    at home                   AL
      Ball, Charlott          90fw    living in family          GA
50-58 Green, Anne             41fw    keeping house             MS
      Green, Joseph           22mw    at home                   MS
      Green, Jinsey           19fw    at home                   MS
      Green, Reb'a            17fw    at home                   MS
      Green, Cam              16fw    at home                   MS
      Green, Rufus            13mw    at home                   MS
      Green, Rock             11mw    at home                   MS
      Roberts, Alfa           45mw    works in farm             MS
51-59 McInnis, Jno            53mw    Farmer   2000       1000  NC
      McInnis, R.             54fw    keeping house             GA
      McInnis, Hilla          20mw    works in farm             MS
      McInnis, Neal           18mw    works in farm             MS
      McInnis, Jno            15mw    at home                   MS
52-60 Cooley, Wm              36mw    Farmer   400         700  MS
      Cooley, Jane            24fw    keeping house             MS
      Cooley, Jno              7mw    at home                   MS
      Cooley, Henry J.         5mw    at home                   MS
      Cooley, Julias           5mw    at home                   MS
      Cayton, Rebeca          71fw    without occupation        MS
56-61 Roberts, Melly          50fb    keeping house             SC
      Roberts, Isaha          15mb    at home                   MS
      Roberts, Danl           13mb    at home                   MS
      Roberts, Rose           11fb    at home                   MS
      Roberts, Mich            8fb    at home                   MS
54-62 Cooley, Matilda         60fw    keeping house   100  126  MS
      Cooley, Betsy           19fw    at home                   MS
55-63 Cooley, H. R.           35mw    Farmer   500         770  MS
      Cooley, Sarah           35fw    keeping house             MS
      Cooley, Jas             12mw    at home                   MS
      Cooley, Nathen          10mw    at home                   MS
      Cooley, Robert           8mw    at home                   MS
      Cooley, Millard          6mw    at home                   MS
      Cooley, Sarah            4fw    at home                   MS
56-64 Pipkins, Wm             45mw    Farmer               340  MS
57-65 Cooley, R Z.            47mw    Farmer   300         249  SC
      Cooley, Mary            42fw    keeping house             MS
      Cooley, Florence        10fw    at home                   MS
      Cooley, Nancy            3fw    at home                   MS
      Cooley, Wesley        4/12mw    at home                   MS
58-66 Thomas, Ghorn           51mb    works in farm        100  MS
      Thomas, Dina            40fw    keeping house             SC
      Thomas, Caroline        20fb    at home                   MS
      Thomas, Emily           17fb    at home                   MS
      Thomas, R.              15mb    at home                   MS
      Thomas, Nancy           12fb    at home                   MS
      Thomas, Mary          6/12fb    at home                   MS
59-67 Hyman, Prince           45mb    works in farm             MS
      Hyman, Fanny            54fb    keeping house             MS
      Hyman, Ann              11fb    at home                   MS
      Hyman, Luvenia           5fb    at home                   MS
60-68 Ball, J. S.             71mw    Farmer   200         515  GA
      Ball, Wm W.             29mw    works in farm             MS
      Ball, Sarah             21fw    keeping house             MS
61-69 Ball, J. J.             27mw    Farmer               183  MS
      Ball, Piety             27fw    keeping house             MS
      Ball, Mary               1fw    at home                   MS
      Ball, Sarah           1/12fw    at home                   MS
      Hunt, Columbia           7fw    at home                   MS
62-70 Ball, T. A.             38mw    Farmer   150         249  MS
      Ball, Martha            34fw    keeping house             MS
      Ball, Allas             11fw    at home                   MS
      Ball, Susan             10fw    at home                   MS
      Ball, Luvenia            9fw    at home                   MS
      Ball, James              6mw    at home                   MS
      Ball, John               5mw    at home                   MS
      Ball, Tyrie              2mw    at home                   MS
      Ball, Nancy          11/12fw    at home                   MS
63-71 Roberts, Elijah         40mm    works in farm             KY
      Roberts, Maria          35fb    keeping house             KY
      Roberts, Amanda         17fm    at home                   MS
      Roberts, Mary           13fb    at home                   MS
      Roberts, Laura           9fm    at home                   MS
      Roberts, Julia           7fb    at home                   MS
      Roberts, Luke            5mb    at home                   MS
      Roberts, Sarah        5/12fb    at home                   MS
64-72 Ball, H. A.             49mw    Farmer   300         578  MS
      Ball, Rufus             16mw    works in farm             MS
      Ball, Malisa            13fw    keeping house             MS
      Ball, Danl              11mw    at home                   MS
      Ball, James              6mw    at home                   MS
      Ball, Eugenia            4fw    at home                   MS
      Ball, Saml               2mw    at home                   MS
65-73 McInnis, Alexr          64mw    Farmer   1200       2220  NC
      McInnis, Margaret       46fw    keeping house             MS
      McInnis, Josephine      25fw    at home                   MS
      McInnis, Dan'l          23mw    works in farm             MS
      McInnis, Laughlin       20mw    works in farm             MS
      McInnis, Louiza         15fw    at home                   MS
      McInnis, Nott           13mw    at home                   MS
      McInnis, S. J.          10mw    at home                   MS
66-74 Mixon, Jennie           18fb    keeping house             MS
      Mixon, Rube             16mb    works in farm             MS
      Mixon, Selah            12fb    at home                   MS
      Mixon, Lucy             11fb    at home                   MS
67-75 McInnis, Danl           46mw    Farmer   1500       2440  MS
      McInnis, Edwena       1/12fw    at home                   MS
      Measels, Rebecca        35fw    Domestic Servant          MS
      White, Harriett         25fm    Domestic Servant          MS
68-76 McInnis, Murdock        35mw    Farmer   1500        800  MS
      McInnis, Evaline        22fw    keeping house             MS
      McInnis, An K.           1fw    at home                   MS
68-77 Rinigin, Elizabeth      35fw    keeping house             MS
      Rinigin, Peter           2mw    at home                   MS
69-78 Polk, Richard           25mb    works in farm             MS
      Polk, Jane              20fb    keeping house             MS
      Polk, Herrac         11/12mb    at home                   MS
70-79 Polk, Calvin            30mb    works in farm             MS
      Polk, Mary              25fb    keeping house             MS
      Polk, Eretta            10fb    at home                   MS
      Polk, Ira                8fb    at home                   MS
      Polk, Calvin             6mb    at home                   MS
      Polk, Richard            4mb    at home                   MS
      Polk, Laura              1fb    at home                   MS

Transcribed by  Rev. James T. Dunnam
All spelling as in original record.


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