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DISTRICT # 4 - 1870 United States Census, Greene County, MS

H Fam Name                    A-S-R Occupation  Real     Pers. Birth
1-1   Crawley, Wm             42mw    Farmer   300         900  MS
      Crawley, Martha        40fdw    keeping house             AL
      Crawley, W. F.          20mw    works in farm             MS
      Crawley, Odelia         16fw    at home                   MS
      Crawley, Jno            15mw    at home                   MS
      Crawley, Edward         13mw    at home                   MS
      Ceawley, Isabel          9fw    at home                   MS
      Crawley, Martha          3fw    at home                   MS
2-2   Miller, Jeremiah        64mw    Farmer   700         900  SC
      Miller, Elizabeth       56fw    keeping house             MS
      Miller, Manerva         24fw    at home                   MS
      Miller, Louiza          20fw    at home                   MS
3-3   Cowan, Oliver C.        43mw    Farmer   900        1500  Ire
      Cowan, Louiza           40fw    keeping house             MS
      Cowan, Elizabeth        18fw    at home                   MS
      Cowan, Rob't            16mw    at home                   MS
      Cowan, Jno              15mw    at home                   MS
      Cowan, Oliver           13mw    at home                   MS
      Cowan, Marshal          11mw    at home                   MS
      Cowan, Allison           6mw    at home                   MS
      McKay, Elizabeth        74fw    without occupation        SC
4-4   McKay, Martha           30fb    keeping house             MS
      McKay, Ellen            10fb    at home                   MS
5-5   McKay, Charlotte        25fb    keeping house             MS
      McKay, Washington        6mb    at home                   MS
      McKay, Ann               3fb    at home                   MS
6-6   McCarty, Lemuel         48mb    Farmer   100         600  MS
      McCarty, Thiar          36fb    keeping house             MS
      McCarty, Fredrick        8mm    at home                   MS
      McCarty, Jno             6mm    at home                   MS
7-7   McCarty, Luke           32mb    works in farm             MS
      McCarty, Calvin         25mm    works in farm             MS
      McCarty, Sarah          23fb    keeping house             MS
8-8   Hugger, Clayborne       52mb    works in farm             MS
      Hugger, Mary            30fb    keeping house             MS
      Hugger, Ceburn          15mb    works in farm             MS
      Hugger, Miney           11fb    at home                   MS
      Hugger, Susan            8fb    at home                   MS
      Hugger, Elvira           4fb    at home                   MS
      Hugger, Prince        5/12mb    at home                   MS
9-9   Hartfield, Adam         28mb    works in farm             MS
      Hartfield, Catherine    24fb    keeping house             MS
      Hartfield, Nora          7fb    at home                   MS
      Hartfield, Adam          4mb    at home                   MS
      Hartfield, Ella          2fb    at home                   MS
      Hartfield, Catherine     1fb    at home                   MS
9-10  Lawrence, Clarisa       22fb    with out occupation       MS
      Lawrence, Geo            5mb    at home                   MS
      Lawrence, Isabel         3fb    at home                   MS
      Lawrence, Buckhanan      1mb    at home                   MS
10-11 Breland, George         26mm    works in farm             MS
      Breland, Eliza          26fm    keeping house             MS
      Breland, Eliza          10fm    at home                   MS
11-12 Harverson, Matilda      39fw    keeping house   400  650  MS
      Harverson, Charles      20mw    Farmer                    MS
12-13 McLeod, M. R.           51fw    keeping house 1000  4600  MS
      McLeod, J. K.           28mw    Doctor                    MS
      McLeod, N. L.           21mw    works in farm             MS
      McLeod, D. W.           19mw    works in farm             MS
      McLeod, C. E.           17fw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, W. S.           15mw    attending school          MS
      McLeod, N. A.           14fw    attending school          MS
13-14 Tatum, Wyatt            36mm    works in farm             MS
      Tatum, Caroline         36fb    keeping house             MS
      Tatum, Millie           13fm    at home                   MS
      Tatum, Emma             13fb    at home                   MS
      Tatum, Austin           11mm    at home                   MS
      Tatum, Edmond           10mm    at home                   MS
      Tatum, Iseril            5mm    at home                   MS
      Tatum, Wm                2mm    at home                   MS
13-15 Tatum, America          16fb    at home                   MS
      Tatum, Charles           2mm    at home                   MS
      Tatum, G.             3/12fw    at home                   MS
14-16 Sofa, Safronia          31fb    keeping house             MS
      Sofa, Mary               6fb    at home                   MS
      Sofa, Jennie          1/12fb    at home                   MS
15-17 Hugger, Moses           75mb    works in farm             SC
      Hugger, Martha          50fb    keeping house             AL
      Hugger, Adny             4mb    at home                   MS
      Hugger, Marshal          2mb    at home                   MS
16-18 McKay, A. A.            49mw    Farmer   100        1290  MS
      McKay, Elizabeth        46fw    keeping house             MS
      McKay, Asaline          23fw    at home                   MS
      McKay, Milton           21mw    works in farm             MS
      McKay, Sabrie           18fw    at home                   MS
      McKay, Marques          12mw    at home                   MS
      McKay, Lee               8mw    at home                   MS
      McKay, Emmet             4mw    at home                   MS
      Murphy, Rob't           30mb    works in farm             MS
      Powers, Alexr           13mm    works in farm             MS
17-19 McLeod, B. P.           50mw    Farmer   300        1120  MS
      McLeod, Catherine       40fw    keeping house             MS
      McLeod, James           14mb    works in farm             MS
18-20 Fairly, A. H.           56mw    Farmer   500         900  SC
      Fairly, Sarah           45fw    keeping house             MS
      Fairly, Peter           22mw    works in farm             MS
      Fairly, Joseph          19mw    works in farm             MS
      Fairly, David           17mw    works in farm             MS
      Fairly, Floria          14fw    at home                   MS
      Fairly, Elizabeth       12fw    at home                   MS
      Fairly, June            10fw    at home                   MS
      Fairly, Silverine        7fw    at home                   MS
      Fairly, Catherine        3fw    at home                   MS
19-21 Box, George             58mb    works in farm             NC
      Box, Sarah              40fm    keeping house             MS
      Box, Arbella            15fm    at home                   MS
      Box, Ezekiel            10mb    at home                   MS
      Box, Hannah              8fb    at home                   MS
      Box, Bruner              7mb    at home                   MS
      Box, Daniel              6mb    at home                   MS
      Box, Caroline            3fb    at home                   MS
20-22 Wood, Luke              45mb    works in farm             MS
      Wood, Selah             33fb    keeping house             MS
      Wood, Cory              12fb    at home                   MS
      Wood, Ainsley           10mb    at home                   MS
      Wood, Frank              8mb    at home                   MS
      Wood, Sabrie             6fb    at home                   MS
      Wood, Alexr              1mb    at home                   MS
20-23 McLeod, Catherine       30fb    without occupation        MS
      McLeod, Ann             13fb    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Wiley           11mb    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Clemla           9mb    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Alexr            7mb    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Chinkey       3/12fb    at home                   MS
21-24 Fairly, Cesar           58mb    works in farm             NC
      Fairly, Maria           43fb    keeping house             MS
      Fairly, Millie          15fm    at home                   MS
      Fairly, Easter          10fb    at home                   MS
      Fairly, Ginsie          11fb    at home                   MS
      Fairly, Coleman         10fb    at home                   MS
      Fairly, Emily            3fb    at home                   MS
22-25 Thompson, J. D.         65mw    Farmer   250         200  KY
      Thomsun, Susan          63fw    keeping house             MA
      Thompson, Effie         22fw    at home                   MS
      Thompson, Laura         20fw    at home                   MS
22-26 Thomson, J. W.          30mw    works in farm             MS
      Thomson, E.             18fw    with out occupation       Ind
      Thomson, Jno             1mw    at home                   Iow
22-27 Thomson, Albert         25mw    works in farm             MS
      Thomson, M. V.          27fw    with out occupation       MS
      Thomson, J. E.           1mw    at home                   MS
23-28 McLendon, Mal           31mw    Farmer   300         500  MS
      McLendon, Mary          29fw    keeping house             MS
      McLendon, J. M.         10mw    at home                   MS
      McLendon, M. A.          8fw    at home                   MS
      McLendon, F.             6mw    at home                   MS
      Hunt, Susan             12fw    at home                   MS
24-29 Black, John V.          23mw    Farmer   200         750  MS
      Black, Mary M.          21fw    keeping house             MS
      Black, M. K.          4/12mw    at home                   MS
      Black, Louiza           47fw    with out occupation       MS
25-30 Cowart, Washington      57mw    Farmer   200         830  NC
      Cowart, Bedie           67fw    keeping house             MS
      Cowart, Nedam           18mw    works in farm             MS
26-31 Hunt, Julian            38fw    keeping house             MS
      Hunt, Shirily           15mw    at home                   MS
      Hunt Raleigh            13mw    at home                   MS
      Hunt, Sarah             11fw    at home                   MS
27-32 Shepherd, Jno           48mw    Farmer   250        1245  MS
      Shepherd, Allethia      38fw    keeping house   250 1245  MS
      Shepherd, Frank         18mw    works in farm             MS
      Shepherd, Wm            16mw    works in farm             MS
      Shepherd, Mary          15fw    at home                   MS
      Shepherd, Jane          12fw    at home                   MS
      Shepherd, Margaret      10fw    at home                   MS
      Shepherd, Richard        8mw    at home                   MS
      Shepherd, Jno            6mw    at home                   MS
      Shepherd, J.             4mw    at home                   MS
      Shepherd, Allethia   11/12fw    at home                   MS
28-33 Cochran, Courtney       69fw    keeping house   100  300  SC
      Cochran, Henry W.       29mw    Farmer                    MS
      Cochran, Kiella         26fw    at home                   MS
29-34 Breland, Jno            32mw    Farmer   500         780  MS
      Breland, Ellen          35fw    keeping house             GA
      Breland, Mary           14fw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Safronia       12fw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Viola          10fw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Wm              8mw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Ellen           7fw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Sarah           5fw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Susan           2fw    at home                   MS
30-35 Stafford, Barney        74mw    Farmer   100         360  SC
      Stafford, Margaret      70fw    keeping house             SC
      Stafford, Edward        50mw    works in farm             SC
30-36 Yawn, Jack              11mw    at home                   MS
      Yawn, Sarah              9fw    at home                   MS
31-37 Cowart, Martin          45mw    Farmer   400         845  MS
      Cowart, Mary            38fw    keeping house             GA
      Cowart, Laura           16fw    at home                   MS
      Cowart, Rufus O.        13mw    at home                   MS
      Cowart, E. A.           11fw    at home                   MS
      Cowart, Beauford         5mw    at home                   MS
      Cowart, J. M. S.         1mw    at home                   MS
32-38 Hunt, Sarah             38fw    keeping house   200  885  MS
      Hunt, L. V.             15fw    at home                   MS
      Hunt, Quitman           10mw    at home                   MS
      Hunt, M. G.              8mw    at home                   MS
      Hunt, F. J.              6fw    at home                   MS
      Hunt, S. A.              4fw    at home                   MS
      Hunt, M. F.              1fw    at home                   MS
33-39 McLendon, Mary          72fw    keeping house             NC
      McLendon, Alexr         37mw    works in farm             MS
34-40 Miller, Elias           35mw    Farmer                    MS
      Miller, Erean           32fw    keeping house             MS
      Miller, Louiza          10fw    at home                   MS
      Miller, Erean            8fw    at home                   MS
      Miller, William          5mw    at home                   MS
35-41 Miller, Jeremiah        30mw    Farmer                    MS
      Miller, Emaline         39fw    keeping house             MS
36-42 Ray Simon               57mb    works in farm             MS
      Ray, Jennie             60fb    keeping house             MS
      Ray, Benjamin            7mb    at home                   MS
37-43 Box, Harry              30mb    works in ffarm            MS
      Box, Kissiah            32fb    keeping house             MS
      Box, Sarah              22fb    at home                   MS
      Box, Ella               11fb    at home                   MS
38-44 Cochran, E. L.          38mw    works in farm             MS
      Cochran, Patience       27fw    keeping house             MS
39-45 Breland, Hiram          73mw    Farmer   500         405  SC
      Breland, Lusa           57fw    keeping house             SC
      Breland, Jane           10fw    at home                   MS
      Breland, Thomas          6mw    at home                   MS
39-46 McSwain, Mal            25mw    works in farm             MS
      McSwain, Emaline        24fw    keeping house             MS
      McSwain, W. L.           5mw    at home                   MS
      McSwain, Louiza          1fw    at home                   MS
40-47 Breland, Jno            27mw    works in farm             MS
      Breland, Argent         24fw    keepingbhouse             MS
      Breland, Eliza           3fw    at home                   MS
      Breland, W. H.          12mw    at home                   MS
41-48 Breland, H. D.          38mw    Farmer   300         200  MS
      Breland, Louiza         28fw    keeping house             MS
      Mason, Richard           5mw    Orphan                    MS
42-49 Ward, Elijah            38mw    Farmer                76  MS
      Ward, Sarena            24fw    keeping house             MS
      Ward, W. H.              9mw    at home                   MS
      Ward, Louiza             5fw    at home                   MS
      Ward, Mary A.            3fw    at home                   MS
43-50 Bradford, L. G.         53mw    Farmer   500        1380  MS
      Bradford, Elizabeth     45fm    keeping house             MS
      Bradford, Elizabeth     24fw    at home                   MS
      Bradford, M. L.         23fw    at home                   MS
      Bradford, Octavia       22fw    at home                   MS
      Bradford, Ila           20fw    at home                   MS
      Bradford, Jackson       14mw    at home                   MS
      Bradford, Florence      12fw    at home                   MS
      Bradford, Virgie        10fw    at home                   MS
      Bradford, Abigal         9fw    at home                   MS
      Bradford, Theodocia      3fw    at home                   MS
      Bradford, Erean          2fw    at home                   MS
44-51 Roberts, Henry          48mw    Farmer   500         600  MS
      Roberts, Janie          34fw    keeping house             MS
      Roberts, Columbas       18mw    works on farm             MS
      Roberts, C. A.          16fw    at home                   MS
      Roberts, L. D.          13mw    at home                   MS
      Roberts, Mirandy        11fw    at home                   MS
      Roberts, H. D.           9mw    at home                   MS
      Roberts, A. E.           6fw    at home                   MS
      Roberts, Jno I.          4mw    at home                   MS
45-52 Byrd, Rebecca           42fw    keeping house       1440  AL
      Byrd, Frank             22mw    works in farm             MS
      Byrd, James             20mw    Farmer                    MS
      Byrd, M. A.             14fw    at home                   MS
      Byrd, Manual            13mw    at home                   MS
      Byrd, J. H.             10mw    at home                   MS
      Byrd, N. R.              5mw    at home                   MS
      Byrd, E.                 2fw    at home                   MS
      Walker, Eliza           69fw    without occupation        GA
46-53 Byrd, Josiah            52mw    Farmer               945  SC
      Byrd, Mahala            46fw    keeping house             MS
      Byrd, Josiah            22mw    works in farm             MS
      Byrd, H. D.             18mw    works in farm             MS
      Byrd, M. A.             16fw    at home                   MS
      Byrd, Abslom            14mw    at home                   MS
      Byrd, Calvin            13mw    at home                   MS
      Byrd, J. D.              9mw    at home                   MS
      Byrd, Rebecca            4fw    at home                   MS
      Byrd, Louiza          3/12fw    at home                   MS
47-54 Byrd, Mal               39mw    at home             1000  MS
      Byrd, Arveline          36fw    keeping house             MS
      Byrd, Maryetta          12fw    at home                   MS
      Byrd, W. F.             10mw    at home                   MS
      Byrd, N. J.              8fw    at home                   MS
      Byrd, E. S.              6fw    at home                   MS
      Byrd, R. M.              5mw    at home                   MS
      Byrd, A. S.              3fw    at home                   MS
      Byrd, Columbus           1mw    at home                   MS
48-55 Merritt, Sarah          53fw    at home   200        510  MS
      Merritt, Mary           28fw    at home                   MS
      Merritt, Martha         26fw    at home                   MS
      Merritt, Angus          22mw    Farmer                    MS
      Merritt, Erasmus        21mw    works in farm             MS
      Merritt, William        17mw    works in farm             MS
      Merritt, Jno            15mw    works in farm             MS
      Merritt, Matilda        10fw    at home                   MS
49-56 McLeod, Murray          34mm    works in farm             MS
      McLeod, Angiline        23fb    keeping house             MS
      McLeod, Charlie          3mm    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Angeline         2fb    at home                   MS
50-57 Bolton, Danl            38mb    works in farm             MS
      Bolton, Julia           40fb    keeping house             MS
      Bolton, Wm               5mm    at home                   MS
      Bolton, Rebecca          3fw    at home                   MS
51-58 Roberts, T. J.          63mw    Farmer   1200       1389  SC
      Roberts, Lusy           50fw    keeping house             AL
      Roberts, Elsie          24fw    at home                   MS
      Roberts, Gaines         18mw    works in farm             MS
      Roberts, Hines          15mw    at home                   MS
      Roberts, Viola          12fw    at home                   MS
      McGilvray, Jno          16mb    works in farm             MS
52-59 Daughdrill, Jno         58mw    Farmer   500         870  MS
      Daughdrill, Sarah       51fw    keeping house             MS
      Daughdrill, Emett       20fw    at home                   MS
      Daughdrill, S. V.       17fw    at home                   MS
      Daughdrill, W. T.       14mw    works on farm             MS
      Daughdrill, H. D.        9mw    at home                   MS
53-60 Williams, Axum          34mw    Farmer                    MS
      Williams, M. A.         31fw    keeping house             MS
      Williams, C.            13fw    at home                   MS
      Williams, Julia         11fw    at home                   MS
      Williams, Jno            9mw    at home                   MS
      Williams, N.             7mw    at home                   MS
      Williams, Eliza          5fw    at home                   MS
      Williams, L. G.          3fw    at home                   MS
54-61 McLeod, Sweyn           38mw    Farmer   200         500  MS
      McLeod, Rachel          27fw    keeping house             MS
      McLeod, Lawrence        11mw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Randle           9mw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Nancy            7fw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, Jane             5fw    at home                   MS
      McLeod, E. A.         4/12fw    at home                   MS
55-62 McInnis, Kenneth        21mw                              MS
      McInnis, Lula           21fw    keeping house             MS
      McInnis, Randle         31mw    Farmer               400  MS
55-63 Breland, Laura          20fb    Domestic Servant          MS
      Breland, Wm           2/12mm    at home                   MS
36-64 Sims, Jno               65mb    works in farm             SC
      Sims, Dauphry           35fb    keeping house             MS
      Sims, Dina              18fb    at home                   MS
      Sims, Washington        15mb    at home                   MS
      Sims, Lewis             12mb    at home                   MS
      Sims, Landice           10fb    at home                   MS
      Sims, Richard            9mb    at home                   MS
      Sims, Henry              9mb    at home                   MS
      Sims, Fanny              8fb    at home                   MS
      Sims, Walley             7mb    at home                   MS
      Sims, Eliza              6fb    at home                   MS
      Sims, Mary               3fb    at home                   MS
57-65 Dunnam, Charity         50fm    keeping house             SC
      Dunnam, Baily           12mm    works in farm             MS
      Dunnam, Pompey          10mm    at home                   MS
      Dunnam, Sarah            8fm    at home                   MS
      Jackson, Andrew         15mb    working in farm           MS
58-66 Cochran, J. A.          41mw    Farmer   600        1165  MS
      Cochran, Ruth           33fw    keeping house             AL
      Cochran, Mary           16fw    at home                   MS
      Cochran, Alexr          13mw    at home                   MS
      Cochran, W. W.          11mw    at home                   MS
      Cochran, Luvenia         8fw    at home                   MS
      Cochran, Julia           4fw    at home                   MS
      Cochran, Margaret        1fw    at home                   MS
59-67 Cochran, Henry          43mw    Farmer                    MS
      Cochran, M. J.          27fw    keeping house             MS
      Cochran, Margaret        4fw    at home                   MS
      Cochran, Mary            2fw    at home                   MS

Transcribed by  Rev. James T. Dunnam
All spelling as in original record.


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