This file transcribed and contributed by James Dunnam, who retains all copyright priviledges. It is posted here for your use and convenience. Further use for commercial purposes prohibited without permission.

DISTRICT # 2 - 1870 United States Census, Greene County, MS

H Fam Name                    A-S-R Occupation  Real     Pers. Birth

1-1   Robertson, J. J.        55mw    Farmer   200         450  SC
      Robertson, Harriett     33fw    keeping house             FL
      Robertson, Jane         18fw    at home                   MS
      Robertson, Berry        16mw    at home                   MS
      Robertson, Elizabeth     4fw    at home                   MS
      Robertson, Ransom        4mw    at home                   MS
      Robertson, Mary          3fw    at home                   MS
      Robertson, John          2mw    at home                   MS
      Robertson, George     8/12mw    at home                   MS
2-2   Kittrell, David         40mw    Farmer   200         250  MS
      Kittrell, Margaret      36fw    keeping house             MS
      Kittrell, Jane          12fw    at home                   MS
      Kittrell, John          11mw    at home                   MS
      Kittrell, Margaret      10fw    at home                   MS
      Kittrell, Mary           3fw    at home                   MS
      Kittrell, David          1mw    at home                   MS
3-3   Jones, E. S.            48mw    Farmer   1600        600  AL
      Jones, Susan            42fw    keeping house             MS
      Jones, Martha           21fw    at home                   MS
      Jones, Rob't E.         19mw    works in farm             MS
      Jones, J. C.            17mw    works in farm             MS
      Jones, J. M.            15mw    at home                   MS
      Jones, N. E.            12mw    at home                   MS
      Jones, Margaret         11fw    at home                   MS
      Jones, Thomas J.         9mw    at home                   MS
      Jones, Susan             5fw    at home                   MS
4-4   Hood, J. R.             36mw    Ret. merchant       3000  GA
      Hood, Mary C.           26fw    keeping house             AL
      Hood, Nora               1fw    at home                   AL
      Miles, Laura            15fw    seamstress                AL
      Howel, E. R.            30mw    clerk in ret. store       AL
5-5   Byrd, Jesse             23mw    Ret merchant         800  MS
      Byrd, Lizzie            22fw    keeping house             MS
      Byrd, Sidney, A.         1mw    at home                   MS
6-6   Harris, Mary            67fw    keeping house             NC
      Harris, B. F.           24mw    Ret. merchant        800  MS
      Harris, John            21mw    Carpenter                 MS
      Harris, Osburn          19mw    at home                   MS
      Posey, H. M.            27mw    Clerk in ret. store       AL
7-7   Packer, George          60mm    Carpenter                 SC
      Packer, Minnie          34fm    keeping house             AL
      Packer, M. W.           14mm    at home                   AL
      Packer, Ripley          11mm    at home                   AL
      Packer, Lisbon           9mm    at home                   AL
      Packer, Sam'l            3mm    at home                   AL
8-8   Grishom, John           54mw    Miller   5000       5000  SC
      Grishom, Joseph         24mw    Clerk in saw mill         SC
      Grishom, Mary           20fw    keeping house             FL
9-9   McInnis, Benj           75mb    without occupation        SC
      McInnis, Sofa           50fb    keeping house             SC
      McInnis, Tobe           25mb    cuts cross ties           MS
10-10 Marshal, J. L.          48mw    Farmer   300         500  MS
      Marshal, D. M.          34fw    keeping house             MS
      Marshal, Jane           18fw    at home                   MS
      Marshal, Edward         16mw    at home                   MS
      Marshal, William        14mw    at home                   MS
      Marshal, Albert         11mw    at home                   MS
11-11 Lankford, Ellebee       62mw    Farmer                    GA
      Lankford, Mary          62fw    keeping house             NC
      Lankford, Nancy         48fw    at home                   MS
      Lankford, Mary          18fw    at home                   MS
      Lankford, Joseph        15mw    at home                   MS
      Lankford, Marth         13fw    at home                   MS
      Lankford, Josaphin      11fw    at home                   MS
      Lankford, Rebecca        2fw    at home                   MS
12-12 Long, Peter             40mb    Cuts cord wood            AL
      Long, Clarisa           28fb    keeping house             AL
      Long, Joseph            13mb    at home                   AL
      Long, Ann                5fb    at home                   AL
      Long, Lucindey           3fw    at home                   AL
13-13 Payne, H. D.            34mw    Doctor               110  AL
      Payne, E. C.            25fw    keeping house             MS
      Payne, W.D.              7mw    at home                   MS
      Payne, Sofa              5fw    at home                   MS
14-14 Patton, George          25mb    cuts cross ties           TN
      Patton, Elsie           42fb    keeping house             TN
      Patton, Charlie         12mb    at home                   MS
      Winburn, Deal           24mm    cuts cross ties           MS
15-15 Smith, Alexr            27mb    cuts cross ties           NC
      Smith, Caroline         21fb    keeping house             MS
      Smith, Rebecca           7fb    at home                   AL
      Smith, Mary              2fb    at home                   AL
      Smith, William           1mb    at home                   AL
      Smith, Alexr          5/12mb    at home                   MS
16-16 Smith, E. H.            45mw    Miller   600        3000  Vermont
      Smith, Mary H.          39fw    keeping house             Maine
      Smith, Mary H.          12fw    at home                   AL
      Walley, Anna C.         32fw    Seamstress                Maine
      Winburn, Lewis          25mb    cuts cross ties           MS
17-17 Rounsaville, Moses      40mb    cuts cross ties           MS
      Rounsaville, Sarah      30fb    keeping house             VA
      Rounsaville, Walder      7mb    at home                   MS
      Rounsaville, William     4mb    at home                   MS
      Rounsaville, Wesley      3mb    at home                   MS
      Rounsaville, Mary     4/12fb    at home                   MS
18-18 McCann, Thos            23mb    works in wood yard        AL
      McCann, Hannah          20fm    keeping house             MS
      McCann, James            3mb    at home                   MS
19-19 Jones, W. J.            23mw    Farmer   60          600  MS
      Jones, Sarah            25fw    keeping house             MS
      Jones, John S.           3mw    at home                   MS
      Jones Ransom             2mw    at home                   MS
20-20 Kittrell, David         33mw    Farmer   100        2000  MS
      Kittrell, Sarah         25fw    keeping house             MS
      Kittrell, Elizabeth      2fw    at home                   MS
      Kittrell, John        9/12mw    at home                   MS
21-21 Banks, James            41mw    Ret. merchant 2500  4400  MS
      Banks, Harriett         41fw    keeping house             AL
      Banks, Mary E.          15fw    at home                   MS
22-22 McCann, Albert          35mw    Doctor   1500        600  MS
      McCann, E. J.           32fw    keeping house             MS
      McCann, Alethia         10fw    at home                   MS
      McCann, John             8mw    at home                   MS
      McCann, Rob't            4mw    at home                   MS
      Rogers, Z.              90mw    without occupation        SC
23-23 Coleman, Joseph         58mb    works in cord wood        SC
      Coleman, Millie         68fb    keeping house             NC
      Coleman, Harriett       38fb    at home                   GA
24-24 Turner, Nancy           55fw    keeping house        600  MS
      Turner, Nathan          20mw    works in farm             MS
      Turner, James           18mw    Teamster                  MS
      Rush, Benjamin          22mw    Clerk in saw mill         PA
      Thomas, Wm              28mw    Teamster             825  MS
      Martin, Davis           53mw    works in saw mill         NC
25-25 Rainwaters, Green       51mw    Blacksmith                AL
      Rainwaters, Harriett    54fw    keeping house             MS
      Rainwaters, James       18mw    works in saw mill         MS
      Rainwaters, L.          16mw    at home                   AL
      Rainwaters, Green       14mw    at home                   AL
      Rainwaters, Henry       13mw    at home                   AL
26-26 McKenzie, Julia         20fw    keeping house             AL
      McKenzie, Jemmime        6fw    at home                   AL
      McKenzie, J. L.          3mw    at home                   MS
27-27 Garrott, John           25mm    works in saw mill     40  GA
      Garrott, Agnes          25fm    keeping house             MS
      Garrott, JoeAnna         8fm    at home                   MS
      Garott, Berry            8mm    at home                   MS
28-28 Collins, S. J.          27mw    works in saw mill         OHIO
      Collins, Mary           20fw    keeping house             AL
      Rainwaters, Elizabeth   14fw    domestic servant          AL
29-29 Lucas, Aron             40mw    cuts cross ties      100  MS
      Lucas, Mary E.          36fw    keeping house             MS
      Lucas, Mary E.          14fw    at home                   MS
      Lucas, William           9mw    at home                   MS
      Lucas, Ellen             5fw    at home                   MS
      Lucas, Andrew            3mw    at home                   MS
30-30 Lane, J. K.             21mw    Cooper                    AL
      Lane, Emaline           21fw    keeping house             AL
      Lane, Issabela           1fw    at home                   AL
31-31 Lane, Alexander         73mw    Cooper                    NC
      Lane, Elizabeth         69fw    keeping house             NC
      Lane, J. H.             25mw    Cooper                    AL
32-32 Lane, Jessie            19mw    Cooper                    MS
      Lane, Mary J.           18fw    keeping house             AL
32-33 Mackey, J. M.           23mw    Overseer             100  MS
33-34 Hartly, W. F.           29mw    cuts saw logs             MS
      Hartly, Dora            25fw    keeping house             MS
      Hartly, Elizabeth        2fw    at home                   MS
      Hartly, Laura J.         1fw    at home                   MS
34-35 Hartly, W. H.           54mw    works in saw mill         AL
      Hartley, Nancy          48fw    keeping house             MS
      Hartley, Margaret       25fw    at home                   MS
      Hartley, Elizabeth      18fw    at home                   MS
      Hartley, Frances        15fw    at home                   MS
      Hartley, Oliff J.        7fw    at home                   MS
35-36 Evans, Thomas           25mb    Teamster                  AL
      Evans, Mary             20fb    keeping house             MS
      Evans, Mimey             1fm    at home                   MS
36-37 Scarbrough, F. M.       27mw    Teamster                  AL
      Scarbrough, Margaret    23fw    keeping house             MS
      Scarbrough, Jane         2fw    at home                   MS
37-38 Coaker, J. A.           32mw    works in saw mill         AL
      Coaker, Jane            43fw    keeping house             AL
      Coaker, Priscilla        7fw    at home                   AL
      Coaker, Thos J.          4mw    at home                   AL
38-39 McInnis, Rachel         31fm    keeping house             MS
      McInnis, Mary           14fb    at home                   MS
      McInnis, Berry          13mm    at home                   MS
      McInnis, Sylvia         11fm    at home                   MS
      McInnis, Murdock        10mm    at home                   MS
      McInnis, Allas           9fm    at home                   MS
      McInnis, Alburn          5mm    at home                   MS
      McInnis, Manuel          5mm    at home                   MS
      McInnis, Dennis          2mm    at home                   MS
39-40 Mills, J. B.            44mw    cuts cross ties      150  AL
      Mills, Elizabeth        36fw    keeping house             AL
      Mills, J. W.            18mw    at home                   AL
      Mills, Martin           16mw    at home                   AL
      Mills, Mary A.          16fw    at home                   AL
      Mills, Thomas W.         6mw    at home                   AL
      Mills, Charlotte        11fw    at home                   AL
39-41 Mills, Sarah            17fw    at home                   AL
      Mills, Beral            16mw    at home                   AL
      Mills, J. M.            14mw    at home                   AL
      Mills, W. R.             9mw    at home                   AL
40-42 Taylor, W. H.           36mw    getting bbb staves        AL
      Taylor, Catherine       32fw    keeping house             AL
      Taylor, Samuel S.       12mw    at home                   AL
      Taylor, Joseph          10mw    at home                   AL
      Taylor, Mary E.          8fw    at home                   AL
      Taylor, Martha,          2fw    at home                   MS
41-43 Garner, Joseph          40mw    Section Master       280  GA
      Garner, Zylphia         35fw    keeping house             AL
      Garner, Elizabeth       17fw    at home                   AL
      Garner, J. W.           16mw    work in saw mill          AL
      Garner, Catherine       14fw    at home                   AL
      Garner, James           12mw    works in saw mill         AL
      Garner, Thomas          10mw    at home                   AL
      Garner, Charles          8mw    at home                   AL
      Garner, Sarah            6fw    at home                   AL
      Garner, Mansfield        4mw    at home                   AL
      Garner, Wilbre           2m     at home                   MS
      Garner, Julia            1fw    at home                   MS
42-44 Patton, Edmond          30mb    Section Hand              VA
      Patton, Allethia        25fb    keeping house             MS
      Patton, Mary             1fb    at home                   MS
      Patton, Rachel        3/12fb    at home                   MS
43-45 Davis, Jefferson        30mb    Section hand              VA
      Davis, Elizabeth        24fm    keeping house             MS
      Davis, J. M.          7/12mm    at home                   MS
44-46 Runnels, William        30mb    Section Hand              Maryland
      Runnels, Matilda        25fb    keeping house             MS
      Runnels, Anna            8fm    at home                   MS
      Runnels, Millie          2fb    at home                   MS
      Runnels, Albert          1mb    at home                   MS
45-47 Lankford, W. E.         29mw    farmer               160  MS
      Lankford, Catherine     26fw    keeping house             MS
      Lankford, Emma           4fw    at home                   MS
      Lankford, Wesley         2mw    at home                   MS
46-48 Ezel, Johnathan         27mw    cuts cord wood            FL
      Ezel, Martha            21fw    keeping house             AL
      Ezel, Sarah              3fw    at home                   MS
      Ezel, Johnathan          1mw    at home                   MS
      Ezel, Frances            9fw    domestic servant          MS
47-49 Banks, Luvenia          30fw    keeping house        500  MS
      Banks, Thos              5mw    at home                   MS
      Banks, Allas             2fw    at home                   MS
48-50 Bullock, Ellen          48fw    keeping house             AL
      Bullock, Mary           19fw    at home                   MS
      Grimes, Hattie          14fm    domestic sevant           MS
49-51 Colson, Catherine       39fw    keeping house             AL
      Colson, Wiley           12mw    at home                   AL
      Colson, Gaines          10mw    at home                   AL
      Colson, Rebecca          4fw    at home                   AL
      Colson, Ann              2fw    at home                   AL
50-52 Reece, Sarah            36fw    keeping house             FL
      Reece, John             14mw    at home                   FL
      Reece, Elizabeth        12fw    at home                   MS
      Reece, Sarah            10fw    at home                   MS
      Reece, Mary E.           7fw    at home                   MS
      Reece, Geo W.            2mw    at home                   MS
51-53 Banks, James            40mm    cuts cross ties           MS
      Banks, Martha           30fm    keeping house             MS
      Banks, Frank            14mm    at home                   MS
      Banks, Doy               9mm    at home                   MS
      Banks, William           7mm    at home                   MS
      Banks, Millie            5fm    at home                   MS
      Banks, James             2mm    at home                   MS
      Banks, John           6/12mm    at home                   MS
52-54 Williams, J. P.         32mw    cuts cord wood            MS
      Williams, Sarah         27fw    keeping house             MS
      Williams, Elizabeth     12fw    at home                   MS
      Williams, James          9mw    at home                   MS
      Williams, Mary           6fw    at home                   MS
      Williams, Alexr          1mw    at home                   MS
53-55 Landrum, William        50mw    cuts cross ties           AL
      Landrum, Lucindy        14fw    keeping house             MS
      Landrum, Jane           12fw    at home                   MS
      Landrum, William        10mw    at home                   MS
      Landrum, Allas           8fw    at home                   MS
      Landrum, Edward          6mw    at home                   MS
      Landrum, Ransom          3mw    at home                   MS
54-56 Lankford, Dan'l         30mw    Farmer                    MS
      Lankford, Siney         30fw    keeping house             MS
      Lankford, D. P.         11mw    at home                   MS
      Lankford, Mary          9fw     at home                   MS
      Lankford, Martin        7mw     at home                   MS
      Lankford, Siney         5fw     at home                   MS
      Lankford, Nora          3fw     at home                   MS
55-57 Jones, Sirus            25mw    cuts cross ties           AL
      Jones, Maria            40fw    keeping house             AL
      Jones, Lueaser          16fw    at home                   AL
      Jones, J. M.             2mw    at home                   AL
56-58 Gardner, Moses          48mw    Black Smith               MS
      Gardner, Mary           31fw    keeping house             MS
      Gardner, Elizabeth      19fw    at home                   MS
      Gardner, Millie         17fw    at home                   MS
      Gardner, Betsy          15fw    at home                   MS
      Gardner, Moses          14mw    at home                   MS
      Gardner, Jasper         12mw    at home                   MS
      Gardner, Elisha          9mw    at home                   MS
      Gardner, Polly           6fw    at home                   MS
      Gardner, Emma            3fw    at home                   MS
57-59 Maples, Thomas          25mw    Farmer               500  LA
      Maples, Mary E.         33fw    keeping house             MS
      Maples, Asaline          3fw    at home                   MS
      Maples, Thomas           1mw    at home                   MS
58-60 Avera, Wm P.            47mw    Farmer   500         900  MS
      Avera, Mary             46fw    keeping house             MS
      Avera, William          20mw    works in farm             MS
      Avera, Erean            18fw    at home                   MS
      Avera, Sam'l W.         16mw    at home                   MS
      Avera, Celia            14fw    at home                   MS
      Avera, Lawrence         12mw    at home                   MS
      Avera, Hardy             9mw    at home                   MS
      Avera, Nancy             7fw    at home                   MS
      Avera, John              4mw    at home                   MS
      Ezel, Grace             13fm    domestic servant          MS
59-61 Simpson, Joseph         55mm    Farmer   25          130  VA
      Simpson, Rhoda          53fb    keeping house             AL
      Simpson, Caroline       18fm    at home                   AL
      Simpson, Ellen          15fm    at home                   AL
      Simpson, Amanda         13fm    at home                   AL
      Simpson, Rufus          11mm    at home                   AL
      Simpson, George          9mm    at home                   AL
      Simpson, Clarissa       18fm    at home                   AL
60-62 Leveritt, Paul          50mb    Preacher   400        90  GA
      Leveritt, Harriett      36fm    keeping house             AL
      Leveritt, Paul          13mb    at home                   AL
      Leveritt, Pleasant      12fb    at home                   AL
      Leveritt, Dan'l         10mb    at home                   AL
      Leveritt, Leu            9mb    at home                   AL
      Leveritt, Melia          2fb    at home                   AL
      Leveritt, Margaret       1fb    at home                   MS
      Pots, Sarah             40fb    without occupation        NC
61-63 McKay, William          65mb    cuts cross ties           NC
      McKay, Mary             25fb    keeping house             MS
      Clark, Violet           20fb    without occupation        MS
62-64 Ezel, John              22mb    cuts cross ties           VA
      Ezel, Harriett          35fb    keeping house             MS
      Ezel, Hester            20fm    at home                   MS
      Ezel, Jennie            12fm    at home                   MS
      Ezel, Willis             4mb    at home                   MS
      Ezel, Agnes              1fb    at home                   MS
63-65 Smith, Charlotte        40fb    keeping house             NC
      Smith, Julia            16fb    at home                   MS
      Smith, Virgil           12fb    at home                   MS
      Smith, Candis           10fb    at home                   MS
      Smith, Fanny             8fb    at home                   MS
      Smith, Rollin            6mb    at home                   MS
      Smith, Malinda           4fb    at home                   MS
64-66 Hooks, S. D.            60mw    Farmer   700        1500  NC
      Hooks, Anna             30fw    keeping house             AL
      Hooks, Olivia           26fw    at home                   AL
      Hooks, Georgett         18fw    at home                   AL
      Hooks, Franklin          4mw    at home                   MS
      Hooks, S. D.             2mw    at home                   MS
64-67 Beck, Antoinett         36fw    with out occupation       NC
      Beck, Everett           13mw    at home                   MS
      Beck, Ella              11fw    at home                   MS
      Garriss, John           26mw    domestic servant          NC
65-68 Lane, Alexr             41mw    Cooper               100  NC
      Lane, Martha            29fw    keeping house             AL
      Lane Robert             11mw    at home                   AL
      Lane, Edward             9mw    at home                   AL
      Lane, Alexr              7mw    at home                   AL
      Lane, Clara              4fw    at home                   AL
      Lane, William            3mw    at home                   AL
      Lane, Jennie          4/12fw    at home                   AL
66-69 Prine, J. L.            48mw    Farmer                    MS
      Prine, Elizabeth        49fw    keeping house             GA
      Prine, Issabelle        25fw    at home                   MS
      Prine, Adline           17fw    at home                   MS
      Prine, Eliza            15fw    at home                   MS
      Prine, Elizabeth        12fm    at home                   MS
      Prine, Mary              7fw    at home                   MS
      Prine, Jane              3fw    at home                   MS
67-70 Dunnam, Collin          32mw    cuts cross ties           MS
      Dunnam, Malissa         30fw    keeping house             MS
      Dunnam, Allas            9fw    at home                   MS
      Dunnam, Joseph           7mw    at home                   MS
      Dunnam, Joshua           7mw    at home                   MS
      Dunnam, James            4mw    at home                   MS
68-71 Lankford, John          31mw    cuts cord wood            MS
      Lankford, Harriett      34fw    keeping house             MS
      Lankford, J. E.          7mw    at home                   MS
      Lankford, Duncan         5mw    at home                   MS
      Lankford, Belle          2fw    at home                   MS
69-72 Davis, E. W.            60mw    Farmer   300         300  SC
      Davis, M. C.            55fw    keeping house             MS
      Davis, M. A.            19fw    at home                   MS
69-73 Davis, L. D.            16mw    Farmer                    MS
      Davis, Elmira           19fw    at home                   AL
70-74 McLaurin, Eliza         54fw    house keeping        800  MS
      McLaurin, Sarah         29fw    at home                   MS
      McLaurin, Isabela       26fw    at home                   MS
      McLaurin, Mary          20fw    at home                   MS
      McLaurin, David         14mw    at home                   MS
71-75 Robertson, John         63mw    Farmer   200         500  SC
      Robertson, Karen        64fw    keeping house             SC
72-76 West, Vincent           50mw    Farmer   1000       2500  MS
      West, Absalom           22mw    works in farm             MS
      West, Amanthia          21fw    keeping house             MS
      West, Charlie           18mw    works in farm             MS
      West, Vincent           14mw    at home                   MS
      West, Truman            10mw    at home                   MS
73-77 West, Jno.              25mw    Farmer               300  MS
      West, Manerva           26fw    keeping house             MS
      West, Charles         1/12mw    at home                   MS
74-78 Robertson, Joseph       60mw    Farmer   250         550  SC
      Robertson, Ann          42fw    keeping house             MS
      Robertson, Wm. B.       10mw    At home                   MS
      Robertson, Sarah         8fw    at home                   MS
      Robertson, Joseph        6mw    at home                   MS
      Robertson, Sam'l         4mw    at home                   MS
      Robertson, Thos          2mw    at home                   MS
      Robertson, Mary          1fw    at home                   MS
74-79 Copeland, Elizabeth     18fb    domestic servant          MS
      Copeland, Ballard        1mb    at home                   MS
75-80 Copland, Jerry          60mb    works in farm             SC
      Copland, Fanny          24fm    keepin house              MS
      Copland, Edward         11mm    at home                   MS
      Copland, Henry           5mm    at home                   MS
      Copland, Maria           1fw    at home                   MS
      Copland, Julia        1/12fw    at home                   MS
      Copland, Charlotte    1/12fm    at home                   MS
76-81 Avera, Alexr            56mw    Farmer              1200  NC
      Avera, Nancy            40fw    keeping house             MS
76-82 Birch, Dicey            26fw    Domestic servant          GA
      Birch, Alexr.            8fw    at home                   MS
77-83 Kittrell, Easter        61fw    keeping house       1000  NC
      Kittrell, Spicey        28fw    at home                   MS
      Kittrell, Abslom        21mw    Farmer                    MS
78-84 Purvis, T. M.           50mw    Farmer   400        1142  MS
      Purvis, Dorothy         44fw    keeping house             MS
      Purvis, John            20mw    works in farm             MS
      Purvis, O. S.           18mw    at home                   LA
      Purvis, Susan           16fw    at home                   LA
      Purvis, M. C.            7fw    at home                   MS
79-85 Smith, S. J.            52mw    Farmer   300         280  MS
      Smith, Lenora           51fw    keeping house             MS
      Smith, H. N.            20mw    works in farm             MS
      Smith, Julia            18fw    at home                   MS
      Smith, Allas            13fw    at home                   MS
      Smith, Joseph           10mw    at home                   MS
      Mason, Emma              9fw    at home                   MS
80-86 Smith, J. S.            26mw    works in farm        182  MS
      Smith, Margaret         23fw    keeping house             MS
      Smith, Adelia            1fw    at home                   MS
81-87 McLean, J. F.           44mw    Engineer   800       500  PA
      McLean, Mary            40fw    keeping house             MA
      McLean, Issadora        19fw    at home                   MA
      McLean, Emma            17fw    at home                   LA
      McLean, Mary            14fw    at home                   LA
      Mclean, Ella            12fw    at home                   LA
      McLean, Jacob           10mw    at home                   LA
82-88 Whitlock, John          35mb    works in farm             MS
      Whitlock, Maria         25fb    keeping house             MS
      Whitlock, Harry         13mb    works in farm             AL
      Whitlock, Angeline       7fb    at home                   MS
      Whitlock, Luvilia        2fb    at home                   MS
      Whitlock, Retta          1fb    at home                   MS
83-89 McInnis, Christopher    59mw    Farmer   500        1130  MS
      Hilman, Charles         16mw    works in farm             MS
84-90 James, Patrick          33mw    farmer               900  MS
      James, Luarka           28fw    keeping house             MS
      James, Loid              8mw    at home                   MS
      James, Erasmus           5mw    at home                   MS
      James, Phillip           3mw    at home                   MS
      James, Mary              1fw    at home                   MS
85-91 Morgan, E.              46mw    Farmer               500  MS
      Morgan, America         38fw    keeping house             MS
      Morgan, Ransom          16mw    works in farm             MS
      Morgan, James            9mw    at home                   MS
      Morgan, Clarissa         5fw    at home                   MS
      Morgan, Epharim          2mw    at home                   MS
86-92 Ezel, Lewis             42mw    Farmer   150         850  GA
      Ezel, Margaret          40fw    keeping house             MS
      Ezel, Janie             13fw    at home                   MS
      Ezel, Nancy             10fw    at home                   MS
      Ezel, Margaret           7fw    at home                   MS
      Ezel, Susan              3fw    at home                   MS
      Ezel, Lewis              1mw    at home                   MS
      Tiques, Sarah           26fw    Domestic Servant          AL
      Turner, James           18mw    works in farm             MS
87-93 Palmer, James           43mw    Farmer               710  MS
      Palmer, Nancy           39fw    keeping house             MS
      Palmer, Mary            17fw    at home                   MS
      Palmer, Thomas          13mw    at home                   MS
      Palmer, Joseph          11mw    at home                   MS
      Palmer, Edmond           9mw    at home                   MS
      Palmer, Amanda           7fw    at home                   MS
      Palmer, Elijah           5mw    at home                   MS
      Palmer, Nancy            2fw    at home                   MS
      McLean, Stavus          23mb    works in farm             MS
88-94 Breland, Rob't          39mw    Farmer   1500        100  MS
      Breland, Mary           50fw    keeping house             MS
88-95 Davis, Edward           21mw    works in farm             MS
      Davis, Jane             19fw    at home                   MS
      Davis, Mary             18fw    at home                   MS
      Davis, Rosier           10mw    at home                   MS

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