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Index to 1870 United States Census, Greene County, MS

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Caten, Agnas
Caten, Angeline
Caten, James
Caten, Robert
Caten, Roberts
Caten, Safronia
Caten, William
Cayton, Rebeca
Ceawley, Isabel
Churchwell, Zylphia
Clark, Andrew
Clark, Angeline
Clark, Emma
Clark, Jack
Clark, Jepsie
Clark, Margaret
Clark, Nancy
Clark, Nicey
Clark, Rose
Clark, Rufus
Clark, Samantha
Clark, Sarah
Clark, Sibley
Clark, Violet
Clark, Wm B.
Coaker, J. A.
Coaker, Jane
Coaker, Julius
Coaker, Lisar
Coaker, Priscilla
Coaker, Thos J.
Coaker, William
Coats, Fanny
Coats, Fanny
Coats, Thos
Coats, Thos
Coats, Thos'
Cochran, Alexr
Cochran, Alexr
Cochran, Courtney
Cochran, E. L.
Cochran, Eliza
Cochran, Goolsberry
Cochran, Henry
Cochran, Henry W.
Cochran, J. A.
Cochran, Julia
Cochran, Kiella
Cochran, Luvenia
Cochran, M. J.
Cochran, Margaret
Cochran, Margaret
Cochran, Margaret
Cochran, Mary
Cochran, Mary
Cochran, Patience
Cochran, Rasbury
Cochran, Ruth
Cochran, W. W.
Cochren, Frank
Cochren, Rufus
Cochren, Sarah
Coleman, Harriett
Coleman, Joseph
Coleman, Millie
Collins, Mary
Collins, S. J.
Colson, Ann
Colson, Catherine
Colson, Gaines
Colson, Rebecca
Colson, Wiley
Cooley, Betsy
Cooley, Charlie
Cooley, Dina
Cooley, Florence
Cooley, H. R.
Cooley, Henry J.
Cooley, Jane
Cooley, Jas
Cooley, Jno
Cooley, Julias
Cooley, Mary
Cooley, Matilda
Cooley, Millard
Cooley, Nancy
Cooley, Nathen
Cooley, R Z.
Cooley, Rebecca
Cooley, Robert
Cooley, Sarah
Cooley, Sarah
Cooley, Wesley
Cooley, Wm
Copeland, Ballard
Copeland, Elizabeth
Copland, A. C.
Copland, Albert
Copland, Charlotte
Copland, Chas.
Copland, Cole
Copland, Edward
Copland, Eugene
Copland, Fanny
Copland, Florence
Copland, Henry
Copland, J. W.
Copland, James
Copland, Jerry
Copland, Jno
Copland, Julia
Copland, M. C.
Copland, Malisa
Copland, Maria
Copland, Mary
Copland, Odelia
Copland, R.
Cowan, Allison
Cowan, Elizabeth
Cowan, Jno
Cowan, Louiza
Cowan, Marshal
Cowan, Oliver
Cowan, Oliver C.
Cowan, Rob't
Coward, Ezakiel
Cowart, Beauford
Cowart, Bedie
Cowart, E. A.
Cowart, J. M. S.
Cowart, J. W.
Cowart, Laura
Cowart, Martha
Cowart, Martin
Cowart, Mary
Cowart, Nedam
Cowart, Rebecca
Cowart, Rufus O.
Cowart, Walter
Cowart, Washington
Crawley, Edward
Crawley, Jno
Crawley, Martha
Crawley, Martha
Crawley, Odelia
Crawley, W. F.
Crawley, Wm
Crenshae, Geo
Crenshaw, Eliza
Crenshaw, Geo
Crenshaw, Levi
Crenshaw, Nora
Crenshaw, Wm

Daughdrill, Emett
Daughdrill, H. D.
Daughdrill, Jno
Daughdrill, S. V.
Daughdrill, Sarah
Daughdrill, W. T.
Davis, Abslom
Davis, Abslom H.
Davis, E. W.
Davis, Edward
Davis, Edward
Davis, Elezabeth
Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Elmira
Davis, Frances
Davis, J. M.
Davis, Jane
Davis, Jefferson
Davis, L. D.
Davis, M. A.
Davis, M. C.
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mary
Davis, Mary Jane
Davis, Phillip
Davis, Rachel
Davis, Rebecca
Davis, Rosier
Davis, S. M.
Davis, Thos'
Davis, William
Denmark, A. J.
Denmark, Alvin
Denmark, H. C.
Denmark, Jackson
Denmark, Julia
Denmark, Laura
Denmark, Liddia
Denmark, Margaret
Denmark, Matilda
Denmark, Reddon
Denmark, Stephen
Denmark, Susan
Dickinson, Ann
Dickinson, Chas
Dickinson, Elizabeth
Dickinson, Jas
Dickinson, Jas W.
Dickinson, Joe
Dickinson, Mary
Dickinson, Sarah
Dickinson, Wm
Donigan, Abslom
Donigan, Amanda
Donigan, John
Dunnam, .E.
Dunnam, Allas
Dunnam, Baily
Dunnam, Caroline
Dunnam, Charity
Dunnam, Charles
Dunnam, Collin
Dunnam, Cornelius
Dunnam, E. M.
Dunnam, Elezabeth
Dunnam, Elijah
Dunnam, Elsie
Dunnam, George T.
Dunnam, J. N
Dunnam, James
Dunnam, Jane
Dunnam, Joseph
Dunnam, Joshua
Dunnam, Malissa
Dunnam, Margaret
Dunnam, Martha
Dunnam, Mary
Dunnam, Mary
Dunnam, Miranda
Dunnam, N. A.
Dunnam, Nancy
Dunnam, Nancy
Dunnam, Pompey
Dunnam, Rufus
Dunnam, Sarah
Dunnam, Thomas
Dunnam, William

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