The Bible Record of James Glasgow

May 16, 1778 ~ October 28, 1849
Abbeville, South Carolina

Copyright 2005 by Nancy McClellan Feroe

This Bible record was transcribed by Nancy McClellan Feroe, Great-Great-Great Granddaughter of James and Margaret (Morrow) Glasgow, from a photo copy of the original Bible pages sent to the family February 20, 1979 by Oscar “Pet” Hunter of Abbeville, South Carolina.

James M. Glasgow was born June 30th, 1814
Maria Ann Glasgow was born June the 11, 1816
Jane El. Glasgow was born June 11th, 1818
Nancy C. Glasgow was born July 21st, 1822
Lueser Catherine was born October 16th, 1824
Sarah E. Glasgow was born December the 7th, 1831
James N. Glasgow was born May 1st, 1835
Susana S. Glasgow was born October - 1837
James N. Glasgow was born January 10, 1839
Elizabeth Francis Glasgow was born November 27, 1841
Nancy Clementine Burditt was born April 28, 1837
Mary Gentry Burditt was born May 10, 1838
Sary Elizabeth was born August 17, 1841
William H. Burditt was born March 23, 1844
James S. McLelan was born November 13, 1834
Jane Margaret McLelan was born September 13, 1836
David P. McLelan was born November 15, 1838

James Glasgow and Margaret Morer (Morrow) was married Feb. 27th, 1810
James N. Glasgow and Maria Brafford (Bradford) was married December 17th, 1832
John P. McClellan and Maria Ann (Mary Ann) Glasgow was married December 11th, 1833
Giles Burditt and Jane E. C. Glasgow was married March 31st, 1836
William Hunter and Nancy C. Glasgow was married June the 27, 1839

NOTE from Oscar Hunter dated February 20, 1979:
    “I am sending you a copy of the family records of James Glasgow and Margaret Morrow Glasgow, our Great-Great Grandparents which I copied out of the Glasgow Bible. The Bible has only part of the marriages in it and none of the deaths.
    I have a record of a few of the deaths in the Glasgow Family.”

Mary Glasgow died June 11, 1830 - Age 92 years
Margaret Morrow Glasgow died July 23, 1842 - Age 49 years
James N. Glasgow died June 13, 1865 at Hart’s Island, N.Y. - Age 30 years, 1 month, and 13 days
James Glasgow died October 28, 1849

John McClellan and Mary Ann Glasgow McClellan moved to Holmes County, Mississippi ca 1842 when their oldest son, James Samuel McClellan, was 8 years old. They left Abbeville and the Hopewell Presbyterian Church in 1840 when John McClellan was dismissed from the church for “drinking, swearing, and realizing to fight.”  David P. McClellan’s baptismal record is also found in the Hopewell Church records in 1838 and John and Mary Ann McClellan are listed as members in 1839. They moved first to Georgia and spent two years establishing residency so they could be allowed to later move to the lands opening up for settlement in Mississippi. They joined T. Shrayer’s Wagon Train in 1842 for the overland trip from Georgia to the “New Purchase” in Mississippi.
John and Mary Ann (Glasgow) McClellan spent their remaining years in the Holmes, Attala, Carroll, and Sunflower Counties in Mississippi where most of their children continued to live. Their oldest son, James Samuel McClellan, married Hulda Mathis and moved to Old Dorsey County, now Cleveland County, in Southern Arkansas just prior to the Civil War. Hulda McClellan received a letter of dismissal from the Saron Baptist Church to take with her to Arkansas in 1860.