Contributed by Dee White Rush

Samuel Roach b. 1737 d. 1781 Buried at the Polk Family Burying Grounds, Pinesville, Mecklenburg county, NC married Eleanor Springs b. 1743 d. 2/19/1816 Buried in Old Unity Cemetery, Fort Mills, SC Her parents were John Springs and Sophia Cassaway, who lived in Providence, Mecklenburg county, NC, where they are buried. (Roach was her 2nd husband; 1st was ______ Dodd; and 3rd was Nathaniel Henderson)


  1. Nathaniel Roach b. 1768, Pinesville, NC d. 5/16/1799, Rock Hill, York county, SC; buried at the Ebenezer Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Rock Hill, SC
  2. Thomas Roach b. 1770, Mecklenburg county, NC d. 8/25/1822, buried at Ebenezer Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Rock Hill, SC. He was a major in the War of 1812. He lived in Pinesville, Mecklenburg county, NC until the age of 16, then moved to Salisbury, NC, for four years; from there he went to Charleston, SC. After his step-father's death in 1794, he moved to Rock Hill, York county, SC, where he remained until his death. Married Ann Abigail Garrison b. 9/11/1771 or 1772  d. 9/25/1842.  Buried near her 2nd husband, John Starr, at the Bethesda Presbyterian Church Cemetery, York county, SC.  Her parents were Arthur Garrison, b. 1735 d. 1822 and Margaret d. about 1812
  3. Issue:
    1. Dolly Ann Roach  b. 5/23/1800 d. 7/3/1880, Gregg county, TX, buried at White Oak Cemetery, married 7/15/1819 Thomas D. Harriss b. 2/1/1796  d. 12/4/1882, Gregg county, TX.  They had 15 children; only 10 lived.  In 1820, they moved to Mouton, Lawrence county, AL, and on to TX in 1848, to Upshur county (now Gregg county), TX.
    2. Issue:
      1. Pleasant Sylvan Harriss  b. 1/24/1831, AL d. 9/9/1906.  Married Susan Peeler.
      2. Buck Harriss b. 1/17/1833, AL  d. 2/22/1918, Lavaca county, TX.  Married Jane Peeler, buried Hallettville, TX.
      3. James K. Polk Harriss b. 10/20/1846 d. 6/17/1925, Longview, Gregg county, TX buried at White Oak Cemetery. Married Amanda _______; they lived near Sweetwater, Nolan county, TX. No issue.
    3. Thomas Roach, Jr. b. 1805, Rock Hill, SC.
      (1) Widow Gillespie
      (2) Sarah S. Workman b. 5/8/1808 d. 7/20/1848, buried Ebenezer Churchyard, York county, SC. Her parents were John Workman b. 1768 d. 11/11/1816 and Margaret Patton b. 1774 d. 2/13/1847. Both buried at Fishing Creek Churchyard, Chester
      (3) Mary Bradshaw
      Children of Thomas Roach, Jr.
      1. Mary A. Roach b. 1830, York County, SC married William F. Sturgis, son of William T. Sturgis and Martha Jane Roach (daughter of Samuel Madison Roach and Mary Louisa Workman)
        1. Barney Sturgis married Erma ______
        2. Fennell Sturgis
        3. Beuna Sturgis married Alston L. Blackmond
        4. Martha Sturgis married Eliven R. Faulkerberry
          (1) Roger Faulkerberry m. ______ Costner
          (2) William Faulkerberry m. Faye Mitchell
      2. James Madison Roach b. 2/28/1830 York county, SC d. 3/14/1917, buried in Oak Grove Presbyterian Cemetery, Lexington, Holmes county, MS
        married 5/23/1852
        Sarah Elizabeth Smith b. 8/6/1832 d. 2/16/1895, buried in Oak Grove Presbyterian Cemetery, Lexington, Holmes county, MS.

        Her parents were Ebenezer Walker Smith, b. 12/16/1790, Chester county, Arkansas d. 3/24/1884 and Mary Kuykendal. (E.W. Smith's parents were James Smith b. 1737 d. 12/5/1795, buried in Old Stone Churchyard, Chester county, and Lillis Patton d. 8/8/1830). (Mary Kuykendal's parents were Jonathan Kuykendal b. 1750 d. 11/5/1826 buried in Bethesda Churchyard, and Anne ____, d. 7/29/1801 buried in Bethesda Churchyard.) (Jonathan Kuykendal's parents were James Kuykendal d. about 1800 and Sarah _________, b. 1729 d. 7/16/1807)

        Shortly after James Madison Roach's marriage to Sarah Elizabeth Smith, they moved to AL, where they made their home during the Civil War. During the Civil War, he served in the Army of Tennessee. After the close of the war, he moved his family to Coila Springs in Carroll county, MS. In Dec 1869, he moved his family to a farm in Holmes county. He was a leading elder of the Oak Grove Presbyterian Church, which was located 1-1/2 miles south of Lexington, for more than 30 years. (Taken from obituary of James Madison Roach.)

        Children of James Madison and Sarah Elizabeth Roach:
        1. John Harvey Roach b. 8/12/1854 d. 7/1/1920, buried Oak Grove Presbyterian Cemetery, Lexington, MS married Eugenia B. b. 1863 d. 1954, buried Oak Grove Presbyterian Cemetery
          1. Eva Roach married Howard Lawshe
              aa. Howard Lawshe b. 11/11/1916 d. 6/6/1977, buried Oak Grove Presbyterian Cemetery
              bb. Harvey (Nuke) Lawshe (married 3 times)
              cc. Frances Lawshe married Malcolm Phillips
          2. Harvey E. Roach b. 11/26/1892 d. 6/19/1922, buried Oak Grove Presbyterian Cemetery
          3. Marie Roach married B. S. Darnell
        2. Mollie Kelly Roach b. 4/30/1856 d. 9/17/1944 married P.M.M. Alexander b. 5/23/1857 d. 1/20/1920
          1. Betty Alexander b. 5/23/1857 d. 1/20/1920
          2. Rosa Alexander b. 10/8/1892 d. 5/23/1923
        3. Sallie E. Roach (Sarah) b. 8/6/1858 d. 10/2/1928
        4. Irene Roach b.. 9/25/1860 d. 7/4/1955 married Issac S. Harvey (Adams Cavalry, CSA)
          1. Jim Wade Harvey b. 1883 d. 1947 married Effie Shepard b. 1886 d. 1968
          2. Ike S. Harvey (MS Pvt. U.S. Army W.W.II) b. 12/14/1897 d. 8/5/1964
          3. Kate Harvey b. 1900 d. 1936 married W. A. Drennan b. 1884 d. 1950
          4. W. Gaines Harvey b. 1903 d. 1979 (Unless otherwise noted on this page, all burials at Odd Fellow Cemetery, Lexington, Holmes county, MS)
        5. William Patton Roach b. 9/25/1862 d. 6/3/1952, buried Oak Grove Presbyterian Cemetery married Mattie Barger b. 4/16/1875 d. 6/3/1907, buried Oak Grove Presbyterian Cemetery (Daughter of Monroe Augustus Barger and Mary Theodocia Baughn)
          1. Bertha Roach b. 9/5/1890 d. 11/13/1977 married Robert Lightfoot Kealhofer b. 12/26/1888 d. 7/23/1978
          2. James Monroe Roach b. 7/11/1893 d. 12/14/1941 married
              (1) Inez McCaleb
                aa. Infant son died
              (2) Ruth Rose (Rathell was her 1st husband)
          3. Percy Mills Roach b. 7/9/1896 d. 1/23/1898 (dyptheria)
          4. William Henry (Barry) Roach b. 7/10/1898 d. 10/16/1966 married Mary McDade b. 10/24/1898 d. 12/23/1955
          5. Mary Elizabeth Roach b. 11/19/1903 married Milton Acre Youngblood
        6. Sam B. Roach (Twin to William Patton Roach) b. 9/25/1862 d. 1/6/1954
        7. Mattie Roach b. 7/18/1868 d. 11/12/1894 married W. B. Lundy (parents of Dewitt Clinton Lundy of Lexington, Holmes county, MS)
        8. James M. Roach (Jim) b. 1/23/1870 d. 3/11/1963
        9. Kate Roach b. 9/11/1874 d. 3/18/1946