James “Jack” Henry Harthcock

(1876 – 1950)
Submitted by Kim Harthcock
 James Henry Harthcock was known to his family and friends as Jack. He was born on March 24, 1876 in Holmes County, Mississippi. He was the second child of his parents, Dinorbus Pennington Harthcock and Martha Ann Talley. He was born and raised in Holmes County, Mississippi. Jack was of medium build and height for the time and had light hair and blue eyes.
Jack married “Willie” William Webster Malone on December 20, 1899 in Holmes County, Mississippi. Willie Malone was the daughter of Daniel Webster “Web” Malone and Mary Eva “Molly” Thomas. She was named after her grandfather, William, and her father, Webster. Together, Jack and Willie had eleven children all of whom reached adulthood except for Aubrey, Webbie, and a stillborn daughter. All of their children were born in Holmes County, MS: 1) Albert Olivia who was born on December 20, 1900; she married Henry “Bud” Cleveland McLean on April 27, 1917 in Holmes County, MS. He was the son of E. D. McLean and Addie Ferrell. Albert and Bud had five children, three daughters and two sons. Albert died on April 3, 1967 in Leflore County, MS and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Tolarville, Holmes County, MS. 2) James “Jim” Daniel who was born on February 24, 1902; he remained single for many years before marrying Ruebelle Tidwell on March 29, 1967 in Holmes County, MS. She was the daughter of Gus Tidwell and Lula Dora Collins. Jim had no children. He was an avid bird hunter and often went quail hunting with his nephew, R. E. [my father]. He died on November 14, 1968 in Tchula, Holmes County, Mississippi and is buried in Malone Cemetery, Holmes County, MS. 3) Joseph Raiford “Raif” Harthcock who was born on August 17, 1903 and married Christine Foster on August 25, 1928. Raif and Christine had two sons. He died on May 23, 1980 and is buried in Malone Cemetery next to his son, Eural, and his parents. 4) William “Billy” Henry who was born on April 29, 1905; he married Daisy Estelle Ferrell on June 3, 1928 in Holmes County, MS. Daisy was the daughter of Tom Ferrell and Fannie Estelle Dickard. Billy and Daisy had six children, three daughters and three sons. Billy was my favorite of my grandfather’s brothers; he lived just down the road from my grandparents. In his younger years, he made moonshine according to one of his sons. Billy died September 27, 1987 and is buried in Malone Cemetery, Holmes County, MS. 5) Webster or “Webbie” was born on January 18, 1907 and died on August 16, 1912; he is buried in Malone Cemetery, Holmes County, MS. 6) Claude Ora who was born November 24, 1908; he married Hazel Beatrice “Bea” Sims on June 8, 1930 in Holmes County, MS. She was the daughter of Ulysses Grant Sims and Mary Ann “Mollie” Miller. Claude and Bea had two daughters. Claude died on August 10, 1970 and is buried in Pine Crest Cemetery, Tchula, Holmes County, MS. 7) Earl Thomas who was born on November 13, 1910; he married Ruby Juanita Roberts on December 20, 1936 in Holmes County, MS. She was the daughter of George Roberts and Lettie Meeks. Earl and Ruby had one daughter and one son; they ran a general store in Lexington for many years. Earl died on September 24, 1985 in Lexington and is buried in Odd Fellow Cemetery, Lexington, Holmes County, MS. 8) Clyde Alfred was born December 10, 1913 and married Marguerite Wallis on February 22, 1935 in Holmes County, MS. They had four children, two sons and two daughters. Clyde Alfred was in the military and he was stationed in several different European countries during his military career. He retired in Texas where he lived until his death. Clyde Alfred died December 20, 1979 in El Paso, Texas and is buried in Fort Bliss Cemetery, El Paso, TX. 9) Aubrey was born on December 21, 1915 and died in January 1920. Oral family history reports his death as due to malaria. 10) In 1921 a stillborn daughter was born and she was never named according to oral family history. 11) Mary Lee was born on May 22, 1922; she married William “Bill” Rodgers McLellan on July 1, 1939 in Holmes County, MS. He was the son of M. A. McLellan and Lilly Eunice Rodgers. Bill and Mary Lee had one son. Mary Lee was my grandfather’s favorite of his brothers and sisters; she often visited with her son. She was a very petite woman and strongly resembled her mother. She lived in Lexington for most of her life. Mary Lee died on June 13, 2004 in Lexington and is buried in Odd Fellow Cemetery, Lexington, Holmes County, Mississippi.


In the picture Jack and Willie are holding their two oldest children, Albert Olivia [standing] and Jim [sitting in Willie’s lap]. The picture was taken around 1902. In the early 1900s Jack and Willie were living in Beat 4 near Thornton in Holmes County. When Jack registered for the draft in September 1918, he listed his current residence as Ebenezer and his occupation was farming. He listed his employer as G. W. Triglieth. They were still living in this part of Holmes County in 1920 when the census was taken. They are listed on the census as living in Beat 3 which was an area outside of Ebenezer in District 55 near the Lexington-Ebenezer-Yazoo City Highway. The 1930 census listed them as living in Beat 3 in the west part in District 14 in Holmes County, Mississippi. Jack was a farmer until he retired. In the 1950s they lived in the Horseshoe Lake Community which is a community located seven to eight miles northwest of Tchula, Holmes County.