Contributed by Kelly (Donald) Patterson and Mark Kier Edwards

  1. John S. Herbert was born 2/19/1824 in Alabama. He married Susan Charlotte Gee, who was born on 12/9/1829 in Georgia. John died 2/12/1870 and was buried in Acona Methodist Church Cemetery. Susan died 9/22/1902 and was buried in Acona Methodist Church Cemetery.

Issue (10 children):

  1. Mary E. Herbert b. 1849 in MS, d. _____
  2. William H. Herbert b. 1/25/1851 in MS, d. 10/29/1917, buried Mizpah Cemetery, Durant, MS Married: Mary A. ______, b. 9/18/1869 d. 9/22/1911
    Issue: (6 children)

    1. John M. Herbert b. 1/1880
    2. Lillie C. Herbert b. 9/1881
    3. Minnie M. Herbert b. 3/1885
    4. Curtis W. Herbert b. 11/1887
    5. Eula K. Herbert b. 12/1891
    6. Vera Lee Herbert b. 4/1893
    7. In 1900 Census, also in household:
      Mabel A. Johnson, Neice, b. 6/1887
      Leslie P. Johnson, Nephew, b. 5/1890

  3. Ella E. Herbert b. 5/12/1852-53 in Texas d. 1/2/1907 buried Acona Methodist Church Cemetery Married: John Belford, b. 11/19/1846 in New York, d. 10/7/1907 (3010 Amos B. Family number S65. Omitted to mention John Belford, who was sent to him from the Children's home in New York and was later adopted as one of the family. When i8 years of age he enlisted in the Vermont cavalry and served faithfully till the close of the war. He had several narrow escapes. On receiving an honorable discharge, he returned to his home in Vermont. He united with the Congregational church at Lower Waterford and turned his attention to education, and entered the high school at St. Johnsbury, Vt., where he prepared himself for college; he entered Dartmouth, took a three years' course, and on leaving college, went South as teacher of the blacks, which school was later changed to the whites at Acona, Miss.) Buried Acona Methodist Church Cemetery.

    Issue: (3 children)

    1. John Belford b. 9/1885 in Acona, MS d.
    2. Susan Ella Belford b. 9/1887 d. Married:
      Ira Unger Donald of Goodman, MS (See Donald family)
  4. Benjamin T. Herbert, b. 1855 in Acona, MS d. Married:
    Mary Emma Hamilton b. 4/8/1857 in Acona, MS d. 8/6/1933 in Houston, TX. Her parents were J. Hamilton and Sarah Tharp.

    Issue: (7 children)

    1. Jas W.Herbert b. 12/1877 in Acona, MS
    2. Benjamin Stephen Herbert b. 5/26/1880 in Acona, MS d. 3/6/1939 in Houston, TX. Married Frances Evelyn ??
    3. Lillian S. Herbert b. 8/1882 in Acona, MS
    4. Henry Earl Herbert b.10/31/1886 in Acona, MS d. 11/9/1941 in Knoxville, TN. Married Elizabeth Hough.
    5. Stella Herbert b. 5/1888 in Acona, MS
    6. Hamilton Herbert b. 4/1890 in Acona, MS
    7. Mary R. Herbert b. 5/1893
  5. Stephen H. Herbert b. 12/1857 in Acona, MS d. ____ Married: Mary D. McRae Herbert b. 6/17/1859 in Acona, MS d. 11/2/1947 in Memphis, TN. Parents were John Wright McRae and Emaline Diggs (both born in MS). Buried in Lexington, MS

    Issue: (8 children)

    1. William B. Herbert b. 9/1883, Acona, MS
    2. Mary Adelle Herbert b. 10/1885, Acona, MS
    3. John Garrott Herbert b. 12/24/1887, Acona, MS d. 8/21/1951 Married: Ella Louise Watson Herbert b. 8/14/1887, d. 3/1/1978 Buried in Odd Fellows Cemetery, Lexington, MS
    4. Anna Lee Herbert b. 12/1889
    5. Stephen A. Herbert b. 4/1892
    6. Lucille Mc* Herbert b. 5/1894
    7. Bettie M. Herbert b. 6/1896
    8. Necie S. Herbert b. 9/1898
  6. Susan Ruth Herbert b. 11/22/1860 in Acona, MS d. 11/7/1939. Buried Acona Methodist Church Cemetery Married: _____________ Walton
  7. Martha (Mattie) Caroline Herbert b. 22 July 1862 Holmes County, MS; d. 13 Jan 1922 Lexington, MS; Odd Fellows Cemetery, Lexington, MS Married 23 Dec 1879 to: Albert Gallatin Moore b. 4 Oct 1855 Holmes County, MS; d. 14 Oct 1926 Holmes County, MS; Odd Fellows Cemetery, Lexington, MS
      4 Children:
    1. Cora Moore b. 6 Nov 1880 Holmes County, MS d. 23 Aug 1916
    2. James Herbert Moore b. 22 May 1885 Holmes County, MS d. 3 Oct 1965 Holmes County, MS; Odd Fellows Cemetery, Lexington, MS
    3. Nellie Moore b. 3 Mar 1887 Holmes Cty., MS d. 15 Feb 1975 Holmes Cty, MS; West Cemetery, West, MS
    4. Edna Sarah Moore* b. 7 Mar 1889 Acona, MS –d. 20 Dec 1962 Jackson, MS; Odd Fellows Cemetery, Lexington, MS
    Martha's first and last name was originally contributed by Kelly (Donald) Patterson while the remaining information was contributed by Martha Herbert's great-grandson and Edna Sarah Moore's grandson, Mark Kier Edwards.
  8. Ada Herbert b. 10/16/1864 in Acona, MS d. 5/19/1954. Buried Mizpah Cemetery, Durant, MS Married: __________ Johnson
  9. John Herbert b. 1867 in Acona, MS
  10. Alice Herbert b. 1869 in Acona,MS

    Other Additions / Corrections
    Contributed by Mark Kier Edwards

  • John Sharpe Herbert’s date of death: Should be 12 Feb 1890 (Not 1870) Apparently the grave marker inscription is wrong or misread (very illegible). He was clearly identified in both the 1870 and 1880 censuses.
  • Mary Elizabeth (Bettie) Herbert died in 1895 on Feb 5th and is buried in Acona Methodist Church Cemetery.
  • William Henry Herbert married in about 1879 Mary America Clower. She was born 18 Sep 1859, not 1869. (Would have given birth at 11 if born in 1869).
  • Stephen Horton Herbert died 18 Nov 1928.