The Bible of Belle Juliette Jackson Angle

Transcribed by Linda Angle Harris, great granddaughter


John A. Angle and Juliette Jackson, December 2, 1886

Onie Louise Angle and Rupert Lester Betty, December 23, 1906

Norma Miranda Angle and J. D. Alsbury, November 19, 1911

Bessie Juliette to Easl Easterbrook of Saybrook, Illinois, July 22, 1914

John T. Angle and Ina Pearl Moore, February 16, 1915, in Graves Co., Ky


John A. Angle was born June 27, 1859

Juliette Jackson Angle was born March 29, 1868

Our Children

Onie Louise Angle born July 9, 1888

Norma Meranda Angle was born January 8, 1890

Bessie Louise Angle was born January 27, 1896

Horace Jackson Angle was born September 8, 1898

Samuel Howard Jackson, father, was born May 29, 1834 at Cahawba, Alabama.

Louise Adel Lude Jackson, mother, was born August 15, 1843, Mobile, Alabama.


Samuel H. Jackson died August 31,1878 in New Orleans, Louisiana

Mrs. Louise Adel Lude Jackson died November 25, 1895

John A. Angle died March 21, 1899 in New Orleans, Louisiana

Horace Jackson Angle died June 19, 1918

Rosa Stutz (Jackson ) sister died October 29, 1931

John T. Angle died July 13, 1933

This is a very large Bible, impressive heavy leather. The front and back covers in very good condition. Pages are good, but the spine of the book is delicate, the reason I am transcribing instead of sending copies. I also found a personal note on a blank side of one page to her husband John Andrew Angle, dated January 18, 1888. Somehow at that point she assumed her husband would out live her. Belle Juliette Jackson Angle died August 22, 1937. This Bible was probably something displayed. There is also a smaller bible, I would think she carried to church. That one is basically the same, it just carries more Jackson information. Both Bibles are in the loving care of Linda Angle Harris