Deeds & Other Land Records


Monroe Land Patents from Mississippi Land Patents Database - These are in the USGenWeb Project Archives and were donated by Joy Fisher and Tina Vickery

Early Landowners in Township 12 S, Range 17 W

Plat Map of Northeast Corner of Monroe County [PDF] - by Robin Linn

Deed - Joseph Fowlkes from D. W. Ragsdale (at USGenWeb Archives)

Deed - James & John Commander Deed to Joseph Fowlkes (at USGenWeb Archives)

Deed - Joseph Fowlkes Deed to John Hill (at USGenWeb Archives)

Deed - Nathan Fulks Deed to William Price Standefer (at USGenWeb Archives)

Deed - Nathan Foulks to Wm. W. Tapp (at USGenWeb Archives)

Deed - John T. Foulkes & his wife to John E. Foulkes, Executor (at USGenWeb Archives)

Deed - Joseph Foulks to Mark Prewett (at USGenWeb Archives)

Deed - M. A. Dilworth to J. S. Foulkes

Deed - B. P. Holland, Trustee to J. S. Fowlkes

Deed - Eli Yoder to Abraham Lantz

Warranty Deed - Abe Lantz & wife to W. W. Watkins

Deed - Rose M. Wood et al. to Abe Lantz

Deed - Chas. W. Wood & wife to Abe Lantz

Deed - Abe Lantz to Laura L. Lantz

Warranty Deed - Abe Lantz & Laura Lantz to A. L. Lantz

Warranty Deed - Abe Lantz & wife to Mrs. Winey Leotah Meek

Deed - Abe Lantz to Albert Holder

Warranty Deed - Abe Lantz & wife to Lee Lantz

Warranty Deed - Abe Lantz & wife to I. L. Lantz

Deed - Abe L. Lantz to John F. Cain et al.

Warranty Deed - Lee H. Lantz et al. to J. C. Nix

Deed - Bertha Ann Holder to I. L. Lantz

Warranty Deed - I. L. Lantz et ux to J. C. Nix

Deed - Benson Tubb et al to John A. Parish



Trust Deed - John Grizzle to Sumney, Strong & King (at USGenWeb Archives)

Trust Deed - William P. Hebard to David Clarke et al. (at USGenWeb Archives)

Trust Deed - Abe Lantz & Wife to Eugene Lanier Sykes

Trust Deed - I. L. Lantz to George C. Paine





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