Will of William Clower

Contributed by M.D. Lehr

Holmes Co., MS

December 1860
LDS Reel 90440

pp 287-288-289



 I, William Clower of the County of Holmes and State aforesaid, being of sound mind and disposing memory and knowing the uncertainty of life, and the certainty of death, and being desirous prior to the dissolution of soul and body, to make a disposition of all my earthly estate both real and personal doth make and declare this to be my last will and testament, revoking all others.

Item 1st       I direct that all my just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses be paid by my

Executors herein after named with all convenient speed after my decease, and I do hereby subject charge and make liable to the payment of the same all my estate both real and personal, except for that portion bequeathed to my beloved wife and the monetary legacies herein after named.

Item 2nd     I give devise and bequeath unto my beloved wife the South West Quarter of Section No. Thirty-Two,  and S.E. 1/4 section 31, Township Sixteen of Range Three East in said County of Holmes, upon which I now reside together with all and singular the appurtenances and improvements thereto belonging or in anywise appertaining to have and hold the same for the during the term of her natural life only.

Item 3rd   I give devise and bequeath unto my beloved wife for and during the term of her natural life, in addition to Item second, the following negro slaves and other personal property, to wit: the men, Phill, Peter, Henry, & Rass, also Charity, Julia, Becca and Mary the child of said woman Becca, and also one horse, six mules, one wagon, six cows and calves, together with all my stock of hogs, household and kitchen furniture and farming tools sufficient for the laboring of the negros above named, and out of the stock of provisions on hand at my deceased, a sufficiency to supply her and them for the years ensuing next after my death.

Item 4th   I further will and direct that the property herein given to my beloved wife, be under the control and management of Powell Harvey and my son Benjamin R. Clower during her natural life. The[y] are to keep said property together and apply the proceeds thereof to the support of my beloved wife and the surplus of said proceeds (if any is left paying her all her expenses and expenses of keeping up the place upon which she shall reside), shall be equally and annually divided and paid over in equal shares to my three sons John, Benjamin R. and Green R [sic]. Clower.

Item 5th   I further give, direct and bequeath that upon the death of my beloved wife, that all of the property and estate, both real and personal herein given to her, for her natural life, together with the increase and profits airising therefrom shall be equally divided between my three sons, John, Benj R. And Green B. Clower, each to share and share alike in the same and in the increase and profits thereof.

Item 6th   I give and bequeath to my grand children, Thomas, Mason [Manson], Daniel, Pettus and Pinckney [Pinkney] Lehr, and give to their sister Lavinia Cole wife of Thos H. Cole and to their sole and separate use the sum of five hundred dollars each, to be paid to them out of my estate by my executors hereinafter named.

Item 7th   I give devise and bequeath to my grand children William Webster and Jackson Millsap the sum of twenty five dollars each to be paid in like manner as in Item sixth.

Item 8th    I give devise and bequeath to my grand children Lavinia and Eliza Millsap and to Mrs. Rebecca Bowen, and to my grand son Franklin Millsap each the sum of eight hundred dollars to be paid as above, to their sole and separate use.

Item 9th   I give devise and bequeath to my three beloved sons, John, Benjamin R. And Green B. Clower, all the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, both real and personal and _____, shares in action and all sum or sums of money due or to become due of every description and whereover located to be equally divided between them, them and each of them to share and share alike

                                 Signed 29 Dec 1860

                                   William Clower