(Widow of) Pushmataha to
Charles Land
Contributed by Diane Scocchio

Miss. County Court Records
Book A, pg. 37
Know all men by these presents that whereas the 2nd article filed as supplement to the treaty of the United States Government and the Choctaw People there is granted to me, Jamesachikako, the widdow of Pushmataha, late Chief of the Choctaw Nation, decíd, and for my children, four quarter sections of land in trust and my children, to be located under and by the direction of the President of the United States, and whereas Martha Moore, Betsy Moore and Haschalahurtibbi, by his guardian, Rene Logan, who are the only surviving heirs at law of said Pushmataha, did agree with me in the desire that the said land should be sold and the proceeds thereof appointed with the purchase of negroes and other property for our joint benefit, relief and maintenance. Now, know ye that I Imaghoka widdow of the said Pushmataha, decíd., for and in consideration of the sum of two thousand dollars in hand paid by Charles Land, of the State of Mississippi, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, do hereby grant, bargain and sell unto the said Charles Land and his heirs and assign forever, the four quarter sections of land so granted as aforesaid and all my right, title, interest, trustee or otherwise, of, in, and to the said land, privileges connected as made by the provision of the supplement to said treaty, as foresaid. To have and to hold the said four quarter sections of land and privileges to the said Charles Land, for the benefit of said Charles Land and his heirs against all other person or persons whomsoever, claiming or to claim, or either of us. I do hereby appoint the said Charles Land my attorney for me and in my name to act for me and receive from the United States Government of such office as may be appointed for the purpose, the quarter section of land so granted, and to all things which it would be lawful and proper for me to do and for the purpose of obtaining the possession to said Charles Land. Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the 3rd day of January one thousand, eight hundred and thirty-four. Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of the Indulger Pummeyyobaker, (his mark) who interpreted the same in the Choctaw Language.
We the undersigned Martha Moore and Tom Suzara, the guardian of Hachalahurtibbi, the only surviving son of the above Jamesachikako, widow of Pushmataha, decíd., and the only heir at law of Pushmataha, deceased, do jointly and severally consent to the foregoing conveyance to Charles Land of the four quarter sections of land granted to Lunnabaka for her and her children, for the consideration of two thousand dollars, as aforesaid, etc., as above. 13 January, on thousand eight hundred and thirty-four. Wit: Rena Ingram, Silas D. Fisher, Martha (X) Moore, and Betsie Moore, Hachalahurtibbi, by Rena Ingram, his guardian.
Town of Midway, Choctaw. Personally appeared before me Ėnamed Lunnagaka, widow of the late Pushmataha, deceased, and Martha Moore and Betsie Moore and Rena Ingram for Hachakahurtibbi, who severally acknowledged that they signed, sealed and delivered the foregoing four quarter sections of land, etc. 13 day of January, 1834. (signed) John F. Vere, Lieut. Co. 3 Inf., Com. of Post. [The Choctaws seemed to have two names for both Pushmatha and his widow.]
A notation of the face of the above record, stating that the purchase of the four quarter sections of land from the widow and children of Pushmatha, granted him by a provision in the late Choctaw treaty, was to have been by Charles Land and Abraham A. Halsey jointly. As far as the Land estate is concerned, it said the widow and children with the consent of Halsey, have released their interest therein to said Halsey. (signed) W, H, Johnson, admr. Of the estate of Charles Land. (W. H. Johnsonís wife was Charles Landís sister.)