Will of James S. Simmons

Contributed by Duke Jones

Holmes County, MS

Knowing the uncertainty of human life, and with a firm reliance in the justice of Him who giveth and taketh away our earthly existence, I ordain this my last will and testament.

Know ye all men by these presents, that I, James S. Simmons, of the County of Holmes, State of Mississippi, do ordain this my last will and testament.
I wish all of my property to be equally divided as follows among my four children, Crosby S. Simmons, C. Augustus Simmons, D. Jett Simmons and James Eccles Simmons. The property is to be kept together until my oldest child comes of age or marries, then to be valued and he be allowed to draw his share, one-fourth, the balance is to remain for the support of the other children, to be again divided as each child becomes of age or marries.

My watch I wish given to my son, Crosby Simmons.

I appoint my father, Samuel B. Simmons, as my administrator, and it is my desire that he shall not be required to give any security. It is my desire that my administrator shall erect a tombstone over my deceased wife as soon as the condition of affairs in his opinion justifies him in doing so.

Signed this 23rd day of March 1862, in the presence of
L. Lambert, Harris M. Brooks, A.S. Hillman James S. Simmons