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Records of Wright Freeman Undertakers

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

1937 - 1939



Name Date and Place of Birth Date and Place of Death Spouse Father and Place of Birth Mother and Place of Birth Address Burial
Tagnotti, Joseph Albert 4 December 1880 San Francisco 30 August 1936 Leland, MS Not known Tanotti, Ernest; Italy Not known, Italy Leland Ms Pearlington, MS
Taylor, Lewis 70 years old 23 May 1938 Married Not known Not known Route 1 Hattiesburg Richton
Teeters, Charles Ray 5 September 1938 19 September 1938 Infant Teeters, Gerald; IL Morgan, Mamie; MS McLaurin McLaurin
Thames, Flora Smith, Mrs. 29 December Age 80, KY 8 May 1936 Not given Smith, Thomas G., KY Minton, Adelia; KY 202 West Fourth Street Old City Cemetery
Thompson, Frank E. 7 September 1904 1 March 1938 Single Thompson, S. S. McLemore, Mittie Belle Hattiesburg Oak Grove Cemetery, Meridian, MS
Timmerman, Bobby Ray October 1933 7 November 1937 Single Timmerman, Lewis; AL Salter, Mabel; MS Moselle, MS Purvis
Tisdale, George 84 years 22 December 1938 Not given Not known Not known Route 2 Hattiesburg Myers Cemetery
Travis, E. S. 15 January 101 years 23 January 1937 Not given Travis, Ezekial Travis, GA Not known Route 1 City Carterville Cemetery
Traylor, Joseph Warren 26 October 54 years MS 2 June 1937 Not given Traylor, Nathan MS Drummons, Margaret, MS Route 4 City Oak Grove Cemetery
Trussell, James Bradley 4 February 1868 27 Opctober 1937 Married Trussell, Jim Unknown Route 1 City Bennett Cemetery
Turon, Venolia, Mrs. 22 February 48 years 17 January 1937 Turan, John L. Herring, W. M.; MS Ladner, Sarah Jane; MS Route 1 Saucier Saucier Cemetery
Turner, Don Kyne 24 December 4 years 26 July 1936 Not given Turner, Ottis Bell, Edna Beaumont Pleasant Hill
Underwood, James W. 26 April  63 years MS 25 February 1937 Not given Underwood, Isaac; MS Parker, Dorkas; MS Route 3 Richton Bethel Cemetery
Vinson, Christian, Mrs. 1 October 21 February 1938 Vinson, Albert; DIVORCED Burton, John; AL Hall. Sarah; AL Bonhomie, MS Moselle, MS
Waits, Mary F., Mrs. 27 May 1865; AL 15 February 1938 Not known Not known Not known Sumrall, MS New City Cemetery
Wall, Infant Daughter 22 June 1937 22 June 1937 Infant Wall, W. L.; MS Brackard, Vernice; MS Not given Not given
Wallace, Shirley Irene 23 February 17 December 1937 Single Wallace, Bill McLemore, Elina Route 5 Hattiesburg McLemore Cemetery
Walters, Christine 31 March 1932; MS 31 August 1936 Infant Walters, C. B.; MS Butler, Addie; MS Route 2 Ellisville Pine Grove Cemetery
Walters, Myrtle, Mrs. 23 December 1917 19 September 1938 Walters, J. C. Lee, W. J. Jones, Mattie Carsicana, TX Greens Creek Cemetery, Hattiesburg, MS
Walton, Della, Mrs. 9 May, 59 years of age 22 October 1938 Walton, D. H. Jones, Martin; MS Not known Ovette, MS County Line Cemetery
Warren, Harrell Jackson 8 September 1910 6 July 1937 Not given Warren, L. P.; MS Everett, Mattie; MS Not given Hickory Grove Cemetery, Hattiesburg
Warren, Roy 10 January 1908 5 March 1937 Not given Warren, J. D. Jennings, Unknown; MS 130 East 6th Street New City Cemetery
Watkins, Davon O. 1 August; 71 years old; MS 1 June 1938 Married Watkins, Kindred; MS Moore, Anne; MS Seminary, MS Not given
Watkins, Horace Greely 13 June; Age 26; MS 10 July 1936; Hotel Hattiesburg Not given Watkins, John; MS Stringer, Dovie; MS 809 James Street Fairchild Cemetery
Wells, Tom Unknown 16 June 1937 Not given Not given Not given Route 3 Sumrall Midway
West, Phillip Vinson 7 October; AL 2 Decembe 1937 Widower West, John; MS Shirley, La Viney; SC Rural Route, Ovette County Line Cemetery
Whiddon, Nancy 25 January 1857 1 January 1937 Not given Surname not given, given name D. K. Walley, Mary Route 4 Hattiesburg Grantham Cemetery
Willette, James Edward 30 August 1935 9 September 1937 Not given Willette, Thomas Gale Evans, Ruby Harvey, MS Greens Creek
Williams, J. Frank 22 March 1872, Woodville, MS 23 April 1936, Dixie Pine Not given Williams, J. Frank Miller, Sarah 916 Edwards Street Old City Cemetery
Wilson, Marion Richard 29 June 1936 1 July 1936 Infant Wilson, T. M.; MS Reynolds, Pearl; MS Route 1 Hattiesburg Hickory Grove
Wood, James Wallace 9 November 1902; Quitman, MS 29 April 1936 Not given Wood, Joe W.; KY Butler, Mae; TN Not given New City Cemetery
Wright, Anna Elizabeth 24 August 1867; MS 29 May 1937; Jackson Wright, H. B., Sr. Rutherford, Not given; MS Bridges, Not given; MS Jackson, MS Providence Cemetery
Wright, Ophelia Mullins, Mrs. 15 February 1866 16 April 1938 Wright, T. J. Mullins, Seth A.; MS Tillman, Cornelia; MS 405 10th Avenue Highland Park
Young, L. Van 21 May 4 October 1937 Single Young, George Hemba, Laura; MS Blytheville, AR Advance Cemetery


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