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Records of Wright Freeman Undertakers

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

1937 - 1939

I transcribed this data years ago from a very old, partial transcript I found in the vertical files in Brooks Reading Room, McCain Graduate Library, University of Southern Mississippi. The identity of the original transcriber is unknown, and there is no clue as to the whereabouts of the original records. I have since returned to the library to double check some of the information and was dismayed to discover that the pages I worked from are no longer in the file. I can only assume that they are misfiled or that they have been stolen.

Remember that the best source of personal information is the person, and that in this case he or she was dead. The informant could have been anyone, from spouses or parents, near relatives, distant cousins, friends, or enemies of the deceased, to total strangers.

I copied every scrap of information from the transcript pages. If data is missing from this file it was missing from the first transcript. I did very little editing of the material but I have no way of knowing how much editing of the original records was done by the original transcriber. "Not given" means it was not on the transcript. "Unknown" or "Not known" means that it said unknown or not known on the transcript. Most everything is spelled the way it was on the transcript; I didn't guess. Where street names and numbers are given without a city, it is very likely Hattiesburg, but if it didn't say so I didn't type it that way. Most of the cemeteries are in Forrest, Lamar, and Perry Counties with a few in Jasper and Covington Counties and even Stone County, but if a county was not named I did not name one. Where a name shows up twice in the index it is because it appears twice in the transcript.

Many of the cemeteries mentioned in these records have been transcribed and placed online. Visit the Mississippi GenWeb Project . Use the dropdown box to select the county and check the cemetery links on the county pages. Be sure to send a thank you e-mail to the transcriber!

The entries are indexed by surname of the deceased.  Use the "find on this page" feature of your browser or the site search engine to locate surnames in other columns of the data.


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