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Records of Wright Freeman Undertakers

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

1937 - 1939



Name Date and Place of Birth Date and Place of Death Spouse Father and Place of Birth Mother and Place of Birth Address Burial
Fairley, Dan 14 November 1865, MS 16 December 1938 Not given Fairley, Angus; MS Jones, Laura; MS 866 Main Street New City Cemetery
Fairley, John G. 12 October, 78 years 16 April 1937 Not given Fairley, Angus A. Jones, Laura; MS 409 Newman Street Old City Cemetery
Fairley, Melvin Edgar 8 May, 46 years;  MS 27 November 1938 Married Fairley, Jim; MS Blackwell, Amanda; MS Route 2 Saucier Blackwell, Cemetery
Fairley, Joseph A 66 years 5 June 1936 Not given Fairley, John; MS Breland, Pennsylvania; MS Route A Wiggins Fairley Cemetery
Fillingame, Albert 15 February 1903, 33 years 1 month 19 days 15 April 1936 Not given Fillingame, James; MS Carter, Ella; MS Poplarville Dixie Cemetery
Finley, Susie 12 February, 66 years, MS 30 May 1937 Finley, O. Coleman Clark, Steve; MS Patrick, Mary Elizabeth; MS Route 2 Richton Cochran Cemetery
Foxworth, Mrs. Pearlie 19 November 1900, MS 21 November 1937 Foxworth, S. A. Farlow, Will; MS Palmer, Caroline; MS Route 5 Hattiesburg Sunset Cemetery
Gardner, Mrs. Mildred 23 March 1859 26 July 1936 Not given Cooper, Washington; MS Byrd, Margaret Jane; MS Route A Perkinston Pine Grove
Garner, Mrs. Floyd 13 December, Age 72 9 October 1936 Garner, W. R. Thompson, Billie; MS Not known 108 Gay Avenue Hattiesburg Old City Cemetery
Garrison, H. L. Not given Not given Not given Not given Not given County Home Not given
Gaston, Mrs. Bettie White 13 June 1899; MS 5 October 1936 Gaston, Paul Lee White, Dr. W. H.; MS White, Mary Ellen; MS 111 Short Bay Street, Hattiesburg Not given
Gay, Daniel Lee 12 February 1874 19 July 1937 Married Gay, J. C. McInnis, Katheryne; MS Brooklyn, MS Not given
Geddie, Mrs. Emily Jones 28 July; 69 years 25 September 1936 Geddie, J. J. Jones, William; MS Ferguson, Mary; MS Route 3 Ellisville Beech Cemetery, Ellisville
Gibson, Annie Rose 8 May 1868; MS 2 June 1938 Gibson, Charlie Carter, Jim; MS Carter, Rose Ann Gate; MS Route 3 Lucedale Gibson Cemetery
Gibson, Charles Richard 17 September 1867; MS 26 October 1938 Not given Gibson, John; MS Helveston, Mary; MS Route 3 Lucedale Gibson Cemetery
Gilbert, Rheba Gertrude 30 January 1918; MS 27 December 1936 Not given Gilbert, William A.; MS Turner, Allie ; MS Route 1 Richton Mount Pleasant
Gilpin, Irene 20 September 1920; AL 24 August 1937; Methodist Hospital Single Gilpin, T. J.; AL Smith, Lucille B.; AL Route 1 Hattiesburg Providence Cemetery
Glover, Mrs. (No other information at all about this person)            
Gomer, Almeda 72 Years of age 13 March 1938 Gomer, John (deceased) Cooper, Wash; MS Not known Wiggins, MS Wiggins
Goss, Titus 7 April 1902; GA 27 December 1937 Not given Goss, Sherman Goss, Mary Jane Panacle, FL Lake Ellen Cemetery, Medart FL
Graham, Ray M. 15 February 1896 18 August 1937, Biloxi Divorced Graham, L. A.; MS Morris, Allie; MS Sanford, MS Bryant Cemetery
Grantham, Katheryn Clare 16 May 1917 20 December 1936 Not given Grantham, W. R.; MS Stevens, Lizzie; MS 409 Mable Street, Hattiesburg Prospect Cemetery
Grayson, John B. 31 August; 86 years old 1 August 1936 Not given Graham, John Wesley; SC Bynam, Sarah; SC Moselle Moselle Cemetery
Hammack, Albert Curtis 4 October, 66 years old, MS 27 January 1939 Married Hammack, William Isaac; VA Cobb, Louisa not known New Augusta, MS New Augusta
Hammack, Albert Sidney 3 February, age 50; MS 10 October 1936 Not given Hammack, Louis; MS Fuller, Emma; MS 121 East 5th Street Old City Cemetery
Hardy, Dayton C. July, 71 years old, MS 25 January 1938 Married Hardy, Jim; AL Moncreif, ?; AL Route 3 Richton Garlandsville
Harker, Infant son 2 July 1936 2 July 1936 Infant Harker, D. S. Not given Not given Sunrise
Harrison, Mrs. Nancy C. 31 March; 88 years; AL 17 October 1938 Harrison, Dr. J. M. Jenkins, Raleigh; SC Buchanan, Julia Ann; TN 227 Miller Street, Hattiesburg Roseland Park
Hatten, Sidney Martin 17 April 13 November 1937 Single Hatten, Lewis; MS Bennett, Rebecca; MS Route 2 Hattiesburg Old City Cemetery
Hearon, Edward Carleton Age 67 28 November 1936 Not given Hearon, Henry Preston; SC Carleton, Celesia Ann; AL Hattiesburg Roseland Park
Helveston, Mrs. Margaret 27 August, 71 years old, MS 4 November 1936 Helveston, Charles Blackwell, Joshua; MS Joiner, Mary; MS Route 5 Hattiesburg Barlow Cemetery
Hendrix, Arthur Fox 6 August, MS 2 July 1937, Methodist Hospital Single Hendrix, V. B.; MS Garrett, Clyde; MS Not given Not given
Hickman, Mrs. Mary C. 11 December, Age 79 25 August 1936 Not given McMillan, John; MS Thompson, Jane; MS Stone County Hickman Cemetery, Perkinston
Hill, Claude 18 December, 63 years, SC 22 October 1936, Columbia, MS Not given Hill, Murph; SC Bryson, Mary; SC 808 West Pine Street, Hattiesburg New City Cemetery
Hicks, Nancy Elizabeth 20 June, age 46, AL 19 September 1938 Hicks, Marion C. Aycock, W. H.; GA McDonald, Mary; GA Route 1 Hattiesburg Shelton Cemetery
Hilling, Mrs. Julia Erwin 8 October 1863; MS 12 April 1937 Milling, Francis Wilson Smith, Samuel J.; MS Heflin, Tempie Caroline; GA 1405 Main Street Hattiesburg McLaurin
Hinton, Lanceneer C. 22 March, MS 18 February 1938 Married Hinton, A.; MS Roberts, Marty Catherine; MS New Augusta Singleton Hinton Cemetery
Hobson, Infant 3 March 1937 3 March 1937 Infant Hobson, Melvin; MS Gerald, Elizabeth; MS 107 Gordon Street Hattiesburg Walters Cemetery
Holcomb, Kathryne Joe 9 January 1937; MS 16 November 1938 Single Holcomb, J. N.; GA Jones, Katheryne; TN Saucier, MS Sarcier Cemetery
Holder, Mrs. Margaret 11 October, age 82 27 September 1936 Holder, J. H. Smith, John; MS Dennis, Delilah; MS McLaurin Not given
Holder, Dewitt 29 July 1922, Jasper County 6 April 1936 Single Holder, J. T. Bassett, Tura 804 Bouie Street Hattiesburg Holder Cemetery
Holder, Sammy 76 Years 11 October 1938 Single Not given Not given Route 1 Brooklyn Not given
Holleman, Jake L. 19 December, 69 years, MS 11 November 1938 Married Not known Hutto, Dollie Route 1 Ovett County Line Cemetery
Holliman, Mark Anthony, GA 15 July, 70 years old 26 November 1938 Married Holliman, John T., GA Holliman, Martha; GA 213 Second Avenue, Hattiesburg Old City Cemetery
Holliman, Marshall 9 April 1929, MS 11 December 1939 Single Holliman, Andrew J.; MS Shoemake, Bertie; MS Ovett, MS Whitfield Cemetery
Hollingsworth, Robert Lee 1 June 1861 23 October 1937 Widower Hollingsworth, Samuel; England Walker, Ella Nora; MS 207 15th Avenue Hattiesburg Roseland Park
Hudson, Claudie 6 December 1844 13 December 1937 Married Hudson, Allen Stanford, Delila Not given Sumrall, MS
Hughes, James G. 14 June 1876 CA 6 June 1938 Married Hughes, James; KY Converse, Elizabeth; OH Richton Richton
Hughes, Mrs. Margaret C. 48 years of age, MS 3 Feb 1938 Hughes, H. C. Denham, Col. J. W.; MS Carter, D.; MS Blue Mountain, MS New City Cemetery


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