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Records of Wright Freeman Undertakers

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

1937 - 1939


C D E 

Name Date and Place of Birth Date and Place of Death Spouse Father and Place of Birth Mother and Place of Birth Address Burial
Cameron, Henry Alexander 2 August 1855, MS 24 July 1938 Not Given Cameron, Henry Dearman, Jane Route 3 Sumrall Midway Cemetery
Campbell, Robert Franklin 27 June 20 August 1937 Married Campbell, R. F. Sr., MS Anderson, Ellen MS Petal Hickory Grove Cemetery, Laurel
Carter, Mrs. Cora Alice 14 January 1883, MS 9 July 1938 Married Carter, Hyram MS Parker, Dallis MS Richton, MS Richton
Carter, Doyle Ray 9 September 1907, MS 18 April 1937 Not given Carter, M. M. MS Mahon, Nalvada AL 802 Mamie Street Richburg Cemetery
Carter, Dorothy Nelson  (see Carter, Infant Son) 31 December 1912 13 September 1937 Carter, Guy Nelson, John MS Chambliss, Victoria 229 Columbia Street, Hattiesburg Richburg Cemetery
Carter, Infant Son  (see Carter, Dorothy Nelson) 6 September 1937 6 September 1937 Infant Carter,Guy Nelson,Dorothy 229 Columbia St. Hattiesburg Richburg Cemetery
Carter, Mrs. J. V. 28 April, Age 74 17 January 1937, Macedonia Carter,J. V. Pardue, N. B. MS Smith, Pankie MS Not given Carterville Cemetery
Carter, Mrs. Nellie 13 December 1844 25 July 1937 Carter,J. W. McCardle James Sumrall, Given Name not known, Route 1 Sanford Bethel Cemtery
Chamber, Alphonse Edward 22 January 1902 10 April 1938 Married Chambers, A. E. Sr., MS Mitchell, Mary I. LA 301 Newman Street, Hattiesburg Roseland Park Cemetery
Clark, Forrest Jefferson 20 June 1888, MS 24 January 1936 Married Clark, Francis Marion MS Cole, Frances MS 215 Jackson Street, Hattiesburg Oral Cemetery
Clark, Peter Joseph 20 November 1858, MS 9 May 1936 Not given Clark, John   Ireland Bannerson (Benison), Nancy MS Highway 49 East Clark Cemetery
Clegg, Miss Bessie Ruth  5 September 1919, MS 15 July 1938 Single Clegg, Rev. R. H. MS Carter, Minnie MS Brookhaven Highland Park Cemetery, Hattiesburg
Clinton, Vallie Mae February, MS 9 October 1937 Clinton,Robert Lee Patterson,S. T. Perry, Zera MS 1403 Edwards Street, Hattiesburg Providence Cemetery
Clinton, William C. 1 January--78 years 11 October 1936 Not given Clinton, William MS Not known Route 1 Hattiesburg Providence Cemetery
Cochran, Edward Earl 19 April 1936, MS 26 July 1937 Not given Cochran, Woodrow MS Pitts,Elmer Route  2 Richton Mount Moriah Cemetery
Collier, Infant Son 6 November 1936 6 November 1936 Single Collier, Jessie MS Hagan, Miriam MS Not given Not given
Collins, Mrs. Sarah Alice 14 September 1859 17 March 1937 near Union, MS Collins,Tom E. Germany, Joe NC Edwards, C. MS Rawls Springs Providence Cemetery
Combs, Mrs. Emma Magdalene 22 December 1852, Louisville, KY 18 April 1938 Widow Komp, John Benjamin Germany Gullieb, Eva Germany 106 North 22nd Avenue, Hattiesburg Roseland Park, Hattiesburg
Conn, Walter Lewis 26 March 1881, MS 2 October 1937 Not given Conn, B. L. MS Conn, Elizabeth Wheeler, AL Not given Dixie Cemetery
Conway, Infant Son 30 May 1938, MS 3 June 1938 Single Conway, Bura MS Holliman, Edith? MS Route 3 Richton Buck Creek Cemetery
Conway, James Franklin 10 August 20 December 1937 Not given Conway, J. J. AL Crenshaw, Marium unknown Not given Runnelstown
Cook, Marvin Neal 1 May 1930, MS 12 October 1938 Single Cook, Neal Marvin MS Gardner, Madeline MS West Seventh Street, Hattiesburg Not Given
Cook, Mrs. Sarah Ann Stevens 27 April 13 November 1937  Cook, Dr. I. H. deceased Stevens, Captain Ben MS Breland, Annette MS 614 Bay St., Hattiesburg Old City Cemetery
Cooley, Frances Lena 9 August 1886, AL 10 July 1937 Widow McGill, J. AL Kilgore, Mary AL Route 2 Seminary Bethel Cemetery
Cooley, Margaret Cathel 70 years old, MS 11 June 1936 Cooley,Bill Fairley, Angus MS Breland , Sarah Ann MS Route A, Brooklyn Janice Cemetery
Cortney, Easter February, AL 31 December 1937  Jones, Jimmy deceased Beach, Tom AL Beach, Betsy AL Lumberton, MS Pleasant Home Cemetery
Cowan, Mrs. Fannie G. 1 October 1867, Florida 21 August 1938 Cowan,R. R. Gunter, Unknown FL Powell, Nancy FL 105 Fifth Avenue, Hattiesburg New City Cemetery, Hattiesburg
Cowart, Hattie Mildred 29 November 1901, MS 23 May 1937, Moselle, MS Not given Cowart, J. E. M. MS Harrison, Jane MS Route 1, Moselle Progress 3 miles West of McLaurin
Cowart, Mrs. R. O. 9 March 1859 6 January 1937, Leaf, MS Cowart,R. O. Breland, Joseph MS Myles, Mrs. MS Leaf, MS Pigkens Cemetery
Cowart, Woodrow Franklin 13 September 1936 10 November 1936 Infant Coward, Robert S. MS Robertson, Gay AL McLaurin, MS Not given
Cox, John William 11 April 1874, NC 23 March 1938 Not known Not known Waits, S. NC Route 1 Hattiesburg New City Cemetery, Hattiesburg
Crosby, Andrew Mack David 16 September 1860, MS 22 July 1937, Moselle Widower Crosby, Sam MS Hosey, Martha MS Moselle, MS Crosby Cemetery
Crosby, Infant Son 10 August 1937 10 August 1937 Infant Crosby,Warren Jones, Mariane MS Route 1 Sanford Bethel
Crosby, G. L. May, 59 years, MS 4 July 1936 Not given Crosby, Clark MS Green, Nancy MS Route 5 Hattiesburg Leeville
Crosby, Mrs. Marrie 19 September 1878 29 August 1937 Widow Casey, Jim AL Casey, Elizabeth, AL Route 4 Hattiesburg Oak Grove Cemetery, Lamar County
Davis, Jasper Ellis 58 Years of age 19 January 1938 Married Davis, N. N. Pace, Fannie Thompson; MS Route 1 Moselle Crosby Cemetery
Davis, William Richard 5 December 1872, MS 11 March 1938 Not given Davis, Sam; MS Harlan, Ellen; MS Route 3 Lucedale Crossroads Cemetery
Dean, T. T. 51 Years, 5 months 28 days; Waynesboro 1 May 1936; McLaurin Not given Dean, J. J.; AL Darby, Nancy; AL McLaurin McLaurin
Dees, Jefferson David 8 July 1861 AL 30 November 1938 Married Dees, John P. Fort, Mary 515 Dabbs Street, Hattiesburg New City Cemetery
Denham, Julius Kennedy 5 May 1870, MS 19 March 1938 Not given Denham, Joe Wyatt, MS Carter, Demaris, MS 118 Miller Street, Hattiesburg Roseland Park
Denison, Julius C. 14 April 1870, 66 years 2 months 10 days, WVA 24 June 1936 Not given Denison, W. S., WVA Maison, Safronia, CN Route 1 Saucier Saucier Cemetery
Downing, Mrs. Birdie Wilmer 31 March, Age 30 20 May 1936 Not given Williams, John; AL Grissom, Nancy Route 6 City Old Union
Dunaway, Mrs. Geneva Morris 4 July 1892 12 January 1937 Dunaway, James C. Morris, Jasper N.; MS Harris, Mary V.; MS Route 4 Hattiesburg Morriston Cemetery
Edmondson, Robert Stanley 28 September 1888, MS 30 September 1936 Not given Edmondson, George B.; MS Norris, Elizabeth; MS (see also Knight, Mrs. Olivia) 403 West Fourth Street, Hattiesburg New City Cemetery
Edwards, Mrs. Idell Laird 30 June 1922,  MS 10 May 1937 Edwards, A. C. Laird, Jesse; MS Thompson, Lula; MS 1400 East Laurel Avenue, Hattiesburg Sunrise Cemetery
Edwards, Kearney 24 November 1913 8 August 1937 Not given Edwards, Jent; MS Edwards, Lunnell; MS Route 2 Richton Edwards Cemetery
Edwards, Wiley M. 9 May 6 June 1937 Married Edwards, Henry McLeod, Mary Seminary Ellisville Cemetery
Entrekin, Ledell 15 April 1894, MS 15 June 1938 Single Entrekin, Davis; MS Perry, Annie; MS Route 2 Purvis Entrekin Cemetery
Entrekin, Mrs. Martha 28 June, 78 years old, MS 29 January 1939 Entrekin, Sherrod Sumrall, Dr. ? Not known Not known Entrekin Cemetery
Entrekin, Vera McMichael 16 September; age 23 years, MS 28 May 1937 Not given McMichael, Frank Alsworth, Urga; MS Shreveport, Louisiana Corinth Cemetery
Eure, William Franklin 15 September 1934, MS 2 July 1936 Not given Eure, AT. J. Not given 1120 West Pine Street Hickory Grove
Evans, Mrs. Linda C. 66 years, MS 22 March 1937 Evans, W. D. Gilmore, Given Name unknown, MS Benge, Isabelle; MS 111 Unetta Street Hattiesburg Old City Cemetery
Ezell, Joe 5 April, 64 years old, AL 8 April 1937 Not given Ezell, John; AL Paggett, Sarah; MS orBaggett, Sarah; MS Royce, MS McLaurin
Ezell, Jonathan 14 September 1869 26 November 1938 Widower Ezell, Jonathan; AL Polk, Martha Ellen; AL ?14 Edna Street, Hattiesburg Morriston Cemetery


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