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Records of Wright Freeman Undertakers

Hattiesburg, Mississippi
1937 - 1939



Name Date and Place of Birth Date and Place of Death Spouse Father and Place of Birth Mother and Place of Birth Address Burial
Martin, D. C. 65 Years 30 September 1938 Not given Not given Not given Not given Brooklyn, MS
Massengale, Infant Son 14 November 1937 14 November 1937 Infant Massengale, E. L. Howell, Hazel Not given Not given
Massengale, Marvin Eugene 24 February 1929; MS 10 July 1936 Single Massengale, William K.; MS Jackson, Dora Frances; MS Hercules Camp, Hattiesburg Old City Cemetery
Mathews, William Martin 2 November 1849; New Orleans, LA 31 May 1936 Not given Mathews, W. M. Not given Route 4 Ellisville Easterling Cemetery
McClelland, John E. 31 January 1906; Hartford, AL 20 March 1937 Not given McClelland, M. J.; AK Johnson, Kandie; AL Not given Not given
McCoy, George S. 28 January 50 years 7 June 1938 Married McCoy, James Nelson McDonald, Sophronia; MS Beaumont, MS New Augusta
McDonald, Mrs. Bettie 1870; MS 25 July 1937 Whitfield, MS McDonald, W. D. Turner, Thomas; MS Pearce, Mary Not given Perkinston
McDonald, Columbus 7 July 1907 18 June 1936 Not given McDonald, Hugh; MS McDoanld, Lillie; MS Beaumont Beaumont Cemetery
McDonald, Infant Daughter 28 February 1937 28 February 1937 Infant McDonald, Carl; MS Pitts, Esther Not given Mulberry Cemetery
McDonald, James 16 November 1872 AL 4 August 1938 Married McDonald, Jame W.; AL Humphreys, Georgia; AL 805 Laurel Avenue, Hattiesburg New City Cemetery
McGilvray, Infant Son 7 May 1936 7 May 1936 Infant McGilvray, W. T.; MS Grantham, Susie; MS Route 1 Hattiesburg Rawls Springs
McGregor, Sterling P. 1881 55 years; MS 7 July 1936 Not given McGregor, Andrew; England Thorpe, Unknown; MS 314 Bushman Street, Hattiesburg Old City Cemetery
McInnis, Barbara Jean 11 November 1937 19 December 1937 Infant McInnis, Hector; MS McInnis, Lettie; MS Route 4 Hattiesburg Not given
McInnis, Dan R. November 16 December 1937 Widower McInnis, D. Reveals, Bettie Not given Merrill, MS
McInnis, John K. August, Age 80, MS 30 September 1936, Vernal, MS Not given McInnis, John; MS Cowart, Renie; MS Not given Cree Cemetery
McInnis, John Bruce 1 August 50 years, MS 19 April 1937, Mobile, AL Not given McInnis, John K; MS Green, Rebecca; MS Star Route Vernal, MS Green Cemetery
McInnis, Marcus L. Not given 24 April 1936 Not given McInnis, Hilliard; MS Green, Anna; MS Dixie Pine Edwards Streeet Cemetery
McInnis, Mary Alma 19 May 50 years 21 June 1938 Married Bishop, Levi; MS Beard, Lucy; MS Route 1 Hattiesburg Quick Cemetery
McKenzie, Katie Miss 1 April 1863 MS 31 March 1938 Single McKenzie, William David; NC McSwain, Katie; MS Route 2 Hattiesburg Petal, MS
McLemore, Garvin William 14 November  MS 11 July 1937 near Gulfport Not given McLemore, J. A. J.; MS McDonald, Laura K.; TN Lyman, Mississippi Morriston Cemetery
McLeod, John Angus 12 November 1857 21 October 1937 Widower McLeod, John Angus MS Loftin, Rosa Jane 803 Main Street, Hattiesburg Old City Cemetery
McPhail, Infant Daughter 4 August 1937 4 August 1937 Infant McPhail, J. S. Hudson, Elsie; MS 202 Columbia Street Hattiesburg Not given
Melville, Frank 54 years old, VA 6 July 1938 Not known Not known Not known Hattiesburg Old City Cemetery
Miley, Mrs. Sallie E. 8 March, 89 years old 12 December 1936 Miley, Henry Shirley, William; VA Adams, Nancy; VA Route 4 Hattiesburg Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Smith County, MS
Miller, Norman Nelson 3 March 1869 Indiana 11 December 1938 Not given Miller, Abraham; OH Wise, Unknown; OH Purvis, MS Old City Cemetery
Milloy, Albert Ernst 4 June 1880 MS 17 May 1936 Not given Milloy, Duncan MS McNair, Nancy MS 316 Hemphill Street Hattiesburg New City Cemetery
Milner, C. A. 14 March 1852 GA 14 March 1937 Not given Milner, William SC Bookler, Sally SC 900 River Avenue Hattiesburg City Cemetery
Milner, Elsie Gilliard, Mrs. Age 58 29 December 1937 Magee MS Milner, Hampton Gilliard, Charles Dr.; OH Brown, Silva OH Hardy Street, Hattiesburg Old City Cemetery
Mixon, J. F. 6 October 1857 23 November 1936 Not given Mixon, R. Carter, Mary Route 3 Richton, MS Indian Springs
Mixon, William John 14 December 1852 MS 17 Jan 1938 Not given Mixon, Him W. MS Not known Route 1 Hattiesburg Hickory Grove Cemetery
Mitchell, Katie Campbell, Mrs. Not given, MS 14 December 1937 Hemphill, VA Campbell, C. C., Dr.; deceased Not given Not given Not given Not given
Mitchell, Josephine F., Mrs. 5 October 1849 22 November 1937 Mitchell, Morgan Taylor Rogers, John; MS Owens, Mary; MS Petal Greens Creek
Moore, Johnnie Pearl April, 24 years MS 14 November 1938 Lucy, Joe B.  DIVORCED Moore, Albert Moore, Leila; MS Route 3 Hattiesburg Collins, MS
Moore,  Lucie, Mrs. 5 March 66 years MS 14 July 1938 Moore, S.; deceased Rigs, Joseph MS Wildie, Abia (Weldy?) Short Katie Avenue, Hattiesburg McLaurin
Moran, Lucien 25 March 1863 MS 26 October 1937 Married Moran, Lucien; MS Dedeaux, Dollie, MS Route 1 Gulfport Not given
Moran, S. H. 8 May 1864 20 November 1937 Married Moran, Lucien; MS Dedeaux, Dollie; MS Route 1 Lyman Wolf River Cemetery
Morgan, Bernice 2 September 1927 29 May 1938 Single Morgan, Leslie Morgan, Minnie Ola McLaurin McLaurin
Myers, J. David Jr. 30 June 1900, Harpersville, MS 27 May 1937 Not given Myers, J. D.; MS Myers, Mary W.; MS 414 Ronie Street Old City Cemetery
Myers, Thomas Richard 10 June 88 years MS 28 January 1937 Not given Myers, Unknown; MS Killingsworth, Unknown; MS Route 1 City Pilgrim Cemetery
Myrick, Gary Franklyn 10 October 1938 9 January 1939 Infant Myrick, Joe, MS Rouse, Willie Mae; MS 103 South Street Hattiesburg Zion Hill Cemetery
Newsom, Buford 13 June 1917 11 December 1936, 16 miles South of Hattiesburg Not given Newsom, Joe R. W.; MS Graham, Viola; MS Route 4 Hattiesburg Beverly Hills Cemetery
Nicholson, Godfrey Lee 2 November 1870 4 June 1937 Widower Nicholson, Elijah; MS Holley; MS Route 2 Richton Hollie Creek, Richton
Nobles, Maggie., Mrs. 2 June 1876 MS 7 August 1937 Nobles, A. J. Whiddon, John MS McCaskie, Susie MS Route 3 Sumrall Midway
Norsworthy, Nellie Gertrude, Miss 22 October 1880 13 February 1937 Single Norsworthy, Hnery W.; MS McCray, Mary Ann; MS Route 2 Hattiesburg Old City Cemetery
Norton, Anderson Elliot 16 April Age 66, MS 2 March 1938 Married Not given Not given Route 4 Hattiesburg Morriston
Odom, Cecil 23 August 3 February 1938 Single Odom, R. C.; MS Edwards, Evelyn; MS Route 2 Richton Edwards Cemetery
Odom, Doc Laren 19 December 1888 MS 18 January 1939 Married Odom, Jack L.; MS Donald, Jennie; MS Route 5 Hattiesburg Odom Cemetery
Odom, Mary Eaton 23 January 13 June 1937 Not given Edwards, Wallace O. Easterling, Cennie Route 2 Richton Edwards Cemetery
Oliver, William Russell 9 August 1865 MS 29 July 1936 Not given Oliver, James; MS Bond, India; MS Route 4 Hattiesburg Sunrise Cemetery


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