Jasper County Grooms

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RAILEY, Newton HENDERSON, Rachel 1880-Apr-08
RAINER, Gy DESKIN, Pearl 1911-Jun-25
RAINES, D A REEVES, Ella 1909-Jul-06
RAMBO, Bob SHELBY, Adeline 1915-Dec-12
RAMPER, Will LOPER, Caroline 1919-May-13
RASBERRY, C A STRINGER, Zettie 1912-Dec-25
RATCLIFF, George MOFFITT, Ardella 1914-May-30
RATCLIFF, Henry STRONG, Bertha 1918-Sep-25
RATCLIFF, Ocie LEE, Alla 1915-Dec-22
RATCLIFF, R B CHANCELOR, Pearl 1906-Jun-09
RATCLIFFE, Aaron WADE, Lee 1910-Aug-04
RAWILL, G W BETHA, H E Mrs 1910-Aug-10
RAYFORD, Alex RUSSELL, Virgie 1910-Jul-10
RAYNER, G W PHILLIPS, Emma 1907-Aug-13
RAYNER, T C WINDHAM, Emma 1912-Nov-18
READ, D A JAMES, Katie 1909-Aug-11
REED, Frazier SMITH, Viola 1913-Feb-23
RHODES, Clen PICKENS, Willma 1917-Dec-09
RHODES, Dock WHITEHEAD, Susie Mae 1923-Feb-25
RHODES, G M HOPKINS, Allice 1907-May-16
RHODES, J H PICKENS, Flossie 1918-Jul-28
RHODES, J W RIGHT, Rubie 1918-Aug-26
RHODES, L G BURKS, Bessie 1915-Jan-02
RHODES, Toye MCLAURIN, Virgie 1919-Feb-09
RICE, W A HAMMONS, S A Mrs 1877-Aug-08
RICHARDS, E N WARD, Lela 1910-Jul-10
RICHARDSON, James MCCURTY, Viola 1920-Sep-08
RICHARDSON, Marshall MACK, Evie 1908-Feb-20
RITCHEY, G W HELLON, Carrie Mrs 1906-Jan-26
RIVES, L H MCNULL, Becky 1912-Jan-07
ROBBINS, John DISKIN, Susie 1913-May-22
ROBERSON, Clayton BARNES, Lodie 1911-Dec-25
ROBERSON, James WHEATON, Pearly 1908-Feb-06
ROBERTS, A L LAWSON, Ola 1910-Aug-29
ROBERTS, C ROBERTS, Nannie 1908-Mar-17
ROBERTS, F COVINGTON, Hattie 1907-Jul-21
ROBERTS, F R LOWE, Rosie 1909-Dec-12
ROBERTS, G D ALEXANDER, Eunice 1906-Dec-26
ROBERTS, T G BOOTH, Eliza 1910-Feb-03
ROBERTS, W B BLOCKWELL, Lillie 1906-Dec-27
ROBERTS, Walter PICKINS, Mattie 1918-Sep-29
ROBINSON, Urquhard EARLEY, Mattie 1907-Nov-20
RODGERS, C C JOHNSTON, Emma 1886-Dec-13
RODGERS, James PAGE, Annie 1922-Oct-15
ROE, Grady LINDSEY, Ida 1915-Apr-18
ROGERS, J E HOLDER, Leona 1907-Aug-19
ROGERS, J M LOCK, Chloe 1909-May-22
ROGERS, John R MASSEY, Ada 1906-Dec-09
ROGERS, Sam PAGE, Lizzie 1911-Jan-01
ROGERS, Sam SQUIRE, Sally 1909-Jan-10
ROPER, W L COOK, Ada 1911-Apr-16
ROWELL, J E ALLEN, Ruthie 1911-Oct-08
ROWELL, Walter ALLEN, Dasie 1908-Dec-27
RUBIN, Jessie WALKER, Corene 1914-Feb-11
RUSSUM, W W WINDHAM, Julia 1907-Jan-29


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