Jasper County Groom

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NANCE, William STRINGER, Gussie 1907-Aug-31
NESOM, C O MOFFETT, Pearl 1907-Nov-14
NEWCOMB, J H READ, Dovie A 1906-Oct-07
NEWCOMB, J R PUGH, Francis 1907-Jan-30
NEWELL, Ben PAGE, Bettie 1916-Aug-20
NEWELL, Cleveland MCCALLUM, Emma 1914-Nov-08
NEWELL, E L CROSBY, Daisy 1916-May-07
NEWELL, Earl NEWELL, Emma 1920-Nov-14
NEWELL, Enoch NIGHT, Ollie 1913-May-04
NEWELL, Enoch PAGE, Ida 1918-Apr-29
NEWELL, Jethro BARNES, Emma 1915-Aug-16
NEWELL, John N CLAYTON, Carene 1911-Jun-12
NEWELL, Lum LINDSEY, Frenchie 1920-Dec-26
NEWELL, Robert LINDSEY, Hazel 1917-Dec-27
NEWELL, Sam DALES, Lelia 1911-Dec-25
NEWELL, Tarrie GAVIN, Henrieth 1916-Aug-06
NICHOLSON, Calvin MERRELL, Viola 1923-Apr-28
NOBLE, Jesse MONCRIEF, Ella 1907-Sep-18
NOBLE, Lee WALKER, Bessie 1921-Dec-18
NOBLES, Bob MOORE, Pearlie 1921-Feb-21
NOBLES, Cleveland SHEAVES, Carrie 1921-Sep-24
NOBLES, Deury QUINCE, Mattie 1923-Mar-13
NOBLES, Ed RHODES, Mary 1911-Jan-05
NOBLES, Fid CLAYTON, Jessie 1919-Apr-13
NOBLES, Robert BOOSE, Eliza 1916-Feb-06
NOBLES, Robert SHANKS, Hanah 1914-May-10
NOBLES, Sam RICHERT, Leander 1915-Jan-23
NOBLES, Sam WHEELER, Lisabeth 1916-Feb-09
NOBLES, Spencer BARKER, Lula 1918-Dec-22
NORRIS, Clifton HUGHES, Anna 1915-May-24
NORRIS, J M HAMILTON, Pearlie 1923-Aug-05
NORRIS, Roy COLEMAN, Bessie 1921-Aug-22
OGLE, S S WEAVER, F M Miss 1887-Sep-11
OVERSTREET, H G OUSLEY, Lela 1908-Aug-13
OWEN, George JACKSON, Jane Mrs 1880-Nov-28
OXNER, J T CHADWICK, Mary 1912-Dec-26


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