Jasper County Grooms

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PAGE, Aaron MCNAIR, Emily 1920-Nov-11
PAGE, Ed ULMER, Caren 1906-Aug-15
PAGE, General SARRY, Kate 1910-Sep-07
PAGE, George THIGPEN, Rebecca 1912-Nov-10
PAGE, Henry PIERCE, Susie 1918-Sep-15
PAGE, Henry SHOEMAKER, Sevina 1923-Jan-24
PAGE, Henry THIGPEN, Willie 1908-Sep-12
PAGE, Idell BLANKENSHIP, Prim 1911-Apr-02
PAGE, Isaac INGRAM, Zella 1922-Oct-01
PAGE, Jake THIGPEN, Hettie Mrs 1906-Nov-11
PAGE, Joe PARKER, Della 1920-Sep-05
PAGE, L P STRONG, Sarahan 1914-Jun-14
PAGE, Lelon MCCULLUM, Lona Mae 1920-Sep-11
PAGE, Oscar MCCULLUM, Polly 1911-Jan-08
PAGE, Real NELSON, Aleatha 1919-Nov-22
PAGE, Real QUINCE, Florence 1916-Apr-09
PAGE, Reuben CROSBY, Alice 1906-Sep-15
PAGE, Richard MCCALLUM, Julia Ann 1913-Sep-01
PAGE, Solomon EVANS, Mariah 1916-Dec-10
PAGE, Thomas THIGPEN, Maddis 1916-Apr-16
PAGE, Tom THIGPEN, Jane 1908-Apr-19
PAGE, Walter GILLIAM, Ida 1914-Jan-17
PAGE, Willie KEYS, Roberta 1913-Dec-24
PAGE, Willie SIMS, Ora 1909-Jan-07
PAGE, Willis SANDERS, Lucindy 1915-Mar-06
PARKER, M J WEDGWORTH, Maggie 1909-Jun-06
PARKER, Van SUMRALL, May 1908-Dec-28
PARKER, Willie WARREN, Allison 1913-Jan-06
PARTER, Ivenson HOPPER, Jessie 1910-Mar-16
PATTERSON, J R SPENCER, Alice I 1886-Feb-25
PATTERSON, Robert MCCARTY, Emma 1923-Jun-21
PAYTON, Grady KEYS, Ludie 1920-May-22
PAYTON, John MOORE, Rosa Mrs 1921-Oct-10
PEARSON, George W WILLIAMS, Margaret 1878-Aug-15
PERRY, Other THAMES, Cora 1906-Aug-28
PERRYMAN, A J CROSBY, Marcilla 1910-Dec-18
PERRYMAN, Roberto LASTER, Leona 1922-Mar-26
PETERSON, Lelas WARREN, Mary 1919-Aug-03
PEYTON, Elbert ROGERS, Leah 1916-Jan-16
PEYTON, Will MCMICKLE, Eddie May 1915-Dec-26
PHILLIPS, Frank RAGNER, Virgie 1910-Mar-15
PHIPPS, Lem PICKLE, Adeline 1879-May-02
PICKIN, Sylvester HOLDER, Beatrice 1912-Sep-30
PICKLE, Isaac C MCKEE, Fannie 1906-Dec-26
PIERCE, Alex PERRYMAN, Lena 1918-Jan-03
PIERCE, Jim GAVIN, Charlotte 1910-Dec-29
PIERCE, Walker COOPER, Mattie 1913-Mar-29
PIPPENS, W I JAMES, Mittie 1910-Dec-28
PIPPIN, Dave MOSS, Enna 1907-Oct-23
PIPPIN, Willie ISHEE, Nola 1907-May-16
PITMAN, Homa LIGHTSEY, Lessie 1912-Apr-28
PITTMAN, G M PITTMAN, J J Miss 1877-Mar-21
PITTMAN, H MOFFETT, Rose 1907-Feb-03
PITTMAN, J O MCCORMICK, Annie Mae 1912-Feb-11
PLAMER, George HOOGE, Hester 1917-Jan-13
POAC, W J MOFFETT, Lizzie 1912-Nov-10
POOL, W F MOFFITT, Louiza 1912-Nov-08
POOLMAN, Bob COLMON, Novelor 1912-Mar-05
POSEY, B M POSEY, Lu Ella 1885-May-14
POSEY, J D MILLER, Hannah Elizabeth M 1885-Mar-28
POSEY, J H FULGHAM, Lu Ella 1885-Feb-15
PRESCOAT, R P SMITH, Virgie 1912-Dec-10
PRESTON, Alexander LUKE, Martha 1920-Jun-06
PRESTON, Cleveland ROGERS, Docie 1917-Mar-10
PRESTON, Ed CRAWFORD, Mattie 1922-Aug-20
PRICE, Andrew MCMILLIAN, Velma 1920-Dec-26
PRICE, Bailey WINDHAM, Mattie 1912-May-26
PRICE, Marshall ROGERS, Lizzie 1914-Jan-08
PRICE, Nelson MONCREIF, Mandy 1919-Oct-02
PRINCE, Moses BROWN, Martha 1922-Jan-22
PRUETT, Charles LASTER, Ana 1920-Mar-21
PRUITT, Otis N WARE, Lena E 1910-Dec-21
PUGH, J G READ, Dollie 1913-Nov-15
QUALLS, Nason AGEE, Katie 1914-Dec-10
QUENCE, George PAGE, Chainnie 1910-Mar-13
QUINBY, G B BURNETT, Hattie 1910-Sep-25
QUINCE, Joe NOBLES, Anne Belle 1913-Sep-08


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