Jasper County Grooms

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AGEE, Charley HASEY, Annie 1909-Jun-06
AGEE, Charley HOSEY, Annie 1909-Jun-06
AGEE, Grady KEYES, Gurtha 1916-Jun-17
AGEE, Grady KEYES, Martha 1916-Jun-17
AGEE, Loy WINDHAM, Rose Etta 1920-Sep-04
AGEE, Monroe BROWN, Arlone 1910-Jun-12
AGEE, Monroe BROWN, Orloni 1910-Jun-12
AGEE, N D HARDY, Martha 1918-Jan-27
AGEE, Rice INGRAM, Nola 1922-Nov-04
AGEE, Tay WINDHAM, Rose Etta 1920-Sep-04
AINSWORTH, A W KILGORE, L B Miss 1912-Jun-09
AINSWORTH, Quence LEE, Minnie 1909-Dec-21
AINSWORTH, Sylvester BENDER, Ora D 1915-Dec-25
AINSWORTH, Vern JACKSON, Corine 1911-Jun-18
ALDERMAN, A R MYRICK, Pinkie 1912-Jan-23
ALLEN, Eugene GAMMAGE, Lucy 1919-Nov-12
ALLEN, Frank NOBLE, Millie 1921-Jun-11
ALLEN, Jessie CLAYTON, Emerine 1908-Feb-28
ANDERSON, A B HICKMAN, Pearl 1909-Jan-03
ANDERSON, G W EVANS, Janie 1911-Sep-17
ANDERSON, J M BAMBURG, Edna 1908-Dec-20
ANDERSON, Robert STRINGFELLOW, Sallie 1880-Feb-24
ANDERSON, Selby WALKER, Sarah 1916-Feb-14
ANDERSON, T J TULLONS, Allie 1907-May-20
ANDERSON, W M BEAVERS, Claudie 1909-Feb-13
ANDREWS, B N MCPHERSON, Mary 1912-Feb-29
ARMOR, Julius PHILLIPS, Tennessee 1878-Apr-25
ASHLEY, G L NORRIS, Maggie 1912-Feb-11
ASHWOOD, John Henry BUNSON, Lucile 1924-May-11
AUSTIN, James THIPPEN, Ola 1920-Dec-27
AUSTIN, M E ANDERSON, May 1909-Sep-06


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