Special Projects




History of Bolivar County

Reflections of Bolivar County

History of Concordia Cemetery

75th Anniversary Souvenir Program Gunnison, MS  

Gunnison Baptist Church History

Stephens Matthews Bible Transcription

John Lewis Martin history

Gunnison Birthday Party Invitation

Gunnison Attendance Center 1963 HiLite

Gunnison Attendance Center 1964 HiLite

Gunnison Attendance Center 1965 HiLite

Gunnison Attendance Center 1966 HiLite

Merigold American Legion Auxiliary Year Book - 1933

Merigold American Legion Auxiliary Year Book - 1930

See note about naming of the American Legion Post

Cleveland High School - CHS Yearbooks

Merigold Year Book - Fidelis 1937

Merigold Year Book - Fidelis 1938

Merigold Year Book - Fidelis 1940

Merigold Year Book - Fidelis 1941

Early Delta Farm Life - Knowlton Plantation book

History of Rosedale 1876-1976

"Born in Slavery"

George Johnson - Audio and Transcriptions of Interview

Shelby High School Yearbooks

1927 Flood Photos

Rosedale High School Roster - 1911


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