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Record of the Church Session at Monroe Chickasaw Nation 1823 (7/15/02)

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* Denotes African American Church

Adolphus Chapel CME Church, Holly Springs

Anderson Chapel Methodist Church, Holly Springs

Anointed Christian Faith Center, Red Banks

Antioch Baptist Church, Victoria

Antioch Church, Red Banks

Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ, Byhalia

Asberry Church, Malone

Asbury United Methodist Church, Holly Springs

Ashland Baptist Church, Ashland

Ashland Church of Christ, Ashland

Bahai Faith Study Group, Holly Springs

Baptist Hill MB Church, Potts Camp

Barton Baptist Church, Byhalia

Barton United Methodist Church (Oakgrove Methodist), (founded 1867) Barton

Believers Baptist Church, Holly Springs

Berry's Chapel CME Church, Michigan City

Bethany Baptist Church, Potts Camp

Bethlehem Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, Bethlehem

Beulah Hill Church, Potts Camp

Beverly Chapel CME, Waterford

Brick Church (historical), Red Banks

Calvary Baptist Church, Holly Springs

Carey Chapel Baptist Church, 1917, Red Banks

Cayce Baptist Church, Cayce

Center Hill Church, Byhalia NW

Charity Baptist Temple, Watson

Chewalla Assembly of God, Holly Springs

Chewalla Baptist Church, Potts Camp

Chewalla Baptist Church, Chewalla Community (built in 1868, burned in 1968, rebuilt in 1969. [The South Reporter, June 3, 1999]

Christ Episcopal Church

Christ Temple Church of God in Christ, Holly Springs

Chulahoma Church, Marianna

Chulahoma Church (historical), Wyatte

Church of Lord Jesus Christ, Byhalia

Church of Christ, Hickory Flat

Church of Christ, Holly Springs

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Lamar

Church of Living Gospel, Byhalia

Church of The Yellow Fever Martyrs Museum, Holly Springs, restoration of the Old St. Joseph Church, dedicated in honor of the Sisters of Charity and the Priest who died caring for Yellow Fever Victims in 1878. This church was built by the Episcopalians in 1841. In 1858 the Catholics bought the church and moved it to the present site. [The South Reporter, Nov 30, 2000]

Clear Creek Baptist Church, Lamar

Coldwater Primitive Baptist Church, organized 1841, Byhalia NW (historical). The second Baptist church established in Marshall County.

Concord Primitive Baptist Church, 1852, Slayden (historical)

Corinth (Byhalia) Presbyterian Church (baptisms, memberships)

Cornerstone Baptist Church, Hickory Flat

*Coxes Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, Chulahoma

Dominion of Faith Ministeries, Holly Springs

Dowfords Chapel, Red Banks

Early Grove United Methodist Church, Early Grove

Eason Church, Byhalia NW

Emory Independent Methodist Church, Byhalia

Emmanuel MB Church, Red Banks

Evangel Full Gospel Pentecostal Assembly, Holly Springs

Faith Haven Baptist Church, Red Banks

Faith Baptist South Victoria, Red Banks

Faith Baptist Church, Barton

Faith Christian Church, Holly Springs

Faith Temple Church of God in Christ, Holly Springs

Fellowship Baptist Church, Byhalia

Finely Grove MB Chapel, Holly Springs

First Baptist Church, Byhalia

First Baptist Church, Hickory Flat

First Baptist Church 1837, Holly Springs

First Baptist Church, Potts Camp

First Church of Jesus Christ, Barton

First Pentecostal Church of Holly Springs, Holly Springs

First Presbyterian Church, Holly Springs (built in 1860) designated as a Mississippi landmark. It was built in a Romanesque style and not completed when the war began. Federal troops occupied the church and turned the basement into a horse stable in 1862. After the war, the northern people paid for the completion of the church and donated the Bohemian windows. [The South Reporter, Nov 30, 2000]

First Presbyterian Church, Byhalia

First United Methodist Church

Free Branch MB Church, Holly Springs

Friendship Assembly of God, Victoria

Friendship Baptist Church, Holly Springs

Gatewood Church, Slayden

Grace Baptist Church, Watson

Gray's Chapel CME, Holly Springs

Greenfield Church, Malone

Greenfield Presbyterian Church, Waterford (members) (built 1898 on land donated by Green Jones, moved in 1963 from Old Oxford Road to Old Hwy 7 south of Waterford, destroyed by fire in 1994 and subsequently rebuilt)

Halliburton Church, Byhalia NW

Hamilton Chapel CME Church, Waterford

Harmonia Church (historical), Byhalia

Harris Chapel, Ashland

Hearn Grove MB Church, Byhalia

*Hebron Chapel CME, Holly Springs

Hebrone MB Chapel, Ashland

Hernando Road Church of Christ, Holly Springs

Hickory Flat Baptist Church, Hickory Flat

Hickory Flat United Methodist, Hickory Flat

Hillcrest Baptist, Byhalia

Holly Hill Baptist Church, Waterford

Holly Springs Presbyterian Church, Holly Springs (members: A-M, N-Z, Slaves; baptism records)

*Hopewell Baptist Church No. 1, Holly Springs

Hopewell Baptist Church No. 2, Holly Springs

Hopewell Church of God in Christ, Byhalia

Hopewell No. 2 MB Church, Hudsonville

Horn Church, Byhalia

Hudsonville CME Church, Slayden (membership, baptism)

Isaac Chapel CME Church, Byhalia

Isom Chapel CME Church, Slayden

Jehovah's Witnesses Kingdom Hall, Holly Springs

Jones Grove Baptist Church, Waterford

Kimbrough Baptist Chapel Church, Holly Springs

Lamar Presbyterian Church, Lamar (baptisms, memberships)

Landmark Temple of Jesus Christ, Holly Springs

Latter Rain Church, Holly Springs

Laws Hill Church of Christ, Laws Hill

Lebanon Church, Malone

Lebanon Methodist Church, Lebanon

The church is still standing next to the Lebanon Cemetery, between Bethlehem and Waterford, just South of where Evans Road intersects with Lebanon Road.

Pre-1920 Youth Sunday School Class Photo

Liberty Hill MB Church, Byhalia

Macedonia Church, Bethlehem

Macedonia Baptist Church, Byhalia

Marianna Baptist Church, Marianna

Marshall County Baptist Assn., Holly Springs

Marshall Institute Church, Mt. Pleasant (historical)

Marvin Church, Marianna

*McIntyre MB Church, Marianna (African American)

Meadowbrook Baptist Church, Byhalia

Miracle Temple Church of God in Christ, Watson

Miracle Temple Overcoming Church of God, Holly Springs

Mt. Carmel Pres. Church (historical), Byhalia

Mt. Comfort Methodist Church, Laws Hill

Mt. Gilead Church, Byhalia

Mt. Gillie Church, Marianna

Mt. Gillian MB Church, Byhalia

Mt. Maria Church, Malone

Mt. Maria Church (historical), Laws Hill

Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, Laws Hill (photos: new church; new church sign; old church-1; old church-2; The old church was completely restored by Bill Fitch and is still standing next to the cemetery. The new church is approximately a mile down the road. [photos: courtesy of Deb Haines; Old Mt. Moriah Church photo; courtesy of Ed Palmer Jr., dated 1989: Mt. Moriah Cemetery photos]

The Reporter, Feb 10, 1871 [Published by Request]
To the Public.
Worthy deeds should be remembered. Such deeds should be acknowledged by a grateful community. Such, Messrs. Editors, is our object in writing this communication. We desire, through you, to tender our grateful acknowledgements to one of our citizens for his liberality; not only our acknowledgements, but also the grateful feelings of this community. Such being our object, we will briefly state the history of an effort we have made to build a house of worship in this neighborhood. Some months since, we felt the necessity of a neat, comfortable and commodious church edifice. The Baptists had but recently organized a small church. The Christian Church had a few members in this community without a shepherd. It was suggested that the members of these churches, and those who sympathized with them, should unite their efforts for the purpose as above stated. Such an union of effort was consummated and the good work goes bravely on. At that time, we contemplated erecting a plain frame building. We selected a location – but the liberality of a single individual changed our plans. At this juncture we determined to build a brick church, not only commodious and comfortable, but a building of considerable architectural beauty. Application was made to Col. D.D. Sanderson, for a gift of a sufficient amount of land for our purposes. Knowing his character for liberality, we confidently expected he would freely give us four or five acres of land. We were not expecting that he would bestow on us a gift of such proportion as he did. The tract contains some eighty acres. This liberality of Col. Sanderson reacted on our entire community of friends to this enterprise; a plain frame building was abandoned; brick making commenced. The feelings of the people were soon enlisted, and very soon the object will be accomplished. We hope soon to enclose this entire piece of land; employ a sexton; plant evergreens, and do all that may be necessary to make this church attractive. This church is situated on the road leading from Holly Springs to Wyatt, 5 miles north of the latter place, in Marshall county, Miss. We must not forget that the donor stipulated that four acres of land should be selected and set apart for a place of burial for whites, and the same quantity for blacks. This church will be a center of attraction to a large and intelligent community. It will be a lasting monument to the memory of Col. Sanderson, when he shall have been gathered to his fathers. Permit us to repeat that we herewith again tender our thanks to Col. Sanderson for his gift.
The Committee
Brick Church, Marshall county, Feb 4th, 1871.

Mt. Moriah C.M.E. Church, Waterford

Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, Marianna

Mt. Newell MB Church, Mt. Pleasant

Mt. Ollie MB Church, Bethlehem

Mt. Peel Baptist Church, Laws Hill

Mt. Pisgah C.M.E., 3877 Cayce Road, Byhalia

Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, Mt. Pleasant

Mt.Pleasant Methodist Episcopal Church (historical), Mt. Pleasant

Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church

Mt. Sinai Methodist Church, Byhalia

Mt. Sinia Church of God in Christ, Red Banks

Mt. Teamer CME Church, Holly Springs

Mt. Vernon Church, Malone

Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Red Banks

Nation of Islam, Holly Springs

New Hardy Church (historical), Byhalia NW

New Harmony Baptist Church, Holly Springs

New Hope Baptist Church, Slayden

New Hope MB Church, Laws Hill

New Hope CME Church, Red Banks

New Hope Church (historical), Laws Hill

New Hope Union Church, 1896, Marianna (historical)

New Salem Church, Mt. Pleasant

New Salem Methodist Church, 1830s, Cayce (formerly known as Bainsville)

New Sharron Church, Mt. Pleasant

Newest Church, Mt. Pleasant

Nichols Chapel CME Church, Byhalia

North Mt. Zion Baptist Church 1861 (historical) Mt. Pleasant

Oak Grove Church, Waterford

Old Hudsonville Presbyterian Church, Hudsonville (baptisms, members) Founded in 1837 it was the second church in the region and is the oldest church building (1846) to still be used for worship. Designated as a National Presbyterian Historic Landmark by the Presbyterian Historical Society of Montreat, NC and Philadelphia PA. [The South Reporter, April 22, 1999.]

Old Parsonage, The (under construction when the Civil War broke out)

Open Door Baptist Church, Potts Camp

Pauls Chapel (historical), Laws Hill

Pine Grove Baptist Church, Pine Grove

Pleasant Grove MB Church, Red Banks (see Red Banks Baptist Church)

Pleasant Hill Church (historical), Mt. Pleasant

Potts Camp Methodist Church 1888, Potts Camp

Powell Chapel MB, Holly Springs

*Providence Missionary Baptist Church 1905, Holly Springs

Red Banks Baptist Church, Red Banks (Originally known as Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, organized in 1848 by people of the Pleasant Grove, MS, area. It was burned in 1862 by Union troops. Prior to the Civil War its membership consisted of white members and slaves. After the slaves were freed, they continued to join until 1866 when letters of dismissal were granted allowing the black members to organize their own church. The mother church helped to organize “The Pleasant Grove Baptist Church”. The name of the mother church was changed in 1953 to reflect the community's name change “Red Banks Baptist Church”. [The South Reporter, May 13, 1999]

Red Banks Presbyterian Church, Red Banks (baptisms, membership)

Red Banks Freewill Baptist Church, Red Banks

Red Banks Roadhouse of Praise & Worship, Red Banks

Reid's Gift Baptist Church, Potts Camp

Rice Chapel United Methodist Church (Black Jack Methodist Church)

Rising Star MB Church, Holly Springs

Roberts Methodist Chapel, Slayden

Royal Chapel, Mt. Pleasant

Salem Baptist Church, Potts Camp

Sandhill Baptist Church, Holly Springs

Shiloh Baptist Church, Byhalia NW

Sims Chapel MB Church, Early Grove

Slayden Baptist Church, Slayden (formerly known as Alexandria Baptist Church)

Smith Grove Baptist Church, Marianna

Soule's Chapel (historical), Waterford

Spring Creek Pres. Church (historical), Malone

Spring Hill Baptist Church, Waterford

St. John's Episcopal Church, Early Grove

St. Joseph's Catholic Church, E College Ave, Holly Springs [photo courtesy of American Memory Project, Library of Congress]

St. Luke Church of God in Christ, Ashland

St. Marks Baptist Church, Waterford

St. Mark Baptist Church, Holly Springs

St. Mary Church, Potts Camp

St. Matthew Baptist Church, Byhalia NW

St. Nazareth Church, Holly Springs

St. Paul CME Church, Lake Center

St. Paul MB Church, Byhalia

*Strawberry Plains M.B. Church, Holly Springs

Street Hill Church, Marianna

Sylvestra Methodist Church (historical, burned ca 1931, not rebuilt), Holly Springs

Tabernacle of Prayer, Overcoming, Church of God, Holly Springs

Temperance Hill Baptist Church, Potts Camp

Union Church, Barton - In early days of Marshall County and throughout the States, religious denominations often worshiped in the same meeting houses and/or schools. Each domination would agree on a Sunday each month they were to occupy the meeting house. They would often attend services of the other church groups as there were usually few preachers and services were only conducted on a monthly basis by each. This was true of this Union Church, also. J. F. Kimball and his wife, Frances Kimball, made an indenture the 15th day of September, 1860, and conveyed two acres of land in the northeast corner of the northwest quarter of section 6 - township 2 - range 4 west, for the use and benefit of said denominations. To wit: Ira Britt, trustee of the Primitive Baptist Church; J. F. Harris, trustee of the Missionary Baptist Church; S. P. Ingram, trustee of the Methodist Church; William DeLoach, trustee of the Seceder Presbyterian Church; William Bayliss, trustee of the Old School and Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Deed recorded in the Marshall County deed book Y - page 258. The church building was located approximately 1 1/2 miles southeast of the town of Barton. No traces are found of this building today. [Source: Martha Fant, date unknown]

Union Church (historical), Mt. Pleasant

Union Church, Tallaloosa – Tallaloosa was a prosperous town in the early days of the county and was located about six miles south of Red Banks. It was in the Pigeon Roost Bottom and had several stores and many homes. The old town gradually dwindled away. In Deed Book 3 of the Land Records of Marshall County, MS, there is recorded the following deed, for a lot in Tallaloosa on which to build a house of worship: (Section 7 - Township 4 - Range 3W). This indenture made and entered into this 24th day of December, 1845 between Martin B. Peterson and Lucinda, his Wife, of the one part and Benet H. Collins, Littleberry Mobley, James McAuley and B. H. Harley, (Commissioners of the Union Meeting House in Tallaloosa) witnesseth that the party of the first part, and their successors in office (for the purpose of erecting a meeting house) a certain lot or parcel of land in Tallaloosa, supposed to contain one acre, more or less, described as follows: Beginning at a sycamore tree south of John Dean's Shop, thence running south, thence west, and thence north, thence east to the beginning so as to include one acre to have and hold same forever for the use and purposes above mentioned, the consideration of twenty (20) dollars having been paid, the receipt whereof the party of the first part, and their successors, hereby acknowledge, will warrant and forever defend a lawful and sufficient right and title to the aforesaid. In testimony whereof the party of the first part hereunto set their hands and affirmed their seals this day and year first above written. SIGNED M. P. Patterson and Lucinda Patterson. Union churches were used by all denominations and usually each congregation agreed on which Sunday they were to occupy the church building. There are no traces of this church building now. [Source: Martha Fant, date unknown]

Union Valley MB Church, Marianna

United Methodist Church, Byhalia

United Methodist Church, Red Banks

United Methodist Church, Potts Camp

United Methodist Church, Cornersville

United Methodist Church, Bethlehem

United Methodist Church, Waterford

United Pentecostal Church, Byhalia

United Pentecostal Church, Victoria

Victoria Heights Baptist Church, Red Banks

Victoria-Red Banks Methodist, Victoria

Victoria United Methodist Church, Victoria

Vinsons Chapel Church (historical), Red Banks

Walton Chapel CME Church, Waterford

Watson Community Chapel, Byhalia

Watson Church of God in Christ, Watson

Wilkins Chapel (historical), Marianna

Wilkins Chapel CME, Waterford

Wilson Chapel (historical), Red Banks

Yarbrough Chapel CME, Waterford

Yarbrough Church (historical), Marianna

Yellow Fever Martyrs Church & Museum (1841-42), Holly Springs; originally the Christ Episcopal Church purchased by the Catholics in 1857 and moved it to its current location. It was recently restored and dedicated to the lives of the Yellow Fever Martyrs, six sisters of Charity and a priest who lost their lives during the 1878 Yellow Fever epidemic while caring for the sick.

Zion Lutheran Church, Holly Springs

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