North Mt. Zion Baptist Church

By Martha Teel Fant

On January 19, 1861 in consideration of $10.00, Sarah Edwards deeded to the North Mt. Zion Baptist Church, one acre of land lying in the NW corner of the N 1/2 of the NE 1/4 of Section 20, Township 2, Range 3W of Marshall County, Mississippi, whereon the church building stood. The church building must have been built during or just prior to the year 1861. Witnesses to the deed were William Pybas and John Barker. The deed was recorded in the Marshall County Chancery Clerk's office, September 12, 1865 in Deed book Z, page 120. This church is no longer in existence. Present day location would have been just east of the intersection of McClure Road and Wil-Cot Road near the Wildcat Bottom Community, which is approximately 3 1/2 miles Southwest of the Town of Mt. Pleasant. Families who owned land in the general area of the church in 1860 were the Edwards, Todds, Armours and Richies.

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