Coldwater Primitive Baptist Church
Written and Submitted by Martha Fant

This church was located approximately five miles north of Holly Springs on the Holly Springs to Mt. Pleasant Road (now State Hwy 311) near the Coldwater River. It was an "arm" of the Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church near Mt. Pleasant, MS. and was constituted May 6, 1843. Members who asked for their letters of dismission from Shiloh Church in order to constitute a church in their neighborhood were: R. B. Farrow, William Farrow, Levi Coggins, Samuel Gibbons, Jane B. Gibbons, Elizabeth Harmon, Sarah Reynolds, Amanda A. Straten, Sarah Jones, Frances Coggins and Levi and Jim, black men belonging to William Farrow.

On the 3rd day of April, 1844, two acres of land in the southwest corner of section 2 - township 3 - range 3 west was deeded by Robert B. Farrow and Cynthia Farrow, his wife, to John R. Abernathy, Holloway Power and Levi Coggins, trustees. The deed stated this parcel included the present church house.

The church joined the Tallahatchie Association of Primitive Baptist in 1843 or 1844. A meeting house was built and the church hosted the Tallahatchie Association meeting in 1845.

Church is not in existence today. No information as to when this church ceased to meet.

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