McIntyre Baptist Church

Mcintyre Baptist Church's first pastor was J. S. Smith after 1914 organization
The South Reporter, Date Unknown
Submitted by Martha Fant

The McIntyre Missionary Baptist Church was founded in 1914. The first pastor was the late Rev. J. S. Smith of Waterford, Mississippi.

Some of the first members were: Mr. Emmitt Faulkner, Mr. Samuel Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Barksdale, Mr. Austin Adams, Mr. Lloyd Dean and Mr. and Mrs. Gillian Suggs.

Some of the first deacons were: Mr. Samuel Alexander, Mr. Joe Dean, Otis Lucas, Jim Barksdale, Lewis Cowan, Lonnie Carruthers and Gillian Suggs.

Some of the first ushers were: Nita Suggs, Julie Dean, Clara Barksdale, Lake Nunnally and our beloved mother of the usher board Mrs. Blanch Suggs.

After the leadership of Rev. Smith the late Rev. James Mills of Batesville, Mississippi, served from 1920 to 1923.

In 1923 the Rev. Moses Cook of Chulahoma, Mississippi, was elected and he served as our leader for one year. After this the late Rev. Johnny Walton of Holly Springs, Mississippi, served as our leader from 1924 until 1925.

In 1925 the late Rev. J. W. Smith of Coldwater, Mississippi, was elected and he served as our leader for one year.

From 1926-1929 the late Rev. E. H. Dean of Holly Springs, Mississippi, served as our leader.

The late Rev. M. J. Jenkins of Memphis, Tennessee, served from 1929-1932.

The Rev. J. H. Mosley of Holly Springs, Mississippi, was elected in 1932 and he served us until 1942.

In 1942 the Rev. Bullock of Holly Springs, Mississippi, came and served us until 1949.

In 1949 the Rev. W. L. Echols was elected and stayed with us for four years. During his leadership the first choir was organized. The first president of the choir was Mr. Johnny D. Johnson and the first pianist was Ms. Eddie Keys.

Since Ms. Key served as our pianist, we have had two other pianists, Mrs. Fannie Beard of Holly Springs, Mississippi, and our lovely pianist we have today, Mrs. Juanita Ivy, who has guided us, brought us closer together, who has traveled with us up and down the dangerous highways many times and I am sure a lot of times going when she didn't feel like going.

Mrs. Ivy has been with us 14 years and we love her dearly and we hope that she will continue to stay with us many, many more years to come, God bless you Mrs. Ivy.

The oldest usher on the usher board is one we all love and honor, Sister Blanch Suggs.

The oldest deacons are: Bro. Avent Jeffries and Bro. Johnny D. Johnson.

In 1953 the late Rev. Oscar Richmond of Holly Springs, Mississippi, served as our leader until his death.

In 1960 Rev. S. A. Phillip from Marianna, Mississippi, served as our leader until 1965. He was a devoted leader and teacher of the gospel during his time here at McIntyre.

During Rev. Phillips leadership a new church was constructed and completed. In 1965 Rev. Phillips resigned from McIntyre and moved on. For several months we were left without a leader. We had visiting ministers from the surrounding area to lead us until Rev. O. C. Williams from Memphis, Tennessee, was elected and he guided us approximately one year.

After Rev. Williams, the Rev. Rogers of Memphis, Tennessee, was elected to serve us and he stayed about two months.

It appeared to the members of the McIntyre M. B. Church that finding a minister to lead us during this time, the indebtedness of the church was a hopeless dream until there came a man with the leadership ability that we had been searching for, for years, and that man is our beloved pastor, teacher, advisor, counselor, and a man of God. The Rev. George Marion, from Waterford, Mississippi, who was elected in 1968.

He has been our leader for 18 years. Since his leadership we have accomplished many things. The indebtedness of the new church has been paid off, and it has undergone a total remodeling during the past few years.

Since Rev. Marion has been our leader we have successfully accomplished: new furnishings, lighting, foundation work, flooring, paneling, brick work, addition of two bathrooms and most of all the revival of our souls.

Rev. Marion has to be a God sent man. He has been our leader for 18 years and we the members of the McIntyre M. B. Church hope to have him for many, many more years to come.

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