Jasper County Bride

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RABON, Ethel MCNAIR, Della 1918-Aug-17
RAGNER, Virgie PHILLIPS, Frank 1910-Mar-15
RALY, Mattie L BOLARNY, Louis 1878-Apr-17
RAMBO, Fronia MCJOHNSON, Lee 1922-Apr-15
RAMBO, Fronie JOHNSON, Levi 1907-Dec-24
RAMBO, Lucie KEYS, Bill 1909-Mar-21
RAMBO, Lula M CRAFT, Will 1907-Dec-05
RATCLIFFE, Candice CHAPMAN, Glover 1908-Nov-04
RATCLIFFE, Mollie MCCRARY, Floyd 1908-Oct-24
RAWSON, Iris GREGORY, Oscar 1913-May-15
READ, Dollie PUGH, J G 1913-Nov-15
READ, Dovie A NEWCOMB, J H 1906-Oct-07
READ, Lillie SIMS, J R 1913-Aug-17
READ, Rachel DEWKER, Aaron 1916-Sep-10
REED, Katie HADEN, Henry 1908-Sep-09
REEVES, Ella RAINES, D A 1909-Jul-06
RHODES, Flonie BAREFIELD, James 1913-Sep-03
RHODES, Mary NOBLES, Ed 1911-Jan-05
RICHARDSON, Fernly BUFORD, Nelson 1880-Aug-26
RICHARDSON, Mary Willie HIGGINBOTTOM, Columbus R 1882-May-09
RICHERT, Leander NOBLES, Sam 1915-Jan-23
RIGHT, Rubie RHODES, J W 1918-Aug-26
ROBERTS, Hattie MULLINGS, J W 1913-Jun-08
ROBERTS, Nannie ROBERTS, C 1908-Mar-17
ROGERS, Annie HAMILTON, William 1915-Jan-10
ROGERS, Docie PRESTON, Cleveland 1917-Mar-10
ROGERS, Ella WAITES, L B 1911-Jan-01
ROGERS, Estelle JONES, W L 1911-Apr-17
ROGERS, Leah PEYTON, Elbert 1916-Jan-16
ROGERS, Lizzie PRICE, Marshall 1914-Jan-08
ROGERS, Luvena JONES, Mose 1923-Apr-07
ROGERS, Ora STRINGER, H K 1910-Dec-25
ROGES, Rosa EDDY, Purse 1914-Sep-21
ROSE, Pinkie DAVIS, Will 1910-Apr-25
ROSTON, Annie JONES, Will 1916-Apr-19
RUFFIN, Belle MANNINGS, T J 1909-Feb-07
RUFFIN, Martha STRINGER, M N 1910-Feb-06
RUFFIN, Myra ISHEE, Louie 1911-Dec-02
RUSSELL, Virgie RAYFORD, Alex 1910-Jul-10


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