Jasper County Brides

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NEILL, Mary Ellen ELEY, J M 1907-Sep-10
NELSON, Aleatha PAGE, Real 1919-Nov-22
NELSON, Annie MCWILLIAMS, Walter 1912-Sep-10
NEWCOMB, O C FARMER, Jeffie 1912-Jan-03
NEWELL, Anna GAVIN, Thomas 1910-May-13
NEWELL, Carrie GAVIN, Ezra 1918-Sep-01
NEWELL, Corine SIMS, Ernest 1921-Sep-28
NEWELL, Ella ULMER, Oscar 1922-Nov-25
NEWELL, Emily LINDSEY, John 1915-Mar-21
NEWELL, Emma NEWELL, Earl 1920-Nov-14
NEWELL, Henrietta BULLOCK, Sen 1921-Feb-10
NEWELL, Nancy JOHNSTON, Owen 1917-Jul-28
NEWELL, Viola EVANS, Van 1922-Nov-22
NIGHT, Lula Mrs LYLES, L D 1921-Jan-29
NIGHT, Ollie NEWELL, Enoch 1913-May-04
NILL, Carrie SMITH, W B 1908-Jan-26
NIXON, Atlanta LINDSEY, Ernest A 1915-Dec-17
NIXON, Callie SIMS, Allen 1911-Dec-12
NOBLE, Millie ALLEN, Frank 1921-Jun-11
NOBLE, Necie MCCORD, W L 1911-Apr-22
NOBLES, Anne Belle QUINCE, Joe 1913-Sep-08
NOBLES, Eligie TATUM, Evon 1917-Feb-18
NOBLES, Nellie STALL, Frank 1922-Apr-01
NORRIS, Maggie ASHLEY, G L 1912-Feb-11
OATES, Annie L MASSEY, T L 1908-May-10
OBRIEN, A Miss WILLEFORD, James S 1878-Jul-23
OBRIEN, Mollie WILLIFORD, James 1879-May-30
ODOM, Birdie INGRAM, W W 1909-Sep-19
ODOM, Sudie JONES, F M 1909-Oct-06
ORGIN, Harriet WALLACE, Mac 1914-Oct-13
OUSLEY, Lela OVERSTREET, H G 1908-Aug-13


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