Jasper County Brides

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ABNEY, Lola,

LIGHTSEY, R W, 1910-Feb-29
ACKLIN, Fannie STIFFIS, John 1881-Jun-12
AGEE, Katie QUALLS, Nason 1914-Dec-10
AGEE, Mandy EVERETTE, Mike 1922-Mar-19
AGEE, Mary INGRAM, Ely 1923-Mar-10
AGEE, Nellie KEYS, Edman 1908-Feb-12
AGEE, Nezzie SHELBY, William 1920-Mar-12
AGEE, Ola DARBY, Lilard 1922-Sep-10
AGNEW, Wessie MAY, Estus 1906-Sep-19
AINSWORTH, Addie MORROW, S M 1907-Feb-10
AINSWORTH, Bula CLARK, M 1910-Dec-04
AINSWORTH, Ida ISHEE, Lutha 1912-Mar-10
ALEXANDER, Elizabeth WARE, W C 1912-Dec-24
ALEXANDER, Eunice ROBERTS, G D 1906-Dec-26
ALLEN, Cary An STRONG, Clark 1878-Feb-27
ALLEN, Dara JONES, Marvin 1911-Jan-11
ALLEN, Dasie ROWELL, Walter 1908-Dec-27
ALLEN, Inez BOYKIN, E M 1911-Nov-11
ALLEN, Katie JONES, Otha 1910-Mar-02
ALLEN, Nettie SIMMONS, Rufus 1910-Feb-12
ALLEN, Ruth MCCORMICK, H G 1907-Oct-06
ALLEN, Ruthie ROWELL, J E 1911-Oct-08
ANDERSON, Lewie KNIGHT, George 1911-Apr-02
ANDERSON, Lucy MOFFETT, Andrew 1920-Jan-30
ANDERSON, May AUSTIN, M E 1909-Sep-06
ANDERSON, Necie KNIGHT, Ezra 1910-Nov-23
ANDERSON, Nettie HODEN, Walter 1909-Jul-04
ANDERSON, Pearl KNOTTS, J D 1906-May-30
ARMSTRONG, Willie Ann BLANKENSHIP, Frank 1908-Apr-29
ASHLEY, Bulah SMITH, B W 1912-Dec-28
AUSTIN, Lizzie BRUCE, Martin 1909-Jan-01


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