Muster Roll

Captain Kershaw Williams Company

(Gray’s Port Greys)

Mustered Into Service May 4, 1861 at Gray’s Port by W. S. Strathain (sic).  Later they became part of the 29th Regular Infantry, Company G, Col Walthall's command.

Atkinson, Pinkney G.  Private
Bird, David L.
Black, Robert F.
Brewer, George V.
Butts, Williams R.
Carpenter, William H.
Clark, Alexander M.
Clark, Thomas C.
Criss, Napoleon B.
Danley, James
Davis, Levi J.
Davis, Nimrod P.
Foster, Thomas L.
George, Fleming L.
Hendricks, Lafayette
Holcolm, Edward B.
Johnson, Ben F.
Jones, Andrew J.
Jones, John E.
Jones, John W.
Jones, William C.
Kent, Newton C.
Lawson, Winwright
Lee, Levi C.
Lemman, Gray H.
Long, Benjamin M.
Majit, Lewis
Mann, John H.
McGraw, Frank
Monger, John C.
Mullen, Andrew J.
Parker, Isham J.
Parker, John T.
Phelps, Gideon P.
Rosamond, Theo C.
Sellers, John A.
Simmons, George C.
Smith, W. B.
Spears, Ely C.
Stewart, John A.
True, John L.
VanHoozin, Robert S.
Webb, William W.
Williams, Ben P.  3Lt
Williams, George W.  Private
Williams, John R.  2Lt
Williams, Joseph  Private
Williams, Kershaw  Captain
Williams, Robert, Jr. Private
Wynn, Benjamin L.
Wynn, William T.
Yerger, John W.

Copied from the original Muster Roll in the Mississippi State Archives, Jackson, Mississippi.

Unless rank is specified, all soldiers held the rank of Private.

According to information I found elsewhere, the Gray’s Port Greys were incorporated  into Company G of the 29th Regular Infantry.
Submitted Feb 25, 2000 by
James L. (Jim) Coleman
2834 Red Land Rd
Wetumpka, AL 36093

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