Woodville Historic District

Wilkinson County, Mississippi

The Woodville Historic District was entered on the National Register of Historic Places on May 20, 1982. It encompasses a sizable portion of the present day town and most of the nineteenth century village within its limit. Within the district are approximately 140 buildings representing an architectural range from the Federal style through post World War II revivals, the majority of which date from 1820 to 1930.

Points of Interest, Downtown Woodville

Historic Sites and Buildings

Historic Homes

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Historic Sites

1. The Courthouse - The third on this site. Built in 1903 with an addition in 1976.
2. The Jefferson Davis Oak - in 1800 when the square was laid out this tree is mentioned in the county as a "large tree".
3. Branch Banking House c. 1815 - A Woodville Civic Club property currently undergoing restoration. The bank vault is intact.
5. The Wilkinson County Museum - Opened in October of 1991, it was the first property acquired by the Woodville Civic Club in 1973.
8. St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 1823 - The oldest Episcopal church west of the Alleghenies, it has an original 1837 Erben Organ.
9. St. Joseph's Catholic Church, 1873 - Prior to the building of this church, Catholic services were held at the Carnot Posey house. (submitted by Curtiss Vidrine)
10. Home of Confederate General Carnot Posey, and brother James Posey circa 1845 - Now bed and breakfast owned by Karen and Curtiss Vidrine.
16. The Woodville Republican - Established 1824. The oldest newspaper and the oldest business institution in continuous operation in the state of Mississippi. Andrew J. Lewis, owner and editor. Most issues of the Republican back to its origin in 1824 are on microfilm in the Woodville Public Library.
19. The Woodville Baptist Church, 1809 - is the oldest church building of any denomination standing in Mississippi.
20. The Woodville United Methodist Church, 1824 - The oldest of its denomination in Mississippi.
23. Town Hall - This 1903 building, originally a bank, is being restored.
24. The Water Tower - Thoroughly restored in the 1980s, this auxiliary water tower is a fine example of a turn of the century tower.


Historic Homes

6. The A. M. Feltus House c. 1819 - It has been the Catchings family home since the 19th century. 10. The Carnot Posey House, 1845 - Built by Gen. Carnot Posey, CSA, with a Greek Revival interior. Home of Mr. and Mrs. John Day.
11. The Hugh Connell Home c. 1820 - A fine example of Federal style architecture. The was the Argue family home for many years. Home of Mrs. Carl G. Smith.
12. The Wax House, 1897 - Our premier example of Eastlake style. Home of Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Shaffer.
13. The Wallace House - Rebuilt after a fire this house was in the Barber-Watt-Wallace family for 150 years. Home of Doctor and Mrs. David Mcgraw.
14. The Judge Van Eaton House c. 1820-1835 - The original house was doubled in size about 1835. Home of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry K. Foster.
15. The Lewis House, 1832 - Unique in that Lewis descendents have lived in this house since 1836. Home of Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Morris.
17. The Andrew J. Lewis House - Late 19th century home, moved five blocks to present site in 1984. Home of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lewis.
18. The Magruder Scott Home, 1809 - During a 1876 restoration this early house was given its present Victorian touches. Home of Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Cestone.
21. The John W. Goddard Home c. 1862 - Built by an antebellum carpenter and undertaker for his new home. Home of Mr. and Mrs. Prentiss Ferguson.
22. The Hart House c. 1890 - This recently restored Victorian cottage is the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tim Sessions.
25. The Cohen House c. 1815 - Originally a tavern, it is now being restored by the owner, Mr. Holmes Sturgeon.

Outside Woodville

Hampton Hall, 1832 - Frequently featured and famous for elliptical stairway, it was restored in 1946. Home of U. S. District Judge David C. Bramlette.
Rosemont Plantation and the Davis family cemetery, 1810 - Family home of President Jefferson Davis throughout his life. A private residence, it is open for visitors. Home of P. T. Beacroft, Jr.



7. The Oswald Cemetery _ Thomas Oswald owned the west half of the this square and had a house here in the early 1800s.

Outside Woodville

The Jewish Cemetery - Used extensively by our Jewish population from the War Between the States until WWI. Many inscriptions are in Hebrew.

Evergreen Cemetery - The oldest section to the north has been in use for about 150 years, the newer, to the south, since 1954.

Bowling Green Cemetery -Across the road from the ruins of the early Bowling Green Plantation House which was burned in 1864 by the Yankees. This is still in use by the McGehee family. Property of Miss Mary McGehee and Mrs. Elizabeth McGehee Watt.

The old Woodville Cemetery - Burials in this earliest of cemeteries were from the late 18th century to the mid 19th century, though now in disrepair.